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I lean towards purples but then again it changes depending on what colour contacts i have on. For blue eyes, golds and rich browns are amazing to wear, so probably purples and golds and browns πŸ™‚ They suit my skin tone and eye colour πŸ™‚

I have hazel/green eyes and have almost always worn shadows in brown/bronze tones and liners in the brown/bronze tones as well. Black liner looks ridiculous on me!

Gold and black. I might wear other colors with black but gold is my all time favorite. Reason why is that I think glod really flatter my grey-green eyes while black eyeshadow make them pop up by contrast with my light skin.

My safe bet is purples, love them, always, but I’ve recently fallen in love with teals. It’s hard to find the right ones, though, because I’m having a hard time making it work if they lean too much towards blue or green. Right now LancΓ΄me 351 Madame Butterfly does the trick, often in combination with the Clinique Maple duo.

I’d have to say golds and purples — there’s just something about them that makes my eyes pop!

I like champagne, beige and bronze/coppery brown colours, especially when paired with dark bluish greys. I think these colours look natural on me, but they add definition to my eyes and make them look bigger, which I love

yellow( chrome yellow, golden yellow pigment), green (golden olive pigment ),red ( danger zone),gold ( gold pigment, gorgeous gold) AND BLACK ( MUFE)

Purple is my absolute favorite on my eyes.. then maybe browns since it’s matches my eyes and hair.. and gives me a nice neutral look.. but purple is my fave even if i make it semi obnoxious… πŸ™‚

I also like greens, but ‘real’ & warm ones. Unfortunately there are not many of them, Juxt, Velvet Moss and Humid (which is on my shopping list). I also like Sharp. But cooler greens like Swimming and Aquavert are a bit difficult for me. I don’t wear greens often enough. I also like turquoise teals, some lavenders and pinks. Reddish plum is my all time favourite colour, but I don’t really have plum e/s – yet.

I love all types of purple!!!! They just look so great on my medium dark skin!!!! =) But I really need to find other colors that look as good as violet. Any suggestions?

Greens, purples, and browns suit my Asian eyes and complexion the best so I tend to wear those colors a lot.

Greens and taupes is my no1 choice for winter. Peachy and bronzey colours especially in the summer (for ref: light skin, hazel eyes and light brown/blonde hair with copper highlights atm).

I’m a blonde with green eyes and I like to wear neutral (MAC Malt, NARS All About Eve), pink (MAC Sweet Lust) or peach (MAC Jest) e/s. I also like to pair them sometimes with grey and mauve to create a smokey eye.

I Love wearing golds/bronzey es colors. I have tons of those colors, but I have to pick up additional ones when I see them in that color.

I love oranges, golds and greens! I’m a MAC NC30 with coppery brown eyes and dark brown hair, for reference. Some of my fave eyeshadows are Paradisco, Evening Aura, Gorgeous Gold, Bright Future, Juxt, Flourishing, and Fresh Green Duo (I think that’s what it’s called!)

i’m currently looking for an office look. i thought that soft brown on the lid, wedge in the crease and shroom as a highlight would look good. does anybody have these colours or can tell me whether they’ll look good together? Thanks so much:)

I think those would definitely look good together. I’m not sure what your skin tone is, but if you are less than NC30, you may even want to go for a softer/lighter lid color like Ricepaper or Shroom.

I always find myself wearing bronze/gold/shimmery browns and pinks
When feeling colourful: purples & green (not blues!)

golds, bronzes, browns, purples, teals and oranges! i have dark brown eyes so these colors really pop! πŸ˜€

Oranges, corals, or coppers make my grey-blue eyes look really blue. I also love yellows and warm pinks. Runner-ups would be greens and purples.

Purples ! idk .. maybe its bcuz purples look nice on olive skin … and theres soo many variations of purple .. i <3 it =]

I find orange colours to suit me best. Coppers and golds too. I have blue eyes and a really fait skin so …

My faves are prob carbon and cranberry I often do a red smokey eye but I prob look the best in green

all colours! i’m a real colour fanatic. but i do love my browns and greens since i’m a brown=eyed girl. though i have a soft spot for bright colours like oranges and yellows too πŸ™‚

Browns, red/browns, brownish oranges, purplish reds
I have green eyes so I think these colors make my eyes pop

i’ve brown eyes, black hair and nc/nw15 skin, and i love taupes. not too plain but not too dramatic

I used to wear strictly browns or neutrals; however, I’ve broken myself from that color prison! I now love purples and greens. I was scared of these colors; but, I adore them now. Blues, on the other hand, still freak me out.

You can pull off blues, as long as its a suitable shade! I’m a neutral N15 and I love to wear teals and navies as my blues. There are also silver-blues, purple blues, green-blues – just choose which one looks best and it won’t seem so scary!

Golds, pinks, and purples. I have super dark brown eyes and neutral skin, so those colors look the best on me πŸ™‚

I love wearing purples, but anything in the bronzy metal family (gold, copper, bronze, etc) is a gorgeous shade and brings out my blue eyes, red hair, and takes the starkness out of my ivory complexion!

I absolutely love purples & greens BUT it is when i wear golds, bronze, copper & browns that i look best. Has to do with my warm-yellow skintone & brown eyes. They just suit me best.

golds, oranges, red/browns, antique colors. I have a really hard time with blues/purples/greys, as I think it makes me look I got punched in the eye.

I lean towards lilacs & purples but love to wear just about any color! My eyes are dark brown, so purples tend to make them look better. But I also love golds (think Go) with really dark shades (navy, plums, dark gray/black) on the outer edge & crease.

purple or blues..I love greens very much but I never wear them to work because then I have to endure customers going oh how cute you matched your eyes to your apron….eww no so not that much of a nerd!!

I love purple eyeshadows! I really like the vividness of purple eyeshadows and the different shades you can get, like pale lilacs, mid-purples and deep dark purples. I also really like blue eyeshadows a lot but I’d say that purples are my favourite :o) .

Cool purples & greens are my favs to wear! A shade like MAC Poison Pen purple e/s makes my blue/green eyes look more vibrant.

For conservative workday looks, I revert back to cool, pale pinks, ivory & pink-taupe (LM Topaz), or slightly purp-taupe BB Fawn shimmerwash.

I love brown, taupe and grey eyelooks. They look pretty nice with a hint of color like Juxt, Beautiful Iris or Tilt.

Purples, pinks, reds, golds and bronzey colors – I have green eyes and I like to make them stand out : P

I have dark brown eyes and my favorite eyeshadows to wear are the Green shades like Aquavert, Springtime Skipper and Humid, these are lovely together! Although, I’ve worn dark browns the last few days w/Femme Fi and Sugarshot as my highlighter and I am really liking this combo alot. I get the most compliments when I wear different shades of grey w/black so gosh, I guess it just depends, but to answer the question, I love greens also. πŸ™‚

I love black. I think I pull it off well without looking “goth”. Also love pink, purple, and orange.

This is hard to narrow down!
I tend to navigate towards blues and have a lot of blues in my collection. And not just navy or dark blues but BRIGHT VIVID blues.
However – GOLD is my favorite color to wear with everything….whether it may be a true gold – or gold glitter/flecks in the color – or a color in the gold family –

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