Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Sometimes the internet is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?  I bring you these sneak peek photos of Dazzleglass, a new gloss formulation by MAC, slated for late April/May release from an eBay seller.  These may or not be the official names, as they may be working names (temporary names that are sometimes later changed), but the seller is reputable and known for having products before launches from time to time, so it would appear that these are legitimate.

  • Baby Sparks Hot, cool pink
  • Steppin’ Out Hot bright pink
  • Spanking Rich Dark fuchsia
  • Pleasure Principle Shimmery white
  • Sugarrimmed Cool shimmery pink
  • Ms. Fizz Bright purple fuchsia
  • Money, Honey Berry pink-red
  • Love Alert Bright red
  • Like Venus Shimmery purple
  • Funtabulous Deep purple-blue
  • Comet Blue Shimmery blue with purple undertones
  • Bare Necessity Peachy with blue shimmer
  • Date Night Shimmery maroon
  • Glamour OD Coral red with shimmer

The seller mentioned there were thirteen shades in total, but I only caught eleven when I was viewing (guess others must have snatched up the other two auctions?).

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41 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Dazzleglass Sneak Peek!

  1. missalissa

    They look so pretty! I have bought a few things from her and she is a really good seller. I have seen her have pre mac sells before. I wonder how?

  2. Any idea what the formula is supposed to be like? Sticky and highly pigmented like Lipglass, smooth and sheer like Lustreglass, etc?

    • No clue, Crystal. I want to say it’ll probably be a cross between the two or not sticky. A lot of the new lip products MAC puts out are always less sticky than lipglass. I want to say Dazzleglass reminds me of Chromeglass, which wasn’t sticky. (I think Dazzleglass must have more shimmer than the average ___glass.)

  3. Tanya

    OHHHHHHHHHHH how exciting! I adore the colors!!!

    on my must try list are –
    Baby Sparks
    Steppin’ Out
    Ms. Fizz
    Money, Honey
    Love Alert

    I wonder if the missing colors are peachy/corals…that seems to be the only thing missing in the color spectrum.

  4. Tekoa

    Le pretty. I do wonder how this individual(s) got a hold of the products so early…and if MAC would slap their fingers for selling it.

    Funtabulous is my favorite here. :)

  5. Lindsay

    Wooo, exciting! I like Spanking Rich and Money Honey.

  6. Nell

    Oh, Christine! Addict that I am, I immediately checked them out and bought Sugarrimmed and Pleasure Principle. I´m so happy, yay! In Austria these will probably appear around August or so, since we are always so far behind on schedule (for example N Collection is not out yet), so whats a girl to do…

  7. Katherine

    More temptations from MAC…. I’m wondering about the texture also. Yep, looks like the “corals” are missing from the spectrum in the pic – and I LOVE corals – especially with a tan in spring/summer months. Thanks so much for posting – another lemming is born…

  8. “Baby Sparks” looks great…
    – they almost look like glitter eyeliners (esp. the blue
    – I love the slender elegant packaging,
    but more than that
    I can’t wait to find out what the texture is and how opaque they are

  9. You have got me all revved up! I’m linking this post on my blog, for my readers :)

  10. lala

    my list so far…and if any peach/corals those too 😉

    Baby Sparks Hot, cool pink
    Steppin’ Out Hot bright pink
    Pleasure Principle Shimmery white
    Sugarrimmed Cool shimmery pink

  11. Ohh goody!! Wonder what the formula for these will be like…

  12. Thalia

    They kinda remind me of Benefit’s Her Glossiness – packaged in a thick glass tube to give the illusion that there’s more product than one might think. And the sad part is, I’m dead on – I checked that ebay link for a closer look and on the box it says 1.92g/0.06oz, which is WAY LESS than MAC’s usual line of lipglass (4.8g/0.17oz) and less than Benefit’s Her Glossiness (3.0g/0.10oz). Does MAC really think they can pull the wool over our eyes?

    • Thalia

      Thought I should add, the mini lipglasses from the Curiousitease sets have a tad more product than these ones do (2.4g/0.08 oz). So I’m guessing these are about the size of MAC’s regular lipglass, but because of the thick tube, they contain less product than those from the Curiousitease sets.

      Sorry if I keep rambling on – I just couldn’t help but wonder from first glance how big they might be IRL. Maybe the boxes could are printed wrong, or the seller could be a fake :S

    • Thalia

      Wait, scratch that last sentence in my reply.
      Man, I have too much time on my hands today… lol.

    • You know, you’re VERY astute, Thalia!! I didn’t even notice. I wonder what’s going on! I’m pretty sure these aren’t fake, so let’s hope there’s a factory misprint, LOL. Seems odd that it could even be so little in the jar. They’d be like liquidlasts!

  13. OMFG! I wish we knew which one was which, but OMG!!! I want!! I totally will want the second one in and the last 4!! OH MY!!

  14. tatiana

    they all look soo yummy :]

  15. claudine

    i think they look great and i will probably get 2 but nothing comes between me and my Prrr lipglass haha im so in love with that gloss its unbelieveable

  16. Zsofi

    nice idea: a blue gloss. i am excited to try it. i already love purple lippies-gloss or lipstick-but i never owned a blue one before 😀

  17. Oh, love the colors!!! I want almost each one of the collection!