Monday, February 6th, 2012

MAC Attack February ’12 Recap

With an unexpected early launch online, last minute release date changes, and a whole slew of products, here is a recap of all of the recent MAC collections. Shop MAC, Cook MAC is still slated for a February 9th release in-stores, but New York stores have released it on the 2nd (I would call to confirm with your local store); it will also be available online at retailers like Nordstrom, Macy’s, etc. closer to the in-store launch date. Vera has been moved up to February 9th for in-stores. Viva Glam is still listed as February 15th for in-stores. As always, the best thing to do is call your local store or counter and ask.

Shop MAC, Cook MAC is now available online at Nordstrom :)

MAC Shop MAC, Cook MAC Collection

MAC Vera Collection

MAC Viva Glam Nicki + Ricky

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56 thoughts on “MAC Attack February ’12 Recap

  1. Daisy

    This is such a great idea! Putting everything together in one post. Such great work!

  2. I was surprised to see that Shop MAC and Cook MAC are divided into different sections (basically listed as different collections) on the MAC website, since I thought it was one collection. Odd!

    I think the only thing I’m buying is the Flower Fantasy Pearlmatte powder. But, I don’t buy much MAC overall – only a couple items a year.

    • Miss J

      MAC has had split collections in the past. The first LE collection I purchased from was in 2004 (I believe.), and was the Tempt Me/Tease Me, and that one was the same way. The Tempt Me side of the collection was more sultry, darker tones and Tease Me was more light, flirty, girly tones. It’s like two different collection that play off each other, I suppose.

  3. vee

    Christine, do you have any info on the international launch dates for the Vera collection? Will it even be international?

  4. as the Pearlglide Intense Eyeliners are permanent I only got two Fluidlines and the Watch Me Simmer lipstick.

    • Lisa

      The pearlGlides are permanent?? When the original post for this went up it said LE, have they changed their minds now? Can this be confirmed please because if they are I’ll be over the moon! ๎—๎—๎—

  5. Ana

    They look so happy, cheerful and nice! I love colors.

  6. fabiola

    I went to my local mac last week to do a pre sell, and I can’t wait to get all my goodies on Thursday. Quick sizzle, watch me simmer, innocence beware and viva glam lipstick, and also the 2 pearlmatte face powder, and 3 or 4 pearlglide eyeliners.

  7. Miss J

    I called to confirm the other day, and have to say I’m a bit annoyed because I was told they only had two in of one of the lipsticks. TWO?! Really, MAC? *sigh*

    • That is really weird – why would they only have two? Unless the store did a preview event…

      • Miss J

        I think just because it’s a smaller counter in the midwest, lol. Two still seems like a really low number to me, though. If one of the MAC girls wanted it or one of their friends, it’d be gone, and no customers without an in would be able to get it… That just seems a little bizarre to me to only send two. No idea how many they have in for other shades, but only two for WMS.

        Still hoping to get it, though. I guess we’ll see if it’s on my list in the next Free For Haul Friday, haha.

        • Well, if it’s only 2, then that would explain why it sold out so quickly – because even 2 for a small counter is low. Sometimes I wonder just how MAC estimates demand in the first place, because sometimes it’s way off! C’mon, hot pink and bright coral? You didn’t think those would sell well?!?!

          • Miss J

            I was wondering about how they estimate demand, as well. I am really curious to know how many of each item they received in stock if they only got two of something. I think it’s just part of their hype machine, though. It makes sense. People will remember how quickly the shades sold the first time around, so when it’s repromoted people will remember how popular it was and how quickly it sold out then rush to go get it before it happens again. Isn’t WMS supposed to be released again fairly soon in another collection?

            Oh, MAC…how I have a love/hate relationship with you.

            • Even so, there is still a point where I think they could satisfy more customers without losing their hype machine status! It’s a total turn-off for me, though – like makeup is supposed to be fun!

            • Miss J

              Oh, I completely agree! The consumer side of me gets annoyed and really put off by it. This will actually be the first time in a long time I’ve purchased something LE from MAC just because it became more annoying than fun. The marketing side of me gets it, but that side also wonders how it’s smart to annoy your customers, LOL.

            • I always just feel like they’re leaving more money on the table than not! You want products to sell out, and you want people to feel like they can’t wait and think about product, and therefore buy more than they need or really want, but at the same time, you want to be able to get as much money as possible. Sometimes I really just don’t think they estimate well!

            • Miss J

              I totally agree! You want to make the most money possible, but I feel like so many customers go without getting what they wanted because a lack of supply. That’s money that could be in your pockets, MAC! ๐Ÿ˜› I still keep mentally repeating, “TWO WMS?! TWO??? Really???” What the?!” Haha. It just doesn’t make sense. I know I live in the midwest, and we’re seen as more conservative, and less focused on makeup, but it’s not like we don’t buy/wear any! DANG, MAC. Show the midwest girls and boys some more love!!

              Thanks for letting me rant on this topic, Christine! :)

            • divinem (Melissa)

              It is supposed to be fun, and they suck every bit of fun out of it when they pull these stunts.

              I haven’t been in a tizzy like this in quite some time. I was on a MAC no-buy for nearly nine months and then this freaking collection had to come along. My constitution is weak where bold, high-contrast colors are concerned. ::sigh::

              I so appreciate your hard work and keeping us informed, Christine.

            • Urmi

              It’s getting way too tiring to keep up with MACs stunts. All I want is some product and they have to make it so scarce that they make grown women turn into hungry stalkers…seriously MAC, how can you send out promo emails about this collection when most items are already sold out? So shameful!!

  8. I’m a bit overwhelmed by MAC Collections. I haven’t bought an LE mac product since Liberty of London 2 years ago (?????? :O) I prefer the hassle-free aspect of buying permanent products instead, plus so long as it’s new to me I don’t find it any different than buying an LE product. I obviously no longer buy into MAC hype

  9. Marina

    Hopefully I’ll be getting Lord it Up Pearlglide Liner, Hush Hush Tendertone (perfect for school!), and Scandelicious Kissable Lipcolour (not for school…). I would love Added Goodness but I really can’t justify it. I don’t wear my one fluidline (Rich Ground) enough as is.

  10. MichCoccaBene

    Christine, you did these collection (Shop, Cook and Vera) reviews SO fast! It hasn’t even hit the main Mac website (I dont think), and you’ve got it all together already! Thanks so much for that! I ordered the other day after the crushed pigments review was finalized! Thank you for all you do!
    xo Michele

  11. Kendra

    I have never owned a Fluidline and have always wanted one, and I love Added Goodness, so I think I’ll get that! Everything else is so fun and bright; I just have nowhere to wear the bright colors! *Sigh* The life of a schoolgirl! What brush would you recommend I use with a Fluidline?

  12. I’m so upset that they released these collections so early online. No email or anything. I was lucky to spot the eyeshadow quads when I was online saturday night but the one lipstick that I wanted (WMS) was already sold out. I’m going to call my local MAC counter (which is almost 2 hours away unfortunately) and see how many they’ll be getting in stock. I really wish MAC would just make more products to satisfy their customers!

  13. Shauna

    I was able to place my order online last week and received my products today.

  14. Roxana

    Watch Me Simmer and Quick Sizzle sold out within minutes on So frustrating!

    • Lara

      Holy crap! That means I was lucky enough (hopefully) to be able to grab a WMS earlier. I thought they had been online all day when I checked a few hours ago, and was happy to see it was still in stock. Sorry to hear about your bad luck, I wish they would send out some sort of announcement! D:

      • Roxana

        I had been checking all day but never saw the collection up, and searching for the individual shades on the website didn’t work, either! Oh well. Hoping for Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s. Enjoy yours!

    • christina

      I’m going to the nordstrom mac counter event by me for the collection but not for two more weeks, I don’t get how they are going to have this big event and so much of it is already going to be sold out!

  15. christina

    I picked up added goodness f/l & call me bubble e/s quad. excited for it to get here!

  16. Audrey

    Christine, you work so hard! You must have been super busy putting all of these reviews together so thoroughly and promptly. I hope everyone appreciates all the work you do as much as I do!

  17. Mel

    Okay, I only have the highly sought after Quick Sizzle, the Colour Added quad, and the Aloha pigment stack on my list, I hope QS is still available when I get to the mall on Saturday.

  18. Strong and Impact collection! I will have to see if I will use some of these tones! thanks for sharing!

  19. Roxana

    The collections are live now on Macy’! Just to go the individual categories for face, eyes, lips, etc., and grab them there. I was able to get Quick Sizzle, Watch Me Simmer and Naughty Saute just a few minutes ago. Good luck everyone!

  20. Angeline

    So happy it got finally released at nordstrom! I thought I was going to get a lot of things but I end up ordering the lipcolours and fluidlines. Oh well, not bad, gotta save for IMATS lol.

  21. Kathy

    Use code CART for free second day shipping!

    I just ordered 3 of the Pearlglides. I have Black Swan and Petrol Blue already and have used them only sparingly, so I’m thrilled that these will now be permanent. Even though they’ll always be there, I had to order them immediately! Thanks so much Christine for the swatches! It helped me to buy online at a time when I won’t be able to get to a counter for a few weeks!

  22. Allie

    Ooh, definitely loving this monthly recap post. Thanks, Christine!

    Also, I just looked on MAC’s website and the Shop MAC lippies are listed as COMING SOON (besides Runaway Red). Am I wrong to think that means the ones that were sold out should be available again so quickly?

    I really hope so, because IA lippies are back in stock too! o:

    • It means they may be attempting to find more stock – but no guarantees probably. If we’re REALLY lucky, they’ll do another run – but I doubt it (just because when they did that with the bloggers’ collection, it took several weeks to complete).

      • Allie

        Many thanks for the info! I hope they do, I can definitely see them making some crazy cash with a restock.

        Luckily my Nordstrom was able to pull stock from other stores to send to my home. I didn’t even know they did that. o_o

  23. Abbee R

    I checked the Mac and Nordy’s website and there are quite few items are sold out already. I called my local Nordy and told me Shop/Cook LE are not out until Thursday and was still able to do my Pre-order and i was told their boxes are almost sold out as well from the pre order. I did my pre-orders all SHOP – lipsticks/kissable/creme blush- Optimistic orange, and all Cook-Tendertones lipbalms.

    So try calling your local stores they might have it still while their websites are sold out

  24. Not sure why but the kissable lip colours are $15 on Nordstrom instead of $19 on all the other sites I’ve seen. Just thought I’d let you guys know!

  25. Miss J

    WHOA! I just checked the US MAC site, and now it says “COMING SOON” under all the SO lipsticks! I’d keep an eye out since it seems more will be available! ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. fabiola

    I remember when the iris apfel collection came out, I called one of the store in miami beach the day before it launched to put pink pigeon and party parrot on hold, and they told me they couldn’t put them on hold because they only have 3 and I have to arrive at 10 am sharp in order to get it, which I did, and they told me that actually was only 3 on the very first day and I was the first customer. And this is in miami beach, where it is very busy.

  27. Nay

    February is my birthday month and they are releasing all the BEST collections !!!!! yay!!!!!!!