Sunday, August 5th, 2012

MAC By Request Collection for Fall 2012 – Results

I reviewed this collection in its entirety here.

Updated @ 8/5 at 10:09 PM PST: You can purchase the lipsticks now – best to go to the direct page, here.

Lipstick ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Candy Yum-Yum Neon pink (Matte) (77,517 votes)
  • Moxie Bright pink (Matte) (74,957 votes)
  • Rocker Burgundy-red with glitter (Matte) (72,299 votes)

Lipglass ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Bait Iris-pink with gold pearl (Frost) (34,045 votes)
  • Cult of Cherry Clean red with red pearl (Frost) (29,466 votes)
  • Flash of Flesh Light nude pink with pearl (Frost) (27,707 votes)

Eyeshadow ($15.50 U.S. / $18.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Guacamole Light green with gold pearl (Frost) (50,536 votes)
  • Jete Sandy coral (Veluxe Pearl) (40,245 votes)
  • Moth Brown Soft metallic grey/brown (Frost) (39,563 votes)

Availability: Lipsticks on August 6th, Lipglasses on August 8th, Eyeshadows on August 13th — online only at; press release indicates international as “fall 2012″ but I do not have any additional information

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169 thoughts on “MAC By Request Collection for Fall 2012 – Results

  1. why is there a price increase on this collection?

  2. Elka

    Yay I have been coveting the candy yum yum since I asked Vampy Varnish what the lovely pink in her header was.  I didn’t vote for anything and really it is kinda sad… I ignore spring/summer releases since I like the stronger winter colors and its my fault I missed it in first place.  Ignoring spring/summer things means ignoring beauty blogs too to prevent covetousness from setting in.  fyi

  3. lisa

    Moxie!Moxie!Moxie! I’m thrilled.

  4. I like the guacamole eyeshadow! But I tend to like anything green… :-)

  5. Nikachelle

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! No Cool Heat? No 3N? No 2N? ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO IRRITATED.

    • Mariella

      Nikachelle And NO BARK!!!!  My MAC SA, who is the manager of that Mac counter, was really hoping Bark would be brought back but she sort of doubted it as it didn’t seem to be well known or sought after all that much. I’d have loved to have tried it.

    • AstroD

      Nikachelle  Check out Strawberrynet (they have a large selection at the moment). 

      • Nikachelle

        AstroD Holy crap. How did I never know about this site?!? Thank you for the suggestion!

        • AstroD

          Nikachelle You’re welcome! I’ve found some treasures on there 😀 Products are more expensive than in the US but OK for some other countries (like Australia). We can’t purchase any of these by-request in OZ, not happy. I’m slowly turning against MAC.

  6. E

    Good for my wallet…none of the ones I voted for made it 😉 more money for later!!  I’m sure so many are happy these oldies came back.

  7. xamyx

    MAC should just make these (at *least* semi-) permanent, instead of the Cremesheen collection, and add in the other shades that didn’t make the cut. At least (for the ost part), all of these shades are unique to one another.

  8. freshpinklips

    I can’t believe Moth Brown made it and not Solar White or Cool Heat. Oh well. The people have spoken. 

  9. Skemp

    Moxie reminds me a lot of Impassioned except its a little redder and matte and Moth Brown looks very similar to Urban Decay Mushroom when looking at the swatches. I was really hoping Solar White and 3N would be on the list :/

  10. f0rtunefaded

    15 dollars? lol

  11. Rima

    And why are they coming out on different days?! My wallet can’t afford a $50 purchase for free shipping or $10 (or whatever it it) shipping for each purchase. I guess I’ll only get the lipsticks and forgo the eyeshadows.

    • Gina

      @Rima I find it totally infuriating that they’re all released separately! Even if they have free shipping codes, it’ll still be a pain to get your stuff in three different shipments. Why they decided to do this completely baffles me.

      • xamyx

        Maybe you can try placing the items you want in your online shopping bag, and wait to place your final order at once?

        • Rima

          @Gina it’s extremely baffling and I will never understand why they do things that doesn’t make sense. xamyx I’m sure the lipsticks would sellout the minute it goes online like so many of their LE products, so I wouldn’t wait until everything comes out because you might not end up with anything.

        • xamyx

          You can “hold” it in your basket, and then, when the other items become available, you can place your *final* order.

  12. Mariella

    Only ONLINE??? That sucks big time for people like me who’ve waited SO long for Moth Brown and have bought other shadows to take its place and would like to see it to see if it’s now surplus to needs!

  13. cydoniac

    only online??????!!!! this sucks because all the 3 lipsticks I wanted plus Guacamole made it….why oh why??????????!!!!!!!!!!they need to make them available in stores or even better make them permanent…I am really frustrated….

  14. 18thCenturyFox

    Please to bring back ALL the retro mattes? Verushka and Bronx…

    • Kafka

      18thCenturyFox  Verushka was lovely! I have 1/2 a tube of it that I use very carefully and try to save.  Those old MAC mattes had an amazing formula that made them stick like *glue.* Verushka, Bardot and some other oldies but goodies had few equals. 

      • 18thCenturyFox

        Yay! Somebody else remembers! I made my Bardot last as long as I possibly could- do you remember Shrimpton? She was my other favorite. I used to wear Clone on the eyes and one of those two one the lips. Such good times and you are so right about the old skool formula

        • Kafka

          18thCenturyFox  WOW, someone remembers Bardot!!!!! I’m flabbergasted. You know, in all honesty, that may be my favorite nude ever. And, joyously, I still have 1/2 a tube of it, along with about the same amount of Verushka, Rubine (even lovelier than Verushka, if you can believe it), Marrakesh, Bordeaux (faint gold sheen on a lovely cherry-burgandy) and few other discontinued, old mattes. I never had Shrimpton, alas. Was it a nude-y ish shade?  I miss the old formula for the mattes because the new version just is not the same. Not even close. It’s why I stopped bothering with the MAC mattes. :(

  15. TheresaKlijn

    moth brown! moth brown! MOTH BROWN!  

  16. 78brownie

    I hope they bring back La La Libertine. It was from Untamed in 06…I think

  17. I’m excited for Moxie and Jete, but I’m sad I won’t be able to see them in person…maybe I’ll bite the bullet and buy online, fingers crossed! 

  18. Grace

    Can anyone tell me what time these will go on sale on August 6? Does MAC generally start at 12am on the sale day for launches online? Thank you I appreciate it!

  19. Laura

    Backing up Rocker for sure! Probably backing up Moth Brown and getting Moxie and Guacamole. Skipping all the lipglasses. Undecided about CYY- I think it will look hideous on me but…the HYPE! It draws me in!! Also unsure about Jete because it looks a bit boring.

  20. TeresaCorleone

    Won’t the collection be available at In Spain we just got the online store a few days back..Is this an US exclusive? :(

  21. Miss J

    CANDY YUM YUM! WOOT! I want all three of the lipsticks, actually. Maybe I’ll hold off on repurchasing my Studio Finish til these are available then use placing an order as an excuse to buy more lipstick. 😀 Haha.

  22. kissapentuvm

    Since I missed out on Candy Yum Yum – I’m definitely gonna get one of those!

  23. Erika

    Is candy yum yum a dupe for macs dear diary? Cause I have dear diary and I don’t want to buy candy yum yum if they look similar

  24. meitai333777

    I’m loving everything in this collection

  25. Chenin Quinn

    Ahhhhh!!! I need to save up $$ quick!!!! lol

  26. Maria Salinas

    boo on it only being online. i think itll sell out in .3855492 of a second =/

  27. Parinas Ymcmb

    yay candy yum yum

  28. Parinas Ymcmb

    a question:are these items 4ever avaible?Or only until it is sold out?

  29. Cynthia Perez-Tlaseca

    @parinas THEY ARE UNLIMITED!

  30. Teresa Corleone

    parinas i think they’re limited edition and will sell out in less than a second if they’re only available online at

  31. Pamela Chiu

    Moth Brown will be mine!! I just don’t like how they are selling the makeup on three separate dates. I got to buy more just to save on shipping?

  32. Tarah Kay Schomburg

    Are moxie and impassioned pretty similar ? Would you call them dupes ?

  33. BatmanFanGirl

    Yay!!!! I was thinking Flash of Flesh wouldn’t win so I’m happy it did! 😀

  34. MsShopper

    MoxieJeteMoth brownWILL BE MINE!!! :) Ugh I agree-hate the separate release dates! :I why?!?!?

  35. pinkcrush

    I’m glad I scored Candy Yum-Yum the 1st time around but Moxie is calling me now lol :)

  36. I think the only product I might get is Cult of Cherry. I’m really not into the lipsticks at all!

  37. Lacey J.

    I really hate the yearly price increases. On the other hand nothing I wanted in this collection made it. Mainly I wanted Solar White and that didn’t make it so I guess I’m sticking to my no buy.

  38. I’m mostly excited about the lipsticks, surprisingly :) Especially excited about Moxie!!I remember seeing a picture of someone using it years ago and have wanted it ever since :)I have both Candy Yum-Yum and Rocker but they’re great colors :)

  39. Kati Bays

    Candy yum yum coming back just made my whole week! Sooo excited

  40. Rinoitah

    I wanna know the hour of release! …Do you know it Christine?

  41. Wow!  An item that I bought is actually that popular…that really never happens with me…I always pick stuff that gets discontinued due to lack of popularity.  I am referring to my purchase of Rocker.  Was going to get Yum Yum but not due to the price increase…oh well, someone else will benefit.

  42. Rinoa Haydeé

    Anyone knows the exact hour of release?

  43. Levin Joy

    I want candy yum yum sooo much!

  44. pinkcrush

    Deary Diary is more sheer n definitely not as intense… Also Candy Yum-Yum is a matte which always reads more vivid

  45. Julia B

    Does anyone know how moth brown compares to smut?

  46. Summer

    Still shocked that they didn’t even think to offer Smoke and Diamonds. But I digress. I may pick up Moth Brown and Candy Yum Yum.

  47. Amberly May

    There is nothing on their website about this LE collection. So do we need to stay up til midnight to have any hope of making a purchase?

  48. Cheryl

    Does anyone know if the Pro Discount can be used on this collection?

  49. Babydolly01

    I also want to know the time of release for the lipsticks :/ I plan to stay up til 1 a.m. tonight and see if I have any luck. By tomorrow some of them are bound to be sold out :(

  50. danni

    Hey ladies the lipsticks are up at mac you have to go to lipsticks and select limited edition and hurry

  51. freshpinklips

    I got my candy yum yum and moxie!

    • GlamorousLexy

      @freshpinklips howww??!!! I’m in the website and don’t see them!!! :O(

      • freshpinklips

        GlamorousLexy It WAS int he limited edition tab on the lipstick section. Disappeared when I checked on it again. Christine posted a link to it. Good luck! I hope you get everything you want in the collection.

        • GlamorousLexy

          @freshpinklips I got them…thanks!!! I was in panic mode. I got them before Christine put the link up via instagram! Thanks though.

  52. RayD


  53. GlamorousLexy

    It’s 12:07 eastern time and I’m up refreshing MAC webpage and nothing!!! I’m paranoid about missing out on candy yum yum again! Ughhh! I want to say that around 8 am, it should go on the MAC website. Will be putting all the alarms in my house! lol

    • AbigailOD

      GlamorousLexy Omg, so I wasn’t alone! Such a comfort to know! Haha! I finally called MAC and they told me what it will up at 6am EST. Phew… or else, I was going to stay up. It’s a shame it can get crazy. Yikes! =/

      • GlamorousLexy

        AbigailOD I know! It’s bananas but I finally got the lipsticks..ALL OF THEM! Thank God! But I was losing my patience refreshing the website and checking in every 5 mins. Nonetheless, at least we got it! :O)

  54. Veronica

    I am very tempted to go for those lipsticks, but I’m going to stick to my Project Pan guns and let someone else benefit.  Good luck to everybody else buying!

  55. Here’s the link to the product page:

  56. GlamorousLexy

    I gottttt my candy yum yum, moxie and rocker!!!! yessss!!!

  57. salsaTapatia8

    I got my lippies! I always use the code TXT to get free shipping!!!!!!!!

  58. Thanks Christine for your hard work.  I am boycotting MAC for their insistence to increase prices annually.  I wanted Yum Yum for a long time, but someone can benefit.

    • blueraccoon

      @stacey Just as a note, most if not all cosmetics companies raise prices annually. I’m not the biggest MAC fan in the world but they’re really just following industry standard here.

  59. Miss J

    Really weird that *THE ONLY* way I can find these lipsticks is through the link you provide. When I go to the site to look, they are not there…anywhere.

  60. Justine

    Click on the link that Christine provided, people!

  61. Cel

    Does anyone know how Moxie compares to Nars carthage?

  62. 18thCenturyFox

    Yay! I’m broke as a joke but I got Moxie and Rocker just the same. Although here’s my question- the description says Rocker has glitter and yet in no swatch is that apparent to me-what am I missing?

  63. SAF87

    Hi, i just have a question about lipsticks in general. How long do they last before you have to throw them out. I have been accumulating MAC lipsticks and it just dawned on me that is will take forever to finish some of these colors as they are not every day wearable but I love them, especially my limited edition ones. Thanks!

    • MFAcct

      I have found that if they are kept in a cool, dry, dark place (ie: not the bathroom counter) that lipsticks will last about 3 years. However, depending on the formula and how they are kept, they could last for less or more time. A good way to tell is by smell- all MAC lipsticks should have a vanilla fragrance. If it smells funky, toss it!! Also, by using a disinfecting spray or wipe like Beauty So Clean, you can ward off bacteria that may have started forming if, for instance, you reapply after a meal often or share your lipsticks.

  64. KarmaCCBBarbie

    Yes I got two of Moxie and Candy Yum Yum….. If you guys don’t hurry I may buy more! LOL

  65. Nickki

    I ordered my CYY’s and Moxie!!! Woo Hoo

  66. Cel

    Do any of you know how Moxie compares to Nars carthage? :O

  67. JEN

    Pass on the lipsticks and lipglosses.  I am head over heels over
    Burberry lipsticks and Laura Mercier lipglosses now.  Also, the colors
    are not very wearable in my opinion in the lip category except Cult of
    Cherry l/g.  I am LOVING the eyeshadows though.  I voted for Solar White
    though.  Oh well.  Jete and Moth Brown seems like winners to me.  For
    the lipstick category, they should’ve brought back So Scarlet from Cult
    of Cherry and for lipglass, Starlet Kiss from Heatherette.

  68. Shahleena

    @temptalia People do not realise how utterly awful the application and look of Candy Yum-Yum is? Drying, shows up ALL imperfections – shame

  69. ilovemisacampo

    Will the collection be sold at the MAC counters internationally or only online? 

  70. MACaddict22

    I placed my order! I was going to skip due to some financial restraints, but I just couldn’t resist. I got Moxie and Rocker. I already have CYY and it’s not a good color on me. Too bright and neon. I do love the name though. :)

  71. Joannie

    Got all three lippies via MAC e-mail notification. Free shipping w/code WINNING.

  72. KarmaCCBBarbie

    So glad I got my Candy Yum Yum, says its sold out…. 

  73. misscellular

    @temptalia bummed. I’ve been stocking Mac’s website for wks. And have managed to still miss out on Candy Yum Yum (the only item I voted on)

  74. Kristen J

    I really, really, REALLY wanted Rocker but I’m just not going to wear it. I haven’t even worn the red from the summer collection this year yet :(. But Moxie is mine. And I ‘m really excited about the eye shadows! 

  75. Eluvscupcakes


  76. Joannie

    I checked the MAC web site an hour or so after placing my order and CYY is SOLD OUT!

  77. DewDrop

    Knowing how fast CYY sold out the first time around. You have to be smart and fast. I was lucky. Managed to get two of each lippie. So happy. I feel for those of you who couldn’t get CYY. I’m sure they will repromote it again in the future since it’s so popular.

  78. pinkcrush

    Moxie is mine (just placed order) and it will look fab with my NC50 complexion and a black winged liner!!! Ladies of color don’t be scuuurd lmao :)

    • alex m

      I got moxie too and actually was pleased with it!!! very pretty pink. Didnt do CYY as I was scared it wouldve been too bright. I’m NC50 too :)

  79. jenirv

    I am so excited, I was able to get 3 Moxie and 3 CYY so I could stock up until they come out again. these have been my favorite all time colors MAC has ever came out with!

  80. Joanna

    this is RIDICULOUS! i’m sorry, but i was checking out spektra today, and i don’t understand why some people felt the need to buy five or six of one lipstick. even worse, there are already auctions on eBay selling CYY at as high as i’ve seen it $70 a pop! if MAC knew this was so popular they should have either limited the quantities or made more of it. sorry, but the collection hasn’t even been out for 24 hours.. i don’t want to sound like i have sour grapes since lets face it, it IS a pretty dupeable shade, but i just feel like MAC didn’t prepare and has a lot of customers feeling empty. i know there are ways around a quantity limit, but if it’s so popular why not make it permanent?

    • Oh, I’m already used to it.  Thats how MAC operates.   If you want something from MAC, then you got to get to Christine’s site in a jiffy and watch it.  I have never missed out when Christine puts it out that moment…I didnt get anything from MAC this time…because I just dont like how MAC operates….it is almost like a bidding game.

    • 18thCenturyFox

      I completely concur. I hate that people buy up a ton and opportunistically sell them at outrageous prices. I will never pay those vultures a penny. Sorry to insult vultures which serve a very useful function. MAC doesn’t care. I only bought one of each lippie I wanted because its just lipstick and I already have a ton. Plus I wanted people who hadn’t gotten a chance, to get the color they wanted. I mean HONEstly it IS just lipstick and i’ve never even worn the CYY I bought with the original release. Yes I stayed up til 1 am refreshing the

  81. Lydia

    I ordered 2 CYY at 5:30 this morning! Yes, its THAT serious. It was sold out by 9 or 10. Smh.

  82. Laure Cat

    So excited !!! Waitin for Candy Yum Yum

  83. Cinthia Garcia

    Laure: did you order it already? it is now sold out

  84. Ashley Blanchard

    That makes me so mad! Instead of limiting the number of them why not have a ton. It makes them more money in the end and their customers happier! Guess I’m not getting it this time either -_-

  85. Jackie McDermott

    Got candy yum yum this morning!!!

  86. Ellen Sparago

    Can’t believe Candy Yum Yum is sold out already!

  87. Becky Acosta

    Ordered Candy Yum Yum and Modus last nite! Do u know when the Marilyn Monroe line is coming out for MAC?

  88. Tiffany Santiago

    I have all of these and they are all amazing!

  89. Natasha Arana

    will anyone let me buy candy yum yum off of them? lol

  90. Hillery Kelly

    I’m on ebay trying to get candy yum yum now. I really wish MAC would just make enough units so that it sales for longer than 2 hours. I refuse to pay more than $30 for it. There are people already listing it for $70. I draw the limit at $30.

  91. Amberly May

    Someone used your description and photos of Candy Yum Yum on ebay yet they state you as the source. If you want the link let me know.

  92. Leslie Martinez

    Yes!!! For my moxie, candy yum yum and rocker. I order enough for me and my sister. But if she doesn’t want them, will post here just in case anyone willing to by them. Or eBay :0)

  93. pinkcrush

    When I called to place an order for Rocker 4 my mom the MAC Csr said Moxie is SOLD OUT too… Glad my Moxie order is already beimg processed :) Sorry girlz!!!

  94. BethaneyMars

    Awful lipstick choices! I dont like any of them! the eyeshadows are ok & the lipglasses arent too bad. I owuld have much prefered to see a relaunch of the quite cute collection tbh that collection was so popular! Im sure im not the only one who couldnt get all the things they wanted from that one

    • 18thCenturyFox

      I’m afraid I don’t understand your comment. These lipstick shades were voted on, so clearly somebody wanted them. Furthermore the star of the three ( by vote) is the infamous Candy Yum Yum from the Quite Cute collection you speak of. I just found my online receipt wher I had ordered Playtime and Playing Koi lipstick and Nordstrom CANCELLED the lipstick portion of my order- can you believe? I am still reall irritable about that. Anyhow, obviously these shades were highly coveted by many since at least two of the three are already sold out. I guess whatever it is that makes me drool for these colors and you recoil in horror it what allowed me a shot at ordering them 😉

    • 18thCenturyFox

      I’m afraid I don’t understand your comment. These lipstick shades were voted on, so clearly somebody wanted them. Furthermore the star of the three ( by vote) is the infamous Candy Yum Yum from the Quite Cute collection you speak of. I just found my online receipt where I had ordered Playtime and Playing Koi lipstick and Nordstrom CANCELLED the lipstick portion of my order- can you believe? I am still really irritable about that. Anyhow, obviously these shades were highly coveted by many since at least two of the three are already sold out. I guess whatever it is that makes me drool for these colors and you recoil in horror it what allowed me a shot at ordering them 😉

  95. Laure Cat

    Cinthia, I’m french so this collection will be available in France later, in september I think. I stay tuned to buy 2 Candy Yum Yum before it is sold out ^^

  96. I was able to get CYY yesterday by way of a MAC email that came early yesterday morning (that’s a first) which means this was meant to be for me since I missed it the first time.Anyway, anybody think they will be restocking the lipsticks so I can get Moxie? I decided against it yesterday because it’s not too different from Party Parrot and now I want it today. :p

  97. KarmaCCBBarbie

    They should do how they did for Pink Friday and make some more. Hopefully CYY will come out again but I am glad I ordered my two.

  98. Kyle N Amber Carroll

    How similar is Dear Diary to Candy Yum Yum?

    • GlamorousLexy

      @Kyle N Amber Carroll To be honest quite similar…even though I have Dear Diary, I couldnt resist the urge to miss out on Candy Yum Yum. I believe the consistency is different. Dear Diary is smoother and glides out more easily and is long lasting (Prolong wear) CYY is a matte finish, a little hard to put on but on the flip side– harder to come off which equals less touch up. Also, CYY is just a smidge brighter to me. I hope this helped :-)

  99. misscheriamor

    I’m kind of disappointed. I voted and signed up to receive the email and never got it. I guess I’ll have to hope they release more.

  100. Vernette Nicole Freeman

    MAC by Request lipglasses are on sell now.