Temptalia Asks You - What was your first eyeshadow?

What was your first eyeshadow? Brand/shade?


Benefit cream eyeshadows I do believe were my firsts. I remember my first “haul” was dropping about $200 at a Benefit counter. I know my first MAC eyeshadows were Bronze, Goldmine, and Amber Lights.


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I don’t remember my very first eyeshadow. But My first eyeshadow was Honey Lust from MAC. I love it still but I have to apply it with a sponge tip or I’ll get glitter everywhere.

Wow, difficult to remember – such a long time ago! I think it was an eyeshadow that my mum gave to me. I think it was maybe a Covergirl eyeshadow and I’m sure I remember it was a really pale shimmer light peach colour. The first Mac eyeshadow I bought was Beautiful Iris.

If I remember correctly my first e/s was Bourjois Beige Estompe. I used to buy everything from Bourjois in those days.

My first MAC e/s were Lola and Quarry, which I still have ! 🙂

It was a palette from Nectar. It was such a blah and then I got a Revlon Palette, which is okey. My next was a Sephora palette. My very first e/s from MAC were Goldmine,Ricepaper, Humid, Greensmoke, Freshwater, and Tempting:)

My first eyeshadow was from Revlon; it was a silver shade (on hindsight, it was such a bold colour choice for a first!). then i discovered MAC in the late 1990s and i got Humid. i used only Humid (no crease colour, no highlight and only pencil liner) till someone in university asked me why i wore only green eyeshadow with EVERYTHING!

I’ve come a LOOOONNNGG way since!

TiGi bedhead cyberoptics e/s in Teal.. i looove it until now…
good price,smooth like butter (better than MAC veluxe pearl e/s),very pigmented,lots of products & cute packaging. totally worth the money!

I don’t remember the brand but I was about 13 years old and it was grass green colour.

My first mac eyeshadows were 5 I bought at once: coppering, honey lust, steamy, brulé and shroom.

my first eyeshadow was All That Glitters. the MUA recommended this color to me, since i have blue eyes. i also picked a color myself, wich was Pink Venus. i dont like this color too much, it’s All That Glitters i fell in love with. i use it almost everyday, im obsessed with this color!

I’m pretty sure my first eyeshadow ever was a Cover Girl trio. I used to wear Shimmering Sands ALL the time. My first MAC shadow technically was the Pandamonium Eyes quad. Single eyeshadow I think was Pink Freeze, not sure though.

My first eyeshadow was a Pupa palette, It was one of my 15-year`s gifts

My first MAC were Pink Venus e/s, Fluidline Blacktrack, Studio Stick and Bare Canvas

I don’t remember my first ever one, that would have been 20 years or so ago! But it was probably a cheapo 12-colour-palette from the Polish market or something like that. 🙂

My first Mac eyeshadows were the 9 Electroflash Mineralize ones, because I saw Odd Couple at the Mac counter (that I always used to go past as it was always full of young girls and I’m not one, lol), but it was sold out, so I found a seller on Ebay who was selling all of them and got a really good deal. 🙂

Gosh, my first eyeshadow ever was some random drugstore skin-toned shade (I was scared of color) but the next one was this L’oreal purple I used to wear every single day in 9th grade.
My first MAC shadows were Eyepopping and Fab n’ Flashy from the C-Shock collection. They’re still some of my favorites even tho’ I now have seven palettes.

my first eyeshadows were NARS biarritz, ashes to ashes and night clubbing. first MACs were ricepaper, woodwinked, soba, and sumptuous olive.

Can’t recall my first e/s since it was over 20 years ago. I do remember my first lipsticks were in rum raison & groovy grape. Both by Revlon. Everyone at school was wearing those colors. By the time I moved onto e/s and othe makeup I quickly discovered my sensitive skin couldn’t handle low end stuff well and started using Clinique, so my first real shadow was probably a neutral color by them. I think my first Mac e/s was carbon cause the one I have is the size of a blush.

OMG…Rum Raisin! LMAO! I so remember that color as I wore it too! Everyone wore that color. It was THE lipstick. Can’t believe I forgot about it. Love that you just reminded me. Ah, memories….

I’m pretty sure my very first was covergirl or something.. My first MAC was Stars N Rockets.. I was hooked that night so I went the next day and had my first MAC “haul”.. I remember I bought amber lights and honeylust too that day..

I can’t remember what my first eyeshadows were, but they weren’t MAC, so they don’t matter!

My first MAC eyeshadows were: Da Bling, Stars N Rockets, Silver Ring, Electra and Carbon!

It was long long ago! I bought my first eyeshadow probably in 1992 or something like that. It was a Yves Rocher solo in “Champagne”, a light shimmer golden beige.

First shadow was some lost palette from Clinique. My first MAC shadows were Rule and Goldmine. I still can’t live without Rule and combined with Goldmine is still my go-to look.

If I got others prior to the ones I’m going to list, I don’t remember, but my first 3 were MAC’s Espresso, Velvet, and Honesty.

Really have no idea as it was soooo long ago. My guess for sure is that it was something from the drugstore. My first high end eyeshadow purchase was Stila’s Kitten. I remember my roommates & I in college all got it when it first came out. That was like in ’97 i think so definitely awhile back. My first MAC shadow was Shroom.

My first eyeshadows were some color kit my parents gave me for Christmas a looong time ago!

But my first MAC was coppering, I wanted something that stood out and when the MUA swatched it I was sold immediately!

My first eye shadow(s) were from MAC.
When I first desided that I wanted to do makeup when I was 15 my mother brought me to the MAC counter at Macy’s by our house and bought me three eye shadows ( Carbon, Vex, & Shale ).
A Fluidline in Black Track.
A ZoomLash Mascara.
And the 209 brush.

All of which were recs by my now BEST FRIEND Sherri.
Who I totally love.
I go to here for EVERYTHING NOW!!

This was only a little over 5 years ago.
( I just turned 20!! )
And I find myself still going back to my good old three shadows every once in awhile.

Peace Love && Lipstick.

My first eyeshadow was MAC.. i got two actually, one was Steamy and i have no idea what the other was, i losted it lol. But it was pink & frosty. (:

hmm, I think it was a cheap brand and it was a duo; white with shimmer reflects of light gold, and the other was a warm minty green matte colour. It was pretty nice but I tried “depotting” and sadly it broke.

My first eyeshadow was some old cheapo stuff my mom had collected over the years that she had no need for anymore and gave me to play with, LOL! Then it was a 50-color low quality Dollar Store blue shadow palette, and another multi-colored 6-shadow palette of the same sort. These were all for me to play with in third grade and on, because I had a very overactive imagination and my mom would often find me in her makeup drawer.. hehe 😉 My first MAC shadow was the Sweet Liason Suite Array duo, and then Sable, Shroom and Greensmoke shadows.

I don’t really remember the colors but I know they were Trucco by Sebastian. I’m not sure if the rest of you are familiar with the line but it’s only available in professional salons. My father was a sales consultant for East Coast Salon Services so he was always bringing home fancy beauty products. I remember he first brought home Trucco makeup, and then it was Bed Head, and then Youngblood, a line out of Australia. Plus he always got me the new Zoya nail polish collections as soon as they came out. If only he didn’t have to retire… 😉

my first eyeshadow ever was a bourjois one, a gray I think. And my very first MAC eyeshadow was Gleam and Constructivist paint pot. I haven’t used that bourjois eyeshadow for years but I still have it in a drawer LOL

First eyeshadow was this frosty blue. I don’t recall the brand but it was drugstore.

I recently purchased my first MAC shadows (second hand) and I’m waiting for them in the mail! They are amberlights, honeylust, nylon, and saddle (also got the big baby lipglass)

My first eyeshadow was MAC’s Bronze.
It’s so versatile!
But I have to admit, I had NO IDEA on how to use it until I started watching youtube 🙂

I got 3 eyeshadows from Maybelline, a pale ivory/white, gold, and soft brown. My first MAC eyeshadows were Haze and Vex. I bought Tilt shortly after because I loved the duochrome effect.

My very first eyeshadow was by Clinique. Hated it. Decided I would never wear eyeshadow again. LOL. Next 4 years passed by and I found MAC. Now I love eyeshadow. First MAC shadows were shroom, all that glitters, and wedge, plus mulch. ALL great shadows.

My first MAC eyeshadows was a custom made quad that the MA helped me make. she gave me the essential highlight colour Shroom, the other essential carbon, and then humid and anber lights 🙂 all of wwhich i loove

ASIDE from any “hand-me-down” e/s that people didnt like or use (clinique, CG, etc! I was in grade 9 or 10), the first I actually *purchased* was either 1 of 2…(I dont remember 🙁 & feel like they may have even been purchased the same day? lol)

MAC in “Shadowy Lady”
Make Up For Ever, Star Powder in “009”

still love them both!

I’m pretty sure it was a Maybelline roller ball eyeshadow in this shimmery pink shade. But my first MAC eyeshadow was Beautiful Iris and I used it up completely twice haha.

My first eyeshadow palette was from CoverGirl when I was…10 or 11. Baby pink, baby blue, and pale yellow. Classy and understated of course : )

My first MAC shadows were Woodwinked and Brule, much more boring but much more me.

My family pokes fun at me all the time, but when I was little (like 4) my grandpa would take me to the drugstore when he got his Rx’s and stuff and usually let me pick out one thing. It was always and eyeshadow. The brightest blue that I could find. I’ll be damned if I can remember the color name or brand of it though lol

In junior high I think my first one was a Jane eyeshadow. A purple color.

My first from MAC were Vex, Trax, Mancatcher (from the Lure collection) and NightLight pigment. My first from Stila was Cloud. Nars was Cordura.

I guess I was a makeup junkie @ heart even back when I was a wee little girl.

I had some of those children’s makeup sets, but that doesn’t count.

I don’t know what the colors were, but my first eyeshadows that belonged only to me were Covergirl. I used my mom’s eyeshadow sometimes before that. When I turned 12, my dad and stepmother bought me a huge set of Covergirl makeup and put it in a nice cosmetic bag. I don’t know why, other than I was always using other people’s makeup!

Wow, I can’t remember my first ever eyeshadow, it was sooo long ago! It might be an Urban Decay one. But my first ever MAC eyeshadows were… Bronze, Paradisco, Cranberry and Sprout.

Probably about 9-10 yrs old, it was either Maybelline or another d/s. Called Mulberry and I stalked this e/s for months at the local d/s. Best christmas present! Wore it from lashes to brows, lol. (Muted purple similar to MAC’s Memorabilia e/s matte from ’07/’08)

Hard to remember which MAC e/s were my firsts -whenever MAC started having stores/counters. If Shroom was one of the firsts, I feel like I’ve re-bought that one many yrs.

my first eyeshadow… hmmm.
probably something like clinique.

and then my first mac
coppering, knight divine, gorgeous gold, and mythology.
dont really use any of them anymore 🙁

It was a long long time ago (about 8 years I think, which is long for a 21 year old :P) I bought a brand less little pallet and it was the cheapest of cheap makeup you can imagine, none the less I loved it! Having next to no money/allowance in those days it was quite a big purchase for me, which took me some time to save up for. It was many years later that I bought any eyeshadow again. That time I bought colour surge in platinum by Clinique.

My first eyeshadow ever, was a set of 10 samples from Everyday Minerals, including In the Garden and Oasis.

My first pressed eyeshadow was the MAC Holiday 2008 Fascinating Ruby: 6 Smokey Eyes palette.

My first eyeshadow was a claires palette with light and bright colors and i used it all the time. My first MAC eyeshadow was aquadisiac and golden olive pigment.

my first mac eye shadows were soft brown and carbon
but when i first started wearing makeup my first eye shadow ever was by maybelline

mmm i think my first eyeshadow was something i got in zellers, and it had the word eggshell in the title… my first mac eyeshadow was humid.

My very first eyeshadow/s ..was this palette from the color workshop i got as a gift ..i remember i was in love with it since it was my first actual eyeshadow/s…..anywho my first MAC eyeshadow was Carbon and gesso..which i still find myself buying over and over!

What a great question!! I’m sure my first shadow was merle norman.
The first MAC eye shadows I bought were coquette and brule. The coquette was used for shadow, brows, and liner. First complete makeover was saddle, jest, teddy, peachykeen, spice, sandy b, and oyster girl. From that point on, I was hooked!!

Can’t blame me for not remembering my very first e/s; it was over 30 years ago!!! However, I’ll never forget my very first MAC e/s (love at first sight :P): Mylar and Beauty Mark

uhh it’s hard to remember. I use to wear whatever my mom was keeping in her make up bag, when I was in my early teens. i actually think that the first one I bought or she bought for me was a GOSH duo in a light grey and a dark grey colour. It was actually a really good eyeshado and I remember wowing everyone with my smoky eye at age 16 with that GOSH duo.
It’s 12 years ago!

That was my firt MAC eyeshadow. My first eyeshadow EVER was this girl mania mint colored eyeshadow that I got in second grade! I still have it, still LOVE it, and still use it! It is a more pigmented version of MAC’s Aquavert from the Sugarsweet Collection.

its funny you have this as an entry, about two days ago someone asked me if i remembered my first e/s, l/s, lip pencil, gloss, powder, brush, liner, etc. and i was able to answer. that’s crazy haha well my first e/s was Carbon 🙂

i think my first eyeshadow in general was given to me by my grandma. i think it was a light and dark blue duo from lancome. my first mac eyeshadow ever was sweetlust from my grandma as well. my first mac eyeshadow i ever bought was all the eyeshadows from belle azure: lucky green, leisuretime, goldbit, elite, and belle azure.

i’m certain it was one of those cheap gift sets you get from Walmart. Haven’t graduated to MAC. When i was about 14/15 my aunt was a Mary Kay consultant and my first eyeshadow from them was a Burgandy. I can’t remember the name.

My first e/s ever was the Safari So Good duo from Origins I got when I was 12. I ADORED it and they unfortunately discontinued it. My first eyeshadow from MAC was Paradisco.

My first Mac eyeshadow was a carefully thought out present to myself via giftcard, and I chose Mythology because it looked great with my red hair.

Then I bought Steamy and Femme Fi for highlight, and Henna and Woodwinked came next!

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