Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Improvise Mineralize Blush

eBay Seller Velveeta42 had several items up for sale from MAC’s Colour Craft Collection. I also saw some items with names I didn’t recognize, so I also included those photos, too! Maybe they’ll come to us in the fall?

Fab-dabulous Mineralize Blush

Eclectic Edge Lipglass

Crazy Haute Lipglass

Eccentricity Mineralize Eyeshadow

Fashion Patch Mineralize Eyeshadow

Triple Fusion Mineralize Skinfinish

Ever Embellish (Lustre)

New items for Fall? I didn’t recognize these product names!

Deep Heat Lipstick (Amplified Creme)

Black Tinted Lipstick (Lustre)

Planetary Lipglass

Rousse Lipglass

Dainty Lipglass

Pinker Sand Lipstick (Frost)

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46 thoughts on “MAC Colour Craft – Sneak Peek Images

  1. Christi

    Minerals!!! I’m so excited!! I want them all, eyeshadows, blushes, skinfinishes. Sooo pretty. The lipglasses look nice too. Planetary and Dainty are totally my colors. But that nude lipstick, are you sure it’s called “black tinted”? Kind of ironic, lol.

    • Gina

      The “Black Tinted” l/s reminds me of the man who paints the house for me (I can’t paint at all!), he puts alittle bit of black in the white trim paint to take alittle of the starkness out of it, it works great! lol

  2. Fashion patch looks so pretty!! I wasn’t going to get any eyeshadows but after seeing that picture, I want it!

    And am I the only one who doesn’t really like the square shaped packages for lipglass? :\

    • Simply

      Same, I don’t like the square packaging either. I don’t like these kinds of lipglasses actually. I’m pretty sure it’ll just mix and become one color like the ones from the Sugar Sweet collection =/

      The eyeshadows look interesting though! I like Fashion Patch ^_^

      • I can confirm that they DO mix up together in the tube, and the marbling is just a silly kitschy thing.

        • ms trendy

          i hope mac stops using the square tubes – they seem like a copy of other brands packaging. the applicator doesnt pick up product very well either because the mouth of the tube is so narrow it wipes too much off the sponge tip applicator. I WILL PASS on those. I will wait for the line to hit the stores – i love my mac – but i dont need to resort to Ebay to get my hands on it. :)

  3. victoria

    the eyeshadows look interesting.

  4. Ooooh that pinker sand lipstick looks amazingly gorgeous! I do hope that really is coming out this Fall.

  5. Nicole15

    these are pretty insane close-ups. love the looks of the deep heat lippie.

  6. I almost want everything from this collection! I really like the Eccentricity quad, it looks really tempting..

    Alma, from

  7. daniela

    omggg im sooo exited for this collection speacially the eyeshadows and the blushes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<33 thanks for sharing :]

  8. margot

    Planetary and dainty look lovely LOL I love pinks !!!

    But those square lipglasses … yiiik I hate those packagings. I didn’t get any of the sugarsweet because of the square packaging.

  9. Alannah

    Ever Embellish looks right up my alley! Pretty!

  10. Anitacska

    I saw these the other day, and they’re all so gorgeous. :) Can’t wait for this collection to come out!

  11. Julia

    Oooooh, so pretty! I like them!

  12. gonna make a wishlist!<3

  13. nikki

    everything looks nice except for those eyeshadow. they look absolutely atrocious and i can’t believe make is making eyeshadow that look like. they look cheap and chunky. dnw.

  14. Mikki

    The eyeshadows look amazing, although they are not really my colors… hmmm

  15. Eccentricity Mineralize Eyeshadow seems interesting… I really like purples with golds, apart from that nothing seems to bark up my tree.

  16. This is a collection I really lokking forward to!!!!

  17. Teresa

    So beautiful! :( Too bad for me

  18. cmferrets

    i love the mineralized e/s . im curious to see the msf and blushes in person. but YUCK- thos stupid tri colored lipglosses are back- i hated those from sugarsweet, u couldnt get any product out of them! i ended up returning mine that i got from that collection. im glad to see they will come out with normal lipglasses though-butr they look similair to the ones from rose romance no? i want black tinted l/s!

  19. Evelyn

    crap, minerals! which means ill be broke

  20. Shontay

    Luckily, I’m allergic to minerals, so I won’t be buying those items in the collection. The shadows are awfully pretty, though. I jumped for joy over the lip products, especially black tied. I’m very curious about that. This collection is much more interesting than I initially thought. Damn you, mac!

  21. Wow! Fab-dabulous and Improvise look gorgeous! Also, the lipglasses and the lipsticks look really pretty!

  22. MC

    I like the Pinker sand l/s A LOT! But frost isn’t my favorite formula. I’ll have to try it…

  23. Maggie

    weird that they’d name a lipglass “dainty” when they were a mineralized blush with the same name! so pretty though :)

  24. iloovemakeup

    ok………i am hooked with this collection! quads with minerals! i love it!! i want fashion hooked, dainty, triple fusion and planetary!!! need to save up a litte for this collection!

  25. MAG

    i dont know about that seller…i want to order stuff but they have nice buzz listed as a plushglass when its actually a lustreglass and they dont have the style warriors in the right animal print cardboard packaging…they have it in the regular black cardboard box…and how would they get clour craft stuff this far in advance? im just very skeptical…the pics look pretty awesome though and most look authentic…i dont know

    • Nice Buzz is actually a plushglass… as for the stuff in different packaging, it’s possible that they have the sample versions of the products, which come in standard MAC packaging.. they could either work for MAC or the media and have got freebies.

      • ms trendy

        I can attest to that … I have a few unlabeled mac products (lip pencils) and some sample colours (pigments, paint sticks, etc) that were never released for sale that a (former) colleague of mine would get and share with us ladies at work … her husband worked for a company (Toronto based) that did the design work for their stores = free stuff and samples! She didnt wear makeup so she passed it on to us and the teenage girls in her family and neighbourhood. I miss her (maybe for the wrong reasons) LOL So its possible this ebay seller got her hands on the real mccoy early. if you are skeptical just wait it out though.

        • ms trendy

          I dont know the shade names because they dont have any! the round silver labels where the colour normally would be printed are blank just say the normal MAC trademark info and the usual 3 digit stamp when the product was made. No cardboard boxes. Otherwise they look the same except the pencils – they are just plain wood looking – no mac packaging or branding whatsoever.

  26. Faheema

    Aaah i can’t wait for colour craft to come out. I’m also saving up like crazy! I hope they make the release date in the UK earlier…

  27. I think Colour Craft will be an interesting collection, but I am really not sold on the way those MES look… they look tacky. Looking forward to new blush and skinfinish colours though!

  28. i wonder how do these people get stuff in soo advance?? i mean when MAC goes thru all this “party” n stuff….would n’t they want to guard their stuff before release??

  29. Kristen

    Darn it LOL. I was bidding on Triple Fusion and had a good lead until you posted this! All well, that’s okay. I can wait since its getting above retail now.

  30. e/s doesn’t do anything for me, tho I like the MSF’s and the l/s especially “Black Tinted” :)

  31. ms trendy

    I really hope the new brush is still coming out in this collection… i look forward to new brushes to add to my collection:

    130 Brush Flat Tapered Face Brush with short natural hairs and long synthetic fibres (Limited Edition)

  32. Kate

    the blushes and pinker sand lipstick look beautiful!

    i’m not into the “marbleized” lipglasses. it just looks like MAC had a bunch of reject tri-color lipglasses from sugarsweet that didn’t settle right in the tubes. :p

  33. Sarah

    Improvise looks stunning and unlike anything I have in my current blush collection – which is huuuge by the way. I love Mineralize-anything. The blushes rock!

  34. Kiana

    Love the look of the eletric edge lipglass, but not enough to buy it =/

    as for the other items, nothing appeals, horrid colors and hate patchwork!

  35. Sunriseisle

    This new MSF reminds me so much of Redhead MSF

  36. Ahh commenting on here so late but it’s hard to keep up with all the posts you make daily.

    How have you liked the mineral eyeshadows? Are the lipglasses more pigmented in comparison to the Sugarsweet ones?

    Hmm and Black Tinted really caught my attention! I hope it does something special lol

  37. OMG These look great…I would wear every single thing here (not all together of course hehe)…now here I goes in the reds :(