Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A Rose Romance, Way to Love, Odyssey, Just A Pinch (gel blush)
Virgin Kiss, Steal My Heart, Magnetique; Loving Touch, Tender Tryst, Secret Crush

MAC A Rose Romance Swatches

As promised, here are swatches of everything from MAC’s newest collection, A Rose Romance! The Nordstrom exclusive quad doesn’t launch until May 1st, unfortunately, so no swatches of that yet. Next week!

See swatches galore!

A Rose Romance, Way to Love, Odyssey, Just A Pinch (gel blush)
Virgin Kiss, Steal My Heart, Magnetique; Loving Touch, Tender Tryst, Secret Crush

Virgin Kiss, Steal My Heart, Magnetique; Loving Touch, Tender Tryst, Secret Crush

Virgin Kiss, Steal My Heart, Magnetique; Loving Touch, Tender Tryst, Secret Crush
Et Tu, Bouquet?, Of Summer, Silverthorn, Shadowy Lady

Et Tu, Bouquet?, Of Summer, Silverthorn, Shadowy Lady
Circa Plum, Mutiny

Et Tu, Bouquet?, Of Summer, Creme de Violet Silverthorn, Shadowy Lady
(Remants of the lip stains!)

Blush of Youth, Summer Rose

Blush of Youth, Summer Rose

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40 thoughts on “MAC A Rose Romance Collection Swatches

  1. nikki

    are you going to do lip swatches of all the lip colors?

  2. Anitacska

    Wow, I might just change my mind about those see-thru lipcolors especially Loving Touch and Tender Tryst! :O They’re beautiful!

  3. Noel

    YAY!! Thank you for the gorgeous swatches Christine! The colors are all so pretty. :)

  4. cloudburst

    I was hoping Silverthorn would be more neutral and less blue…everything else looks fantastic!

  5. Liz

    Thanks for these!!

  6. Kristina

    I just came home from MAC and on the way home I kept staring at the Way To Love swatch on my hand wishing I picked it up too lol.. ughh! I guess I’ll just have to go back tomorrow.

    • Lesley

      If you already have Cutester from Hello Kitty then you won’t need Way To Love. I swatched them next to one another at the store last night and they are the SAME. Well, Cutester may have a touch of gold pearl in it and Way To Love may be a touch more opaque but, other than that, they’re pretty much identical. They’re both lustres, as well.

  7. NuNu

    I need to add Tender Touch to my list!!!
    Still can’t decide whether or not I want any of the l/s and if I do which one.

  8. Jade

    Would you be able to try A Rose Romance and Loving touch together please? I’m seriously debating on getting them both and I’m not sure how it will look. Thanks!

  9. baybee

    can you compare lovely lily and of summer?

  10. Evelyn

    oh wow that shadowy lady looks a lot darker than i imagined

    but mutiny looks amazing! i really want to get it but im on a budget and im not really going to have a chance to use it since its such a crazy colour…

    way to love and a rose romance look really pretty too
    same with summer rose

    i think the three ill have to pick up for sure are shadowy lady, either way to love or rose romance, and summer rose

    • Hey Evelyn! :)

      Shadowy Lady is pretty freakin’ dark. It’s definitely not light by any stretch, ha!

      Try asking for a sample of Mutiny when you go!

      • Evelyn

        thanks for replying 😀
        ive been watching fafinettex3 on youtube for a long time and she uses shadowy lady a couple of times..seems like a good colour for smokey looks

        ughhh and i missed the collection with the shadowy lady and spiced chocolate quads!

        hmm i didnt know u could get pigment samples…will definitely do that thanks!!!

  11. Li Ming

    How do you like Just a Pinch gel blush?

  12. Arianna

    Can you please do some lip swatches!

  13. Odyssey has been one of my all-time favorite MAC lipsticks since they got rid of Fatale. I went to MAC’s online chat & the very nice sales associate led me to Odyssey. Turns out I have 3 of them, as I found out in my recent MAC inventory. I highly recommend that and am looking forward to trying one of the see-thru colors. Thanks as always for posting swatches and product photos!

  14. The color’s are great I love the Blush of Youth, Summer Rose

  15. thanks for the review and swatches Christine. I found the collection kinda boring. I only got Silverthorn e/s and Magnetique l/g

  16. Do you think virgin kiss l/g has more pigmentation than cherry blossom l/g from the cult of cherry collection? Or are they basically the same?

  17. I stopped by Nordstrom today and asked about the Nordstrom exclusive quad and they told me they still don’t have it in. Eek… when is it coming out? :/

  18. Samantha

    Hey there ! I’m a huge fan of “laugh a lot” lustre lipstick, but I can’t find it anywhere anymore, neither on the web or in a mac cosmetics shop. Do you think that “a rose romance” is similar to “laugh a lot” ? I also find “to swoon for” which seems similar but I’m not sure, do you have any idea ? Or maybe do you know another lipstick that could replace it please ? Thank you very much :)