Thursday, May 14th, 2009

MAC Cosmetics Baby Bloom for Fall 2009

U.S. Launch Date: July 30th, 2009
International: August 2009

BECOME A FORCE OF NATURE… Introducing Baby Bloom, the newest and simplest way to combat hot and cold extremes, air-conditioning and outrageous heat, with our next generation collection of Studio Moisture Tint treatments…makes the sunny side of the street the place to meet! Five neutral skin-tone shades, all SPF 15, to drench skin in healing emollients, give it glow, rescue it from future damage. And fresh new Suntints SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balm in five sheer colour shades, from Pink Tinge to Moist Plum, are the big news we’ve been tight-lipped about…until now!

Studio Moisture Tint SPF15 ($29.50 U.S. / $38.00 CDN)

  • Light Soft pale beige
  • Medium Warm beige
  • Medium Dark Caramel beige
  • Dark Deep caramel
  • Deep Dark Rich golden bronze

Suntints SPF20 Liquid Lip Balm ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Just A Smidge Soft, pastel yellow with multi-coloured pearl
  • Lilt of Lily Soft, creamy pale pink
  • Pink Tinge Clean bright yellow-pink with gold pearl
  • Full of Grace Soft, sheer rose
  • Moist Plum Light lilac with very fine pearl

Availability: North America July 30, 2009 at all MAC locations, 1.800.588.0070 and International August 2009 at all MAC locations.

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127 thoughts on “MAC Baby Bloom Collection for Fall 2009

  1. joyceee

    ahh sounds great! seems more like a spring collection than fall, though.

  2. Al

    Can’t wait for this collection. I’m wondering how the moisture tints will compare to MAC Face and Body Foundation. Hopefully they have one in my color.

  3. Melissa

    That middle picture just looks messy and gross, not tantalizing at all. :(

  4. Sierra

    That one picture is kind of gross…. But I will definitely be picking up one of the lip balms! They sound nice!

  5. Summer

    WOW!!!! Another collection from mac in july!!! 3 collections in july!!!

    But i must say that this collection you will not have to spend that much money on thats good! iam goin to get somthing! Iam actually excited about this alot

  6. Lilly

    So these are like tinted moisturizers? Cooooooooool!

  7. Awww… I’m allergic to most chem ss… I have a feeling I won’t be able to wear anything from this release. =/

    • Arianna

      Me too!!! I thought I was the only one. I’m sadly allergic to lip balm so I probably won’t be getting these. :(

  8. Chelsea

    Wow, I normally don’t get excited about mac collections, but that one looks good. I’m a sucker for TMs and lip stuff with spf.

  9. interesting…

    That picture looks weird the model looks like she’s going to get choked by the vine/plant >_<

    • Lena

      I was thinking the same thing. It’s like some weird promo pic for a sci-fi movie – “Attack of the killer plastic plants”. LOL

  10. who could ever catch up with mac with all these collections lol…im still waiting for style warriors here in shanghai. thanks for posting this!

  11. I am interested to the moisture tint.
    And maybe
    # Lilt of Lily Soft
    # Moist Plum

  12. Alyssæ

    This should have come out for spring/summer. Doesn’t make sense for fall. I need a tinted moisturizer for summer!!

    • Miss Trendy

      i second that…. this should have launched earlier … but at least mid summer is better than nothing… i hope these are permanent good for low maintenance make up days. anyone know if these are LE or permanent?

  13. Evelyn

    those liquid lip balms look and sound pretty interesting

  14. Hannah

    I have been waiting for a tinted moisturiser for SO LONG. I think this little collection will be a BIG hit.

  15. Heidi Pena

    Oh, that’s so funny. I just sat down to order a tinted moisturizer and wondered why MAC didn’t have any. And then this………

  16. Amanda

    am I the only one who wants to clean this mess up! I look at that second photo and just cringe.. so wasted lol.
    The lip balms look great!

  17. emily

    is this like… the new tendertone?! :)!

    • kerri

      That is what I was thinking! Tendertones in tube form so fingers don’t get messy??? I was just thinking today how upset I was that TT weren’t going to be back!

      I hope they smell the same! :)

    • Jaylyn

      I completely squealed at the the though of having a replacement for tendertones. My fingers are definitely crossed that they’re similar. I hated the tendertones packaging, this would be so much better.

      • emily

        omg i know! i cannot wait this is amazinggggg. i need to start saving my money now so i can buy EVERYTHING:)

  18. Manda

    o wow i want all of it!!!!!

  19. tatiana

    Oooh I’m interested in the Moisture Tints but that promo pic of the liquids smeared all over the place is just obscene!

  20. RuBie

    Which lip balm do you think that model’s wearing? It looks like it’s got some blue pearls in it…

  21. rowan

    so cute :) and er…the vine is touching her neck, it’s not exactly strangling her lol

  22. Rose

    omg, there are so many new collections and products that i want… and i want some of the lip stuff from this collection now!

  23. thnk u….whn i hear word “fall collection”..i just visualize the whole bright colors….:)

  24. pj

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I am such a big fan of the Studio Moisture Tints!

  25. aramis

    yay tinted moisterizers….mmmm and maybe some sun tint;0

  26. Summer

    Iam thinking about gettin the tinted moisture and maybe 4 of the lip balms!!! This little collection i think is goin to be a really big hit for MAC!!!

  27. Todd

    I am not kidding, THIS is what I’ve been waiting for.

  28. I can’t wait for this collection!!!

  29. Am I really the only one who thinks that model is a little dead in the eyes? Tyra would be so disappointed!

    Especially with the vine around the throat and the flower growing out of her eye socket!

    • cmferrets

      LOL, yeah it looks like something out of the body snatchers! and whats with the 2nd photo – it looks totally messy with the tubes. i will have to try one though.

  30. This collection looks promising and I think should be definites for any MUA’s kit.

  31. Michelle G

    omg im so looking forward to this!! lol

  32. kat

    I have never been disappointed with a MAC promo pic before..but that first one is so ugly! The model looks bored, half choked, and the colours are just hideous!! what??? HAHAHA! Oh well that part doesn’t matter, we just care about the products 😀

  33. Stephanie

    soo excited, I’ve been looking for a good tinted moisturizer!

  34. All I have to say is that I’m speechless!!!! This collection is going to rock!!!

  35. natalia

    this is sooooo exciting!

  36. Kristina

    I believe I’m going to skip this one.

  37. IZzySA

    zzzzzzz Tendertones in a tube and more MAC facial creams to help you break out:D

  38. Kayte

    I hope tinted light will work on me, :) i need something light and easy to create a daily regime, i’m too lazy to do full foundation daily. :)

  39. Laura

    i hope the moisture tints eventually become permanent…i use tinted moisturizer year round :)

  40. littlemissmagic

    i love the direction MAC has been heading with the release of prep&prime, skincare additions and new TM’s!!!

    want these NOW though…

  41. why didnt they do tinted moisturizer for spring?

  42. Seriously, with the heat starting already, I wish these were released earlier! I am excited for this one! =)

  43. Erin H.

    hmmm. I think the liquid lip balm sounds pretty good.

  44. charlieee

    pretty nice collection! look forward to reviews on the tinted moisturiser when it’s out! :)

    thanks for the heads up Christine!

  45. Filipa

    I’m so exciting for this colection. It looks so amazing and natural 😉

  46. nancybridget

    My wallet thanks this post.

    I have a fav tnted moisturizer already, and I prefer a wand lip gloss.

  47. heather

    Ooh I want Just a Smidge sun tint and one of the moisture tints.

  48. CoCo

    I’m so excited for this! But why the middle of the summer?? I want them now. :(

  49. i want Lilt of Lily & Pink Tinge..
    has anyone realised the packaging of the liquid lipbalms is similar to Palmers cocoa butter lip butter?

  50. Tania

    Thanks for this information! I was really thinking about switching up from my Studio Fix Powder foundation. This would be an EXCELLENT switch. I was also crushed because I only bought one of the tinted lip conditionar sticks. I hope that the formulas are nice! Will definately have to check it out!

  51. Brenda

    Will these be LE? I’m not liking both photos, lipbalms and foundations all being mixed and left open isn’t a nice thought. And the vine looks like it’s choking the model!

  52. cmferrets

    i didnt know that the july month meant fall?
    what no tendertones this year- man i never got to try them, and everyone is raving about them . i hope these tubes are similar.

  53. BINNIE

    I dotn require alot of foundation so the studio moisture tint would be good :)x

  54. BabyDollB

    Aw.. I am kind ov disappointed that they didn’t bring out eyeshadows in this collection cause I love em.. But then I am kind ov pleased too- cause I can get things from this collection with out going wild and spending a small fortune.. 😛 Lol.
    Not very ‘fall’ though.. more like Spring/Summer.. hhhhm.. Cute none the less.

  55. Dominique

    What is it a tinted moisturizer???

    • Trish

      Think: Your everyday face moisturizer + A hint of foundation to it = Light coverage, Dewy look, Gives you a glow of beautiful moisturized skin yet very pulled together with that hint of coverage. (:

      & Here’s me, trying to sound all poetic about make up… ;p

  56. Trish

    Ooh Moist Plum & Pink Tinge are definitely on my list! But this as a fall collection? As many of you say, I do agree that it would’ve made more sense as a Spring/ Summer collection!! But I GUESS smack dab in the middle of summer works…

  57. Libi

    what exactly is the studio moisture tint?
    The lipbalms look gorgeous :)

  58. mopan

    I think it’s weird this is considered a fall collection .. in July? It’s still blazing hot in Texas and doesn’t cool down till October/November. But the SPF and tints will suit the weather here!

  59. Miss_M

    Nice, the Suntints look very appealing :)

    I hope these are permanent…

  60. oooh, i cant wait for this one, esp. the studio tint

  61. Megan

    Wow very nice and simple collection. I can’t wait.

  62. Linda

    I think they’ve waited to bring this collection out too late, it would have been perfect for the spring and summer when people tend to switch from heavier foundations to tinted mositureier and like to have an spf in there lip balm as the weather is getting warmer. By the time this comes out near me in August I won’t really need it any more. MAC really have missed out on somethig here.

    • Nathalie

      Sure you got a good point, Linda. Beginning of summer would have been a bit more strategic.

      That said, I love a light coverage all year long, I don’t like foundation and I suppose I’m not the only one.

  63. Nathalie

    I hope the lighest shade will suit me. I adore tainted moisturers but they’re always too dark for me.

  64. hi

    Pink Tinge sounds luuuuurvely!

  65. Brie

    Wow that promo picture is gross lol.

    But I can’t wait for the Suntints! I am all about some tinted lip gloss, I’m gonna end up with all of them I bet >>;

    I wonder if the moisture tint will be oil free though?

  66. I’m excited for the Tinted Lip Balms :) yay!

  67. This is quite a refreshing line to me :) It’s quite tempting to try! I can’t wait to get my hands on both the TM and LB! I look forward to seeing more photos :)

  68. Faheema

    Oh wow this looks very promising. And my (16th!) bday is in august 😛

  69. letthembleed

    BBBBBOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG……it’s not just a town in Oregon folks. This collection, if you can call it that, is boring! What happened to the really crazy stuff MAC used to throw down? Style Warriors tried to go wild but all it ended up being was a bunch of Shiny Happy People, no lyrical pun intended.

  70. i so love all things pink i so badly wish for some makeup goodies, it truly sucks to have your house burn down and have nothing cuz you have no insurace…

  71. M.

    I’m an NC30 .. light seems too light and medium seems a bit dark, any suggestions?

  72. Yay!!! Something to replace Select Tint.. my prayers have been answered 😀

  73. Laurent

    OH YES!
    Gorgeous packaging! So glad they have decided to use the squeeze on something other than that god awful foundation. And i adore the lip conditioner in the tube, and am obsessed with tinted lip conditioners.


  74. Sherby

    will these be permanent?

  75. hmm, I like the suntints…

  76. “Just A Smidge” Is the only product I am thinking of from this collection, to be honest this is so BORING! Mac is getting so boring latel…

    • I imagine this is part of a story arc — kind of like Graphic Garden sounds like it would fit as a complement to Baby Bloom, you know?

      But a lot of people have always wanted a tinted moisturizer by MAC, and finally it’s happening! I’ve also gotten about 300 emails in the past month asking about Tendertones, so some people will be happy with these new lip blams, too! :)

  77. Chloe

    I may get one of the Suntints, maybe Medium
    But I am most excited about those Lipbalms, they look great and I hope they smell like the Tendertones. May pick up Lilt of Lily and Pink Tinge. I am squealing with excitement!!

  78. Mary

    Oh my goshhh I am so excited for the tinted moisturizers!

  79. Alexa

    that yellow lip balm seems interesting…

  80. victoria

    the lippies look awesome!!!

  81. bee

    oh! i am soo getting pink tinge, it reminds me of gentle simmer slimeshine in the color.

  82. I think I’m the only one that doesn’t much care for this?

  83. mm

    So happy there’s going to be a replacement for the Select Tint!!!

  84. Brightness

    I am interested in seeing the lip balms….

  85. Kaleishaa King


  86. details

    yay tendertones in a tube!!! I hope they smell the same.

  87. Rosie

    wow, I’m extremely excited for this to come out. I’ve been looking 2 try different tinted moisturizers.

  88. Letty

    It is my cup of tea.

  89. Honey

    love it, but im already wanting the Lilt of Lily and Full of Grace, the Studio Moisture Tint, i might want to go in the mac store so they can see which one goes well on me!

  90. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I’m so excited about this collection! I’m going to get all of the lip balms and the light moisture tint!

  91. Vicky

    Will this collection be permanent?

  92. Michelle G

    i’m so confused. I heard on specktr that this collection comes out june 30

    • My information says July, but since they’ve moved up several collections this year, they may have moved up the date for this collection as well. I am going off of the official information, which is written up well in advance and doesn’t get edited, but I haven’t heard confirmation from any one that it has been moved up yet, so I have not edited this post to reflect any such change.

  93. OMG can’t wait When can we get it????

  94. Abbey

    hmmm… the tubes seem a lot like the studio sculpt… is this their new style? Also, the model seems to have a foundation line… I realize there is a shadow but at the end of the shadow her jaw does not match her neck…

  95. Brandi

    i am def. getting all the suntints but i have a question…if i am an nc45 should i get the medium deep studio moisture tint or the dark one?

  96. Lindsey

    does anyone know if the tinted moisturizers are gonna be permanent?
    because i sure hope so(:

  97. Lindsey

    yay tinted moisturizers! will they be permanent?

  98. Lindsey

    the second picture, i personally like (even though no one else does)

    yeah it would be gross if it actually happened,
    but i think the picture has a bit of an artistic flare