Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Check out these higher quality photos for Dame Edna! This collection launches December 26th, 2008 in North America; January 2009 for international locations. You can read up on the color story here.

See more photos!

Source: Temptalia.com (Inside Source)

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28 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Dame Edna Product Pictures & Photos

  1. Kella

    Nothing excites me here… don’t care for any of it. BUT mac’s colours are always so off online, I’ll have to wait for swatches and in-store.

  2. SnickerDoodle

    I’m not wowed either, I will probably get a compact because I’m a huge fan of the packaging, and I want the purple-y nail polish. Can you believe I have no MAC nail polish? I’d say it’s about time :)

  3. Tekoa

    Might get a nail polish since it lacks the Dame Edna design that gives me the willies.

  4. victoria

    thinking about the compact but it depends if they will show up on me, heatherette’s packaging in my opinion was nicer but unfortunately both didn’t show up on me. the purple nailpolish looks fun.

  5. Mariah

    The lip products and the nail laquers look pretty cool… I’m still not sure if I can live with the names though… LOL!

  6. Jan

    The packaging is so cute! My MAC MA says the packaging will tempt many to buy, just like Heatherette. Oh no…

  7. KyaLyn

    This is so cute. I even like the crazy names, they go with her personality.
    I told my hubby about the collection and he’s actually encouraging me to get more of the collection than I was originally planning to! He thinks its hilarious.

  8. Katherine

    Love the lippie colors – the packaging … not so much.

  9. Greta luvs MAC

    I am liking it more and more with all these newer and better photos coming out. I really like the nail polish colors and the lippies. I still am not sold on the eye shadow colors but I am still going to get them for the packaging.

  10. Emma

    the packaging is to die for. i want the lip glosses, the face powders, the purple nail polish and an eye trio. Which trio do u think would look better on somebody with fair skin, blond hair and green eyes? thanks

  11. Reen

    I’ll probably get everything because I’m a sucker for the qt packaging.

  12. The purple nail polish!!!! Love it!

  13. I’m not a fan of the casing, but considering I am a red addict I’ll probably get that red lipstick to add to my collection. I like the blue in the Wisteria trio, but I’m debating on that one as I am not sure the Canadian price of it yet.

  14. geri

    Man I am a sucker for purple packaging! But I don’t see any colors I would use though…

  15. I don’ think I’m getting the eyeshadows, but I like the beauty powders and the glosses. This is a fun collection.

  16. viv

    i don’t really like the packaging (maybe i’m the only one! :P)… but the colour of the purple nail polish is delicious! :]

  17. teagan

    the packaging is so tacky – i love it!
    lolz im so excited for this collection!!!!

  18. Letty

    When can the Dame Edna products be ordered on-line, anyone know?

  19. Anna

    i think it looks awesome ! im love the color mixtures . im totally guna get this .

  20. Natasha

    Ew, i don’t like any of it. :(

  21. I am loving that purple packaging. Might get one of the highlight powders and maybe that pinky-red nail polish….

  22. stoopiid

    this is stoopiid makeup is pointless
    its stoopiid how people these days don’t know that makeup is bad for your skin even if it says mineral or its good seriously thats why pictures aren’t real anymore :(

  23. iliang

    not getting any on this collection looks cheepo IMO..sorry!!!

  24. Susanne

    Awesome! I can’t wait to get the collection! I love the packaging and the bright colors :)

    • Laura

      Me too! I can’t believe a lot of people don’t understand the awesomeness of this collection! I’m SO excited I’m counting down the days!

  25. Teagan

    After seeing the dissapointing Hello Kitty Photos, this collection is getting more and more exciting.