Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

MAC 167SE Face Blender Brush
MAC 167SE Face Blender Brush

MAC 167SE Face Blender Brush ($34.00) is a limited edition brush designed to help blend out products used on the face. It is gently curved along the edges but has a rather flat, only slightly domed, shape overall. It’s fairly dense with bristles with some give, so it is movable but not floppy. The bristles felt soft against the skin. I liked it best for use for all-over face powders or bronzers, as well as blending and fading out blush and the like.

I reviewed it here previously (which I recommend reading for a more in-depth review). My original review stands and is the same for this one. Despite the fact that my original brush has the designation “SH” (for short-handled) and this one is marked as “SE” (for special edition), I didn’t notice any differences in bristle density, shape, cut, or texture.  The biggest difference is how they look, as this has black bristles and a bronze-hued handle.

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MAC 167SE Face Blender Brush
MAC 167SE Face Blender Brush

MAC 167SE Face Blender Brush
MAC 167SE Face Blender Brush

MAC 167SE Face Blender Brush
MAC 167SE Face Blender Brush

MAC 167SE Face Blender Brush
MAC 167SE Face Blender Brush

MAC 167SE Face Blender Brush
MAC 167SE Face Blender Brush

MAC 167SE Face Blender Brush

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16 thoughts on “MAC 167SE Face Blender Brush (Temperature Rising) Review, Photos

  1. KeenJanine

    Thanks for the review. I was interested in hearing about this brush. I asked MAC about this brush via their online chat, and they actually told me it was handmade, but I don’t know how true that is.

    • So is MAC lying to its customers? That is pretty unethical. I also don’t understand what the point of reviews are (to the company) if they don’t step up their quality if so many bloggers give it so many bad reviews!

      • Keen Janine

        I cannot say the lady was lying but I asked on a different day the same question to a different rep and was told it was limited edition so most likely machine cut (which doesn’t make sense). She told me to contact Consumer Communications to be sure, so I will tomorrow and will find out

    • Didi

      They told me on online chat that it was handmade as well. I wanted to be like “Are you sure?” but I didn’t want to seem rude.

    • Melanie

      I don’t think it’s handmade :( because the label says made in china. Most likely machine cut ;(

      • KeenJanine

        In Christine’s original review, she said the clear plastic sleeve was labeled made in china. I just called their Consumer Communications hotline for verification as directed by the last representative I chatted. I was told that this brush is machine made. So I’ll be waiting for this to show up in a CCO lol.

  2. maheenhasni

    this is not really related to this post but i dont know where to ask – i’ve been looking for a dupe but have had no luck. I’m looking for the dupe for MAC’s Grand Duo Mineralize blush in INTENSO. i’m finally finished my container and desperately want another. I know it was only lilmited edition so if you know of a dupe, please share!!!

  3. Ellen

    It looks teeny tiny compared to your (decidedly not huge) hand!

  4. Wow! It’s tiny!
    But it’s a great idea.. I might go and get one !
    Thanks for the post!

  5. Kathryn

    Is there any permanent brush from Mac that is comparable to this one?

  6. Cat

    Thank you for clarifying this, Christine! As someone who shops mainly online (due to long-term illness), it was confusing to see the brush marketed online the same way as the 167SH, and priced slightly higher than last summer’s (permanent edition style) 167SH, but to find it marked on the handle as “167SE” when it arrived in the mail. Thanks to you, now I know what I have! I kind of hope they will stick to marking only machine-made brushes as SE in the future though, just for the sake of continuity. Thanks again for this review; hope you have a great evening! :)

  7. I like the way this brush looks lol. But it’s not the sort of brush I would reach for on a regular basis (I don’t powder regularly). But this looks like a good brush for travel.

  8. Nothing about this brush is too exciting to me except the color… love the shiney bronze handle :)