Thursday, January 8th, 2009


Product photos for Brunette, Blonde, & Redhead MSFs and Eyeshadows. Updated to include 100 Strokes, Flip, French Cuff, & Top Knot eyeshadows! :)

See more photos!






Deep Shade


French Cuff

100 Strokes


Top Knot

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57 thoughts on “MAC Brunette, Blonde, Redhead – Mineralize Skinfinish & Eyeshadow Product Photos

  1. kat

    oooh looks lovely so far!

    • I’m liking Redhead and Blonde over Brunette (ironic, since I am brunette)!

      • Anitacska

        I’m a brunette too, but also much prefer the blonde and redhead stuff. The brunette MSF looks a bit too dark for my skin, but will need to see it in person first. I’m not interested in the eyeshadows at all, but love the blonde l/s and l/g (all of them!) and some of the others too.

      • Sarah

        To be honest, it kind of seems like the brunette collection is aimed more at women of color, rather than actual brunettes.

        • Art

          rather than actual brunettes? hmmmm…

        • Jessie

          I also question that, as most, almost 100%, of women of color are “actual brunettes”.

          MAC has a huge Women of Color following due to the high pigmentation of their products. High pigmentation is a requirement and not a luxury if you have darker skin.

          So I would love to know exactly what you are talking about?

          • I think she just meant that brunettes go across skin tones, and perhaps she felt the colors weren’t chosen for say, pale porcelain brunettes?

          • Stephanie

            i’m a pale porcelain brunette:P
            I keep telling myself I don’t need that blonde msf but it’s so tempting!

          • Di

            It’s hard to admit but yes, she did say what she said and meant that exactly. The glam industry definitely educates us on being objective and not subjective, so she did mean to say “actual brunettes” because, like all people, she’s been taught to see in color and her’s is priviledged. Women of color aren’t. Ironic isn’t it?

        • Nicole

          Wow. Did you ever consider that women of colour are actually brunettes? Our hair colour, funny enough, comes in all different shades of brown from light to dark, and even comes in both red and blonde as well.

          • As far as I can tell, the original commenter seemed to mean that she felt MAC had an eye for brunettes of color, and not so much on perhaps pale and porcelain brunettes. I don’t think she meant to imply that there weren’t any…

  2. Amanda

    Gorgeous! I cant wait for this one.

  3. Crystal

    How would you describe Henna? Is it like a gold with olive khaki undertones?

  4. Lil

    My MAC store swears it’s still going to be launched on Thursday and that the 25% is only on Gift sets…That’s what he said…so I dunno.

    • jessica

      i called my local mac store to ask if bbr launch is being pushed back a day and she told me that they still plan to release it on thursday (: good thing too…i dont think i can wait another day!

    • As far as I know, the 25% off is online only, but I only saw it on the site–I think some people got an email about it, though.

      • Lil

        It looks like the 25% off is off of everything, with a few exceptions like Viva Glam. I’m thinking that BBR is going to be released on Thursday because my MA at the MAC store said he was looking right at the collection and as far as he knew it’s still Thursday (meanwhile I was soooo jealous). Probably the reason BBR isn’t online is because it will sell out like crazy if it’s 25% off. I think they’ll post it on Friday but it should still be in stores on Thursday. The promotion has caused a lot of confusion.

        • Lil

          I did get an E-mail about the 25% too. :)

        • I did expect the 25% wouldn’t apply to VG or Gift cards (I’ve yet to see a discount for any retailer apply to gift cards!), but I feel like they’re being particularly GREEDY by pushing BBR to the 9th. They could have ran the 25% off in advance of BBR and not gotten a bunch of people riled up over it :(

  5. MIchelle

    I’m getting ALL the MSFS!!!

  6. emma

    i need the blond msf

  7. Reesa

    The MSFs are beautiful. Can’t wait…

    Thanks, as always, Christine!

  8. nikki

    omg, im loving the msfs! i already own gold deposit, petticoat, and soft gentle and those three are going to last me ages!! maybe i’ll just buy one. hehe!

  9. Diana

    Yay! I’m going so broke with this collection. I’m a light brunette/redhead mix so I’m going free reign over the collection :)

  10. Nicole

    Is there an eyeshadow from the permanent line, which is similar to Pincurl? Do I have to purchase it, when I own White Frost and Phloof!?

    • Seedy Pearl is similar, but I’m not sure if it’s permanent, and if it is, I think it’s PRO only. But no, it’s not really that special or even that pigmented. Vex would do, or even Vex mixed with a white shadow to lighten it up.

  11. Stacey

    <3 Femme-fi! I’m going to buy another one so I don’t have to depot my orange packaging one. Hehe.

  12. cloudburst

    I am SO excited for this collection! Christine that is awesome you ordered it all! I plan to buy most of it, I’ll have to find a way to pay for it all but that’s ok with me!

  13. Rayanna

    100 Strokes and French Cuff are switched.

  14. teagan

    Is it just me or does 100 Strokes look extremely similar to Trax?

  15. Emma

    I was confused by the French Cuff and 100 Strokes shades…so they were mislabeled before? I’m thinking of purchasing French Cuff–that’s the lighter, pinker shade, correct? Don’t want to order the wrong one!

    Also, I have very fair skin, green eyes, and my hair is a copperish-light brown. I’m torn between the Blonde MSF and the Redhead MSF. I think I like the Redhead one better, but I don’t want it to be too dark on my pale skin. Any advice?

    • Hey Emma!

      Yes, they were mislabeled before. For some reason, the official press release for the shadows had them switched. I hadn’t actually looked at the shadow pots!

      French Cuff is the lighter, pinker shade :) I don’t think Redhead will be too dark on you, to be honest!

      • Emma

        Thank you for clarifying that! I actually just did one of those “live chats” on the MAC website, and they are still saying that French Cuff is the darker, burgandy shade. But I’m going to trust you, since I know you’ve seen them in person. I love that shade and must have it!

        • Let me just say I’ve looked at the bottom of my pinky bronze eyeshadow that I just bought today and it says French Cuff, LOL! I’ve looked like five times to make sure! And the burgundy eyeshadow is called 100 Strokes, so I think that’s the reality. So frustrating, I know :(

  16. Lena

    I like some of these e/s colors. They would compliment some of my existing MAC stash of shadows.

  17. MYXA

    Sooooo…. if you were to get only ONE: either Henna or Sumptuous Olive.. Which one would you get? I don’t own either, since I am only starting out on my collection. If either of these can be easily duped by another, then which one is theoretically better to own? In other words, if there are two similar shades – one is permanent, the other LE – which one to get?

    Also, how do you think 100 strokes is different from Cranberry? And French Cuff kinda looks like Rubenesque paint pot, and maybe Expensive Pink?

    What do you think?

    • Henna, mostly because I love golds and you can layer it over a green and get Sumptuous Olive 😉

      I usually opt for the LE, if only because you get a cute LE product and if you run out, at least you know there’s a good permanent dupe for it.

      100 Strokes is pretty different from Cranberry–especially because of the finish, since Cranberry is pretty shimmering whereas 100 Strokes is more of a smooth, lightly shimmered product (more sheen). Cranberry is also lighter, while 100 Strokes is more brown and red. I’d compare it to Sketch over Cranberry. But on the other hand, say you have Carbon, you could use it to darken Cranberry enough that you might find it’s good enough together.

      Sometimes when it comes to dupes or whether to get one color or not, I also like to think about how often I’m going to use it. For me, I know I don’t do shades like 100 Strokes often–just ask my neglected Sketch 😉 So if I was budgeting [better], I’d tell myself that a) Sketch is fine; b) I can use a chalky black layered over Cranberry/Sketch to get it to the right depth of dark!

      French Cuff reminds me of Mythology, but I could see you getting a closer dupe with a mix of Mythology and Expensive Pink. I don’t think it’s like Rubenesque really, just because it does have more pink tones to it.

  18. haydee

    Oh I really like the eyeshadows and all the brushes! They shall be mine:)

  19. IZzySA

    I went back online just now and bought some more brushes..which had been “sold out” and on the off chance that they were replenished I went to MAC site and bought them with 25% off. So the Sale is still on!

    However the BBR line is not yet online… but it has been in Nordstroms for the last two days. Amazing..but true.I am not too impressed with the shadows either — hell, there are some basic product lines which have similar colors and at half the price. I will always love MAC but if I am going to be purchasing re-named items, I will pay up to a Chanel (the Beiges are fabulous), or a Guerlain. MAC gets it’s products made up by different factories around the U.S. and the world.. and this is what’s causing the confusion.

  20. Libi

    do you know when this collection is out in the UK? coz im liking it alot.
    im loving the brunette shadows in particular seing as i only own one MAC shadow (i know but im only young haha) so im thinking of getting them and maybe the brunnete msf although i am pale and it may be too dark for my skin tone so propabably the redhead msf instead.

  21. ee

    would you recommend 100 strokes and french cuff im thinking about getting them from cco please reply im nc42 are they pigmented