Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Pearlglide Eyeliners: Black Line, Undercurrent, Industrial,
Petrol Blue, Almost Noir, Designer Purple

MAC Art Supplies Collection: Pearlglide Intense Eye Liners Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Art Supplies Collection launches in-stores on April 1st (late April for international locations) and online March 30th. The collection includes eight new and limited edition shades of Greasepaint Sticks ($17.50), six new and limited edition shades of Pearlglide Intense Eye Liners ($14.50), and nine new and limited edition shades of Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker ($16.00).

Pearlglide Eye Liner ($14.50)

  • Almost Noir is a darkened burgundy purple with a slight red tone to it and gold and burgundy sparkle.
  • Designer Purple is a bright pop of violet with deeper violet and iridescent purple shimmer.  Very pretty–most vibrant of the six!
  • Petrol Blue is a brightened navy blue with blue and light blue sparkle.  I would say it is similar to Fly-by-Blu (but I don’t own it to do a swatch comparison, sorry!), perhaps a little brighter.
  • Black Line is a dark black base with a mix of gold and green-gold shimmer. It’s almost like Old Gold Pigment and a black eyeliner had a baby. I’m ALL over this one!
  • Undercurrent is a bluish-teal base with teal shimmer and sheen. So pretty and lovely… but I’m a sucker for teal, so really, are you surprised? ‘Cause I’m not!
  • Industrial is a high-shimmered silvered blue. It’s almost like a sky blue but with flecks of silver lining (I couldn’t resist) throughout.

The good: Smooth, soft eyeliner with rich, intense shades that glide on easily and don’t smudge or budge. They’re similar in smoothness/softness as Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liners, Milani Liquif’Eye Liners, and L’Oreal HIP Chrome Eyeliners.

The bad: They’re limited edition and made of awesome, so it kind of sucks, but I’ve also never run out of an eyeliner, so I’m not (personally, at least) concerned about running out of these either. I have no other complaints about Pearlglide Eyeliners. Oh, wait — the line could use more shades? Sure, that’s “bad.” MAC continuously puts out Pearlglide liners and even new shades periodically, so they should just make these permanent already! (Much like Feline Kohl Power might as well be permanent… so much for my five backups!)

My picks: All? Black Line is the most unique of the three I’ve tried so far!

See photos & swatches!

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Pearlglide Eyeliners: Black Line, Undercurrent, Industrial,
Petrol Blue, Almost Noir, Designer Purple

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Pearlglide Eyeliners: Black Line, Undercurrent, Industrial,
Petrol Blue, Almost Noir, Designer Purple

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Pearlglide Eyeliners: Designer Purple, Almost Noir,
Petrol Blue, Industrial, Undercurrent, Black Line

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Pearlglide Eyeliners: Black Line, Undercurrent, Industrial,
Petrol Blue, Almost Noir, Designer Purple

MAC Art Supplies Collection:  Pearlglide Eyeliners
Pearlglide Eyeliners: Industrial, Undercurrent, Black Line

MAC Art Supplies Collection:  Pearlglide Eyeliners
Pearlglide Eyeliners: Almost Noir, Petrol Blue

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Pearlglide Eyeliners: Black Line, Undercurrent, Industrial

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Pearlglide Eyeliners: Petrol Blue, Almost Noir, Designer Purple

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156 thoughts on “MAC Art Supplies Collection: Pearlglide Eye Liners Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Kristen

    Hmmm, from those swatches and photos, Undercurrent actually looks more teal-ish to me. I love it!

  2. M

    how are these on the waterline?

  3. Rachel

    Whoaaaa I love these colors, especially black line!! Like you, I’m a sucker for gold :) does undercurrent have a greenish cast to it in real life?

  4. verybecca

    Black Line is beautiful but it looks a lot like GOSH Metallic Brass…wish I could see comparison pics….

  5. Erika

    Blackline is GORGEOUS!!!

  6. ladydi

    Do u think Industrial would be a dupe for Fly By Blue? I know I love Fly By but I havent been able to get my hands on it. I see it available on e bay from time to time. But if these two are similar I might just get this one instead.

  7. Emily

    Is Blackline similar to black karat pencil?

  8. May

    Blackline looks an awful lot like Underground, just with a little more emphasis on the gold…

    Sorry MAC, not impressed this time around. You’ve broken my heart too many times with your 19237571237 LEs!

  9. Do these Pearlglide Intesne Liners stay on longer than “regular” Pearlglides? Bummed that there’s nothing like Black Russian (just black with shimmer) because I’m almost out! Since I heard this collection was coming out, I thought my beloved Black Russian would come back.. need to find a dupe ASAP. However, Black Line is gorgeous!

  10. Blackline reminds me of NARS Night Clubbing eyeshadow. Black with gold flecks.

  11. I forgot to mention this before I submitted my last comment but Sephora is now carrying a full Tokidoki line (most of it is available online so far.) They have these glitter eyeliners that sound just like Pearlglides and they come in a HUGE variety of fun colors. Not sure how great the products are yet but the line sounds promising and it’s not too expensive. I just did a post about it but since you get tons of traffic here, I thought I’d let you know. I would be really interested in seeing reviews for the line. Super excited for it!

  12. These are so pretty, I can’t wait to get these! I’m really liking Blackline and Undercurrent. Excited to see the other ones as well!

  13. I love Undercurrent and Industrial (sucker for blues).

    Black Line actually reminds of the Blitz & Glitz fluidline except Black Line has way more gold flecks in it.

  14. amy

    I want Undercurrent and Blackline!

  15. cmferrets

    can u do a swatch comparison to the urban decay 24/7 eyeliners that may be similiar in color ,
    out of my UD liners (i dont have them all yet) maybe ..
    mac blackline=UD stash, mac undercurrent=UD covet or flipside, mac industial=UD electric
    what do u think? thanx !

    • I personally don’t think they’re anything like UD shades! Stash is an antique gold and has no black base to it, so it’s nothing like Black Line. Black Line would be similar to Black Karat kohl power (which was LE). Covet is too green, Flipside too blue — it’s more like a combination of the two BUT Undercurrent has flecks of green and gold glitter. Industrial is a much lighter blue with silver shimmer/sheen through it, while Electric is a brightened medium blue. I would say of the three shades I’ve tried here, Industrial is the one with a closest dupe (try Deviant or Electric mixed with Dime).

      You can see my swatches of all (but Mildew) the 24/7 Liners here: http://www.temptalia.com/urban-decay-247-eye-liner-review-photos-swatches

  16. Natalie

    Is Blackline a bit similar to Mystery kohl? Please say it is 😀

    • Closer to Black Karat, I’d say…

      Do you mean Undercurrent, since Mystery is teal? (Though Undercurrent is much brighter/lighter and more obviously teal.)

  17. Christine what are Almost Noir, Designer Purple, & Petrol Blue like?
    Do you know what color/glitter these are?

    • Designer Purple looks like it might be a lighter, more purple version of Rave. Petrol Blue looks like a navy-ish blue, not super dark, but not medium blue either. Almost Noir looks like a burgundy-eggplant kind of shade. MAC describes the shades as…

      Almost Noir Dirty plum
      Designer Purple Iridescent violet
      Petrol Blue Deep Navy

  18. queenfrostine

    I love Pearlgliders! I’ve gone through two pencils of Black Russian. I use it more than I do my straight black pencils. So pretty! Given how popular UD 24/7 pencils are, I don’t get why MAC hasn’t made these permanent. They’re just as lovely, but I like a lot of the shades better. So excited for the new colors! I’m going to need 2 of Undercurrent and Blackline.

    • What’s fun is they’ve offered shades that are different from UD’s line-up, so there’s no, “Well, UD is better!!” because (at least I do!) I feel the shades have been pretty different overall that you can own both. But maybe that’s just my warped mind 😉

  19. sophie

    isn’t undercurrent supposed to be green???? i have to check that when they come to the stores…i have put my eye on this one and the Greengrease! love greens!

  20. Wow, they are amazing! I’d love to get all three! :)

  21. Steph

    I love me some Pearglide eyeliners! Undercurrent loos like something I might want to pick up. Not sure how much use I’ll get out of that one, though. I have Wolf and Rave (Glittery grey & silver) from another time they were promoted.

  22. rowan

    they are fabulous. i only have one pearlglide – rave, which is a pretty dark purple base with violet shimmer, but the base colour is kind of sheer? are these more pigmented? they look it…

    • I think so – these are almost all black-based. Think Kohl Powers but richer in color (than in the black) – and of course, the Pearlglide formula!

  23. ak

    humminah, humminah, humminah! I can’t wait for the magic markers for the lips!

  24. Lulee

    I want them alllllllll! I loooove eyeliners and wear them more regularly than any other makeup. I’ve finished 2 smoulder eye kohls before 😀

  25. charlieee

    thanks a lot for the reviews! can’t wait to see the rest of the pearlglides! :)
    blackline looks like the eyeliner version of seriously hip nail polish! so excited for this collection to be released! 😀

  26. Angie

    Meh, I dunno. Black Line reminds me of Clinique’s Eqyptian. The other two remind me of UD 24/7’s. Guess that’s what happens when you have so much makeup- everything starts to look like something else you already have. Really looking forward to the greasepaints though!

  27. Chloe

    OMG Undercurrent and Industrial will be mine !!!!!!

  28. Ooh I love Undercurrent and Industrial!

  29. Ahhhhh all 3 of those are MIIIINE! I love Pearlglides and those colors are HOT!

  30. Tanja

    Thanks for the reviews! I´m so looking forward to this collection :)
    Do you think the MAC Pearlglide Eyeliners last longer than UD 24/7 or less long?

  31. liana

    these shades are gorgeous!

  32. Rosie

    Blackline looks like that nail polish they had with the style black collection, the greenish/black one. Very pretty, I want it!

  33. hello, industrial 😉

  34. um, HI pearlglides!

    christine, just wanna thank you–you’ve gotten me to kill my lemmings for the greasepaint sticks but you started one for the pearlglides! I’ll still be saving money so it’s ok :)

  35. Sherry

    Can someone let me know how you sharpen these?

    • I just use either MAC’s pencil sharpener or UD’s.

      • Sherry

        Thanks. I have a pencil sharpener and when I tried to sharpen one it did not work very well. So I was wondering if there was a certain type that worked for these type of pencils. I will have to get a MAC sharpener then. Also thank you so much for taking the time to reply to questions. With a blog as popular as yours, your taking time out of your very busy schedule says alot about how you value your readers. I pray much success in your endeavors.

        • No problem, Sherry! I only have those two sharpeners (I think, lol), so I usually just grab either one and haven’t had any issues using them!

          Thank you so much!! :)


        i find that mac’s sharpers doesnt work as well for me :( it keeps breaking my eye pencils sob sob !

        ps great review christine :) X

  36. Luisafer

    agreed!!! should be permanent… colors are pretty…

  37. All 3 of them are to-die-for!!!! Esp Industrial! When I saw the photos, I just held my breath for a few seconds. Gorgeous! and I am speechless! 😀

  38. chand

    thanks for the swatches!really helps a lot! do you think undercurrent and industrial p/l looks similar to covet and electric UD 24/7 liners?thanks

    • Covet is too green, Flipside too blue — it’s more like a combination of the two BUT Undercurrent has flecks of green and gold glitter. Industrial is a much lighter blue with silver shimmer/sheen through it, while Electric is a brightened medium blue. I would say of the three shades I’ve tried here, Industrial is the one with a closest dupe (try Deviant or Electric mixed with Dime).

  39. Hi Christine!

    I’m loving black line and undercurrent- I was wondering if these are difficult to apply to your waterline since they’re so creamy? Thanks!

  40. angie

    i’m so excited for this to come out! Is Black line similar to orpheus kohl power?

  41. *Natasha*

    OMG, I want ALL of them (meaning the three you’ve swatched)

  42. Athéna ( french )

    Beautiful colors <3 ! "black line " is my favorite

  43. These are really pretty! I wish I had seen them when they were available! Blackline and Industrial are so nice, I love anything with gold bits in it and Industrial looks like a good lazy day shade for when I don’t feel like eyeshadow.

  44. Nicole

    It’s too bad Black Russian isn’t being re-released, I just love it and desperately want another. And although Black Line is pretty, wasn’t it supposed to be “True Black”?

  45. Emma

    I’m really loving Black Line, i don’t get why MAC describes it as a ‘true black’.. Might also pick up Almost Noir – I have nothing similar to it !

  46. Undercurrent looks wonderful, but I’m sitting here wondering if I _really_ need it since I have UD Flipside & Electric. Petrol Blue is amazing and I don’t have any liners that color.

  47. Oh, if only Undercurrent was a bit more green, I’d be all over it.

  48. Natasha

    I am definitely getting black line!
    It’s so pretty (very glam. but edgy)!!!

  49. Emm

    Almost Noir reminds me of Trax e/s as a eyeliner.

  50. Almost Noir and Petrol Blue remind me of Crash and Binge from Urban Decay, but Crash doesn’t have the gold flecks in it like Almost Noir. Might just have to check that on out! :)

  51. Is Almost Noir similar to Raven kohl power?

  52. mollie

    Is petrol blue similar to fly by blu?

  53. Leonie

    I love Undercurrent and Petrol Blue!

  54. Lena

    Blackline looks amazing! Reminds me of Macs Guilt by Association when applied wet. Very pretty!

  55. Ashley

    These are all so pretty, they are hard to choose from! I think I’ll be getting Undercurrent, Almost Noir, and Industrial. Although Black Line looks promising, and I look forward to your swatch of Designer Purple. Darn, they are all pretty, hehe.

  56. aquarianrabbit

    Still only want Blackline…but thanks for the pretties, anyway!

  57. Jenni

    I’m absolutely in love with Blackline, Almost Noir & Petrol Blue!! But I normally only wear neutral looks, so I’m not sure I’ll end up buying these..

    Christine, do you think there are enough dupes for these colors in UD 24/7, Milani Liquif’Eye, or HIP Chrome to forgo the liners until I’m ready to try some color? Or are these kind of colors really hard to come by?

    • Of those three, Blackline is the one I’d get because I haven’t seen it by any other brand – MAC Orpheus is a little similar, but LE and not in the Pearlglide formula either! Almost Noir would be next, but you could probably get down with 1999 by UD and Deviant by UD for Petrol Blue instead.

  58. Angel

    I was totally going to skip this collection…but that almost noir…that’s going to be amazing with my green eyes. Love your swatches Christine. So helpful for us who live in the sticks and don’t have a MAC store!

  59. macpixie55

    How similar is Almost Noir to Miss Fortune from the first release? It’s so pretty but they look similar and I won’t be able to swatch these in person! Thanks Christine!

    • I don’t have Miss Fortune to compare… from looking at a previous swatch, they do seem similar! If you have Miss Fortune, I think you could skip Almost Noir.

    • Ana

      I brought my Miss Fortune in to compare it to Almost Noir. (I have three Miss Fortunes as back-up and I’m just not getting through them as fast as I thought.) Anyway, Almost Noir is the same shade as Miss Fortune but with a touch more black in it. Even thought the darker colour makes it a little more dramatic, even the MAC sales associate said that it looked almost exactly the same as Miss Fortune. So I skipped Almost Noir and bought Black Line (and Industrial and Petrol Blue and Designer Purple – hee) instead.

  60. Iya


    I own a few MUFE aqua eyes; and i think there is a similar shade to Industrial (but i am not sure as i am at work now and can’t check. I’ll swatch and send you later

  61. Hilana

    I’m totally in love with these. They are stunning. I just love a coloured liner and these are beyond gorgeous.

  62. Last night, I bought Black Line and Almost Noir online. I hope I like them. I’ve never tried MAC eyeliners before.

    My favorite is Urban Decay 24/7 liners.

    • I think these are the most comparable MAC eyeliner against the UD liners — same softness and feel. I get the same wear with them as I do with UD myself!

  63. bought the pearlglides in the previous collection. they are absolutely awesome! waiting for designer purple swatches before i make my purchase for this collection.

    sometimes really hate that they are LE :(

  64. Amanda (:

    pearl glides arent for waterlines, but the greasepaint sticks are!

  65. Luisafer

    this is the best part of the collection, plus the review was good!!!

  66. glitter princess

    just purchased Pearlglide Eyeliners: Almost Noir and Blackline im seriously thinking of getting a backup of blackline i think it reminds me of the mineralized eyeshadow from the style black collection last year called Gilt By Association (the shimmery blackish bronze), the liberty of london collection is also out in the uk yaahh but i was in a rush so never got anything may go get 1 blush in shell i think

  67. Meesh

    looks like i need to pick these up when i go to SF tomorrow *sigh* so much for not buying makeup this month D:

  68. Haley


  69. undercurrent and blackline are beautiful!

  70. Ashley

    How close do you think Designer purple is to the Loreal HIP chrome purple one? DP looks really bright, but I’m not sure if its worth it to buy DP when I already have the chrome one. Thanks so much for doing swatches of these, they all look so incredible! I think I’m for definite getting Undercurrent and Industrial, but I’m also thinking of getting Almost Noir and Designer purple if it’s different enough. I was so upset when I missed out on Rave last year :( I have Black Russian and it’s my absolute favorite eyeliner because it’s just so smooth and easy to apply!

    • Hmm, it’s similar, but I think it’s a little brighter and of course, doesn’t have the metallic-y finish that the Chrome liner has.

      • Ashley

        I think I can skip it then, from far away it will probably look fairly similar. Thanks Christine!

  71. Helena

    Undercurrent was just too gorgeous to bare when I swatched it in-store today…augh! I wish I still had money left at that point :/ ha ha

  72. I want Undercurrent, Petrol Blue, Designer Purple & Industrial…
    I kind of want them all but I’m broke as usual ;]



    1)Almost Noir is a darkened burgundy purple with a slight red tone to it and gold and burgundy sparkle.IS SIMILAR TO URBAN DECAY 24/7 IN COLOUR 1999.

    2)Designer Purple is a bright pop of violet with deeper violet and iridescent purple shimmer. IS SIMILAR TO URBAN DEACY 24/7 IN COLOUR LUST.

    3)Petrol Blue is a brightened navy blue with blue and light blue sparkle. IS SIMILAR TO URBAN DEACY 24/7 IN COLOUR BINGE. I DONT THINK ITS SIMILAR TO Fly-by-Blu IN MY OPIONION.


    5)Undercurrent is a bluish-teal base with teal shimmer and sheen. IS SIMILAR TO URBAN DEACY 24/7 IN COLOUR COVET WITH El Dorado OR Lucky OVER IT



  74. Tasha

    They look great can’t wait to try them!

  75. scout

    AHH I want the pruple one :}}

  76. Amanda.S

    such beautiful colors!!…im loving the petrol blue and undercurrent !!!so so beautiful!!

  77. ashley

    designer pruple looks good! please enter me :]

  78. Jaimie Snyder

    I stepped out on my lunch and purchased the Undercurrent and Black Line Pearlglide Liners. I love them! I didn’t purchase any of the prior Pearlglide liners and I had no idea what I was missing all this time.

  79. selena

    NICE…but im going to stick with my mineralized…pigment shadows that give the same look….from BLACK COLLECTION..AND MY BLACK GREASEPAINT….REMEMBER THE EYE SHADOWS…? the pencils i can do without.

  80. Maya

    i want them!

  81. Sarina

    What did you rate them?

    • I didn’t (sometimes I don’t, when I’m reviewing so many products at once, because there can be differences between shades) – but I’d give these about an A-.

  82. Lauren

    well there goes the rest of my paycheck :(

  83. Mia

    i was really excited for these but wen i went to MAC yesterday and swatched them in person i wasn’t really amazed :( also i tried the lipstain markers which i thot were uber cool but the colors were too dark for me so i felt really uncomfortable wearing it around :( aww too bad i have to skip out on this collection *sigh*

  84. dancepig

    I love the pearlglides, my only problem is that they are LE. My favorite color is “Bank Roll” which I can’t find any longer! :(

  85. Sarina

    Is Milani liquif metallic chrome 04 aqua the same as Undercurrent

  86. Lissa

    Madly in love with all of these.

  87. Laurz

    I love these liners- I bought Undercurrent. Black Line is beautiful, but it is just like my favourite liner from a LE Lise Watier Christmas collection a year ago called Black Stars in Black Gold. The MAC has more depth in the sparkle. How do these wear? If they are as good as fluidlines I might have to buy Black Line anyway!

  88. sara

    I hate how undercurrent looks beautifully teal on you! It’s a green on me! I still love it but I oh so wish it was teal!!!

  89. 53

    this collection finally came to singapore few days ago. i must say that undercurrent may have the blue-green effect in the light but it juz looks green on me. lolx. i bought all except petrol blue and almost noir.

  90. Chi

    I have 3 Pearlglides, This, Undercurrent and Industrial. I did not get petrol blue coz i have a greasepaint that looks like it kinda. They are all gooorgeous, but there is something I tried with Almost Noir. At firs when i used it(as an eyeshadow) it seemed blah…then I swatched it on my hand to see what i cld do with it
    I let the first swatch dry, then added another layer…this did nothing to the color. o when it dried…i used my finger and lightly swept it over this sawtch and BOOOM!!the color popped reght before my eyes…It was like magic and I think if u have this pencil u shd try it and see..ps u can also do it with any of the others, it only intensifies the color!!!Good luck

  91. Yay!!! I bought some because of this! You lil enabler you :) I bought Blackline, Undercurrent and Industrial

  92. Lisa

    How similiar are Designer Purple and UD Ransom? I have Ransom but am a sucker for purple so I’m wondering if Designer Purple is different enough to get!

  93. alisson

    hi christine!

    i bought black line this weekend and am absolutely in love with it, and figured i could budget in 2 e/s purchases this week to go with it. any suggestions? thanks!

  94. I bought Black Line and Almost Noir and am SO GLAD I did!!!

    These eyeliners are amazing. Coupled with Urban Decay Potion Primer, they don’t budge… for DAYS. I actually had to make a mighty effort to get Black Line off my top lids after more than 24 hours later.


  95. Romina

    Are they gonna be repromoted on any comming collection?

  96. I bought Industrial when this collection came out. I wish I had bought a couple more colors! They really do glide on easily.

  97. Gina

    I was really surprised when I tested these out at the MAC counter the other day. They were gorgeous colors and very creamy. I second this review haha.