Temptalia Asks You – Do you consider yourself a makeup snob?

Do you consider yourself a makeup snob? A makeup snob is usually someone who won’t use certain brands (like drugstore ones) or is dedicated to one line and one line only. Do you bypass the beauty aisles at your drugstore because you prefer high end? Are you all about one brand and nobody else can live up to your expectations?

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All of my cosmetic products are MAC Cosmetics, but I’m not a makeup snob. I like trying out new products that come out, even if it’s drug store products.

I don’t like drugstore cosmetics because I think they are useless on me, hence why they’re cheap. I know that probably sounds REALLY snobish, but I like high quality products which I know have a higher chance of looking great than low quality drugstore things.
So yeah…I think I am a make-up snob!

Oh no…I am all about trying different things out. I love Milani eyeshadows and use Rimmel and Physicians Formula foundations. Most of my eyeshadows are MAC though…and I am ADDICTED to MAC lipglass and dazzleglass. I usually try drugstore makeup in colors I wouldn’t normally use, then if I like it, by the MAC version! Sort of testing before I leap!

Majority of my makeup is MAC/Urban Decay.. but I do love drug store brand makeup too!! I like how easily accessible drug store makeups are, I can walk into a grocery store (I live in Vegas) at 3 am to buy a mascara whenever I please. Beauty has no boundaries!!

well almost everything i own is mac except one eyeshadowpal. from make up studio (nl pro brand), a ysl mascara and a versace eyeshadow i dont like drugstore make up at all (foundations and eyeshadows are just bad quality in my opinion) but some of my friends are very happy with drugstore stuff and they look great i just dont like to use it on myself

My only requirement for me is that the product works. It doesn’t matter to me if it is from the sale isle at the dollar store or encrusted in gold. If it is the best product for the purpose, then it is for me.

Not really. The majority of my makeup is high end, but if I like a certain color or product in the drugstore I buy it. I go through loyalty phases, where I am smitten with only one brand and totally uninterested in anything else, but that fades in and out.

I used to.. But I have branched out to other brands lately. The majority of my makeup collection is MAC but I do have drugstore brands such as ardell falsies & NYX eyeshadow and pencils. But for lip products, MAC only. 🙂

Yeah, and more now than I used to be. Virtually all of my makeup, and ALL of my everyday makeup (foundation, concealer, etc) is high-end, and the only drugstore products I’ve bought in the recent past are nail varnishes (Sally Hansen) and a lip balm (Burt’s Bees). Other than that, I’m fairly devoted to MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Urban Decay, with occasional other brands. Although I do occasionally buy cheap versions of crazy colors for Halloween or playing “dress-up” with my friends, just because I won’t wear it more than once or twice, and it has a higher chance of getting lost/damaged.

no no no…. im an equal opportunity makeup buyer! lol. i use what works for me. i usually get mac shadows if i cant find the color with a less expensive brand, and i really love the pigments (my fave is blue brown). but i also have alot of milani and nyx shadows, and the only foundation i wear is maybelline pure makeup because the color matches my skin perfectly, and it doesnt irritate me.

Well, I guess by your definition I am. I only use MAC, and have been for 13 years. Althogh I don’t really consider myself a snob. I know what I like, it’s good quality, inexpensive, and have great MAs!

Naw because I know some high-end products are not that good Some drugstore makeup is better than most high-end.But at the end of the day I think it’s up to the individual.

I only use MAC. I would say I’m a make up snob… I haven’t checked out any other brands in the last couple of years. I actually went and had a look at some Revlon stuff the other day to see if they had anything decent… nope. I will stick with MAC!

If I had the money to spend on all high-end, I’d definitely be a makeup snob!!

However, being that I am not rich, I can’t AFFORD to be a makeup snob!! Drugstore products are all okay and even if I could afford all high-end stuff, I’d probably still supplement with drugstore products.

I honestly do think that for most products, the high-end is better. “You get what you pay for” certainly seems to be getting truer and truer as I get older, for many consumer goods.

I usually stick with brands like Laura Mercier and Origins and MAC (we all know they’re pretty much made by the same people at that level). I also love Maybelline Great Lash for everyday lashes, and keep my Plushlash for special occasions, things like that. I just rarely find eyeshadows that are pigmented enough for me because my eyelids seem to suck color up like sponges- with or without a primer. So for shadows, I am kind of a snob.

I definitely am. I used to buy tons of drugstore stuff, but never ended up liking anything. Now I just buy Mac, Urban Decay, Benefit, & Dior mostly and I have to buy less b/c its quality stuff.

For eye products, its MAC only pretty much. I’ve tried drugstore products and I always just feel I’m wasting my money since in the end I end up not liking it/it stops working/never really worked/ it wasn’t quite what I wanted, and then I end up buying the MAC version anyways.

For lip products, its a toss up. I own some MAC and then a lot of drug store brands too. I find when I’m just going to class or work, there is no sense in wasting expensive lipglosses and I save those for evening wear.

I have lots of other products in my beauty stash as well, but I find I’m at the point where I am just trying to use them up so I can buy the MAC replacement.

MAC works well with me – no reactions or anything. They also have everything I need, pretty much, so I tend to stick with them.m

I have a few other high-end products, but not many.

I COMPLETELY bypass Covergirl, Maybelline, etc etc etc. I figure what goes on my skin goes into it, and I don’t trust cheaper brands.

As long as it works I don’t care who makes it. The vast majority of my makeup is MAC (mostly), Urban Decay and Nars but that’s because they work well for me. My boyfriend probably wishes I would stay out of the makeup aisles haha.

I actually got annoyed with my brother’s girlfriend (now ex) when I was helping my mom pick out a present for her. For Christmas she only wanted makeup if it was from MAC, even though I know she loves bright colors and UD would have had some great colors for her. If you’re a snob about brands, you’re just limiting yourself.

Yes and no. I only buy from Sephora, MAC, UD, etc but there is reasoning behind it! I only buy cruelty-free and most drugstore makeup isn’t (although lots of high-end like YSL isn’t either, so I skip them too). Also, with MAC and the like, you get what you pay for.

I’ll admit I’m a COMPLETE snob about my skincare, but thats allowed isn’t it? 🙂

I hope I’m not a makeup snob. Well, I do buy mostly high end makeup but I also have NYX products and a Cover Girl mascara 🙂 I definitely prefer to pay more and get a better product though…

Not at all. I have to admit that it’s partly due to the fact that, like AmyLou said, I can’t afford to be a makeup snob. But, at the same time, that doesn’t mean I would bypass drugstore makeup.
Like some others have mentioned, NYX and Milani are awesome products that have really great pigmentation, and other drugstore brands work for me as well. I always get tons of compliments on my makeup and all my friends ask me to do theirs and, while I do have higher-end brands mixed in, a bulk of my makeup isn’t that expensive.
On a side note… when I was in Paris this past semester, I figured I would let my chic side give in and use high-end brands. I went through 5 different mascaras (DiorShow included), and my favorite is still the drugstore brand. Just goes to show… I think it’s more of a mental than a physical difference.

Yes, a little snob … okay, okay, a big snob !
I like the make-up which is not in Europe or which was not easily in Europe and I prefer the brands for the pro or/and the fun makeup.
But in Europe, the makeup is expensive (against drugstore makeup) with the TVA. So, every girl in Europe is snob “n’est-ce pas” ? 😉
But, teenager, I bought Chanel makeup and my friends bought Bourjois, so yep, I was and I’m a big snob lol

Definitely. I’m extremely loyal to Bare Escentuals makeup and Too Faced mascara. I recently tried drugstore makeup again (times are tough, people!) and tried the Maybelline mineral powder makeup which was TERRIBLE and even the texture of the powder was nowhere close to BE and a Maybelline volume/lengthening mascara (I think XXL) that was nowhere close to as awesome as my Lash Injection. So yes, I’m a makeup snob.

I’ll buy anything within price reason, as long as the ingredients are right.

I’ve tried Almay, Clinique, CoverGirl, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon, Stila, Urban Decay, and Vincent Longo. There have been standouts and disappointments from each brand.

Nope, I don’t think I qualify as a beauty snob.

I love these “who-owns-what” revelations … thought I would pass them along …

Estee Lauder, parent company of MAC and Origins and Bobbi Brown and Clinique and Estee Lauder, has two “drugstore” brands (sold at Kohl’s): Flirt! and American Beauty.

L’Oreal, parent company of Lancome and Dermablend and Shu Uemura, owns “drugstore” brands: Maybelline and L’Oreal.

Neiman Marcus owns Laura Mercier.

Procter & Gamble owns CoverGirl and Max Factor.

Revlon owns Revlon and Almay.

NYX, Milani, Vincent Longo, Stila, and Benefit “seem” to be independently owned.

Stila is owned by a company I forget the name of that bought it when they were going under. Reborn Beauty recently bought the drugstore brand Jane from Estee Lauder. Benefit is owned by Louis Vuitton-Moet Hennesy who also own Dior, Guerlain, Givenchy, Make Up For Ever, and sephora’s brand. P&G also own Anna Sui and Fredric Fekkai, among other house hold brands. I know the company that owns milani also owns Jordana.

Absolutely not – I buy what suits me – period. While certain brands like MAC and Urban Decay offer the best eye shadows I have ever used, Revlon isn’t very far behind. And speaking of foundation and powder, Revlon and Maybelline make truly excellent products. It’s a pity to write off a brand simply because it’s available at a drugstore. It’s the quality of the product that should be considered, after all.

I think I am, mostly. I try other stuff every now and then, but when drugstore brands are hit-or-miss (mostly miss) for me, and high end brands are a sure thing, why mess with it? Plus you get to play with all the pretty colors before you buy!

I only use MAC for my colors because I know they are always going to look vibrant and last long. I also don’t use drug store brands because I’m afraid of what it’s going to do to my skin!! I might be a makeup snob….

i like good products and i don’t really think drugstore products are that great.
i really only use department store makeup (like MAC, guerlain, urban decay, smashbox, NARS, bare escentuals, clinique, etc.) but i do have 3 or 4 drug store products

Most of my makeup is MAC, mainly for the variety of nuanced colors available. Low-end cosmetics tend to offer only slight variations on the same 6-7 shades of lipstick, for example(red/pink/peach/nude/brown/wine or burgundy). I always thought that I couldn’t wear red lipstick until I found one that is PERFECT for me (“MAC Red”) among MAC’s many kinds of red.

But since I got Paula Begoun’s book on cosmetics, I’ve been trying out more lower-end makeup as recommended by her, and if they work, I’ll use them. I LOVE L’Oreal’s HIP Black-Blue mascara, for one!I guess that means I’m not a snob(?).

To my surprise, I’ve often been disappointed with the super-expensive,”super-luxury” brands of makeup… but the
packaging can be so seductive!

Depends. For the most part, if the product works, I’ll buy it. With that said, returning things and wasting money are not my favorite things, so I try to zero in on what works. I have Full N’ Soft mascara (love it, but not like my HG false-lash look, Fiberwig with one coat of plushlash.. mm!). I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Jane blushes. They are actually my favorite. I NEVER reach for my MAC ones (well, except for hipness). It’s always Jane! Oh, and Jane loose powder, I love it.. I have two HiP pigments that I love – intrepid and valiant.

The one thing that I hesitate with as far as drugstore makeup goes, is the fact that you can’t try it on. MAC may be a bit more expensive, but I can see the product out of its packaging, check out its texture, and more importantly, see how it looks on me.

If there is also something that is getting a lot of raves/good reviews, I check it out. I hated lash blast, though.. The reviews for Jane blushes is what got me hooked on them. As far as liquid liner, I stopped using my 8 year HG (Lancome) for the Loreal gold packaged liquid liner. That goes back to the other comments about companies owning companies; Loreal/Lancome!

My new favorite method is to go to MAC/Sephora first (at the mall), try on whatever I may be buying (esp around new launch/new fdtn time) and then go about my day shopping.. come back to MAC and see how everything has worked out, as far as wear/fadage goes. Not going to drop names, but there was a pigment that really disappointed me as far as wear goes!! And, of course, I step outside the mall in daylight and check how everything looks in natural light. Helps me out big time!!

No I’m not a make up snob. I prefer MAC but doesn’t stop me from spending a little too long along the make up aisles at drugstores. I own a few Rimmel and GOSH products but it’s hard to compare some things to the quality of MAC products.

No, I don’t think I’m a makeup snob. Although, I tend to gravitate to high-end brands for face products like foundation and powder, since those are the products that are in direct DIRECT contact with my face. I do have favorite higher-end makeup brands (Clinique and MAC), but I don’t limit myself to them. For me, if I use drugstore foundation or powder, I get kind of nervous to put it on my face, haha. But I really think it depends on what drugstore brand. My favorite drugstore beauty brand is Revlon because of their quality and pretty color selections.

I think that one product that I am very reluctant to buy at department stores is mascara–I love buying mascara, and I do throw my old tubes out regularly, so it would cost me an arm and a leg if I did buy high-end mascaras regularly. And besides, most of my favorite mascaras are drugstore mascaras anyway. (L’Oreal Voluminous, CoverGirl Lash Blast and Maybelline Sky High Curves)

Well, if you look at my makeup case right now it will sure look like it! My case contains almost exclusively MAC and Smashbox, with a few Bare Escentuals products and a Diorshow mascara thrown in the mix

I do, however, have some drugstore stuff… like the Raisin Quartz eyeliner for green eyes that Almay makes. It really does look great with green. And I have some wacky color eyeliners from Milani, etc – those colors I don’t wear enough to spend $$$ on, but like to have for fun looks sometimes. Finally, I’ve got some CoverGirl Lash Exact mascara.

So, I guess I look like a snob, but really, I just love makeup!!!!

Yes, it’s no brainer for me to plop down $19.50 for a MAC pigment but I’m still on the fence about whether or not to buy the Hip pigments. Same w/higher end shadows verses the milani wet/dry ones. Even though they get a lot of good reviews and i’m dying to try them out…I just don’t want to spend 6 bucks on a drugstore brand when I can use that money on the new MAC collections or Stila stuff.

Yes, I am a complete make-up snob, and I’ll fully admit it. I look down on those drugstore brands and don’t ever bother looking. I’m not going to buy what I can’t experiment with first!

I would have to admit that I’m a total snob, but I don’t like that term. I prefer LOYAL. I stay loyal to MAC… although lately I’ve been cheating with Nars a bit!! 🙂

Well, for certain products I use High end (ex. Matte eyeshadows, Pot Rouge, Shimmer Bricks- Bobbi Brown, Concealer,- MAC, Dior Unlimited Mascara) and I use NYX Round lip gloss in True Red. I love MAybelline The Colossal Mascara. So it depends on the product. Like I said for certain products I have to use high end and for others once the product is really good I will buy drugstore. I’m 50% snob/ 50% not!LOL

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