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MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Baroque Boudoir Lipgloss: The Lap of Luxury, Preciousness, D’Nouveau

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection: Lipglosses

Every year, MAC presents us with a very limited edition, small-sized collection that’s decked out in more luxe packaging accompanied by equally more luxe prices. This year’s collection is Baroque Boudoir, which is in clear packaging with filigree in semi-opaque white overlayed (but to be sure, they’re not stickers). This year’s collection contains a whopping nine items to covet: three lipsticks, three lipglosses, two shades of Sheer Mystery Powder, and a clutch.

The lipglosses are creamy, hydrating, and they’re non-sticky. They do feel a lot like MAC’s Cremesheen Glass, to be honest. They’re about as sheer, too! The glosses themselves are quality and feel very nice on the lips, but my big issue with these is that they’re just out of sync with MAC pricing (which is part of the point of their luxe collection, I’m sure).

They’re not any better or worse than MAC’s Lustreglass (these are completely non-sticky, Lustreglass is mostly non-sticky), which is priced at $14. I will also point out that this year’s shade range is less unique than years’ past, which is a little disappointing. Pretty colors, but you can find decent dupes or similar shades in the permanent range.

P.S. – I will do lip swatches this afternoon!

Baroque Boudoir Lipgloss ($22.00 U.S. / $26.00 CDN)

  • The Lap of Luxury is a sheer, peachy-melon nude with pink shimmer. On my lips, there’s really not much too it: glossy lips with a little bit of peach and pink shimmer. This shade reminded me of Enchantress Lipglass or Love Nectar Lustreglass.
  • Preciousness is an icy pink with a little bit of lilac in it. It is fairly sheer and sort of gives my lips a milky look to them, but it doesn’t add much color, mostly pinky-purple sparkle from the shimmer. This reminded me a lot of Cultured Lipglass or a slightly more purple Luminary Lustreglass (though it’s less noticeably different when applied on lips).
  • D’Nouveau is a raspberry-ish color base with lighter pink and copper flecks of shimmer throughout. It was the most pigmented of the three, but I’d still consider it fairly sheer. It brightened up and added a rosier look to my lips along with the shimmer. I was immediately reminded of Star Nova Lustreglass. This is also kind of like a more berry version of Love Alert Dazzleglass.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 6/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

Recommendation: If you’re a fan of the packaging or love non-sticky, creamy glosses like Cremesheen Glass, you might find these worth the splurge.

Availability: MAC Cosmetics

See more photos and swatches

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Baroque Boudoir Lipgloss: The Lap of Luxury, Preciousness, D’Nouveau

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Baroque Boudoir Lipgloss: The Lap of Luxury, Preciousness, D’Nouveau

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Baroque Boudoir Lipgloss: The Lap of Luxury, Preciousness, D’Nouveau

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33 thoughts on “MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection: Lipglosses Review & Swatches

  1. karen

    Gorgeous!! I love The Lap of Luxury and D’Nouveau.

  2. Heidi

    I love the packaging but $22 for lipgloss is excessive! :(

  3. Roxanne

    Are you going to do lip swatches of these? And the lipsticks? :)

  4. Sooo pretty. I want these!

  5. Sarah M

    For me, the packaging design is possibly one of the best I’ve seen from MAC, but the product itself is not so great. It’s a tough one to call. I’m a sucker for packaging but really don’t want to buy something I don’t need. Help! Lol.

  6. They all look lovely! But I’m not sure I’m willing to spend that much more for these though :S

  7. leslie

    I ‘m not impressed:( I’ll just wait for the Warm&Cozy collection!

  8. Kristina

    I’m not crazy for MAC lip products but the damask pattern is just too pretty.

  9. Raquel

    The only reason I would buy this collection is for the packaging, because I love filigree/scroll.

  10. Wilcoa

    I like the look of preciousness, but I really can’t see this adding any color to my lips… perhaps it would look nice over one of those holiday reds?

  11. the swatches and the pearlized pigments really remind me of 3D

  12. Katey

    These are very lovely lipglosses.
    I love the colors.

  13. Yasmin

    Hey Christine! It was so crazy seeing you at MAC today. I was kind of speechless but what I meant to say was your site is SO helpful. Especially for a newbie. I’ve made so many smart purchases and beautiful additions to my makeup collection thanks to this site. Thanks!

  14. babicsek

    They look so great,I think I’m gonna buy lap of luxury and d’nouveau.Thanks for the swatches,can’t wait to see how they look on your lips:D

  15. I like the look of Preciousness, and I love to wear pale pinks when doing a makeup-less (sans lips) day, but $22? My Dior lipgloss only costs a little more than that, I know, but from MAC, 22 is a little too much.

  16. Luisafer

    so sweet, very pretty, delicate, really like them all!!!

  17. amy

    I love the packaging but the colours are not stopping my heart.

  18. Lorna

    i’d love to get preciousness but they are so sheer! i’m sticking to NARS this year…

  19. Bridgette

    I love the packaging but 22 bucks for a MAC lip gloss. Nah! I would rather pay 7 more bucks for a YSL golden gloss.

  20. Very pretty, I think I’ll get D’nouveau and Lap of Luxury.

  21. Anitacska

    Ooh these are so pretty! I love all 3 of them. :)

  22. Ribbons

    These three look really lovely and kinda cute. I like the packaging on these as well.

  23. I really want The Lap of Luxury. It’s gorgeous! Am going to have to get Preciousness just because one of my cats is called Precious! x

  24. Michelle

    About what size are these glosses?

  25. Tatiana

    D’Noveau also reminds a little bit of the Algorithm from the 3D Glass collection (which I got from the Company Store for $10, Christine, have you been to the one in SF? In the Embarcadero Center).

  26. Rosemarie Sulock

    Where can I find preciousness??? I checked every store and can’t get one…Please tell me…I am desperate…