Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Products pulled for Cham-Pale/Stylishly Yours Comparisons

MAC Cham-Pale Dupes & Comparisons Swatches

  • Chez Chez Lame is darker and more beige in comparison to NARS Albatross, less pink compared to Sunsparked Pearl, and lighter and less brown compared to Soft & Gentle.
  • Rose Ole is slightly darker and less frosty than By Candlelight, while Stereo Rose is significantly darker and Porcelain Pink is a little lighter and pinker. Play It Proper doesn’t resemble it at all.
  • Chilled On Ice is much more golden than Bare Study, while Cuddle is a bit yellower and more of a true white gold, which is the same reason why Benefit’s Tattle Tale is not quite a dupe either. Benefit Sippin’ ‘n Dippin’ is nothing like it.
  • Dangerous Cuvee is most similar to Benefit Strut is a darker, more pigmented version–it has the same bluish cast; on the other hand, Benefit Skinny Jeans seems close at first glance, but it’s much more of a pewter shade with a taupe rather than a blue cast.
  • Vintage Selection is slightly cooler than Benefit RSVP.
  • I Get No Kick is virtually the same as Make Up For Ever #23 and Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy.
  • Calm Mode is nearly identical to Feelin’ Good.
  • Gel is less pink, more bronze compared to Beigeland, while Quiet, Please looks more bronze than pink when compared to Beigeland.
  • Luxure looks the same as Resort Life when worn (on my lips), but the latter is beiger in its color base–which is still rather sheer on lips; and the same goes for Sin-tillation.

Unfortunately, I do not own Rubenesque to compare to Let Me Pop nor Shimpagne to compare against Chez Chez Lame. My deepest apologies!

See swatches!

NARS Albatross, Chez Chez Lame, Sunsparked Pearl, Soft & Gentle

Play It Proper, Rose Ole, By Candlelight, Stereo Rose, Porcelain Pink

Bare Study, Cuddle, Chilled on Ice, Benefit Tattle Tale, Benefit Sippin’ n’ Dippin’

Benefit Strut, Dangerous Cuvee, Benefit Skinny Jeans

Vintage Selection, Benefit RSVP

Calm Mode vs. Feelin’ Good

Gel, Beigeland, Quiet Please

Luxure, Resort Life, Sin-tillation

MUFE #23, I Get No Kick, Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy

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80 thoughts on “MAC Cham-Pale Dupes & Comparisons Swatches

  1. Diane

    Very impressed Christine! You are so thorough!

  2. Thank you so much Christine!! This post has helped me tremendously!

  3. Lady Di.

    I love when you do these comparisons, thanks so much!

  4. Shirry

    Wow. Thanks for sharing. I was actually contemplating between Dangerous Cuvee, Benefit Skinny Jeans.
    But SJ looks so much better than DC.

  5. Heather

    you REALLY know how to differentiate colors. I’m learning a lot just from reading your color descriptions

  6. Kat

    Another excellent post! Thanks Christine =)

  7. Traci

    thank you for comparisons! They are by far the most helpful, aside from swatches alone :)

  8. Kerri

    So helpful! I was on the verge of ordering Dangerous Cuvee, but own both Skinny Jeans & Strut (which look far, far superior to DC). I’ll be skipping this collection entirely!

  9. Divinna

    Superb job!

  10. Kate

    … the dupes are more expensive than the originals. Anything but helpful.

    • Dupes don’t have to be cheaper to be dupes, but I’m sorry you did not find it helpful.

    • Diane

      I think it is rude to say ‘anything but helpful.’. I’m sure Christine strives very hard to provide her readers with only useful info. She is a person after all and I’m sure such comments hurt her feelings. If we want to see something from her, just ask … Snide comments are nor necessary.

      • Hanne

        I totally agree!
        I thought this was very very helpful!
        Keep up the good work Christine I really really appriciate all your hard work. I love these posts cause it saves me lots of money.

    • Jen

      actually it is helpful because you may already have some products that look similar to the ones coming out in this collection (for example the benefit cream shadows)..

    • Karen

      Then the MAC ones could be consider cheaper dupes of the more expensive items! :)

    • S

      Kate, personally I think your comment “anything but helpful” is downright rude. Christine didn’t have to go to the trouble to post about any dupes for the CP collection. I think I can speak for the majority of us who have commented thus far that these types of comparisons are extremely helpful. So thanks, Christine! I was looking for possible dupe of CCL, but didn’t find one so I just ordered.

    • t_zwiggy

      Sorry, but that’s kinda rude. Dupes are products that are almost identical, price has nothing to do with it. This post is very helpful to people with large makeup collections (who might alredy have similar products/dupes) and people who doesn’t live close to a mac counter.

    • Rosie

      surely it is helpful to those who already own the dupes, so they don’t end up purchasing something very similar?


    • AS

      It also helps if you are debating buying this type of product in general and trying to chose which one. You can decide if the lighter/darker/yellower/pinker version is a better pick. Also, I get used to certain bloggers’ descriptions, photographs, skintones (for swatches), and website color balance, so in the long run I get a good impression of what a product might be like before I buy it online. No stores for this stuff where I live. Or save a trip out in the cold even if you have a store near you. Anyway, buying the right thing once is far cheaper than buying several “better deals” that don’t end up right.

    • Caitlin

      She’s not just healping us save money by posting Dupes & Comparisons, but also if you already have a similar product. People may already have a dupe color, so why would you buy this? She’s just trying to help her LOYAL readers. 😉

    • Nina

      If you think about it – some people already have the dupe and may not realize the shade similarity. Additionally, since so much from MAC is Limited Edition, it is helpful to know where to buy a permanent dupe. I find these dupes and comparisons tremendously helpful!

    • Stella

      Totally disagree with you, Kate. MAC’s kohl liners don’t last that long for me, but I’ve never had a problem with MUFE or UD. I was really glad to see that I Get a Kick is dupable.

      You may be only willing to look for dupes if they cost less, but there are a lot of people with different needs and considerations than yours. I hope your rudeness doesn’t keep Christine from posting about potential dupes. It’s fine if it doesn’t help you out, but there were many ways of expressing that without being a brat about it.

      Also, great job on whining to someone who is swatching these without any expectation of compensation. Way to be positive and kind to others with your helpful constructive criticism! /end sarcasm.

      • Brittany

        Well said… *applause*. Christine, keep up the great work… These posts are the most helpful and reliable I’ve seen on the net and we (well at least those of us who aren’t “brats”, lol) really appreciate the time and effort you put into them. Many thanks.

  11. Thank you for the swatches :)

  12. Wow! Thanks for posting. I wish I knew about the UD dupe before I ordered the MAC kohl. Oh well.

  13. Carrie Ann

    Thank you. You saved me from getting any Paint Pots, Calm Mode, Luxure, Sin-tillation or Rose Ole. I did order I Get No Kick, though. I don’t have Midnight Cowboy or the MUFE pencil. It’s amazing how similar some of these are! Calm Mode looks exactly the same as Feelin’ Good.

  14. JennJam

    @Kate, this list is helpful because of what items someone might ALREADY own v. consider buying.

    Christine, thank you for the hard work and effot you put into showing us dupes – – I know this isn’t easy and I appreciate the time you put into it for us.

  15. Liz Mc

    Thanks for the great swatches. Your site has helped me focus my limited dollars on just what will work for me.

  16. Angie

    Do you think Mary Lou manizer is a dupe for Chez chez lame?

    Thanks for this post! It is super helpful!

  17. Jami

    this helps so much! if i like a color and know theres a dupe i dont feel like i have to break my neck or bank getting there to get that color!

  18. Emily

    Thank you so much for the swatches and the hard work you do! We really appreciate it! It is VERY helpful!

  19. I love this post! Thank you so much, this is really helpful! :)

  20. I have Benefit, “Skinny Jeans” and I do love it but I still think I’m going to pick up Dangerous Cuvee since it looks a bit lighter in comparison. I will also try to pick up Chez Chez Lame since I dropped my NARS Albatross one too many times.


  21. Sally

    Wow, seeing the Dangerous Cuvee swatches next to Benefit really makes me see how sheer it is. Huh. Not liking that so much anymore :/

  22. Caitlin

    I went to the mall yesterday to check out the Cham-Pale collection and to spend some gift cards that I got for Christmas… and I got 23L from MUFE instead of “I Get No Kick” because I had a Sephora gift card and got it for free.
    Thanks so much for your swatches and comparisons… if you weren’t here I don’t know what we’d do! :))

  23. saku

    Thanks, these do help even though I have a tiny makeup collection, lol. I don’t have to worry about repeats. But does Stila kitten pot and Chilled on Ice look alike?

  24. Is Chez chez lame similar to TheBalm Mary Loumanizer highlighter?

  25. Rae

    Thanks so much for posting dupes, Christine! I think I’ll have to check out I Get No Kick — the price tag’s a little more friendly than MUFE’s 😛

  26. lissa

    thanks so much christine, very helpful as usual. sorry for the rude comments, just remember that you’re a great friendly thoughtful blogger & some people may just need to check their egos at the door

  27. How do you keep track of all of these? You are pretty amazing – great pictures as always.

  28. morena123

    Hey Christine, I was wondering.. do you have any idea about how long it would take for (limited edition) products to start selling in a CCO???
    I went this summer to one and saw the hello kitty palette there. And if im not mistaken that edition was being sold around fall ’09 right? SO Im guessing it takes around 6 months for a collection to be moved to the CCO? (or sooner I hope)

  29. Ani_BEE

    Very Helpfull! I owned Porcelain Pink and have By Candlelight as well as Cuddle from last years pale collection Warm and Cozy. ^_^

  30. i am soo tempted to buy Chez chez lame. I hope it is not a sold out item n may come to CCO….Thanks for the comparison. Pretty Helpful!

  31. Christina

    I know a lot of people were bugging you for not knowing the exact date/time Cham-Pale was released (you are obviously not a mind-reader here, people!) but thanks to your twitter, I was able to know the second it was online! So thank you so much for that. I was able to get Dangerous Cuvee, Chez Chez Lame, and Feline :)

  32. Isabella

    Wow, thank you so much for the effort!

  33. Cristina

    I went today to MAC and the truth its that I didn’t like the beauty powders! My skin is fair and I think Isn’t worth to buy them just for highlight….
    Sorry :(

  34. Ashley Avocado

    Wow… I was so drawn in to the concept of this collection as a whole that I think I really overlooked the fact that I already own acceptable, and in some cases superior, dupes for the products! I feel like it’s easy to get caught up in the limited edition aspect of collections and I find posts such as this one to be extremely helpful.

    I feel like MAC has been lacking originality in their collections lately and instead just keeps cranking them out, one after another (or even simultaneously!) I feel like I would prefer less frequent, but more unique lines to be released than the constant headache that is the typical MAC launch.

  35. Karen

    Was UD Midnight Cowboy a limited edition item?

    • It is part of a limited edition 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set that retails for $92. While I have hopes they’ll eventually bring it into the permanent line, at present, it is only in that set – which comes out in January.

  36. abby

    Hi Christine! thank you very much for doing comparisons. I always wonder how a colour is compared to another and when you do the swatches to compare i can see the difference and then i decide whether its worth to buy or not! So….i find it very helpful when you do this :)

  37. Chloe

    christine , how do feline and macs powerpoint pencil in engraved compare? a wonderful post – thankyou for the post and in advance 😛

  38. Patrizia

    Thank you, you’re great!

  39. rosie

    which do u prefer mac chez chez lame or nars albatross for NC30 skin

  40. Your swatches of the paint pots look nothing like mine that is weird. Mine were way more pigmented and smooth

  41. Leea

    Hey Christine, just a quick question, what do you use the nc-nw thing pencils for? :) thanks

  42. Chirufus

    Thank you so much!! Now I can cancel Calm mode from my wishlist because I still have 1 and 1/2 Feeling good in my MU kit so money goes to something else.
    Love Chirufus

  43. Sally

    I was going to purchase Vintage Selection, but since you’re review swatch is just like RSVP, which is permanent, I will be going for the Benefit.

  44. Isabel

    Hi Christine, thank you for these comparisons.
    I wonder if caviar dreams eyeshadow in the cham pale quad, is similar to satin taupe?

  45. Chloe

    just looked at the black eyeliner comparisons – sorry not to have checked that is a really detailed comparison thankyou

  46. Celie

    hi Christine! thank you vert much for your swatches, its very helpful :)
    do you think that MUFE Aqua Cream #2 is a good dupe for Dangerous curvee ? Thanks

  47. Loulouthi

    This is SO useful!!!

  48. Corliss

    Thankyou, I bought a lot from the ChamPale Collection

  49. Jumper

    How does Let Me Pop paint pot compare to Rubenesque?

  50. Tracey

    I THOUGHT I wanted Dangerous Cuvee but seeing it swatched next to Benefits Skinny Jeans makes me want that more! Thanks :)