Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Beauty Basics: MAC Eye Brushes

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Focus On: MAC 208 Angled Brow Brush

MAC 208 Angled Brow Brush ($19.50) uses a blend of both synthetic and natural fibres to create a thin, angled brush tip. It’s designed to be used to define, line, or fill with a high degree of precision. The fibre blend allows for application using an assortment of product textures, from powders to creams. I personally love this thin angled brush more for lining the upper lash line, particularly when it comes to using gel eye liner (like Fluidlines). I know many use the 266 brush for upper lash line work, but I find it is often too thick. I prefer this thinner angled brush, because it gives me more control and more room for errors. I actually liked this brush so much, I have two!

How do you like to use this brush?

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56 thoughts on “MAC 208 Angled Brow Brush Photos & Review

  1. Holly

    I’m so picking up one of these, what do you use to fill in your brow?

  2. Andrea

    I love the 208 for lining the upper lash line too!!!

  3. I actually use this to fill in my brows with Cork eyeshadow… but maybe I will try this to line my eyes, too!

  4. Christy

    I was just thinking of getting the 266, but already have the 208. It’s good to know that the 266 is going to be thicker. (Yeah, I’ve saved some money for future collections!) Since I have small eyes, that really won’t work for Fluidline. I like using the 208 more for filling in my eyebrows Benefit Browzing (wax part is great for summer!).

  5. I use this to fill in my brows with Omega eyeshadow.

  6. Nicole15

    I don’t have the 208 but I have a similar Sephora one in terms of size. I like it for lining the upper lash line as well but i wish it were a little stiffer. Is the 208 slightly stiff?

  7. I thought I was in the minority since I too use the 208 to line my upper lash line! I like that it is smaller than the 266 and gives more control!

  8. francesca

    I love this both for filling in my brows and for tightlining. Great brush! I’ve had it for two years now and, though I wash it almost daily, it’s still perfect!

  9. Jenelle

    So this is just thinner than the 266?? I love my 266 but I might just have to pick this up and see if I like it better! I use fluidline everyday!

    • Kind of! It’s very similar, that’s for sure. It’s way thinner, as pictured :) I definitely feel like I have way more control with the 208 over the 266!

  10. daniela

    christine this was my first mac brush ever!!! and when i started watching vids on youtube no one used it or like it but i was just a little disappointed but i still use for me brows everyday and its perfect and i own too now one for eyebrows and one for fluid line thats how much i love it and im soo glad so one found this brush as good and awesome as i do :]

  11. SarahT

    This was my first MAC brush, too! I use it for my brows, it’s perfect!

  12. aradhana

    i have a very similar brush to this, except its an artists paintbrush…
    i generally use it for lining–gel liners, shadows and sometimes pencils too (i brush it back and forth on the tip of the pencil).

    i don’t usually do much to my brows except brush the hairs in place…

    • I love filling in my brows — they just look so much more polished/finished that way, though I do wear them au natural often enough!

  13. I have used this brush for smoothing out my eyebrow pencil, lining when my others are dirty and for really making a cut crease. I feel like it can also be multi use.

  14. Natalie

    I use this brush everyday – mine is 11 years old and still in perfect condition!

  15. Andrea

    I am also a fan of using the 208 to line the upper lashes. I’m going to try the 214 to line the lower lashes!

  16. Aleia

    This Euro makeup company shows you how to use a brush like this to create the perfect lips. I was amazed because I never thought to use this type of brush on your lips. The makeup artist takes a dab of the lipstick with the brush and place it by the V of your lips. It is so exact, it’s crazy. I have not tried it yet, but I am super excited too. Here is the video if you interested:

    Its under the art of application on the right hand side, under lips.

  17. Angie

    Thanks! I love this series of brush reviews!
    I was deciding between the 208 and the 266 for upper lash lining (yes, i’m caving in cos of the 25% mac sales now) but I just couldn’t find a good head on picture of the brushes.. needed to see how thick they were..

  18. DoDe

    This is a nice brush. But also for lining I use the 263 brush that came with the perfect style brush kit. Its sooo small and dainty and I love it for lining the eyes.

  19. Grace

    This is the best brush for filling in brows. It’s smaller, offers more control and is stiffer than the 266. I think the 266 is too large for fluidlines, especially on my smaller Asian eyes. I don’t even use the 266 anymore!

  20. Satine

    This brush is beyond awesome. I use it to line my upper lashes with colors like Embark, Plumage or Carbon.
    It lets you be incredibly precise, nothing compares.

  21. Crissy

    How does this compare to 263?

  22. iliang

    this was recommended by the SA in my counter and I was forever love this to line my upperlashes with fluidlines and gel liners!!

  23. Lonaluvsmac

    This was one of the first MAC brush I bought.I mostly use it to apply fluidlines.

  24. Haylie

    I was debating on this or the MAC 263 for fluidline. Which one is thinner?

  25. Zong

    Oh I have the Mac 266se but i’m not that crazy about it and i am thinking about getting the 208 brush. Yeah i want something more in control, i’m gonna go check it out then.

  26. Madeleine

    Can you please do a comparison between the 266, 263 and 208?

  27. Ruru

    Mine was too scratchy! After using it for two days, I had to return it coz it bothered me so much! Think I just got a duf?

  28. ChachiFartridge

    I’m not sure whether to buy this or the 266 for filling in my brows, which would you recommend?