Monday, August 22nd, 2011

MAC 211 Pointed Liner Brush

MAC 211 Pointed Liner Brush

MAC 211 Pointed Liner Brush ($18.00) is a precision synthetic brush with an extra-fine point.  It is much more pointed at the end compared to the 209, which is long and skinny but doesn’t taper much at the end.  The 211 is also firmer and denser, so it has less bend and give compared to the 209, so it should work better for lining.  It is wider at the base than the 209, which means how thick or thin your line is will depend also on your application and technique.

It is definitely one of the smallest brushes from MAC, as it is shorter than the 208 and a little taller than the 231.  It’s just over 6mm in height and 3mm at its widest point (the base), while the narrowest point is about 1mm.  I can’t speak on how well it holds up, as I have only had it a day or so.  It seems sturdy from touching and feeling it – the ferrule is tightly crimped around the handle.  The 211 does not have a country printed on its handle, but the sleeve it comes in when you purchase it states it was “Assembled in U.S.A.” (The 226 from this collection is “Made in France” in comparison.)

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MAC 211 Pointed Liner Brush

MAC 211 Pointed Liner Brush

MAC 211 Pointed Liner Brush

MAC 211 Pointed Liner Brush

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35 thoughts on “MAC 211 Pointed Liner Brush Quick Review & Photos

  1. Melissa

    I HAVE to get this… I’ve been using the small sponge lining implement provided in the Almay liquid liner for ALL of my liners because it’s pretty rigid and pointed. I think this could possibly do the job just as good and last a little longer.

  2. I have an older version of this brush, I don’t remember when I bought it but it doesn’t have a thin tip. Its tip is fine but too large to make a thin line. I think it is perfect for applying precise thick gel eyeliner for upper lasline and applying eyeshadow to lower lashline. One of my favourite eye brushes.

  3. Becky Jennemann

    MAC 226 brush is now available on Already ordered mine!!!!

    • tiana d

      i really want to buy it because I’m scared it will be sold out in my mac store. but did you pay the extra 8$ for shipping. i thought that was a bit much. is it worth it? or should i just wait till it releases.

  4. Yazmin

    omg i love this eyeliner brush! i got the small one in the holiday collection and i love it, i cant waitt to buy the full sized one.

  5. Jasmine

    Looks familiar to my ELF concealer brush (I use it for eyeliner because it’s the perfect size!) I love it, but I’ll have to pass.

  6. Violet

    Could you maybe do one picture of it next to your finger or something, just to put it in perspective for those of us who haven’t tried any of those other brushes?

  7. Leslie

    Hmmm…this is interesting. I’m one of those weirdos who does a way better job with liquid eyeliner, specifically the kinds that have a felt tip, and this brush seems to replicate that felt tip pretty well. I have the 210 but I still have a really hard time with gel eyeliner. Maybe this is the solution.

    • Veronica

      I don’t know if it helps, but have you ever tried the “bent” brushes for gel eyeliner? I was having a lot of trouble controlling the line until somebody recommended them, and it made working with it a lot easier. I still love my liquid liner for its more “flowing” look, but the gel is now my go-to for when I want a very bold, very precise shape.

  8. Laura

    Oh my gosh, I was casually reading this review until all of a sudden I read brush “226 from this collection” and my heart skipped a beat! I must order backups of this brush ASAP! Although, I really wish MAC would just make this brush permanent, as I can’t find another in any brand quite like it, it is one of my favorite brushes ever!

    Thank you Temptalia for always keeping me up to date on the best of what is coming out in cosmetics! You have saved me hundreds (maybe thousands!) of dollars that I would’ve spent on products that don’t work, and now I feel I have a smaller, but awesome collection of makeup and nail polish, that is perfect for my needs. I can honestly say that your blog, as well as 2-3 other online resources I use, are the reasons for it!

    • I’m so happy to help, Laura! :)

    • Miriam

      I felt insanely happy when I heard they were bringing the 226 back because I didn’t get a chance to buy it in the previous collections. I went to my local MAC store to put it on hold for when the collection released and when she pulled the brush out of the drawer I asked to see it first, and what do you know? The brush wasn’t tapered as they claim, it didn’t even have a slight point to it, it was basically rounded at the top. Nothing like what I saw on the blogs around the internet. To me it looked exactly like Revlon’s crease brush. I already own 2 of those, and the first one I purchased looks exactly like what I expected the 226 to be and the second one I got looked like the 226 that’s being released with this upcoming collection. So if anyone is making a purchase online, you may see a difference. I’d recommend seeing it in person because the one I saw didn’t look like the one Christine uses in her blog posts or tutorials.

  9. Nancy

    Do you think this would work with powder eyeshadow used as a liner? I only use synthetic brushes and it looks good. Mac has a slanted small liner brush but it isn’t synthetic.

  10. angie

    this is *the* easiest eyeliner brush i’ve ever combines the glide of the 209 with the ease of an angled liner brush…so genius! it works with the gel liners fabulously!

  11. Mina

    You should to a comparison to the Sonia Kashuk Pointed eyeliner brush. They look pretty similar to one another.

  12. Mari

    Can you tell me when this will be released?

  13. Andrea

    Hi, Christine

    Do you know if this brush is Limited Edition?

  14. Vincent

    How do you think this would do as a lip brush? I prefer a more pointed shape in lip brushes, but do you think its too dense to use as one?

  15. Two words…… Brush Matrix!! 😀

  16. summerblue

    Christine, is this permanent? If you can do add a pic with you holding it as it will be easier to gauge the size. I stink a metrics. :( Lastly, what is your impression of how well this brush does it’s job.
    Thank you!

    BTW, love the new wallpaper & colors. We need a picture of your new tempatalia sign mounted. :)

  17. shani

    wait is this new??

  18. Adelita

    Hi Christine, I’m using 208 as my eyeliner brush and if I’m not mistaken, you like it as an eyeliner brush as well, right?
    How is 211 compared to 208 in this department?

  19. Keen Janine

    Christine, I know you love the 208 angled brush because it gives you a thinner line and more control. How do you think this brush compares to the 208 in terms of control and the size of the line? Is there’s a particular type of eye size/shape that you think this would be better for?

  20. RaeRae


  21. iyaspain

    hi christine,please help me, I bought this 211 brush for 21.50 euros in mac fuencaral , but the letters and no printed M.A.C 211 was smudging ! is it normal ? I mean I am doubting the authenticity because of the quality