Friday, July 2nd, 2010

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
Pigments: Partylicious, If it Sparkles…, Later.

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection: Pigments

Pigment fiends–I don’t know if I’d pass on these new shades from Alice + Olivia. They have excellent textures, and both Partylicious and Later are beautiful.  If It Sparkles would be the only one I’d think about skipping, since it’s less unique.

Pigment ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Later. needs moisture to look amazing.  Do not just swatch it dry and forget about it, because you’re really not giving it a chance then.  When applied wet, it’s a blackened-gray base with flashes of violet and deep blue-purple shimmer and sheen.  About a million times prettier wet than dry.
  • If It Sparkles… is an iridescent icy pink with a frosty finish.  It reminded me of a smoother–but frostier–version of Pink Opal, actually.
  • Partylicious is an aqua-teal with flashes of pearly green and green-teal.  This is ridiculously lovely.  If you’re even remotely a fan of aqua/teal, this is a total must-have.  Like don’t let this one pass you by!  It almost feels like a duochrome.  At first, I thought it was similar to Parrot–except it’s greener, lighter, and tealer.  It’s not nearly as blue as Parrot.  It is GORGEOUS!

See photos & swatches!

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
Pigments: Partylicious, If it Sparkles…, Later.

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
Pigments: Partylicious, If it Sparkles…, Later.

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
Pigments: Partylicious, If it Sparkles…

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
Pigments: Partylicious, If it Sparkles…, Later.

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
Pigments: If it Sparkles…, Later.

MAC Partylicious Pigment

MAC Later Pigment

MAC If It Sparkles… Pigment

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88 thoughts on “MAC Alice + Olivia Collection Pigments Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Kaylabella

    Partylicious is the most gorgeous color!

  2. LNU

    Thank you so much for these swatches! :)
    You completely changed my mind about buying these pigments, I probably will only get the white one.

  3. hang

    thx christine–partylicious is soooo pretty

  4. OK, I think I can resist If It Sparkes (plenty of other pink duo chromes out there) and Later could easily be recreated by layering a blue/violet duo chrome over basic black. Partylicious will be my big temptation!

  5. Later is so beautiful!

  6. Ashley Avocado

    Later seems just like Blue Flame MES in pigment form

  7. mariana

    ohh yeaaa i likee partylicious =)jij mm christine whats does it mean CDN? i always wonder about that u.u

  8. Alicia

    Wow, partylicious is so pretty

  9. Ryan

    omg im so excited to get these!

  10. Nancy

    I’m loving the later pigment.

  11. Madison

    is ‘if it sparkles’ anything like universal mix pigment? :)

  12. Dawn

    Loving Partylicious, but the others don’t look as good as I thought they would.

  13. Spanish

    I love “Later”, is gorgeous

  14. I definitely want Later, but I may end up getting all three!

  15. Leah

    Later and Partylicious are gorgeous!

  16. Partylicious looks like a pigment version of Parrot e/s.

    I’m getting all three, LOL.

  17. Hannah

    How does Partylicious compare to UD Flipside?

    also, on the topic of pigments, a question I’ve been meaning to ask is if you know of any substitutes for MAC mixing medium? thanks!!

    • Actually, kind of similar!

      I’ve heard Visine works. Prior to buying it, I used 1/4 tsp of glycerin and 3/4 tsp of water, mix it up, and voila. That served me well for years (err, many batches over time, but same recipe, lol)!

      • Hannah

        thanks Christine… I’m definitely going to go on the hunt for some glycerin (and will most likely skip out on Partylicious because I’d like to save money right now [and by save money, I mean save up for the new cremesheens, lol!])

  18. sofia

    i love love love Later!!!

  19. Allison

    Christine, if possible could you do a look with either later or partylicious? I like them but idk if I would actually wear them but if i see a look using them that i like I might change my mind! lol

  20. July 8 – I will be standing outside my MAC store, just waiting for the cage to go up. hahaha.

    I’m definitely getting all 3 pigments, and probably all 3 DG Cremes, although I imagine Sparklicious DG is pretty dupeable, as well as If It Sparkles Pigment.

  21. Lauren

    I know this is a stupid question but wet with what? Also I feel like partylicious looks a lot like shimmermoss.

    • I just used water here, but normally, I would use mixing medium.

      I don’t think Partylicious is like Shimmermoss at all, actually!

  22. Ali

    Most definitely getting all three :)

  23. Mel

    I want Partylicious soooo bad!!!

  24. GinaB

    Hey Christine! Thank you so much for everything you do on temptalia it is truely one of my most favorite websites ever! (: I was wondering if you thought that “Later” is anything like “Dark Soul” and if i already own dark soul, it is worth getting both. Thank you!

  25. Wendy M.

    Oh, man…
    Later. looks gorg!
    I can imagine using it for a night out clubbing!

  26. Sarah

    Later wet is GORGEOUS!

  27. amelia

    oh, i knew i’d love the whole of alice and olivia! i think i’m getting partilicious, the teal nail polish, and all of the dazzleglass cremes =D

  28. amy

    “Later” is very gorgeous in person and pictures don’t do it justice! I find it swatches on wonderfully dry, but maybe the pigments are slightly different in Canada then the States.

  29. Lisa

    how do you think later compares to young punk from style black?

  30. Partylicious is gorgeous indeed!

  31. sophie

    i’ll pass on this collection! nothing exciting about it! the pigments are nice but i have colors like them!
    Like when it sparkles, to me it looks just like universal mix!

  32. Pigment Later is pretty! i dont have any pigments but i really want this one

  33. This is most likely the millionth time I’ve said this, but I’m SO pissed these aren’t coming to Europe! I love pigments and these are so pretty!

  34. Elysia

    omg I just need to keep repeating “i don’t have money to spend right now” otherwise i’m sooo going to get all these pigments. ughhhhh!!!!

  35. Laci

    Partylicious looks UH.MAZE.ING! wowza! I’m going to absolutley force myself not to buy it, just because I think its crazy that mac wants to make the pigments so much smaller and jack up the price to boot! Maybe I can get a sample from somewhere down the line, because realistically I’d never use that much teal in this lifetime, lol

  36. I got these :) So freakin gorgeous! But I am a pigment junkie 😉

  37. Ahh I LOVE Partylicious! <3 I like the other two too, especially If It Sparkles! ~~

  38. Angie

    if i get “Later” and i apply it, how do i make it wet other than applying it with water? because if i use water, it’ll dry up somehow too right? how do i make it vibrant throughout the day?

  39. Jennifer

    I want all of these!!!

  40. Karen

    Is If It Sparkles even worth getting in your opinion? It seems like any other neutral white-ish pigment I’ve seen.

  41. kenneth alan

    I’m very disappointed in Later. In the jar it seems so gorgeous, but it doesn’t seem to come out very black. It’s like a hardcore shimmery dull grey. I’m still going to buy it though, and definitely will be getting partylicious… I don’t think I need if it sparkles though.

  42. kat

    OMG…thank you for warning us about later! it is a must have!!! =D

  43. Annie

    I have Mutiny pigment. Is it pretty close to Partylicious?

  44. Michou

    I’m buying Partylicious the SECOND I’m able to. It’s STUNNING (and can you tell teal is my favorite color?)

  45. Heather

    Do you think “later” is similar to “young punk” from style black. I have young punk, but later looks more silver, but I can’t really tell. Just don’t want to buy ‘later’ if I don’t need it! Thanks!

  46. Alinda

    Ok, I NEED partylicious, but I’m in Europe :( Hoping some will show up on Ebay :) Thanks for swatching!

  47. Sandy

    Hi Christine! Thanks for the photos :) Two questions, I’m completely in love with the shade “Birds and Berries”, you think I love it too Partylicious?
    How do you compare with Teal pigment?

  48. Danielle

    Partylicious is soooo pretty. I wonder is it similar to mutiny?

  49. Helena

    I’m normally not too partial to teals, but Partylicious (insipid name aside) is gorg. Looks like a great girlfriend for Undercurrent :p

  50. sf

    is later a young punk dupe?

  51. aaah!!! I want these pigments so bad. later is already sold out! :(

  52. Krista.K

    I can’t believe parylicious isn’t sold out online! I thought it would be the first of the 3 pigments to be sold out! Maybe they haven’t seen swatches! Definitely getting!

  53. Laura

    OHH MY!!! I can`t believe all three of these sold out in like a day online. This is crazy, I didn`tthink they would be this popular.

  54. lauren

    Hey Christine, I was considering about getting vanilla pigment before this collection came out. Do you think it’s worth getting If It Sparkles instead?

    • They’re pretty different, so you could grab either one – I think Pink Opal is closest to If It Sparkles from the permanent range.

  55. Jasmine

    Partylicious looks exactly like “Mermaid to Order” nail polish from Sephora by OPI, but in pigment form!

  56. Meg

    Is this in stores because I did not see it in Macys! If it is for how long do you think?

  57. Teena Marie

    A little late to this party, but I think that Partylicious looks much like Waternymph when swatched, however changing the base color makes the pigment have a completely different life! I love it over the Otherworldly paint pot.

  58. anjali

    can deep truth be used as a dupe for if it sparkles

  59. Mia

    I just got Later the difference between wet and dry is night and day! I love it wet!

  60. Stacey K

    I live in Alaska, and we don’t have a MAC store up here. Since Nordstrom did not receive the Alice & Olivia collection, and was all sold out by the time I checked my email, I had my mother (who was on VACATION in Oregon) purchase all three pigments the day before they launched at a MAC store in Portland, so of course she had to make an extra trip the next day to pick them up. I’m SO glad I was able to do this, and that my mom and the girls at the MAC store were nice enough to help me with it! They are AMAZING!!! Definitely a worthwhile investment!