Sunday, May 31st, 2009

MAC Baby Bloom Collection for Fall 2009

Last week, we announced MAC Baby Bloom, a collection featuring tinted moisturizer and tinted lip balms. Here are some larger photos for your enjoyment! :)

Pink Tinge, Moist Plum, Lilt of Lily, Just a Smudge, Full of Grace

Deep Dark, Dark, Medium Deep, Medium, Light

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134 thoughts on “MAC Baby Bloom Collection Sneak Peek Product Photos

  1. Kristine

    I want one of those lip balms! Unfortunately, I won’t be needing it as much in August as I do now!

  2. adelina

    Maybe only a tinted moisturizer for me. Not really excited…

  3. this is very interesting! i like the idea of tinted moisturiser. it will be great for girls in this tropical place. thanks for the update again.

    • I love tinted moisturizers now — I’m a total convert! Well, I’ll still opt for liquid foundation from time to time, but if I can, just tinted moisturizer is good for me!

      • Nathalie

        Nothing is more flaterring to me than a make up that is letting appear the skin. It just gives something youthful and fresh. Foundations are often like masks, at least on me. I’m also a converted to tinted moisturers (if only I could find one that doesn’t darken my complexion)!

    • Jessaminex

      Your right girl!!! I live in Puerto Rico and its hot 80% of the year!! Sometimes makes me feel lazy to apply my foundation every day during the day because its makes my skin feel so sticky =S. I will buy a tinted moisturizer and some tinted lip balms too. =)

  4. Emma

    So now I see why tendertone’s aren’t coming back! The tinted moisturiser is calling to me!

  5. Todd

    Ever since they discontinued Select Tint, I was wondering what they would do. This seems like a more than adequate replacement! And tinted lip balms to boot!

    • I’m hoping they’re a good replacement, too!!

      • Nathalie

        When I went to the mac store this autumn, I asked the mua about their lightest tinted product and she proposed me select tint. She also said “it’s going to be discontinued, we’re going to propose a new product to replace it”. So I suppose it might be a good replacement. :)

  6. Joanne

    Those product photos look gross. . like snails or something. . with all the product covering the tubes.

  7. Its kind of annoying that the balms have more SPF than the TM, but I won’t nitpick. All of the tint shades look lovely, though; and the TM shade range is broad enough that anyone can find a match. Pretty impressed. Let’s just hope that the price is right.

    • I’ve gotten over SPF in foundation, only because I prefer to have it in my moisturizer! This way I can just alter my moisturizer for photo occasions :)

  8. pj

    I so excited!! I have been so lost since Select Tint was discontinued. I hope the launch date will come soon here in Canada. Does anyone know if the tinted moisturizers will be permanent?

  9. O_O Tinted moisturizers? Ugh, this isn’t fair now that my MAC is closing…I’ll have no way to get any of this. -_-‘

    • Nic15

      I feel so bad for you Candee Sparks as I read in previous posts about your MAC closing up. Think positive though, there’s always online shopping & MAC has been doing a lot of free shipping w/ no minimum lately. I know that won’t help for swatching but thank goodness Christine does a lot of swatching for us. I know its not the same but does help most times. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that a new one will open near you in the future :)

    • Nathalie

      Wow, why does it close? :( It sucks because the mac website is really not the best to get an idea of colors and nothing’s better than going and see the products in person.

  10. Faheema

    Yep, I will definately be buying this!
    Damn u MAC, Style Warrior, Naked Honey, Colour Craft and now Baby Bloom.
    I am going to be skint before I even start 6th form haha…

  11. I can’t wait for these to land!

  12. Shontay

    I hope the lip balms taste better than those god awful lip conditioners they already have. I’m afraid of the moisturizer because some of macs products break me out (like studio fix). Plus my mufe hd is perfect, even during the summer. But, I think I’ll try this and see. Any damage sone to my skin hopefully will not last long. The things I do for beauty.

    • Aww, well, I’d wait and see how others react to it before venturing into it. They’re permanent as far as I know, so no need to rush!

  13. Brie

    I want one of each of those lip balms! I have been drawn to sheer lip color lately in lieu of my more pigmented glosses and lip products. I think these will help satisfy my glossy/shimmery but sheer lip needs!

  14. KathyD

    Thanks goodness, I miss my select tint

  15. I can’t wait to see how that tinted moisturizer turns out!

  16. Aubree

    i can’t wait to see how sheer the lip balms are.

    I’m interested in the first pink or purple one. O_O

  17. Samantha

    Wowww I’m so interested Lilt of Lily and Pink Tinge! Can’t wait! I hope they don’t ‘taste’ bad.

  18. Lucie

    I really do want to try tinted moisturiser, because all tinted moisturisers are (usually) too dark for me. Maybe this works? I also will check lip balms, I like the colour of the first one.

  19. I can’t wait for the Tinted Moisturizers and the Liquid Lip Balms! Perfect for the summer! I hope they release them early.

  20. Amanda

    Yes! I’m so excited to try a Mac TM! That is a definite must. I will reserve judgment on the lip balms until I see them swatched. Shame these things are coming out in… Fall? Weird. Both lines are really summer items.

  21. Honey

    I really want a tinted moisterizer and Lip Balms in Pink Tinge and Lilt of Lily, beautiful colors, cant wait!

  22. cmferrets

    im so sad that tendertones is not gonna come back this yea. i never got to try them! =(. i will though check these out. i am in love with my bare essentuals lip guard with spf in it.

  23. Catherine

    They really need to release this for the summer. Also, that promo pic is ugly!

  24. Mary

    THIS IS BEYOND EXCITING! I think this will be my favorite collection! (:

  25. Tanya

    I am super duper excited about the lippies :) I think I am going pass on the face stuff….I am using the tinted suncreen you reviewed a few weeks ago and am LOVING it!!!!! The lightest shade is just the tiniest bit dark for me but since its summer I am just saying to heck with it and wearing it anyways…its not that dark.

    I will say that I really really dont like the promo picture for this collection though…its looks like the plant is strangling the model and that she is now dead…some type of bizzare homacidal plant who kills models….gives me the creeps.

    • I had a feeling you’d like these lip balms, Tanya!!

      The Korres one? I am SO HAPPY to hear you say that. I really hope they expand the shade range a smidge, but luckily since it is sheer/tinted, it’s not TOO bad when it’s off… but yeah, more shades would still be perfect.

      The promo photos are a bit off – the first one is at least… artistic? something? in a sense of a creepy girl looking dead/strangled, I guess. The second one is gross, though my boyfriend said it was cool.

  26. Absolutely can’t wait! I already have a zillion lip conditioners/tendertones… but I must have these liptints!

  27. Kiana

    are these le?

  28. Anitacska

    These don’t interest me at all. Which is just as well, because I’ll be buying all the mineralized stuff from Color Craft. :)

  29. Finally Mac has a tinted moisturizer! I’ll try it for sure.

  30. womp womp, i’ll pass! I’m true to my laura mercier tinted moisturizer

  31. Angie

    Can’t wait for the suntint swatches!

  32. noi

    this collection looks like something good as birthday gifts for tweeners (half-kid, half-teenager lol)! 😀 you know, if they’re interested in makeup but don’t really have the ‘right’ yet to wear loud colors and heavy bases.. 😉

    • I think my sister would love these lip balms (definitely gonna get her a few!), because she prefers tinted lip products than anything else.

      • Abbey

        My sister is the same way! She really doesn’t like most lipglosses and she relies on me for all her makeup decisions. LOL, she’s older : ). I guess makeup is just my thing. She’s just too busy with school.

  33. margot

    I just find one thing pretty stupid : the collection is coming out in the fall, but I love tinted moisturizers in the summer … this collection should come out now !!!

  34. I want to try the tinted moisterizer!

  35. Caramel

    I wonder if the TM’s will have enough yellow in them for people with yellow/golden undertones…

  36. Lisa

    YAY! It looks like I will be getting these just in time for my awesome holiday away this year 😀 I really miss the Tendertones, so much so that I ran out of my fave shade and had to buy two from ebay! Well worth it though :) Hope these are as good. Will try out the tinted moisturiser. I normally use the No7 one but i’m willing to give these a try. And these ones have a higher factor so yeah :)

    • I hope the new tinted moisturizer works out for you!

      What was your favorite tendertone shade?

      • Lisa

        Well I got Tread Gently when they first came out because most of them sold out really quickly here, but in duty free at the airport they had Take a Hint which I originally wanted so I bought two there and then! But they didnt even last me half the year I used them so much! So I found the 2 Take A Hint ones on ebay, but am hoping these suntint ones are just as good so I can stock up on these, so the 2 Tendertones I have now will actually last me! Fingers crossed :o)

  37. kathylulu

    hope the tinted moisterizer won’t break me out…

    not to excited about this collection to be honest.

  38. cloudburst

    That picture of the messy tubes reminds me of the testers at Sephora! LOL, the tinted balms will be very nice.

  39. Jessie

    So excited about this! Finally something for super simple everyday during the summer time!

  40. Kim

    um~ tinted lip balm! have my eye on pink tinge =]

  41. ladyfabolous231

    im such a sucker for lippies! i want them all. and maybe the tinted moisturizer. i dont own n e of that yet

  42. Mikki

    I’m not really interested in these products, FORTUNATELY, it’ll save me money lol!

  43. Michelle

    This seems like such an odd collection to launch for Fall. I would have loved this if it had launched back in April or May, since in the summer I think we all like to lighten up a bit on the face makeup and having an SPF liptint is more important to us as we take to the beaches and partake in outdoor activities throughout the summer. By the time August rolls around I am starting to think about the fall and richer colors and heavier coverages as the weather cools. I suppose I might pick up one of the lip tints as they will be nice for August, but honestly so many people have put out lovely SPF lip products over the years this seems a bit behind the times….

  44. Kim

    Oooooh, maybe the tinted moisturizer will be exactly like, or better than my beloved, now discontinued Select Tint. RIP! I can’t wait for this to launch. I really hope the TM isn’t a limited edition. They need a staple TM in their line! So excited I can hardly stand it. :)

    • I am pretty sure this meant to replace Select Tint, so fingers crossed it is :)

      • Kim

        OMG! That’s music to my ears. I’ve been on a quest for something to replace it and although I’ve come close, with MAC Face+Body, the color match isn’t nearly as PERFECT as it was with Select Tint. Hopfully one of these adorable new tubes has a NC30 match with my name all over it. This is great news! *cartwheels*

  45. Megan

    Wow! Any ideas on how much any of this will cost?


  46. deadCat

    Ok I want to know ALL about the tinted moisturiser. COVERAGE, INGREDIENTS ETC. I can’t wait to try it, hope its oil free. I’ve been waiting so long for a good tinted moisturiser and I hope this is it.

  47. Esther

    i think the collection looks kind of cheap.
    The MAC collection aren’t as good as they were

  48. Dawn

    The tinted moisturizer is a great idea but needed now with select tint gone. and the liquid lips is very exciting cause the tinted lip conditioners is kinda inconvenient in the pot.

  49. Abbey

    I want full of grace! Plummy shades always work for me : )

  50. ElleryAllison

    It’s pretty silly for this to be a fall collection.
    I don’t know about everyone else, but in summer I wear JUST a tinted moisturizer.
    MAC needs to learn when to release certain products. I am sure they could have sold more if it were released now.
    But yeah, looking forward to both!
    Very curious on the pigmentation of the lip balms, the purple will definately be interesting!

  51. Jessica

    I’ll probably pick up one of each :) But I’m not too excited for this, I’m more excited for the Colour Craft Collection!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!

  52. Tori

    soooo excited for the tinted moisturizers!! don’t really care for foundation but i do love tinted moisturizer and i love MAC!

  53. k-c

    im so exited for this collection because its launch is on my birthday!

  54. geri~

    Wow! I really looking forward to this collection!!!

  55. ashley

    do you know if theese are more on the sheer side or do they give an ok covrage

  56. Tattoo Girl

    These are out today. I just saw them at Macy’s!!!