Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Just a little preview of Cremeteam :) It features Lavender Whip lipstick and Fashion Scoop and Looks Like Skin Cremesheen Glasses. Wish I didn’t have to leave y’all to go to class! I swear, my life would be perfect if I didn’t have school to go to!

** Edited: From what I know, the lipsticks are permanent, while the Cremesheen Glasses are limited. Also, the new foundation and concealer are permanent from what I’ve been told!

See swatches & lip swatches!

Lavender Whip Lipstick

Fashion Scoop/Looks Like Sin

Lavender Whip Lipstick

Fashion Scoop

Looks Like Sin

Lavender Whip Lipstick, Fashion Scoop, Looks Like Sin

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103 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Cremeteam Sneak Preview

  1. Hmm…the lavender doesn’t look all that lavender. I’m still excited for this collection though!

  2. Coquettiquette

    Hi Christine! Wow, these glosses are sheerer than I expected. To tell the truth, I’m somewhat disappointed since the colors all look gorgeous. Oh well. At least the lipstick is hot, though!

  3. Alexis Ramage

    are the cremesheen glasses perm?

  4. reesa

    i’m really looking forward to this collection. can’t wait to see more. 😉

    thanks, christine!

  5. Thank goodness I know I don’t want any of this :-) For once!

  6. Caroline

    Whoa, the Looks Like Sin looks like how I want Stila’s Cherry Crush to show up on me.

  7. Andrea

    awesome, thanks for posting! so how would you compare lavender whip to fun fun? LW looks like its a lot more pigmented & lavender!

  8. HoneyBrown1976

    I’ll pass on Lavender Whip. Purples (as in lip color) scare me. I don’t think I can pull it off (see name for skin complexion). But, I do like Looks Like Skin, though.

  9. Meta

    Given my colouring (nc42, black hair, dark brown eyes) I would think that Lavender Whip would not look great on me. I’d be interested to see the swatches of the other shades though!

  10. Tami

    I really dig some of the colors in this collection. But Lavender Whip is scaring me lol! Also, I don’t know if this is just me, but Looks Like Sin reminds me of a slightly more pigmented version of Jellybabe Lipgelee. Would anyone agree?

    • LOL! Aww. It’s like Fun Fun, which I like, so maybe it just needs to be seen in a look 😉

      Hmm, I don’t have Jellybabe to compare, but I do remember a lipgelee being similar in shade.

  11. Sonya

    Oddly, I’d love to see the Lavender Whip with Looks Like Sin over it to see what an interesting combo it would create. *hmmm*

  12. Steffi

    i love them!
    when do these products launch?

  13. Chloe

    Wow! Looks Like Sin is gorgeous! Can’t wait till this comes out! Thank You!

  14. carriespooner

    Oh that Lavender Whip, she’s a harsh mistress for a ginger kid.

    It’s so pretty on you!

    • I could see why you’d say that, lol. It’s a very cool color, and the tone almost makes it wash you out–it isn’t necessarily the most wearable color ever made!

  15. Brenda

    Because my screen isn’t accurate for colour I can’t judge lavender whip; that lipstick looks pinkish to me right now. Being NC30 I think it might be a little pale for me, I might layer it with Rebel or Cyber. I shall see when it comes out.

    • Oh, I see! It’s quite lilac-y to me (on my screen as well as in person), not really pink. It is quite cool, though, so you’ll definitely have to work with it.

  16. jessica

    ooo i think i’ll be all over that lavender whip!

  17. Shanel

    lavender looks more pink’ish.
    but im still lovin’ it!

  18. viv

    loooks amazing!! 😀

  19. cloudburst

    Lavender Whip looks like it would be hard to wear – but I’m gonna give it a try!

  20. Elle

    Ooh, thanks for the preview Christine! I do like the Cremesheen lipsticks–I’m hoping some of the other glosses are a bit more pigmented, though.

  21. L

    Hi Christine, I’m a new reader. You seem to promote the new MAC collections quite early, like a few months before! Are you a manager there or something? Lol sorry just curious

  22. Shyan

    How much? 14 like regular?

  23. Anna

    looks like sin is gorgeous!

  24. abby

    i am so excited about this collection. I love the lavender lipstick. Thank you for the swatches because that definitely convinced me to get it.

  25. Alma

    Looks like sin is definitely more attracting to me than the others, and I don’t mind have a sheer glass in my make-up collection too 😉

  26. Selina

    OOOOO the cremesheen glass in ‘Looks Like Sin’ looks AMAZING! 😀

    I was wondering, though … are these as sticky as the regular lipglasses?

  27. Looks Like Sin will be mine =)

  28. I love this collection!! These colors are right up my alley! 😉

  29. IZzySA

    I have been using the Lavendar whip with either gloss on top.. and I love the look (with grey or taupe smoky eyes as I don’t like the coordinated lavendar/purple eye with it) and very soft pink blush (I still have Angel)… p.s. It also works beautifully with the Nice Kitty from the HK.

  30. Margot

    fashion scoop is beautiful <3 but I would have thaught they would be creamy looking .. and not sheer !!!

  31. i think i’m one of the few people who looooves these glosses – not sticky, not gloopy, i like sheer colour that is high shine but not glittery. i bought 2 of them from my cuonter (its not released for ages here in the uk, but i got them early) and i’m so happy with them – riiight up my street!

    the lipsticks – so creamy and like butter… which means that they slide right off me, so i’m passing on them.

  32. Crystal

    I was expecting the glosses to be much thicker and vibrant :( Oh well, I’m sure I’ll still find something I’ll like.

  33. Looks Like Sin looks gorgeous! I’m definitely going to check this out.

  34. Hmm.. I wonder now if Lavendar Whip will work on me.. It’s the only thing I want from this collection!

  35. Macaddict

    Lavender Whip is mine!!! That’s the only thing I want from the collection. I like my l/g to be way more pigmented so unfortunately I will not get any (based on the sqwatches). Purple is my fav color and I have tons of e/s that I can pair it with and pink blushes… Can’t wait to play with it! It6’s also a great spring/summer color!

  36. Ashley

    Lavender Whip is such a disappointment!

  37. hi

    I thought Looks Like Sin would be a less sheer, more opaque berry red.. its like a sheerer, brighter pink-red but its still looks nice :) And lavender whip looks FREAKY!! Purple lipstick doesn’t look good on anyone, even thought you, Chrsitine, could pull it off :)

  38. Valerie

    I’m actually liking these glosses, I’m excited to try these out!

    Thank you Christine for the swatches!


  39. Sarah

    OOOOH… MYYY… I luuuurve me some cremesheen glasses! want, want, want!! xxx

    • Gonna collect ’em all, Sarah? :)

      • Sarah

        I’ve been really sensible and just ordered two (the fashion scoop above and partial to pink) and only two msfs from BBR, i’m hoping the brunette msf isn’t too similar to so ceylon (which is gorgeous, an iridescent benefit’s dallas i like to call it) but it looked too gorgeous to resist and i got redhead too, i want something petticoatish… no blonde – it looked too similar to light flush?…

        this isn’t about bbr i know but both collections have only just launched here in england and i’m so excited, can’t wait to get my hands all over them! yay!

        • Good girl, Sarah 😀

          I hope you enjoy what you got! Blonde isn’t like Light Flush at all. It’s quite pretty – my fave MSF of the three from BBR.

  40. Looks Like Sin is really gorgeous! I think it shall join my collection. Is it just my imagination, or are the Cremesheen Glass tubes bigger/taller than regular lipglasses? (Trying to think why they’d be more pricey than usual…)

  41. Brianne

    Looks like Sin is SOOOO gorgeous. That is a must have now, thank you for swatching it!

    I HATE that lilac lipstick though, it just looks like an all around unflattering color! ;_;

  42. Pia

    I know I don’t need LW and I’m VERRY sure I look dead wearing it. But still…lavender/lilacy lipstick! *sighs*

    • You know, I like it! But I also like Fun Fun, even though people don’t think it’s flattering on me, LOL. I just find it looks nice with a smoky eye, IMO.

  43. the other day i used my kitschmas pigment and i mixed it with a clear the clear lip gloss from mac and if im not mistaken it look exactly the way it looks in that picture with the Lavender Whip Lipstick

  44. Korean Doll

    This Is Hella Hawt! I’ve Gotta get the Look Like Skin~!

  45. NJ

    Loving that lilac lipstick, would you consider doing a look with it Christine?

  46. lala

    I wanted to get the skin is too yellow..I would def. look off (even though I have a thing for cool pinks ) ..but you sold me Xtine! on the looks like sin..I will have to get two I think. Just look ultra perfect w/ a dewy face :)

  47. elizabeth

    i wanted to ask if you know any lipstick that could match the colour from the looks like sin (since this gloss is in the newest mac collection packed-to-go)…my problem is that the gloss as you said is very sheer and i want a lipstick beneath so it wouldnt look like that …. any suggestions?