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Sometimes….when friends come over I usually end up doing their makeup, and I let my bestie and my sister use what they want. However, it’s usually supervised by me, to make use they’re applying it right!

Yes sometimes but i tend to have two seperate stashes one with stuff that i don’t allow anyone to touch and one that i don’t really mind.

Same here! No one but me gets to use my beloved stuff! I’m also very concerned with sanitation. However, I have given some friends, some “samples” of pigments because this is safe.

as long as they are not digging their fingers in to the product, its fine.

but i dont really mind if its sumone i really care about
my best friend knocked out my fuschia pigment once
half of it ends up on the floor
but its fine lol i wasnt mad at her or anythin
so i am a lil more careful now

most of my friends are boys, and my girls aren’t that into makeup. I let my mom use whatever she wants (which isnt a lot, shes not big on makeup either) whenever I’m there. Mainly (you guys are gonna freak) I let my 3 year old niece play with it. Not my really good stuff, but most of my shadows and lip stuff. She’s really awesome and careful with it, and has so much fun. She’s never broken anything or even made a mess! more than i can say for myself lol

i do because most of my friends realize what they should and shouldnt do. Its just manners. Like my boyfriends sister, of course, she is like a sister to me, so i let her have free reign on my vanity when she is doing her makeup. And my friends as well. Im the one who is into makeup though, so my friends usually just ask me to put it on them!

my friends never get to see my stash… just because i don’t purposely show them it. and they don’t ask to see it either! oh well 😛
i show off my make up by wearing it haha

Depends on what it is. It really bothers me when people put their fingers in things they shouldn’t. My roommate learned that lesson when I freaked on her for putting her germy hands in my Moisture Surge that I had just bought for $57 CAD. I don’t even put my hands in it without using hand sanitizer first! For the most part, I don’t let people touch my makeup but if they ask first and it’s a powder product, I am usually okay with it.

I don’t mainly because noone wants to. I don’t have many friends coming around to my house and those that do aren’t into make up, and certainly not into applying it at my house. 🙂 I have two daughters who might want to try some out in the future, but they’re only 4 and 7 and really not into make up just yet. So lucky me, I don’t have to share it with anyone. 🙂

My sister is always trying to use my stuff but I say to her “if you wanna use it, you can buy your own or pay me to apply it for you”.

I let her borrow my stuff once. Let’s just say R.I.P to a full jar of Chartreuse pigment that she spilled…

Nope! The only person who helps themselves to my stash is my 8-year-old niece and we are about to fight! LOL

Nope I don’t and I get pretty iffy when people touch my stuff. I’m not a territorial person in general but when it comes to makeup, I guess things are a little different. haha. Thank goodness I don’t have a sister because I can only imagine how it’ll be like.

Most of my friends aren’t into make-up but one of my good mate is, she’s also very hygenic and stuff so she knows herslf what she ‘can and can’t do’.. I let my mum use eyeliners and stuff but not really eyeshadows, just to make sure she’s doing it right =P

Certain pre-approved people are allowed to play with the stash; I do the application for everyone else, mainly because I don’t want fingers in the makeup, and I don’t want cross-contamination of colors.

Oh totally, I really enjoy letting people try out stuff and seeing how different some of it looks on other people. I do my sis’s makeup all the time and she and my mom pretty much have free reign to borrow whatever they want. I didn’t really have makeup around me growing up, I would have liked someone to share their stash with me and teach me the ropes. So I’m happy to be able to do that now.

I’m a little OCD when it comes to my makeup. If someone does play it I go a little crazy with an alcohol spray. If I’m applying it for them it’s okay though because I sanitize before and after… I’m just an oddball aren’t I?

I let my sister use some things since she’s been living with me, but there are rules with that privilege, LOL! I guess it really depends on who and what it is too… 🙂

I have two big traincases in my bathroom. They are too big to go anywhere hidden away so people always want to see what’s inside.

My friends usually drag them into my bedroom and dig in.

I don’t mind.

I give a lot of my Mac to my mom. She doesn’t have a Mac near by.

It always makes me happy when I see how beautiful she looks in the colors I give her.

I think I’ve given Mac’s High Tea and VG5 to at least 5 different people.

I like to share the love.

I usually lock my room when I’m out so my two year old nephew can’t touch my makeup but other than that, I usually allow anyone to use my makeup.

What I don’t like is people rummaging through my bag (my makeup bag is fine).

I used to let my friend use my makeup before we’d go out, but one time she dropped one of my 15 pan palettes onto the floor and 2 shadows shattered. I’m going to be a lot more careful who I let touch my stuff from now on!

hell no. my sister is horrible at make up so sometimes i will use some on her but she is not allowed into the stash without supervision.

i avoid anyone using my lipstuff n eyeliners.
i am a little possessive with my MAC and NARS e/s palatte…if some body wrecks it…:(
i allow my mom to use whatever she wants…she can take anything wth her…do whatever she wants…i don’t have a sis…i mean wth mommy dear…rules change…or rather no rules at all…:)

I totally agree on people not having manners. I hate when people twist lipsticks all the way up, swatch them on their hand or fingers and accidentally break them off etc. Or swipe dirty hand in my eye shadows. It’s okay to open cases and caps and look normally. But some people think they are standing in front of a case full of samples at the store or something.

No one touches it but me, but I’ll use it on other people. They can look through it, but they don’t open it or anything. Usually they ask me to apply it for them, and they’re really looking for skill more than the usage of my colors etc.

I don’t have a sister, childrens or people running around my makeup :S ..
sometimes i let my friends use some and when i know that theyare going to be careful as i am with my stuff.
The only one that have completely enter its.. my mommy 😀 she’s always asking me questions, learning and playing with makeup.. i lovveeee her 😀

My girls can use my eyeshadows, blushes, paintpots, and foundation, if they use a brush.
But I don’t share my mascara, lipsticks and glosses, except for my lipgelees.

I will happily do a friend or family member’s makeup, but I am a little paranoid about other people using. I have VERY sensitive eyes, can’t take a chance of getting them irritated. I never allow anyone to use my mascara either, toss every three months religiously.

Depends, my sister I have to supervise because she will jack some stuff lol. My friends can really care less about makeup, and my mom might use a lipstick every now and then but she has her own stash so it works out for me lol.

I stopped after I let my roommate borrow my full on fuschia and she jacked it up. she returned it to me with no cap and all smashed up. she said she dropped it at the club.

I don’t mind applying any of my stash (not mascara of course) to my friend’s faces & I will let them look & swatch some stuff (with q tips, not fingers) but I make sure their hands are clean & I’m there to watch over them, lol.

I don’t mind if my best friends use my makeup because like me, they’re makeup freaks. They know how to use other people’s makeup (ie, they sanitize!). However, I REFUSE to let my stepsister use my stash.. because for one, she complains about how insane I am to own such a large collection. Meh, it’s constant complaining and scolding on her end. So, one day, when she asked if she could use my stash, I bluntly said, “No. My makeup’s expensive remember?”.

Yes and no. I don’t mind if my friends use my eyeshadows or blush, but eyeliners, mascara, lip products, etc are a no no! Though of course they are more than welcome to poke through it… I have a special order for it so even if they mix it up, it;s really quick for me to fix it so i don’t care haha!

I sometimes do but I always warn my friends that if you break it you buy it. And I really mean it.Hahaha… I just give them my mean look and they just know.LOL. I do prefer doing their make-up which I usually end up doing.

I “share” my stash with my daughter. She’s 2, so that’s dangerous, but it works when I’m trying to get my make up done. I give her a gloss and a brush that I don’t use and she “practices” HAHAHA. As far as friends or family using my stuff, NO!

Umm, they can LOOK but they cannot TOUCH! I don’t want anyone else’s creepy little germs in my pretties! Ick!

Most of my friends and family don’t care enough to raid my stash -of those that do, they are professionals that have their own stashes that *I’d* like to raid. Also I’m generous with certain things and I send interested friends/family off with samples of their own to have fun with. That leaves my daughter, who really doesn’t care about anything other than lipgloss and nail polish, so she’s free to have at it.

No, so afraid they would not treat my babies as carefully as I do. Besides, its so unsanitary to have others’ fingers stuck into my e/s and putting my l/s on their lips, yuck !

I won’t let anyone tuch any of makeup EVER(especially my mac) its grose when people get everything all germy

I don’t mind reaching into my stash to do my friends makeup (especially two of my friends who are both beautiful but have no clue what they’re doing) but what irks me is when I have someone staying with me and they go into my stash without asking (eyepencils do not go down that fast!)

I don’t have a lot of friends who are into makeup (and I live with SO so clearly he’s not into my stuff lol) but if we have a sleepover, I only bring the stuff that I can live with sharing… and I bring my own clean brushes… and then wash them afterwards. I can understand that they don’t have as many eye brushes (or any at all lol) as me, so they can use mine, but I’m certainly not putting it back on my face until it’s been cleaned. Eyeshadows, powders, blushes, that stuff I can share and not care so much about contamination. UDPP, Painterly and l/s, I have to supervise, esp since I’m kind of OCD about using a brush so my l/s dont’ get weirdly shaped anyway.

But honestly… it’s usually my BFF and me trying to put makeup on everyone else, lol, so it’s pretty ok.

I never let other people play with my makeup but I’m always happy to do their makeup. Every so often, a bunch of friends come over and we do up our makeup before going out. That’s fun. But it’s also a little embarassing because everyone is so completely shocked when they see how much stuff is in my makeup drawers and shelf! Eek.

I only ever lend stuff to my mother and my best friend. We don’t share mascaras or wand lipglosses though, lipsticks are sterilized with isopropyl alcohol first, but anything else is fair game.
I find it great for presents for them, if I have something they absolutely love, I usually buy it for them as a birthday gift or something. I have got my BFF onto DiorKiss glosses and the eye quints this way!
Anyone else wants to play, I apply it.

Just my mom and my two best friends.
no one else lol.
i would die if my pigments were to get knocked overrrrr.

most of my friends arent into makeup
the ones who do like it always come over to my casa
and let ME do the makeup
they no im a makeup fanatic ahahah
NEVER would i let anyone bring my stuff home
i one time had a girlfriend an i left my eyeshadow ova her house
i didnt seee it again for another 3 months and when i got it back half the quad was used ahahaha

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