Thursday, March 13th, 2008

OVERALL, as a blush lover, this collection agrees with me! I think the colors are all vibrant and wearable, though some moreso than others. I really loved Joyous and True Romantic the most, and I will definitely be grabbing these. The texture for all of these is satiny, silky, and just smooth, while the intensity and color pay off is amazing–consistently good across all eight blushes. I’m so happy to be able to have colors that are true-to-pot, because there’s nothing worse than being impressed by the color you see, but disappointed when it goes on! These will not leave you disappointed in the least–and a plus for addicts?  These look exactly like blushes in terms of size, shape, and packaging, which means you can depot if you wish!  In my opinion, the name “beauty powder blushes” attempts to convey that the texture is like beauty powders (silky, soft, velvety) with the characteristics of a blush (more intense color, size, shape).

Feel free to share or submit your swatches and product photos for the beauty powder blushes!  Link them in the comments or send them to [email protected]. Thanks!

  • Eversun is a subdued shade of peachy-brown with low level shimmer (more like just a touch of sheen). It reminds me of a warmer, peachier bronzing kind of color, and I think it’d be fab during summer as a great part of a minimal look.
  • Feeling is a dirty plum-pink with some raspberry in it. It reminds me of a warmer, more wearable Ablaze blush. No real visible shimmer, very much like Eversun in texture.
  • Joyous is a fun shade of bright pink with peach undertones and gold sheen. I think this is one of my favorites, because the color is so warm and perfect for spring.
  • Secret Blush is a dirty mauve with brown undertones that would make a nice choice for night time looks. I did find this was a little chalkier than the rest (but I wouldn’t classify it as chalky, just in comparison to the other seven blushes).

  • Serenely is a dark brick red kind of color with gold sheen. It is pretty intense, so it is important to use a light hand with this color in particular. I don’t know if I would personally purchase this one, just because I would so rarely use it, but it looks divine in the pot and as a swatch!
  • Shy Beauty is a light pale pink with peachy undertones and light sheen/shimmer. I think this is going to be the most wearable shade, because I think it will work well on a variety of skin tones.
  • Sweetness is an incredibly bright pink with blue undertones, making it quite cool overall. It is unlike past cool blushes (e.g. Don’t Be Shy), but it does remind me of a more intense Pink Swoon blush. It’s pretty, but it’s so cool that I don’t know how wearable it would be on myself and others. Light handedness is a must for this!
  • True Romantic is a warm pink with mauvey-rose undertones with subtle sheen. This is my other favorite from the launch, because it is just a gorgeous shade. It will be pleasant used lightly to add color to cheeks, but it can be used more generously for an absolutely divine night time flush. It reminds me of Afterdusk blush, but with a way better texture and more pink than mauve.

Natural Light


Natural Light

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68 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Beauty Powder Blushes Review, Photos, and Swatches

  1. Jayme (geminitwin_sd)

    Thank you so much for your always wonderful reviews and swatches! I ordered sweetness from the MAC website a couple of days ago and now I am wishing I had ordered True Romantic too. Guess I will be making another order or going to the store :). You rock!

  2. michelle

    I do agree with you Christine! :) I’ve got True Romantic & I reckon your review will make me check out Joyous again!
    Apparently the MA said I had to use Joyous with a light hand =/

    • Ohh, nice! How are you liking the texture?

      • michelle

        I ain’t usually a blusher girl BUT I do love it for it’s silky smooth with a subtle pearl sheen. After 6hrs of wear, True Romantic didn’t turn blotchy or muddy on me… so that’s good too! Nothing over the top for a healthy glow! Would love to see photos of you using these beauty powder blushes! 😉

  3. naomi

    so glad you posted these- I don’t want any of them! they all look OTT to me :)

    • Really? You go girl! 😉 I like that they’re bold, just because you can build up color easily – but you can always use a light dusting for subtle color.

  4. Tanya

    I will be hitting the store later today to pick up a couple of there. Right now on my list of wants are – Shy Beauty, Sweetness and maybe True Romantic :) I think all three of those colors are just amazing looking!!

    • What did you end up getting, Tanya?

      • Tanya

        LOL for the first time ever I got exactly what I planned on. I liked all three colors a lot in person. Though I wish the gold glitter in Shy Beauty wasn’t quite as big. I think Shy Beauty is my least favorite of the three. Both True Romantic and Sweetness are just perfect and just the type of pinks that I love.

  5. Nell

    Thank you so much, Christine!
    I already have true romantic and it is the best blush I´ve ever used (and I own quite a bunch), great color, subtle sheen, great wear. I´m back at the store tomorrow for some others!

  6. Thanks for the swatches! How does Joyous compare to Hipness in color/texture? The swatches look very similar!

  7. Becky

    Does anyone know if the Smooth Harmony (I think) bp from Heatherette will be similar to Eversun? Because I’m looking for a bronzer, but I only want to buy one from the BPB and one from Heatherette. TIA

    • IMO, Smooth Harmony is darker than Eversun – it is also ashier in color.

    • Shefali

      Hi Becky – I wanted Eversun but skipped because I swatched Smooth Harmony and am going to get that instead. When I tried them both on, they looked almost the same on me (NC27). I’d rather have the Heatherette packaging, LOL.

  8. evo

    i just bought sweetness. now looking at these swatches….i want to go back and get more!

  9. Sara

    these all look so pretty! i might just get shy beauty- mostly because i am awful at applying blush and i usually get it uneven…this one seems like the most forgiving. i’ll definitely consider joyous too.

  10. Marie

    I hit the MAC counter at Macy’s @ Oakridge at 10am this morning, on a mission to pick up three of these babies. When I got there, the display wasn’t out and I was kinda quietly freaking out thinking that this counter didn’t get them in yet. The lone gal asked if I needed help and I had asked her about the Beauty Powders. She looked at me kinda surprised and said hold on; made a call to someone then said, ‘Oh yeah!’. Hahahaha. She went to a drawer and they weren’t even unwrapped yet :) She was surprised I wanted three of them (got the reaction of “Seriously?!”) I picked up True Romantic, Secret Blush, and Eversun. I originally wanted Feeling but she couldn’t find it. Oh well, guess I need to hit MAC at VF tomorrow.

  11. Ariele

    Thank you for the swatches! They look gorgeous & so pigmented. Not too shimmery either. I will be grabbing three of these I think :)

  12. Ariele

    BTW… do you know if Sweetness is similar to Fashion Frenzy from Fafi?

    • I honestly feel like Sweetness is incredibly bright and cool compared to Fashion Frenzy. Like I wouldn’t compare the two from what I saw!

  13. Steph

    Thanks for the reviews and swatches! 😀
    Are any of these blushes similar to the Fafi blushes? Because I have both and I don’t wanna get a blush that’s similar.. xD

  14. Well Joyous is similar to Hipness and Sweetness is similar to Fashion Frenzy. Joyous seems to have more of a orangey-coral tone to it than Hipness. Compared to Fashion Frenzy, Sweetness has a bluer undertone and appears to be brighter than Fashion frenzy in the pot. The main difference is that Sweetness has a pearly sheen to it while FF has more of a matte finish. Thats from my observations anyway! I might go and buy Joyous seeing as I didn’t get Hipness!

  15. BaDKiTTy

    I just got my Joyous!!! Very pretty colour. My store still had some Fafi items, so i could compare they blushes and Joyous similar to Hipness and Sweetness is very close to Fashion Frenzy. But the new collection got mo colour, so I am glad that i waited till this colletion:)

  16. thank you so much for upload these pictures
    it helped me soo much
    im want to get shy beauty and joyous

  17. Grace

    I haven’t managed to find any swatches of Eversun on skin near my tone, but for some reason I’m still so called to it. I wish I could run past my MAC store before spring break is over, I’ll just order it anyways and hope it works out well for my NW15ness.

  18. Denise

    i got ‘Joyous’ and ‘Sweetness’ I think i may go back next week and get the ‘True Romantic’ one, but i’m not certain.

    Yes, i’m totally aware that i got two super loud blushes… but for some reason they looked so amazing on my skin… i was incredibly surprised.

  19. Shefali

    I got True Romantic and Sweetness. I can’t believe I bought Sweetness b/c I thought it was too cool for me (I’m an NC27)…but when the MA put it on for me I fell in love with it! I wish I could get one more, but I need to save for Heatherette :)

  20. claudine

    joyous is my fave very pretty

  21. desiree

    Feeling and Secret Blush look the same to me from your swatches, how would you compare them? The description from MAC does not differ much either, except that the former is a dirty plum with silver pearl and the latter is a dirty neutral plum with gold pearl. I’m debating between the two but I only got to see Secret Blush in person but not Feeling, so am here asking for your opinion Christine! 😀

    • Carrie

      I’m not Christine but I’ll offer my two cents, because at my local MAC counter, it took a while for me to choose between Feeling and Secret Blush, they were my faves, so I know what you mean about them being similar!

      Feeling is darker and richer than Secret Blush.

      I ended up buying Feeling because I thought it was more different than other blushes I already own. But I think if you love the color and can afford both, I think they would look really nice worn together, with Feeling as a light contour under Secret Blush, maybe.

      • desiree

        oh hi carrie, thks alot for your advice! i would really like to get both but with my nc30 skintone, i doubt the two will show that much difference when worn together. 😉 btw what else did you get? 😀

        • Carrie

          Oh, that was the only thing I got! :/ Now I’m wishing I’d gotten maybe Joyous, or something else non-plum, as well.

    • Feeling is pink-plum whereas Secret Blush is mauve/plummy. Feeling is also brighter whereas Secret Blush is more subdued. :)

  22. GRace

    i really like shy beauty and eversun
    do you know if these come in pan form??

  23. Tekoa

    I got Shy Beauty and True Romantic. Almost got Feeling, but I’m saving my coinage for Heatherette next week. Oh boy is Serenely red! I’d like to see what it looks like actually on someone. I’m 99% sure they don’t come in pan form GRace since they’re limited edition.

    • Nell

      I am NC15 and strangely enough Serenly looks great on me. I´m quite conservative, so it is important for me not to look over the top, but Serenly applied with a light hand – nice flush, no clown in sight!

    • How do you like what you got? I think True Romantic is sooo pretty!!

      Oh yes, indeed, I admit that my hand is never that light no matter how hard I try so Serenely and I would be a mess together.

  24. Emi

    I just wanted to say how much I love this site! I don’t visit the MAC website or counters that often, so I wouldn’t have known about these if it wasn’t for here. :) I needed to exchange Peaches for something still “peachy” but with a little less orange, and Joyous is perfect. I’m pretty fair (NW 20) and this leaves a bright pretty flush on my cheeks. To me, it looked very very pink in the container, but it really is quite peach on. I like it a lot and might go back for Shy Beauty. And after seeing these swatches I’m curious about Eversun too!

  25. Ping.

    feeling, true romantic and secret blush.. i think i must get either one of them. they all look so gorgeous! thanks for the swatches

  26. yl

    Christine, which colour would you recommend for NC30 skinshade? I’ve been going through the pictures again and again but couldn’t decide which one I should get! I’d prefer a pinkish shade, but would sweetness be a bit too bright for me? Thanks in advance!

    • Honestly, they’ll all work well for you. Sweetness is bright for anyone for the most part – but you just have to use a light hand. I think True Romantic would be gorgeous on you!

  27. Belinda

    Christine would you say that Joyous compares to PeachyKeen at all? Not in texture or anything, but in color?

  28. makana

    I love these blushes. I recently bought serenely on ebay but I did not get it yet. I am looking at the pic now and it scares me cause it is kind of reddish…I hope it will be ok:)
    anyways, thank you for posting this up, it is really helpful:)

  29. Makana

    Hi! I’ve got my serenely blush today:), and I tried it on…it is very nice, it is reddish but it is not scary, and my skin is very white:) heheheh I like it a lot