Friday, May 15th, 2009

Solar White (Frost), Seeds of Love (Frost); Petal Worship (Lustre), Contrast (Velvet)

MAC A Rose Is A Rose Eyeshadow Quadicon (Nordstrom Exclusive) ($36.00) is the long awaited final piece to MAC’s A Rose Romance Collection, which launched earlier in April.

With tax, I think I paid just under $40, which makes each shadow cost approximately $10 each (a little less than eyeshadows sold in palette form already). In terms of value, the eyeshadows are cheaper buying them together. However, Solar White eyeshadow has been released before (though it was limited edition), and Contrast eyeshadow is part of the permanent range. So if you have one or both of those, the quad’s value definitely diminishes. If you are not a collector, and you already own two, I’d probably say to skip the quad.

  • Solar White is a smooth, buttery golden-toned, creamy white. It has a frost finish, so it does have shimmer and sheen. It’s a nice shade to own, so if you missed out on Solar White previously, here’s your chance to grab it without paying eBay prices.
  • Seeds of Love is a smooth, pigmented coralish shade. It doesn’t lean too red nor orange, just right. It does remind me of Paradisco (but with way better texture), and I’d say Paradisco runs a bit more orange. The point is they are close enough that you could nab Paradisco instead of Seeds of Love for a coral fix if this was the only color you needed/wanted.
  • Petal Worship is a soft, light lilac with purple sheen. It reminded me a lot of a slightly more purple Stars ‘n Rockets — like a cross between Lotusland (limited edition) and Stars ‘n Rockets. It has a lustre finish, so it wasn’t the smoothest of the four, but it was surprisingly pigmented without too much fall out/crumbling that’s typical with lustre eyeshadows.
  • Contrast is a deep navy, purple-casted shade. It’s lightly shimmered over a dark blue-black base. I love using Contrast in purple looks, and I definitely think it is significantly different from Deep Truth (just for those wondering!).

See swatches

Solar White (Frost), Seeds of Love (Frost), Petal Worship (Lustre), Contrast (Velvet)

Solar White (Frost), Seeds of Love (Frost), Petal Worship (Lustre), Contrast (Velvet)

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50 thoughts on “MAC A Rose Is A Rose Eyeshadow Quad Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. cloudburst

    I really like petal Worship, unfortunately I live in Canada & threfore can’t get this.

  2. Brittany

    I never knew Solar white was a limited edition, i have it, its nice!! i might have tp purchase this its gorgeous!

  3. Finally!!!

    And so worth the wait! Gosh, I really hope I get my fair share of this quad! :)

  4. I’ve been waiting for your swatches! :) Thanks a bunch! I just purchased my online last night and heard good and bad reviews.. But I don’t have any colors similar to these four, so I’m quite satisfied and can’t wait for my quad to come in! Thanks girl!

  5. kat

    Hmm seems nice, but the colours don’t really feel like they “go together” to me, you know?

  6. Heidi Pena

    So pretty! Love it!!

  7. Luv J

    Hi Christine.. any dupes or shades closest to Solar White from the perm line?

  8. Anitacska

    Oh this is lovely. Unfortunately not available in the UK. :( Would anyone be willing to do a CP for me? I’m on MUA with the same username, please contact me if you would!

  9. Brooke

    wow this is actually pretty! thanks!

  10. ..amy..

    I love these colors I sooo want this quad but no funds right now for makeup ugh!!

  11. Amanda

    These are pretty colors! I’d love to see a look using these shades and how you’d put them all together.

  12. lesleykat

    can i just say, i live in nyc. i live/work dangerously close to a MAC pro store and can pickup MAC items in just about every neighborhood. the closest Nordstrom to me is in Rhode Island! I really would like this quad and i HATE ordering things off the net. shipping/waiting/etc… is so annoying.

  13. Evelyn

    i realllyyyyy wish i could get this quad
    unfortunately i live in canada :[ (or fortunately, my wallets looking a bit empty lately haha)

  14. Is petal worship anything like swish??? What are dupes for that one and seeds of love just so I don’t have something like them already.


  15. Jasmine

    Just ordered my quad from Nordstroms…

  16. Amy

    This quad looks gorgeous! I’m definitely going to check this out. Thanks for the review!

  17. Sara

    I got mine yesterday as well! Totally beautiful! Great swatches….they are totally accurate!

  18. Teresa

    I want this so bad :( But Im in Canada :'(

  19. Shanna

    Everything else I’ve read says that Petal Worship is a frost =/ I hate lustres so now I’m really undecided about this, and I was just about to order it =/

  20. Jen

    Too much Frost for my taste and Lustre formula equals major fallout!! Gorgeous colors though!

  21. Mikki

    Oeh, very nice swatches! I love Solar White and Contrast!

  22. I was gonna pass, but I just HAD to look at your swatches, and I’m ordering online right now so I can pick up next weekend. :-/

  23. Ordered mine! Now I just have to go pick it up. 😀

  24. Stephanie

    is contrast the same contrast that is online under the eyeshadow section?