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MAC Cham-Pale Paint Pots
MAC Paint Pots: Chilled on Ice, Dangerous Cuvee, Let Me Pop, Vintage Selection

MAC Cham-Pale: Paint Pots

MAC Paint Pots ($16.50 for 0.17 oz.) are part of the permanent line, and it feels like it’s been forever since we’ve seen anything new in the range, but Cham-Pale brings to us four new and limited edition variations: Chilled on Ice (frosted white gold), Dangerous Cuvee (frosted cool grey), Let Me Pop (frosted light copper), and Vintage Selection (frosted dirty peach).

  • Chilled on Ice is a cool-toned iridescent pale yellow gold.  It is interesting because it seems cool-toned but yet it is a gold, which is often a warmer hue.
  • Dangerous Cuvee is a navy-tinged gray with a silvery-white sheen and shimmer.
  • Let Me Pop is a medium-dark copper with a golden copper sheen.  In the pot, it resembles Melon pigment, but when worn, it’s anything but.
  • Vintage Selection is a medium taupe brown.  It has a highly reflective frosted sheen.  It was the most opaque of the four.

Paint Pots can be used alone like a cream eyeshadow or as a base for your eyeshadows–I would say the latter is the more popular usage, though. I happen to use them as eyeshadow bases myself, because I find that most shades lend themselves to such rather than be worn alone. Whether I wear them alone or underneath eyehadow, they wear all day, and they are actually quite water-resistant, too.

These shades have a slightly creamier, but sheerer, formula than typical paint pots, which I imagine is due to the higher shimmer content in these.  They’re part shimmer, part metallic (but definitely not true metallics!).  The effect is reminiscent of Bobbi Brown’s Metallic Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadows, but these are more shimmer, less glitter, and generally speaking, more opaque (not that they are opaque).  They are easy to blend out and can be worn on their own, because they can be softened at the edges and sheered out enough to be worn in that fashion.

I felt that these took a wee bit longer to dry than other paint pots, but they still dried down and stayed in place.  My big concern with these is the sheerness, because I could not build up the color.  In the past, paint pots have been rather opaque, so it’s hard to know if this was simply the desired result for these in particular or if there is a deficiency of pigment.  However, since the official description is still “[a] highly pigmented eye colour that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish,” I would expect more intensity from these–at the very least, achievable by layering.

MAC Cham-Pale Collection is a limited edition launch (official information and photos here) that is set to launch in-stores on December 26th in North American, January 2011 for international MAC locations. The approximate launch date for online is December 24th. It features color products as well as a few skincare items.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 26/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: As much as I wanted to fall in love with these, I’m a little underwhelmed.  The sheerness isn’t what I would expect from the paint pot formula, but it may be a welcomed characteristic to others.

AVAILABILITY: MAC Cosmetics on December 26th (U.S. stores), January 2011 (International)

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Cham-Pale Paint Pots
MAC Paint Pots: Chilled on Ice, Dangerous Cuvee, Let Me Pop, Vintage Selection

MAC Cham-Pale Paint Pots
MAC Paint Pots: Chilled on Ice, Dangerous Cuvee, Let Me Pop, Vintage Selection

MAC Cham-Pale Paint Pots
MAC Paint Pots: Chilled on Ice, Dangerous Cuvee, Let Me Pop, Vintage Selection

MAC Cham-Pale Paint Pots
MAC Chilled on Ice Paint Pot

MAC Cham-Pale Paint Pots
MAC Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pot

MAC Cham-Pale Paint Pots
MAC Let Me Pop Paint Pot

MAC Cham-Pale Paint Pots
MAC Vintage Selection Paint Pot

MAC Cham-Pale Paint Pots
MAC Paint Pots: Chilled on Ice, Dangerous Cuvee, Let Me Pop, Vintage Selection

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115 thoughts on “MAC Cham-Pale: Paint Pots Review, Photos, Swatches (Chilled on Ice, Dangerous Cuvee, Let Me Pop, Vintage Selection)

  1. sophie

    these are so pretty! wanna get all of them

  2. Vintage Selection looks AWESOME!

  3. BethM

    I originally only wanted two, but now I think I’ll have to get one of each.

  4. ShockingBlue

    I really wanted to like Dangerous Cuvee! I don’t think I can buy it now that I have seen this though :(

  5. It looks like Chilled on Ice might make for an interesting browbone color.

  6. JayJay

    I may have to pick up Dangerous Cuvee. The rest seem pretty dupeable to me.

    Since I started using Make Up Forever Aqua Creams, I’ve sort of lost interest in paint pots though. I’m pretty sure there’s a MUFE Dupe for Dangerous Cuvee.

  7. Marcela

    I was sooo excited to see the colors in the pots, but then i saw the swatches and the sheerness makes me want to cry =(

    • Julia

      I know. Massive bummer. Oh well, at least my wallet will be grateful I will not be picking any of these up!

      • Ani_BEE

        I love the formulation of Paint pot but none of them worked as a neutral base for my NC10 completion (I might even be NC05 during the winter >_<)

        I might still get Chilled on Ice but I'm curios is there is a dupe out for Vintage Selection in shade?

  8. Lorna

    i really want “dangerous cuvee” just because i wear a lot of blues, greys and purples. i am also rather surprised by the sheerness of these but as long as it serves as a good base for grabbing and holding onto the color of my eye shadows, i think the pigmentation of my shadows should be enough.

  9. These are so pretty! I really want, Dangerous Cuvee, Vintage Selection, and Let Me Pop!

  10. Jennifer

    Vintage Selection looks the best.

    I already have Skinny Jeans from Benefit , which looks better than the blue-grey one MAC is offering.

  11. Carrie Ann

    I thought that Chilled on Ice looked really pretty, but I agree that these seem a little underwhelming. Not sure they’re worth the price tag.

  12. Kimmie

    Vintage Selection looks a lot like the Buxom Stay There Eyeshadow in Mutt… no I have to try to decide if I need both! Any comments?

    • I don’t have Buxom’s Mutt eyeshadow, sorry!

    • lissa

      FYI Sephora is showing new Buxom stay there shadows coming

      • Hana

        Oh dang! I’m saving up for the new Buxom Stay Theres! I love the new colors and can’t wait to see them. These PP are pretty but nothing comes between me and my Buxom Stay Theres. Thanks for posting this lissa :)

        • lissa

          Hanna– np, I don’t have any of the stay there’s and I gave away the only paint pot I had to someone just starting with makeup, so I’ve been looking for something I can just swipe on and go without needing to do primer, etc. right now it’s usually benefit’s recess but I like the Buxom and MAC formulas better.

          • Jadyn

            Hi lissa, you may not have to wait long, urban decay is coming out with new shadow pencils in Jan/Feb 2011 that may be what you’re looking for. They go on easy and apparently have rave reviews for not creasing even without a primer or a shadow to set it

            • lissa

              thanks jadyn! yes, I’ve been waiting impatiently since the first sight of morphine and I am dying to get my hands on it. I’ve also been hoping the next UDPP release is an iridescent similar to the moonshine highlighter they just put out. if MAC beat them to the punch with chilled on ice that’s okay with me :-) (unless it sells out before I get one!) morphine looks like an awesome solo or base for a purple eye, chilled on ice looks awesome for a reflective nude or base for a lot of shades. I love stuff that can fit in my makeup bag to do my whole face on the go.

      • Kimmie

        Thanks for the info on the new Buxom colors! :)

        • lissa

          :-) I want them to come soon so I can get collie or UD shadow pencil in Morphine. Both look awesome. Cocker spaniel sounds like it would be pretty too–opalescent sounds interesting. I gave away the only paint pot I had and just want one pretty shade I can swipe on & go without primer or brushes for my cranky mornings lol.

  13. Megan

    They are pretty but you’re right, they are sheer. I was interested in the silver at first but after seeing the swatches but now not so much. Thats save me money though!

  14. I’m defintely picking up Vintage Selection =)

  15. melanie wiley

    Hey Christine-

    Would you say Chilled on ICe is close to Benefit’s RSVP? Thanks

  16. Gina

    I can’t wait to try the Dangerous Curves PP under my Softwash Grey pigment from Tartan Tale! :)

  17. Sami

    ahhh paint pots<3

  18. Emmanuelle

    Hi Christine! Do you know if Chilled on Ice is similar to Bare Study paint pot?

    • Bare Study is a lot less gold – it is more like an off white or a pale white.

    • Marcela

      I compared the 2 at the store because I have Bare Study and loooved Chilled on Ice. They’re definitely different. Chilled is super shimmery and has a different color (cool-toned gold with a slight greenish reflect at certain angles). Bare Study is muuuuch less shimmery and a soft beige.

  19. Dana

    I think I’ll have to get one of each..these colors are hard to pass up!

  20. Annick Chantal L. H.

    Christine you want to kill my credit card with this wonderful review……… so I just included in my a charm pale wish-list, included Let me pop, dangerous curvée, ………… Vintage Selection….. so beautiful….

  21. Vintage selection looks like it might be pretty as just a lid wash to wake up my tired looking eyes. I might invest in it, but I’m still not quite convinced!

  22. lissa

    OMG. I was dying for chilled on ice, now total lust! And Dangerous Cuvee. I thought I could pass on the vintage selection but on my monitor its swatching a lot like sin powder shadow?

    • Sorry, I don’t have that eyeshadow.

      • lissa

        np Christine, ty, I spend too much at sephora and UD lately and it’s in their alice and ammo palettes. someday I’d love to go hit a MAC counter and buy all the items I want most. when I hit the lottery lol.

      • lissa

        oh, btw, I think sin was one of the UD shadow pencils you reviewed (part 1) and it looked pretty much the same as the powder version

  23. Arantzazu

    Love Dangerous Cuvee and Vintage Selection =)

  24. Hana

    Christine — I don’t have a lot of money to work with. Are there any NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil dupes for Dangerous Cuvee and Let Me Pop? They’re beautiful PP but the sheerness is scaring me away.

    • Maybe Pure Gold and Iced Mocha, but I don’t have Iced Mocha, so I couldn’t say for sure.

      • Hana

        Thanks Christine! :)

      • Miss Ruby Rouge

        I have iced mocha and it looks alot like “Vintage Selection” except the NYX iced mocha is much more opaque than MAC’s vintage selection is!! I don’t have any paint pots so I don’t know what to expect, but these do look quiet sheer in my opinion!!

    • Lilac

      Maybe a mix of Pots and Pans (silver) and Slate (blue-black) could be used to create something like Dangerous Cuvee. It won’t be the same but it’s not totally off. I do recommend to search the net for swatches, though.
      Also there was Temptalia’s recent swatching of silver and blue pencils, maybe that could help in finding something similar, too :)

      Christine, thank you a lot for the swatches of this collection (as always!) and the reviews, helpful every time :)

      • lissa

        I’m thinking these shades would pair up really well with the set of MAC cool pigments from the Tartan collection

  25. Angel

    ohhhhmg dangerous cuvee all the way<3 and perhaps vintage selection XD

  26. Valentine

    Aw, it’s a shame that Vintage Selection is cool-toned and frosted. Is there a similar color that would be suitable for warm, pale skin tones?

  27. Karine

    Chilled on ice look like Bare Study ?

  28. Rosanna

    Skip. Benefit already has similar colours in their Creaseless Cream/Liners and I much prefer their formula.

  29. KT

    How do you use cream shadows as a base? I have a palette of revlon ones that I never use because they are useless as a shadow. I hear a lot about it, but have no idea how to use them. I would love a tutorial!

  30. Chilled on Ice and Vintage Selection look amazing! =)

  31. Bella

    Oooh, here we go! I can feel the have to get this noooooow-tremors setting in!

  32. Maggie

    How does Chilled on Ice compare to the shadestick in Nurture (from Warm & Cozy) color-wise? Thanks for all the lovely swatches! I’m really interested in this collection, since I loved Warm & Cozy.

  33. divinem (Melissa)

    I’ll be owning ALL of these. Christine, I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for the service you provide to us makeup-philes. *smooches on your head*

  34. Danielle

    I had my eyes on Chilled on Ice and Dangerous Cuvee, but after seeing the swatches and once again battling the inner voice that says “quit buying into the 1,000 LE MAC collections that come out every year” I am going to stick with Benefit’s Tattle Tale and Skinny Jeans both of which I already own and work nicely. Thanks for the honest review! I am kind of getting sick all of the LE collections though…try adding some perm. items MAC!

  35. Kimmie

    I’m not quite sure if this is the right place to post this, but I have a question about my Indianwood paint pot. It seems that it has started to dry out. The edges don’t touch the glass anymore. I read in another post that you microwaved a paint pot to salvage it and was wondering how that worked and if you’d recommend it? Thanks :)

  36. I might get Dangerous Cuvee, sicne I don’t have a dark shade cream shadow/paint pot yet.

  37. Elizabeth

    Is Rubenesque anything like these paint pots?

  38. Mirna

    Aww, these suck. I perfer more opacity on the paint pots.

    • lissa

      Seems like a lot of people are concerned about opacity, it would be interesting if someone did a side by side of one of these paint pots and a permanent paint pot as base for a side by side swatch of the same shade of shadow.

      I love this site, saves me so many makeup “oops looked better in the packaging” mistakes. You rock, Christine! How did we manage before blogs?

  39. Jennifer F

    I like Dangerous Curve the most and Let Me Pop and Vintage Collection are nice too. Chilled on Ice looks enough like Bare Study for me so I may skip that one. It is a pity they are sheer but I tend to use them as bases so it wouldn’t be too bad and I think they would look nice as a soft all over lid colour on lazy days. That is what I use Bare Study for but it would be nice to have some other colours to choose from when I can’t be bothered to do proper eyeshadow. They would look so nice under the eyeshadow quad colours and also work well with the cool pigment set which I have.

  40. Liz

    I like all of them but Chilled – I wonder how I would use them…hmm…New Year’s Eve?

  41. Tania

    How many ounces? I don’t see it in the post, sorry.

  42. livnzoe

    i love chilled on ice and dangerous cuvee!!

  43. So bad that they have the frosted formula.. If they were anything like Girl Friendly, I’d consider buying although PPs crease on me even with a primer :(

  44. Alyssa

    How does Chilled on Ice compare to Bare Study? I see the description are different, but they look similar in the pics.

  45. Yelena

    So would vintage selection be perfect under satin taupe e/s ??

  46. Cherokee

    I like Vintage Selection. It reminds me of NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yogurt. I know the jumbo pencils crease on some so this will be a good choice.

  47. Christina

    Thanks for the fantastic reviews Christine!

    While I was excited about new paint pots, and these color descriptions sounded great, I think I’ll skip. Maybe it is because I’m still a “real makeup” newbie (at 31 – but I’m quickly and eagerly learning!)but I’m not sure how these would be used very often.

  48. esme

    i really wanted all of these. but as i look at swatches, they can be kinda duped from mac paint pots. Chilled On Ice kind of looks like Bare Study & Let Me Pop resembles Rubenesque. i mean they may not be exactly but they seem to be pretty close. I really wanted them but since they’re not as pigmented as i was hoping, it breaks my heart, but i think i’ll be skipping these.

  49. Noga

    Man, am I disappointed… I really wanted to get these when I saw the press release, but now – this is just too sheer.

  50. I must have Dangerous Curvee! First MAC product all year that I’ve decided I MUST have :)

  51. Dana

    I was all excited for new Paint Pots but I think I have dupes for 3 of them

    Vintage Selection = MUFE Aqua Cream #13 or Stila Kitten Smudge Pot. The MUFE looks most similar in the pictures, the Kitten is a little lighter

    Dangerous Curve = MUFE Aqua Cream #2, but the MUFE does not have any hints of blue.

    Chilled on Ice = Estee Lauder Double Wear Shadow Cream #13 Golden Sands (also a “cool” gold LOL)

    I am going to pass on the MAC PP because these I already own, they are all extrememly pigmented and are long lasting

    • lissa

      ooh really? I’ll have to check that out because I’m always looking for stuff for EL GWPs, fan of the skincare and lipsticks. and the doublewear stuff is nice. plus their stuff doesn’t trigger my allergies as much as some other brands. TY!

  52. Dawn

    I had wanted 3 of these (all except Let Me Pop) but I saw someone say on a forum that they had used Dangerous Cuvee and had ended up with glitter all over their face. Have you experienced this ‘glitter bomb’ effect with any of these?

  53. sarah

    is let me pop paint pot like rubenesque ? and is chilled on ice like bare study? also, is dangerous cuvee a greyish or purpleish ? thanks!

  54. Saflee

    Are any of these comparable to Rubenesque?

  55. Samantha

    vintage selection looks like all that glitters in paint pot form! that is my favorite eye shadow so i have to buy that paint pot lol!!

  56. morena123

    Haha, i like the “wine” theme to the names of these paintpots. Dangerous Cuvee?? Mmm i had a Cuvee the other day. And it was Chilled on ice :p And was not a vintage selection. hehehe but the bottle does POP!!

  57. Marcela

    these are so interesting in person! i too was underwhelmed by the swatches but at the store i fell in love with Chilled on Ice, the one i least expected to like! it’s a cool-toned shimmery gold but has a sort of green reflect at certain angles, a really unique color. i might go back and purchase another 2.

    • rosie

      i want chilled on ice and what did you think of vintage selection and dangerous cuvee in person? i was thinking of getting those as well

      • Marcela

        They’re all really pretty and incredibly shimmery in person. i got all but vintage selection and i might still pick it up later. i like to wear them all over my eyes and then i just dust a similar but darker shadow to my crease. mascare and Feline liner and BAM! bright shimmery eyes.

  58. Jen

    How does Chilled on Ice compare to Cuddle shade stick, r they close?

  59. would you say chilled on ice is basically stila’s kitten smudge pot? its the only one i like besides let me pop, but i feel like i already own so many dupes! & let me pop just doesnt seem very pigmented, so im really torn /: i wanted to like these !

  60. kerry

    I stopped by my local mac counter today to see these items in all their loveliness…shimmer shimmer shimmer nice for new years eve..Oh the comfort cream I adore as well

  61. Stephanie

    Are you supposed to let the paintpot dry before you layer eyeshadow on top, or do it while it still hasn’t set?

  62. CC

    I went to the MAC counter today and really fell in love with Let Me Pop… but, I had commited to buy another MAC product so had to leave it behind. I’m a darker skinned person so Let Me Pop showed up really nicely on me. That’s what I have my eyes set on!!

    • CC

      !! Went back today to pick up Let Me Pop and completely sold out! T.T And that was the only thing from the collection that I even liked besides Feline. Settled on for just Feline and will try to make my way to another Mac store!

  63. Megan

    I picked up Vintage Selection today and I love it…but the more I look at this post, the more I want to go back and get Chilled on Ice and Let Me Pop (plus the I Get No Kick eye kohl)! MAC is soooo dangerous!!

  64. Mariella

    I got Dangerous Cuvee the other day based on the swatches I’ve seen which looked really good.I’m disappointed though – it’s very sheer and the overabundant glitter is chunky – not what I was hoping for at all. I wanted something to help Caviar Dreams show up a bit better. I’m thinking of returning this – it will be my first MAC return EVER! I’m going to try it a few more times and see if I can make it work.

  65. Vintage selection looks quite interesting. I might have to check that out when it’s released here.

  66. joanna

    can you please do a comparison between chilled on ice and bare study? im quite confused about which one i should pick :S

    • If you want a regular base, Bare Study, as Chilled on Ice has a glittery finish. Chilled on Ice is much yellower in comparison – they are not dupes!