Provocative Thoughts – Beauty Bloggers, PR, and Transparency

There has been a bit of buzz over beauty blogs and their place in the past few days, beginning with WWD’s article on beauty in the blogosphere as well as ten of their picks for today’s hottest beauty blogs.  Following that was a less relevant piece where retailer Target refused to speak with bloggers because they are part of nontraditional media.  Target asserted they wanted to focus only on traditional media outlets, because they reach their core audience.  Today’s latest article covering beauty blogs was published by the New York Times seems to show beauty bloggers are in it for the free stuff and swag treatment that was previously reserved only for editors and industry insiders.

I’m curious to know what you, the readers–the most important facet–think of beauty bloggers working with brands and their representatives, free samples, and even “swag.”  Does the association/link between beauty blogger and company public relations representative taint the blogger’s viewpoint?  Are beauty bloggers just in it for the goodies?

A few response pieces to the NYT article by fellow beauty bloggers can be found here and here.