Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

OVERALL, Dress Camp is incredibly pretty and chooses good hues/shades to create a very small (and limited!) collection. So while you may have been out of the house while it sold out in less than 24 hours, do not fear, there are known dupes for just about every color launched! I really adore the palette because it is ideal for summer, especially for someone with similar tastes to me (um, I’m all over golds!). The lipglasses are cute, as is the lipstick, but She-Gold is the most impressive out of the three.

Read a detailed review, plus see product photos, swatches, and comparison swatches!

Too Fab lipstick is a blue-based medium pink with no real shimmer, just a light sheen. It is relatively pigmented, but it is not so intense that you can’t wear a single layer and still have some sheerness to it–kind of like a compromise for those who have pigmented lips and those who don’t. If you’re looking for a dupe, it is a shade lighter than Fashionably Fuchsia (LE) and more pink by a shade or two than Rebel Rose (LE).

Fashion lipglass is a coordinating blue-based medium pink-fuchsia color with subtle shimmer. Good color intensity to give you decent pay off, but it is not such a bright fuchsia as say Totally It! from Fafi. Sweetie Cake (LE) is pretty much an exact dupe, while Standing Ovation (LE) is a little more fuchsia-red, and Love Rules (LE) is a bit too fuchsia-red, too. I would say it is relatively close to Pink Poodle, too, but still, more red-pink than blue-pink (I don’t own Pink Poodle anymore, sorry!).

She-Gold lipglass is a bright shimmery gold with gold reflects and a yellow gloss base. Alone, it gives mostly a covering of warm shimmer on pigmented lips; but like most lipglasses in this kind of family, I expect to get more wear out of it by layering over lipsticks. I couldn’t find an exact dupes for this, as it is much more gold than a lot of the previous yellow-based glosses (Backlit 3D glass, She’s A Star, and Vibrational).

DressCamp Palette is the most dupeable, even though the colors in it are definitely gorgeous. DressCamp Pink beauty powder is a shade more pink than Petalpoint (LE) blush, but it’s quite close to True Romantic beauty powder blush (which is just a little more pigmented). It is a cool medium pink with low level sheen. Sunny Girl is a soft yellow-gold without too much shimmer, but it is fairly close to Goldmine (perm). I would say Sunny Girl is paler and has less frost in its finish compared to Goldmine. It’s kind of like paleness of Gorgeous Gold + the color of Goldmine. Trend is my least favorite, because it is not nearly as pigmented and the pay off is minimal despite several heavy passes for the color. It is a cool neutral taupe kind of color, and I think Patina is a better version of it, to be honest. Patina is a little darker, but it carries a lot of the same tones. Golden Gold is a rich, intense bronze with gold pearl, and I immediately thought “Amber Lights!” Amber Lights is very similar in the color, though Golden Gold is smoother.

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41 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Dress Camp Review, Swatches, Product Photos, Images

  1. Thanks for the swatches! Now I know I really don’t need anything… just love the packaging.

  2. Thanks for the swatches. I love the packing, but I don’t think I’m going to get anything.

  3. Shefali

    Hey Christine! I chose not to buy this and I’m so glad b/c I have alot of the dupable colors. Thanks for all the comparisons…I feel much better now!

  4. Katherine

    My palette and pink gloss is on the way – I can’t wait!!

    Thanks so much for the swatches.

  5. Brooke

    omg I can’t believe you got yours so fast! its all so beautiful, I’m glad I picked up all of it. I can’t wait to see your looks with everything :) Thank you for the swatches!

  6. Thanks for those, all I can do is look at your pretty pictures because unfortunately in the UK it was limited to one department store in London! What a shame…

  7. Tekoa

    Thanks for the entry. I got the pallet, Too Fab and Fashion. The eyeshadows are rather dupable. If I’d seen the swatches before I’d have passed on the pallet. On the other hand, if I’d waited there would have been no pretty zebra print lipstick. It sold out on the Canadian site after a few hours! No major regrets.

    • Hey Tekoa!

      That’s very true. I’m amazed at how quick everything sold out! Even though the palette is pretty dupeable, it is still a nice mix of shades. Probably one of my favorite palettes!

  8. Ariele

    Holy bajeebus, everything is already sold out?! Interesting… I have dupes for the things I wanted so I don’t mind. And I have to say I wasn’t too keen on the packaging anyway.

    Thanks for all the dupe swatches :) Makes me feel better that I didn’t order anything in time!

    • Yep, it’s crazy! I’m glad you were able to get some dupes though :) I wasn’t suckered in by the packaging, but I am a sucker for golds!

  9. Katherine

    Thanks for the swatches! Darn, I ordered Fashion and I already have Sweetie Cake! Well, I guess the packaging is different…

    • You can always swap it away for something else, too :)

      I honestly didn’t even think it’d be like Sweetie Cake, but then I swatched them side by side and went WHOA!

  10. Nell

    Thank you so much, you are the best! My palette and she-gold are on their way, yay!!!!

  11. pompam

    ive got the palette,lipstick and lipgloss SHE GOLD
    I passed on FASHION as im not so good on bright lip
    this collection is such adorable >o<
    i love the palette so much, as the color is so great on my asian skin. (Also,Im GOLD fan!)
    Love love your swatches
    will wait to see your lovely looks

    ps. Im so amazed by how fast these things are sold out on US website

  12. Thank you for the swatches! The lipstick looks a lot more wearable in the swatch than it does in the tube.
    I just can’t believe how fast everything sold out! But, I’m sort of glad that I couldn’t get the palette- I have very similar colors in products from other brands, I was just enchanted by the pretty-ness of the compact. :)

  13. carriespooner

    Thank you for the comparisons. It’s so sold out so I probably won’t get it. Love the gold colors..

  14. Tanya

    thanks baby doll for the great swatches :) I am so excited for my lippies to show up!! I passed on the palette but got all three lippies. Cant wait to try them all.

  15. Ju

    Wahouuu ! Great mini collection :)

    Love the dupes part 😀 (this is so nice, I can find the dupes now, yeah and thank you !)

  16. Vee

    So glad I picked up She-Gold!!!

    Thanks for the review and swatches…. I didn’t buy the palette since I thought I can dupe it with what I have now…… which I now know for sure!

  17. Cosine

    I bought EVERYTHING… the collection is so small so it is really tempting to tell my MA “I want the whole thing” which I did.

    Anyways, how do u think Too Fab is compared to Rocking Chick and Hollywood Nights? They seem to be in the same family and Rocking Chick didnt look right on me.

    I haven’t used the Too Fab lippie (because I can’t bear to) and I don’t know if I should get Hollywood Nights (its still not out in Singapore so I can still contemplate) so I really need ur advice on this.

    • True! Everything together was $78 before tax! Hollywood Nights is MUCH brighter and deeper, more fuchsia, too… I like Too Fab over Hollywood Nights for sure.

  18. Michelle

    Hi Christine!
    Thanks for the swatches! I need to try and get my hands on one of these palettes very soon. I hope I can do so at a reasonable price.