Thursday, April 24th, 2008

OVERALL, Dazzleglass introduces sixteen wearable shades of ultra high gloss/sheen lipgloss that’s bound to, ahem, dazzle. It’s great that MAC introduced so many at once just for the fact that you’re bound to be drawn to at least one or two of them! The consistency is thicker than lustreglass, maybe even as thick or thicker than lipglass, but with less stickiness than lipglass (though they still felt a little tacky to me). The glitter doesn’t feel particularly gritty in the swatch, though I personally felt that as they wore away through the day that some did feel gritty. After playing with them a bit, it really does seem like these are colored glosses mixed with reflects glitters–the new ones, the ultra finely milled ones. The texture of the glitter in these is nearly identical to reflects glitters (again, the newer ones that are finely milled). The packaging for this is larger than either lipglass/lustreglass, but it is not a glass tube as far as I could tell–it sounded and felt like plastic (nor were they very heavy), but they are kind of like test tubes. If you love super high reflecting glosses… check these out! They really do look amazing on lips, especially in sunlight (looks like shimmering water!).

  • Pleasure Principle is the sheerest of the sixteen Dazzleglasses, primarily because it’s intended to be a very sheer, semi-clear glossy color. Cute to put on top of colors!
  • Sugarrimmed is similar to Pleasure Principle, but it’s more of a white with pink undertones in it.
  • Bare Necessity is a pale peach color with great iridescence/reflection. If you have paler lips, this would be a great beachy/summery color.
  • Baby Sparks is a baby pastel pink with cool reflects, and I see this one being quite popular.
  • Rags to Riches is a soft pastel mauvey-pink kind of color with multi-colored reflects.
  • Get Rich Quick is a warm brown with pink reflects that is more wearable than you’d think.
  • Money, Honey is a darker medium pink with equivalent reflects that go pink and fuchsia-purple. This one stood out the most to me in terms of something I’d wear often.
  • Date Night is a dark berry color with a burgundy tone and pink reflects. Very pretty and suited to its name.
  • Steppin’ Out is a brighter baby pink than Baby Sparks with warm tones, so I think those who’ve been wanting a light pink gloss will find either or both suitable for them.
  • Love Alert is a pink-fuchsia that’s fairly bright, but as the Dazzleglasses are all fairly sheer, it’s wearable.
  • Glamour O.D. is a warm pink with coral undertones and pink reflects. It’s a cute color.
  • Spanking Rich is a darker pink with peach-berry undertones with multi-colored reflects.
  • Like Venus is surprisingly pretty, very much a light purple-pink with light pink reflects. I was tempted by this one!
  • Funtabulous is a bright fuchsia-purple color with cool purple reflects. Like Love Alert, it looks quite bold when swatched.
  • Ms. Fizz is a medium pink with purple undertones – similar to Steppin’ Out except it does have that purple-fuchsia dimension to it.
  • Comet Blue is a cool blue with a little bit of gray undertones. It’s not straight blue, nor pastel blue, but a mix.

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60 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Dazzleglass Review, Swatches, Product Photos

  1. Shefali

    Hey Christine! Thanks for these! I think I’m more excited now about them, especially since you said they are like shimmering water. That sounds really cool and 3D-ish. Which ones have you bought?

  2. steph

    hey christine, i was wondering how the dazzleglasses compare to the chanel glossimers. thanks!

    • Complete polar opposites, seriously. These are very thick and the glitter is much more noticeable. Glossimers are sheerer, creamier, and less glittery.

  3. danielle

    ohhh these are so pretty! i think i’m gonna get me steppin’ out, glamour od, and money honey. thanks for posting these!

  4. gracee

    yay i like steppin’ out and gamour od!!

  5. Lingping

    funtabulous looks so good on you, Christine!

    I totally want it now :)

  6. Ariele

    Thank you for the wonderful swatches!! I bought Love Alert when they were on sale on ebay. Whereas I do LOVE the color/effect it gives over a lipstick (my fave combos with it are The Scene l/s or 40s Pink mattene), I found them to be even MORE sticky than regular lipglasses. So that was a big turn off for me. I am tempted by Bare Necessity & Glamour OD though. Hmm. *thinks if she really needs ANOTHER sticky gloss* :)

    • Of course, Ariele :)

      It’s weird that they say it’s a non-sticky gloss. I wonder if the thickness makes us think it’s sticky when it’s not, or if MAC is just off their rocker!

  7. Ok, these are way too pretty! They look like they would be great to layer over other glosses or lipsticks…going to MAC tomorrow! Was trying to stay away,but…LOL!

  8. What day are these out in the stores?? I read one place it said May 8th, but other places it says May 1st! I can’t miss out on this one!

  9. Oh my gosh, I am so tempted. Even though the tubes are smaller than I’d like them to be, I still really want them all!

  10. I’m actually not getting any of these. I can’t stand glittery glosses because It somehow ends up all over my face lol. They do look pretty though.

  11. thanks for the swatches! i ran out after work and tried on a bunch! the makeup artist was having fun with me though :) picked up bare necessity, glamor od and love alert. i really like the texture and the dimensional look. wish i could have worn funtabulous and ms. fizz (too bright/blueish on me). there are colors in this collection for everyone.

  12. Katherine

    I just picked up Baby Sparks and Money, Honey – my lips are aglow! :)

  13. Sandy

    ooooh…I like Steppin out, Money Honey and Love Alert, but I need to limit myself to two of them :(

  14. kachelle

    i went today and got ms.fizz , comet blue, funtabulous, love alert, and glamour o.d. they all look really good on. and it didnt feel too gritty

  15. s.

    The shimmer reminds me the glossimer by Chanel.

  16. Susanne

    Thank you for this great review! I really want Like Venus, Ms Fizz, Funtabulous and Comet Blue. Hot summer!

  17. Sara

    the rags to riches description doesnt sound that appealing…but that swatch is calling my name! so pretty!

  18. dawn

    I got a couple yesterday! I got Comet Blue and Spanking rich. I wore Spanking rich out last night and people LOVED it. This gloss is genius! They are all so pretty, Love them!

  19. Ricci

    wow can someone tell me which one is more coral in color?

  20. Lisa

    I absolutely LOVE this collection! Christine, i really love how you change the shade of your lipsticks by applying different glosses over them! It’s a great way of getting TONES of colours without the expense! I bought Like Venus and Steppin’Out, and I’m finding that they look great with all my pink lipsticks! Haha just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration :)

    • So great to hear, Lisa! Dazzleglass is doing MUCH better than I expected :)

      But yes, you can totally alter lipsticks with one gloss! It’s my favorite way of getting more for my money!

  21. OMG I just went yesterday to check out the dazzleglasses and I was overwhelmed, they are absolutely fabulous! I was a very bad girl and bought all of them-ouch!- I’m so sad these are LE we should sign a petition to make them permanent LOL!

  22. victoria

    hi christine, i know it’s late but i’ve been having a hard time. i want to know of all your dazzleglass, which one do you think is the most sparkly one. i’ve been trying them at the store but it’s hard to tell put on different ones and the sparkles left behind from the last one. i got love alert and i think the sparkles are pretty conservative but i like that they are not all too sparkly. but i’m ready for more sparkles. pls help.

  23. victoria

    thanks christine. i was going to go to the store to get ms fizz but before that i saw your naugthy nauticals tutorial and saw funtabulous looking really great on you and thought the sparkles looked great. i went to the store and they were sold out on most of the colors already including ms fizz, thankfully funtabulous was still available and when i brought it home, it is sooo beautiful so i don’t feel too bad.

    • No problem! I feel like Funtabulous and Ms. Fizz are pretty close – just Funtabulous is a little more purple, but it’ll do 😀

  24. Pat

    AWW darn! I wish I bought more of them I only bought Money,Honey and ms. Fizz. Only if I came across your web with the color swatches back then (T-T)I didn’t get to try every color at the store so didn’t buy other colors. Steppin’ out, Glamour OD, Spanking rich, and Love alert looks really good too. :(

  25. Evelyn C

    These are beautiful! I bought bare necessities already but I’ve been dying to buy the rest! You mentioned that steppin’ out was one color for warmer skintones. What other colors would you recommend for medium tan skintones?

    • To be honest, Evelyn, most of these will work for you! They’re all quite versatile. Ms. Fizz, Funtabulous, Like Venus, and Money Honey are all great shades for warmer skin tones!

  26. I actually think it IS Reflects Glitter in them!

  27. Anomonyous

    Today I just bought “Like Venus” at my Mac counter! I LOVEE it! I can’t stop applying it! Haha! My first Mac product and it won’t be my last!
    I give it 5 stars! Looks great, shimmers, shows up, stays on, looks ahmazinggg.! I’m thrilled with this product!