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MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Black Diamond Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow Review

MAC Big Bounce Shadows ($16.50 for 0.17 oz.) is a brand new product launching with MAC’s Flighty Collection (which will hit counters/stores on May 5th). I don’t have all sixteen at this time, and I will, of course, purchase the remaining shades as soon as they are available, but for now, I hope these five shades will suffice: Black Diamond (black with gold pearl), The Cool Elite (white with silver pearl), Count Your Assets (rich blue purple with multi-color pearl), Reward Yourself (bright peach coral with gold pearl), and Spread the Wealth (dirty olive with gold pearl.

Updated @ 6:00PM on 4/25: (Consider re-reading the review, as I changed up about 60% of it!)  The hardest part about evaluating these new shadows is trying to figure out what they’re supposed to do (and conversely, what one shouldn’t expect them to do).  After obtaining more information (see this Q&A), these are supposed to “last for hours” along with “luminescent washes that build from sheer to medium easily.”

Once you throw that little piece in, however, it really does change the efficacy of these, because they do not wear for hours on their own.  I tried four of the five shades alone on the lid, and I spent three days working through them trying to find techniques that would make them work.  I couldn’t find a way to make these work well all alone or as a wash.  Over primer, they still creased (just less creasing than if they were applied to bare lids), but the real zinger is how quickly they crease.  It’s not creasing after four, eight, twelve hours but within an hour.

To achieve the best wear alone, a brush (like the 242) seems to work the best for applying the product without sliding it all over the place.  Just like with any really slippery product, you’ll want to work a little slower and pat the product on and gently smooth out the color or else it will slip and slide and result in uneven color coverage.

  • Black Diamond is a dark charcoal black with teal and silver shimmer.
  • The Cool Elite is a brightened white with a shimmery finish.
  • Reward Yourself is a muted copper with a golden champagne shimmer-sheen.
  • Count Your Assets is a cool-toned purple with silver and gray.
  • Spread the Wealth is a dirty olive green with multi-colored micro-shimmer and metallic sheen.

The texture is very wet and more like a liquid than a cream or mousse–it has a watery feel, though not runny, but a bit like a gel. Initially, I tried applying it to the lid with my finger (but first getting product out with a metal spatula), but I found it did not work well to create a smooth, even layer of color. It’s so very emollient that it glides on easily, but the color slides around and looks rather messy.

The collection does promote the 242 brush (which is part of the permanent range), so I figured I’d try that, and it did work much better. I used other brushes (194, 239, 249), and the 194 and 249 didn’t work as well as the 239 and 242, so the key seems to be some fluffiness in the brush shape (as the 194 and 249 are flatter and firmer) and a patting motion.

Worn alone: I couldn’t wear the Big Bounce Shadows alone without experiencing creasing. I tried three different shades alone (Black Diamond, Reward Yourself, and Spread the Wealth), and Reward Yourself was the only one that didn’t crease immediately. Based on working with the formula for a few days, I think it’s the long dry down time that makes these difficult to wear alone. Unless you keep your eyes closed and lids perfectly taut, the product will settle into any creases while it’s drying down. The dry down time for me was about 45 seconds to a minute. Once they dry down, they do seem to hold on fairly well, but there is some shimmer fall out that occurs.

Worn over a primer: When worn over a primer but with nothing to set it on top, I still experienced creasing within the hour. I found that using it over more opaque primers like MAC Soft Ochre or Urban Decay Eden helped to avoid creasing as soon as it was applied, because the creaminess of the opaque primer helped to fill in some creases, but I still had creasing after an hour of wear.

Set with shadow: They work much better as eyeshadow bases–I had the nearly the same wear regardless of using the Big Bounce Shadow as a base or using an eyeshadow primer, then applying Big Bounce Shadow, and finally setting with eyeshadow. I would say that those with oilier lids may find that the primer, Big Bounce, and powder shadow sandwich would work better for them, as I have normal lids. After twelve hours, I noticed very slight creasing on the inner lid when used without a base, but used with a base, there was none of that slight inner lid creasing.


SET WITH POWDER. Like most cream products, to prolong wear, set with a powder product.  USE A BRUSH. Fingers seem to create very uneven finishes, and it’s difficult to build up color that way–the color always seems sheer.

Pigmentation varies from shade to shade, and so does the buildability. For instance, Reward Yourself applies semi-opaque from the get-go, but Spread the Wealth needs two to three layers to achieve the same result. I found Spread the Wealth to be the most finicky shade of the five I tried, because it was difficult to apply evenly (even when using a brush!) and build up color.

The packaging is similar to Paint Pots, and the Big Bounce Shadows contain the same amount of product as Paint Pots as well (0.17 oz.).  Big Bounce Shadows come with a thin, plastic insert, but I don’t know if you’d want to dispose of it, even though it is rather flimsy.  The shadow does move around and lots of gets stuck to the insert, so it’s probably better to keep it than to toss it.

I just think the texture of these gives to more uneven application, and the dry down time is too long.  I might consider grabbing shades that really appeal to you to use as a colored eyeshadow base, because they work well for that purpose, but with some of the texture issues, I wouldn’t necessarily feel driven to grab ’em all.

These wear well if set with powder and made to last all day (8-12 hours).  Are they worth the effort?  Personally, I don’t mind, because they work well enough as a colored base, which is how I would use them myself, but it’s not how I need/want them to work that plays into the actual rating but whether it works the way it’s supposed to.

At the end of the day, these seem to take more work/experimentation that most customers will want to put in.  If you don’t mind some layering and really wanted to like these, buy from a retailer with a generous return policy–if they work for you, I’m a happy camper, and if they don’t, you can return.

The Glossover


MAC Big Bounce Shadow Reviews, Swatches, Photos

It's really too bad that there is so little wear time when worn alone (Reward Yourself had maybe a half hour of nice wear, but the others I tried were done in fifteen minutes), because I feel like these don't deserve such a low score. If you intend to set with powder shadow, these perform much, much better and would see a B- rating instead.











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MAC Big Bounce Shadow
Green look (used as an eyeshadow base, no primer underneath)

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
Green look after 4 hours (used as an eyeshadow base, no primer underneath)

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
Green look after 8 hours  (used as an eyeshadow base, no primer underneath)

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
Sunset look  (used as an eyeshadow base, no primer underneath)

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
Sunset look after 6 hours  (used as an eyeshadow base, no primer underneath)

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
Sunset look after 12 hours (used as an eyeshadow base, no primer underneath)

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
Reward Yourself

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
Reward Yourself after 1 hour

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
Spread the Wealth

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
Spread the Wealth after 1 hour

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
Spread the Wealth after 1 hour (with a primer)

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
Spread the Wealth applied with a finger (alone)

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
Black Diamond after 2 minutes (alone)

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Black Diamond Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Black Diamond Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Black Diamond Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Black Diamond Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Black Diamond Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Cool Elite Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Cool Elite Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Cool Elite Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Cool Elite Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Cool Elite Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Count Your Assets Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Count Your Assets Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Count Your Assets Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Count Your Assets Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Count Your Assets Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Reward Yourself Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Reward Yourself Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Reward Yourself Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Reward Yourself Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Reward Yourself Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Spread the Wealth Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Spread the Wealth Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Spread the Wealth Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Spread the Wealth Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Spread the Wealth Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Big Bounce Shadow

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase Big Bounce Shadow? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics on May 5th, $16.50 each.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

For Black Diamond, try MUFE #1 Aqua Cream. For The Cool Elite, try MUFE #4. For Count Your Assets, I can't think of anything close (it's much cooler-toned and gray compared to most other purple cream shadows). For Reward Yourself, try Buxom Golden Retriever (but it's significantly darker). For Spread the Wealth, try Buxom Shiz Tzu (seems a little greener).

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186 thoughts on “MAC Big Bounce Shadow Reviews, Swatches, Photos

  1. Shi

    Could you use these as lipcolors? XD
    I’d buy some if you could.

  2. The creasing is a deal breaker for me. If these work best as eyeshadow bases, I can use my Revlon cream shadows or MUFE Aqua Creams instead.

  3. Another awesome, concise review, Christine!! I don’t think I’ll be purchasing these 😛

  4. Noga

    Thank God! Less stuff to buy – with all of the new collections coming up, I had no idea what I could afford…

    Thanks for the review Christine!

  5. Elle

    Yet another review of yours that helps me make a purchasing decision. :) Thanks Christine!!

  6. Gia Rossi

    You said I can buy the Mac woman pendulite eye liner on the Mac site, but it says “sold out”

  7. Carrie

    Thank you for taking the time to review these properly – reviews for this seem to be all over the map, but knowing that you really took the extra time to try wearing them every which way makes me more confident in your reviews than in the others.

    Since I don’t tend to buy cream shadows for bases, I’ll probably give these a pass. :)

  8. Arantzazu

    I LOVE that Spread the Wealth!! Such a beautiful olive green!
    And the look you did with it is amazing, Christine! =)

  9. Emily

    Bless your heart- I predict these will be far too fussy for your average MU customer to have patience with. So I will cynically wait for them to show up on ACW at a major discount. A bit like when those awful MAC e/s suites debuted, with very poor pigment and chalky consistency. Thank you for your honest assessments, my flashlight through the jungle of hype.

  10. Michelle

    I wonder if you left the jar open for a bit it would dry up the product somewhat and make it easier to apply and maybe last longer? Thanks for the review. Why can’t MAC just make them the same formula as p/p??? They are in desperate need of some colorful bases :(

  11. lauraaaa

    wtf mac. why a crappy quality?

    • Kelly C.

      I would no call them crappy quality, they just seem to have a really limited range of use: as a sheer/buildable base between primer and shadows. For that they do exactly what they are meant to do. That said, its not a product type that appeals to me at all (I’m not a complex eye look person), and I’m sad that MAC did not do something more versatile with these lovely colors. Definitely passing, and glad they are limited edition only.

  12. Edelmc

    Great review. I think I will buy the purple and the light pink that are coming out and see how I get on with them before I commit to purchasing anymore. I love that you showed photos of the products when first applied and then again a few hours later. I really appreciate the detailed reviews

  13. Agnes

    What a shame about the creasing! I have hooded lids and find it hard to make any shadows stay long, I am always in search for good bases, but I don’t think these are for me. Thanks for the thorough review:-)

  14. Dana

    How disappointing! It’s hard to believe that with all the new advances in makeup, that they would put out a cream-type shadow that creases and is not long wearing. I’ll definitely be passing on these with my super-oily lids. It sounds like you really had to put in effort to stop these from creasing, which is so not worth it for me. There are many other items on the market that are an alternative to these that are long wearing.

    Thanks for the review Christine, much appreciated as always :)

  15. snm

    they all look great in the close shots,make me wanna play with them:) it is nice to read such a detailed review about a confusing product.I think I am skipping these,although I loved the eye swatch of Spread the Wealth.maybe I will get one or two(depends on other swatches):)

  16. meme

    Ditto on the creasing being a big deal breaker for me. I have in the past found a few cream eye shadows that work for me and don’t crease. First, I always use a eye primer no matter what (power or cream shadow). I have used for years, Garden Botanika shadow primer which was one of the first out there on the market in the late 80’s and continues to be top seller for that company. I have challenged many other eye primers to this one and never found another that does for me what this one does that is so great. I have a couple of the Mally cream eyeshadows (in sticks) that do work for me with stay power and next to no creasing. However, that said, with my fav eye primer mentioned above, it’s very rare I ever have a day into night my eyeshadow does NOT last the entire time I need it to. It only will mush out if I have an attack of eye watering. Then I can loose a little on the outer edges from tears falling. These new MAC creams look so dark in the pot but clearly are more sheer when you apply. Thanks so much for the review. I know I can save my pennies now just from your review. This product is not for me.

  17. Katie

    When I saw the picture of Black Diamond after two minutes, I literally said eww haha. Thanks for the honest review, Christine. I just don’t think these are for me.

  18. Rae

    Fantastic review, Christine! I think I’ll be passing on these, but I have to say – your photos here are absolutely amazing. It’s a little ridiculous; I’m not interested in the product itself but I just cannot stop looking at those gorgeous macro shots! <3

  19. marcy

    no paint pots, MAC? i’m generally a MAC fan, but i’m getting sick of their crappy product descriptions. seems like they’re only interested in “describing” their products in puffed-up poetic language to make them sound amazing and only providing minimal (if any) useful information to the consumer. also, these shadows seem pointless. they should’ve released these colors in PAINT POT form instead and those would’ve sold “like hot cakes”!

  20. Maryel

    Thanks for your amazing review :) i will not buy this, lately i haven’t like anything of the New raleases from MAC

  21. Gina

    These look SO cool, because they seem so different from anything I’ve seen. However, I don’t think I need them.

  22. Sam

    I’m very surprised that you gave them a B-. I would expect a much lower grade for them, they seem pretty useless. Their use is pretty much like a Paint Pot, but does a much worse job.

    • sonia

      COMPLETELY agree. Very odd, considering the NARS shadow pencils that showed a similar level of creasing where given a VERY low grade, and were also marketed as a ‘base’ for powder shadows.

      • NARS creased even when set with powder or over primer. I wore these as a base, with powder on top, with no creasing for at least 8 hours and only very faint creasing at the 12 hour mark. More importantly, NARS described their product as long-wearing.

        I definitely recommend reading the original NARS review, because the two products performed very differently:

        Creasing in an hour over a primer AND with eyeshadow set is quite different than these, which last a full 12 hours over a primer and set with shadow and last over 8 hours just set with shadow. I’m totally confused by your assessment when the performance of the products are night and day.

  23. Good thing this is permanent. I don’t have to run out and try them right away.

  24. Katie

    Boo I really wanted to like these!

  25. How disappointing. I was excited to see these after the initial description and was expecting more of a solid mousse like shadow, not this goop. Thnk you for saving me some pennies!

  26. Elissa

    Man! And I was excited about these. Definite pass.

  27. CP

    Thank you for your very thorough review, Christine. I appreciate all the testing, photos, and thoughtfulness you put into it!

  28. I’m so disappointed. I was hoping these would be like Benefit’s but to be honest I don’t think these are worth the time and effort it would take to wear them. I feel like I could get the same result with cheap drugstore cream shadows.

    • I’d use ’em the same way I would any eyeshadow base, just not alone as a wash like I might with Benefit’s eyeshadows. I see them being used more as colored eyeshadow bases, since once you set with powder, they last quite well :) If you wanted more neutral shades for washes, I’d opt for Benefit, and if you wanted super opaque color, MUFE Aqua Creams, but if you wanted some color but not necessarily opaque color, these would be something in-between. The benefit to medium coverage is that the color of the base won’t necessarily “eat” the color of products you put on top, which can sometimes happen with really opaque bases!

      • Layni

        I really like the Buxom Stay-There eyeshadow creams, Jessi. They are supposed to be waterproof and longwearing, and I have never had to set mine with powder. They are the same price as the MAC, so you might check them out as well. They just released a bunch more colors as well. But I think you can only get them at Sephora…?

      • Thank you so much for your response! But yeah, I think these are just not for me… the texture just doesn’t look too appealing. I guess I’m disappointed because I expecting something different (even though there was no indication that these were going to be anything different from what they actually are). I really appreciate your reviews; there is nothing else like them to help me make an informed decision on what would be best for me.

  29. cloudburst

    I don’t like cream shadows that build unevenly! Too difficult to work with, especially if they crease as well.

  30. Carrie Ann

    Thank you for such a thorough review. I think I can easily skip these, and my wallet will be very happy. :)

  31. Simone

    Hi Cristine, I’ve noticed that you didn’t try the combination of this product over a powder eyeshadow. I have a “mousse” eyeshadow from a Brazilian brand ( and it it’s texture seens to be pretty similar to the ones presented here. I love the way it wears and the way colors shows up with a powder base. I think that it could work nicely =)

    • Sorry, I only had so much time to test! I wish I could have done more for you! Sorry again!

      • Simone

        don’t worry sweet! you are always so kind and hard working, there is nothing to excuse! I just wanted to share the way I found to use a product that is really similar to that, and I agree that the description of the product is poor and it’s not possible to know the exact purpose of this.

  32. Marie

    My goodness, these look like a total mess. Big time LEAVE IT!

    Random, but out of curiosity, did you change your eyebrows a little? They look slightly more arched/ less full.

  33. I don’t think I’ll buy this because of the severe creasing. But I love your close-up pictures of the products, they look so pretty! I think they should make nail polish in those colors and finishes 😉

  34. Yazmin

    Thankyou so much for the very good review. Didnt think you would go to all this trouble to help us make a decision.

    These are a defo no no for me, the consistency is far too thin, I would expect this for a cheek product or perhaps a lip product seeing as you could wait for nearly a minute to sort of let it set. But not for something like eyes with constant blinking. What a terrible waste of time for them to make.

  35. Alison

    not too impressed with the product, but my god they look so beautiful in the pots. your photography has never been better! thanks (:

  36. Hey can we see a tutorial for the sunset look? I usually just go from looks and recreate it but I would love to see how you actually created it! Thanks& a happy Easter!

  37. maybe they could be used as a primer for glitter????
    just asking :)

  38. I’d LOVE to feel how Cool Elite feels in it’s jar, lol… It looks so creamy and fluffy. :3
    I might buy a jar or atleast go to my MAC counter and swatch it… It’s really pretty. ~

  39. sonia

    tbh i dont see the point in a liquid eyeshadow that needs a primer underneath AND a powder eyeshadow ontop to set it, especially as the pigmentation is pretty poop. Why not just skip the liquid shadow and use a primer with powder eyeshadow patted ontop? Seems like a complete waste of time, effort and money. I dont understand why MAC makes such poor quality products.

    • Just FYI, I got at least eight hours of wear with using it as just a base, without primer underneath, but powder shadow on top. I know for me that’s no different than using a regular primer like UDPP or whatever under my powder shadows so no extra step there :)

      • Nellie

        Not the OP, but for someone like me who needs a primer regardless (oily lids FTL), using these shadows would be an extra step and would, indeed, be a waste of time because the pigmentation is so poor. Unless you’re using poorly pigmented shadows, I’m unclear if using these as a base would even make much of a difference.

        Those of us with oily lids who must have primer, regardless of the product, (and I know you’ve said before that you have normal lids) would probably not have the luxury of using these as a primer. MAC paint pots alone crease on me (but work excellently over primer), so I have no doubt these these things would crease, even with shadow on top.

        They are so emollient they would probably crease over primer AND with shadow on top as well. At any rate, it’s not worth it for me to try them out with plenty of cream/liquid products on the market (even sheer ones) that actually work.

        Oh well, it’s MAC’s loss, not mine. :) I’ll just spend my money elsewhere!

  40. LM

    I think they need to offer instructions. What a strange product.

  41. Edelmc

    A couple of the lighter colours especially the White look similar to Bobbi brown cream shadows- which ones do you think are better, the big bounce formula or the Bb cream shadows?

    • I haven’t tried those shades, so I couldn’t say, sorry!

      • Edelmc

        Sorry, I meant how do the 2 formulas compare. I am thinking of getting some cream shadows and read your reviews of the Bb metallic cream shadows and can’t decide between them and the big bounce. Which ones do you prefer?

        • If you want to wear ’em alone, BB’s are better. If you want to use them as a base, it is easier to blend eyeshadow on top of MAC’s compared to BB’s but BB will probably hold up better overall. The Big Bounce Shadows are also more pigmented (based on the ones I’ve tried) than the few BB’s I’ve tried.

          The texture, feel, and finish are all pretty different – MAC is wetter but smoother (since they are shimmery, not glittery) and have a more metallic finish. BB’s aren’t buildable and end up rather sheer.

          For me, it would come down to color, because I seldom wear just a wash of color myself, so I know I’d use both products as a base color. Blendability is a big deal to me, since I’d be using multiple shadows, so I’d probably opt for MAC’s but really think the color would drive my ultimate decision.

          • Edelmc

            Wow. Thank you so much for such a detailed response. I think I will get a couple of Bb for washes and big bounce for bases! Thanks again and happy Easter!

  42. CeeBee

    Great photography and review, thanks Christine!

  43. Very thorough, precise review! Love all the colorful pics (:

  44. Amanda

    This is just… ridiculous. I personally don’t like those liquid eyeshadows that come with a doe foot applicator, and MAC’s Big Bounce Shadows just take that idea to a whole new level. I’m sticking with the standard pan eyeshadows!

    However, I would like to see something like mousse textured products from MAC. It’d be nice to see what MAC could come up with for foundation and concealer with a mousse concept, because as of now, I think the only place I can find mousse-liked textured foundation is from the drugstore companies Maybelline and L’oreal. I adore L’oreal’s Magic Souffle Makeup, and I’m curious to see what a high end makeup company can make of it!

    • Danielle

      Amanda, kind of OT but I’m curious.. have you ever tried Studio Tech foundation? It’s consistency is pretty much a mouse. Most people think it looks clay like because usually the lighting in stores eat the product up buuuut try them! I love them and I know what you mean about drugstore brands mouse foundations (ive tried dream matte mouse) and the staying power from the tech is much better..

      BTW the big bounce shadows are definitely best applied with a brush in a patting motion on bare skin.. I agree with Christine as using a powder to set for sure.. I’m upset with these! The color range is amazing but realistically, the “goop” is quite confusing! Lol

  45. Jill

    Thanks for a thorough review! I liked the idea of these at first, but they look very watery and uneven up close. Thank you for the great photography…I think I’ll pass on these. I don’t like products that are too fussy. It’s a shame, I really like the color ideas of Reward Yourself or Black Diamond, but just too fussy.

  46. Mariella

    With all the other great stuff MAC is releasing, I think I will take a pass on these and save my shekels for other things. Spread the Wealth looked so promising but seeing how it creased on you after an hour…well, maybe I’ll get a sample but it seems too much trouble to have to put a base under and a shadow over… I was hoping these would work like the Paint Pots do but clearly they’re much messier and less convenient or effective as bases.

    Christine, in case I’ve never said it before, thank you so much for being such a first rate source of information and also for running a site that is so interesting and gratifying to visit. Even when it’s products I won’t buy or can’t even get, I still find it so much fun and so interesting to be hear and read your reviews and everyone else’s comments.

  47. queenfrostine

    From what you’re describing, these products sound very similar to UD’s cream eye shadows. Those apply very wet too, are tricky to apply evenly, and require at least 60-120 seconds to dry on me, after which they’re pretty budge proof. From what I remember of those, for the colors I loved (primarily Grass, which I adore) I found the product to be worth the effort but it’s not a formula I was fond of. Kinda sad to see that this appears to be similar as I was kinda looking forward to these! When I heard “mousse” I was expecting something more along the lines of Stila’s long discontinued shadow pots which I liked a lot.

  48. FC

    These seem as if they could have had potential, but they’re not for me. I’d probably prefer more of a condensed cream base rather than this liquid cream consistency. Pass.

  49. Oooooh someone really pale could use The Cool Elite as a cream cheek highlighter!! :)

  50. Lisa

    Thank you SO much for swatching these! I’m a sucka for cream eyeshadows and this is a product that I would definitely be tempted to purchase, but not now!!

  51. kathy

    these eye shadows are meant to be worn alone as a sheer wash of sparkly color, in the description it says water colors…think of it that way :)

    • I’m still waiting to hear back from MAC if they have an official description of the claims or not, but if they’re only to be worn as a sheer eyeshadow and alone, then I’ll have to revise my review and rating. Since they’re called a “shadow” and without “long-wearing” included, I’m reviewing them as if they were a regular cream eyeshadow (similar to their CCBs).

  52. espresso

    The close ups of the product look gorgeous! The rest not so much for me, they’re definitely not what I like in creamshadows.
    Thanks a lot for the great review, as usual. :)

  53. I agree with most, I think the creasing is a deal breaker for me with these. Although the colors look beautiful, they seem to only look pretty in the pot and not on. Thanks for this review! I probably would have bought a bunch if I didnt read this first =)

  54. anna

    Thanks for the review… I have definitely made up my mind, I am leaving these. These look terrible when worn alone and that was what I wanted them for.

  55. Nav -

    The colours are absolutely gorgeous, but because of the wear, creasing, and the way they look on the eye frankly-my bank account will remain happy thank goodness!

  56. marisa

    I gotta say, the colors are absolutely beautiful! They should make nail polishes out of these. I wont be buying these though, they seem too messy and the crease issue would be a big problem for my oily lids.

  57. Pawsha

    Greay review and detail. I think the best part of these may just be looking at them in the pot. I’ll pass on them.

  58. Nazih

    Thank you for your reviews Christine! These will be a definite skip for me!

  59. Natalie

    I’m still quite interested in testing these out at a counter. Since seeing Lisa Eldridge’s Summer Rose Bridal look that used a mousse eyeshadow, I’ve been searching for one and was so excited to hear that MAC would be making them. In the video, the one Lisa used had good pigmentation, and was long-wearing. That one was by Rimmel, but is not available in Canada and so I haven’t been able to get my hands on one.

    I was thinking though….if I used a hair dryer on a cold setting to speed up the drying process….would it also extend the wear?

  60. Ick. These look like more trouble than they’re worth! Thanks for all your hard work :).

  61. Ashley

    will not be purchasing these. i guess i’ll just go for the mascaras. :)

  62. dawn

    Thx for the honest review!

  63. Joelle

    Christine – With the MAC releases coming out, and the overall reviews being in the B’s – what would you most recommend? Is there a standout product in your mind? Your research and reviews are awesome, thanks for the great website and always keeping your viewers up to date!

  64. Janice

    i’m wondering what mac intended these to even be used for! :\
    Thanks for the review!

  65. Evelyn

    Seems kind of sad to have to set it with a powder, I’d want the color in the pot to be the color on my lid.

  66. Imogen

    I just don’t understand the appeal of these at all. MAC, I just don’t understand what you’re thinking at the moment

  67. I’m not sure if these shadows are worth the effort… based off of your reviews I actually expected them to rank lower than a B- lol too much work! ugh but that black looks SO cool in the pot haha

    I am LOVING LOVING LOVING the Sunset look!

  68. I’m disappointed to hear this but also relieved I won’t be tempted to buy everything! I guess I don’t see the point of these..if they are supposed to be worn as shadows, why are they so hard to apply and get looking right? The creasing reminds me of my experiences with drugstore cream shadows from when I was a teenager. I’m kind of surprised MAC would put out a formula that’s so obviously lacking.

  69. Kharina

    Yeah, I am not even wasting my time with MAC anymore. I feel the makeup quality has gone WAAAAAAAAY downhill, ranging from their crappy permanent products to their LE collections. Booo! Instead, I’ve been purchasing mostly from MUFE and Urban Decay.

    Speaking of which, Urban Decay has MUCH BETTER QUALITY CREAM EYESHADOWS that WILL NOT crease so don’t waste your money here!!!!

  70. Cindy

    Thank you for this review, and all the work you put in it. I already read somewhere that they will crease fast. I skip this collection, i prefer to use paintpots as a base. I have oily lids, so these won’t work for me.

  71. Oh man, “hot mess” is all I can think of to say about these! It seems like there are better options out there in the cream shadow department that aren’t as fussy to work with that offer just as beautiful colors…

  72. amelia

    its a shame, if they were even a little thicker in consistency i’m sure they’d be great…

  73. rowan

    i’d wear cool elite & reward yourself as a nice sheer eyeshadow, but the others – eek! looks like the quality varies from shade to shade.

  74. Katie

    Quick question: how do you think these would fair underneath MAC pigments? I’ve been using Bobbi Brown’s long-wear creams under pigments, but wonder if these are better/worse for wear?

    • They should hold up, since it’s like a powder setting the cream :) BB’s last on me without setting with powder, though, so I’d say BB is better.

  75. That is so terribly dissapointing. I was hoping for more staying power and more opaque color. Oh well.

  76. im not getting any of these, the creasing looks bad and stuff creases on me as it is.x

  77. Deb

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  78. t_zwiggy

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  80. Brittany CrazyHat

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  81. Chloe

    I tried these a while back and I absolutely loved them! The rest of the colors are gorgeous! I definitely think they are worth sampling, at the very least. You never know, they might work for you! =)

  82. Mary

    Oh man, I wanted to love these when I saw the promotional images but the creasing just really turns me off. I thought these would be great for a wash of color on mornings when you are running low on time and didn’t want to mess with powder eyeshadow or pigments, but I am really disappointed. I don’t need another eye shadow base so I’ll skip these and stick to MUFE for cream shadows.

    Thanks for the reviews, it’s really helpful!

  83. Steph

    I agree with everyone else, these are disappointing and not worth the effort. That is good that they last when set with eyeshadow, but why not make them crease-proof anyways so they can be used that way or as cream eyeshadows on their own? Pass. Thanks for the review and pictures!

  84. Via

    Ugh… these are just ridiculous. What was MAC thinking, I’m usually very impressed with their products, but this was obviously a major slip up.

  85. Ginelly

    omg the colors are gorgeous but the quality sucks mac is really getting thumbs down from me lately they really better hope the summer collections are good because from the past couple collections i feel like mac isnt really getting out any good collections !!! but thanku christine for all ur hardwork for writing this review cuz by looking how long it was i bet it wasnt fun to write lolol

  86. alex

    the reason why they look so sheer, and the wearability and finish of them were so awful is because i think you weren’t applying them right… they’re called “big bounce” because you’re supossed to “bounce” (tap) the shadow onto your lids. Also, if you rub or blend or smudge them too much, they rub off. i had awesome wear with… all of them i think.

    you also forgot to mention that they’re really cooling and soothing on the skin :) and the only reason i bring it up is because theyre cool for like hours! feels like an ice cube on my lidddds mmmmmmm :)

    • Hi Alex,

      I actually played with these for a few days, using many different methods. I did, in fact, pat the eyeshadow on rather than sweeping it on, because of how wet it is – because otherwise it just slides around the lid.

      I tried to wear 4 of the 5 shades on their own, with various application techniques (fingers, brushes, sponges), and they all creased on me.

      It’s great that they worked for you, but these creased when worn alone (either entirely alone or just on top of primer) for me, and I can only review based on my experience.

  87. LM

    i think i will “reward myself” by skipping these. thanks for the updates!

  88. Jazz

    Now this score seems more appropriate. Ill stick to the benefit cream shadows for days when Im rushing but still want to wear some kind of color on the lids

    • Everything hinged on wear – if they were long-wearing, then there is a major issue, but if they’re just a cream eyeshadow, you’d expect to set with powder, which I mentioned initially.

  89. Piarpreet

    thank u so much for being honest. these suck i would have given them an F

  90. Brenda

    Hey I just wanted to say thanks for giving an honest review of this product. One less thing to buy, hehe :)

    You Rock!

  91. Cindy

    Wow…you’re so dedicated! Thank you for the great review. I was waiting for the low-down on these shadows. MUFE Aqua Creams, MAC Paint Pots, and BeneFit Cream Shadows all have beautiful shades that don’t crease too easily. I’m going to stick with those.

  92. Sweetbsting

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    Not impressed.

  94. hmmm they seems like a lot of work for just one product. Were they originally meant to be used as paints or something thats used on the body or something?

  95. natalie

    they shouldve just done a paintpot collection, i mean really

  96. Kelly

    I’ll be staying far far away from these. I have hooded lids that are also oily. I’m 20 and I have no wrinkles around my eyes. My powder eyeshadow creases most days by the end of the day, even though I use UDPP or TFSI every day. I’ve never actually been able to wear a cream shadow underneath powder eyeshadow because of this problem. I’ve tried the NYX Jumbo Pencils and Revlon cream shadows and both crease within an hour when I use a primer and set them with powder. I’ve never bought a more expensive cream shadow because I know it just won’t work with my eyelids :(

    • Have you tried layering your primers? I know some readers will layer say UDPP + Paint Pot or UDPP + TFSI together – basically two primers that normally last all day layered together. You should try and see if that helps your powder eyeshadow last all day :)

    • Kris

      Kelly, I have really oily eyelids and I layer Nars Smudgeproof with the MAC Paint Pots and it works like a dream, holding powder eyeshadow for 14 hours. Layering primers is definitely the key!

    • I have the same eye issues as you, Kelly. I agree with what was said about wearing a primer underneath cream shadows but I wanted to add something. NYX jumbo pencils and the Revlon creams both crease on me too so I assumed I just couldn’t wear cream formulas. I ended up tempted by the Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow/liners to try one (that plus sephora’s awesome return policy sealed the deal!) I got “Flatter Me” and I looove it. It stays looking fresh through a long workday and then with primer underneath it lasts around 12-ish hours. It also makes an amazing base/primer under powder shadow! That changed my mind about cream shadows and I just picked up a MUFE aqua cream and that is amazing too. It’s a nice change from powder and so easy and fast to apply. If you want, you should give one of the higher-end brands a try!

  97. Tammy

    Holy moly, your pictures should be on the MAC website instead of the ones mac has! Beautiful macro shots..

  98. Rebecca

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