Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Beauty Basics: MAC Eye Brushes

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Focus On: MAC 227 Large Fluff Brush

MAC 227 Large Fluff Brush ($30.00) is large, domed-shape brush. When I say large, I really do mean large. Like the 225, this brush is really beyond the size needed for the majority of the population–at least for eyes! If you’re particularly artistic with your makeup and like doing face masks or designs like that, you might find this a nice alternative to the smaller-sized eyeshadow brushes.

To me, this is a super-sized 239 brush. It is extremely dense, soft, and packs on the color well. I do feel it is a bit more rounded than the 239, but otherwise, they’re very similar in how they can be used (just think outside the eye, err, box!). The 227 is also nice for highlighting cheek bones and collar bones! If you were on a budget and could only choose a few brushes, this wouldn’t make the must-have list. It’s just a nice brush, but some may not find it useful enough to merit a purchase.

How do you like to use this brush?

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35 thoughts on “MAC 227 Large Fluff Brush Photos & Review

  1. SarahT

    I like to use this to blend out harsh lines around my brow bone, and soften colour if i’ve gone overboard with too dark a crease colour or if the colour was too high. That’s about all I use it for but it’s handy to have around.

    • Rebecca

      I agree with Sarah and Leigh (below)! This can take any look any blend it to perfection, highlight my brow bone etc. It has made some looks I thought were botched jobs blurred to perfection to the point where people compliment my shadow/eyes that day!

      • It is always good to hear from others — because it just goes to show you sometimes a brush doesn’t work for one person, but it does for another!

    • It’s a good brush, but it’s not a must-have, yeah?


    is it worth the investment ??i have had my eye on this brush ….x

  3. I definitely use this brush to highlight my brow bone!

  4. Sharon

    I LOVE this brush! The 239 takes forever to pack color on my huge lids so this works really well for me.

  5. I love this brush! Great for applying all over color :)

  6. Kate

    Uh-oh, I just ordered this during the MAC 25% off sale and from the reviews it sounds like it might be bigger than I wanted. I hope it’s not too big. I got it because I love all over eyeshadow brushes, but I hope I didn’t waste my money!

  7. Leigh

    I use this brush every day. I use it to highlight my brow bone and blend out any harsh lines (it’s really great for that). As Sarah said, it’s also really good at softening the crease if you accidentally go too dark with that.

  8. Karenloveseyeshadow

    I love this brush! I use to apply highlighter on my browbone, or to apply a wash of colour all over if I’m in a hurry. It’s also great for blending out harsh lines between the crease and highlighter colour, and you can use it to apply highlighter on your cheekbones!

  9. E

    I use the brush to highlight my brow bone too. It packs just enough shadow!

  10. Adam

    this is definatley one of my favourite brushes. i use it more as a face brush than eye. its realy good for contouring and and highlighting, blending any harsh line, highlighting the brow bone and powdering the under eye area.

  11. This is actually one of my most used brushes!
    It works brilliantly for applying highlight colors on both cheek- and browbones and I really like to use it to buff out any harsh lines between my highlight and crease color on the eyes.

  12. I use this everyday it’s one of my must haves…

  13. Angela

    i love this brush for blending out harsh lines and for my cheekbones, plus i just think its so cute and floofy i love it :)

  14. Eve

    What type of hair is this brush? It’s probably goat but I’m not sure because goat hair tends to be in alot of mac brushes

  15. Mia

    227 is my go to brush for all over base color and it feels so nice :)