Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

LUSH Emotional Brilliance Color Cosmetics Launching in July

Spin the Emotional Brilliance Color Wheel to get a personalized color reading – choose the three colors that stand out the most and they will uncover certain words that reveal a little bit about your current state of mind. Then wear the color to feel the word, you word-up!

Introducing a brand new concept matching psychological needs to which color cosmetics one should wear.

This range – consisting of lip colors, eyeliners and eyeshadows – is less about wearing make-up that’s in-season or on-trend and more about wearing colors that shape your mood. Emotional Brilliance is a way to wear color that’s designed for you. Choose colors, each with a corresponding word such as Confident, Take Control or Glamorous, and they will be significant to your needs at that time – wear those colors and you truly wear the word. It’s the power of suggestion – if one believes enough in something, there will likely be a change in behavior.

Liquid Lips ($22.95)

This patent pending formula uses LUSH’s super softening Ultrabalm as a base, which is a simple blend of organic jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax. All are intensely skin softening and soothing, they also carry pigment incredibly well. Lips will be brilliantly colored and left soft, smooth and deeply moisturised. Or, the effect can be softened by applying with a lip balm.

Liquid Eyeliner ($22.95)

Independent and Fantasy are the two eyeliners in the range that have a no-smudge, stay-put formula. As soon as you apply, the formula sets and is incredibly long-lasting. It’s made with a base of eyebright infusion, an herb with an ancient tradition of use for eye area.
The other eyeliners are made with the same base as the cream eyeshadows, which doesn’t set straight away so there is time to blend. These beautiful colors are easy to use to create a softer, more refined look.

Cream Eyeshadow ($22.95)

The eye creams can be bold and colorful or less dramatic as the base softens easily into the skin. The base is a soothing rose petal infusion and skin-softening almond and jojoba oils, so will really care for this most sensitive area. There’s also glycerine to help carry the color beautifully over the eye. The cupuacu butter helps to set the color pigment nicely, so these eyeshadows and eyeliners offer beautiful color that stay in place and last.

Availability: The Emotional Brilliance launches July 21, 2012 in all LUSH stores worldwide and online at www.LUSH.com

See more photos and get more information!

LUSH Co-Founder and Inventor of Emotional Brilliance, Rowena Bird, comments, “I love lipstick, but why wasn’t one great color ever enough, why was I drawn to a particular one on different days or even sometimes feel the need to change color part way through a day? After chatting with like minded lipstick junkies, it struck us that it wasn’t about what clothes we were wearing but more about how we were feeling and so the idea was born.”

LUSH has worked with renowned Strategic Behavioral Therapist Lady Kennedy, who specializes in changing people’s behavior and attitudes, for the list of words to correspond with each color. They are words she uses in therapy sessions to alter perceptions and change behavior. She specializes in mind care and working on one’s emotional state, where she takes someone from one state of mind and delivers them in another. The Emotional Brilliance range brings this form of exclusive mind therapy to consumers.

This color game is intended to unveil the colors one should wear to fulfil a need – spin the wheel and choose the three colors that stand out at that moment. Not because they are your favorite colors or because they match what you’re wearing, but because you are
drawn to them.

These three chosen colors will then be placed in the middle of the wheel in the order they have been picked. The first color choice
symbolizes your STRENGTH OR WEAKNESS; the second choice represents your SUBCONSCIOUS NEED; while the third choice is your TALENT and it is what you require to achieve your subconscious need.

The three chosen colors can be a liquid lipstick, liquid eyeliner or a cream eyeshadow. There are 30 products in the range and all are vegan. It’s possible to pick one of each or to pick all of the same products (for example: all eyeliners)… they don’t have to be worn all at once, but they can be used together. You will get hints and tips on how to wear the colors, as we want you to be the one applying the colors to create a look you’re happy with, and one that can be re-created at home. The colors can be worn to give a vibrant effect or blended softly. It really doesn’t matter; the power of the word will still be there—use the colors with the word in mind. You will find the thought lasts all day as you begin to truly wear the word. It’s Emotional Brilliance!

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84 thoughts on “LUSH Emotional Brilliance Color Cosmetics Launching in July

  1. radiofireworks

    I think this idea is a bit gimmicky, but it’s cute and if the products are decent, I’ll get a couple. Doubt I’ll ever use the colour game thing though.

  2. I really want to try these!  I love going to the Lush store they are always so warm and inviting…wish there were swatches of the products though…will be in the store on the 21st if I’m not at work..LOL

  3. gilded_lady

    I’m not sure I’m feeling this. The liquid lips seem like they may cause more headache than OCC’s Lip Tars do. I appreciate that the eyeshadows have moisturizing/calming ingredients in them, but I still feel like the price point is a bit high for a brand that’s just getting into color cosmetics.

  4. Mae

    Weird and cool! I’m dreading the inevitable price hike in Australasia, though.

  5. AshEvans

    I really wish LUSH would stick to what they are good at. The perfumes were one thing but to me this seems like a logistical nightmare and a waste of counter space. The bath products are amazing but the price goes up and the size goes down. I am starting to believe it is because they are funding these experiments with the revenue. I don’t want to have to pay for what I am willing to say now is a mistake. For the record I love LUSH but I think they need to rethink their product development. 

    • JessicaRichardson

       @AshEvans Just out of curiosity why do you think they aren’t qualified to create makeup ? They have been doing it for a long time and have such a large range of things they are great at … why so convinced this will fail? 

      • AshEvans

         @JessicaRichardson Oh I never said they weren’t qualified to make anything. I am sure they did their research etc. I simply don’t think this is a sustainable business model for them. While independent cosmetics brands are successful and their popularity is on the rise with that packaging, price point and the gimmicky way they are trying to sell this I think it won’t make it two years. I personally loved lush when they put more effort into their bath and body products. it seems to me they are just trying to tick of a to do list and I’m not impressed with it or their ever shrinking product that gets more expensive every year. Personally if it was my company I would have invested the money in sourcing ingredients to bring my price point down in this economy not rolled the dice on this new venture.

  6. ZulaikhaMuddassir

    Please do a review for all 3 products and colour swatches.too! Pretty please!

  7. Kate

    The execution sounds a little gimmicky (the whole color wheel/what you pick reflects who you are), but the cosmetics look good!  I imagine those who recently jumped ship from Urban Decay will be very pleased with this.

  8. Emclair

    YUSSSSS! I have been waiting for YEARS for Luch to do color cosmetics omgomgomg must start saving now!

  9. Erica

    UD should be crapping their pants right now. And good for Lush for putting these products out. Talk about the right place and the right time!

  10. Turboweevel

    Good grief. Glycerine on eyes is going to be a sticky mess and their ultrabalm stinks. If they’re going to take ultrabalm and just add color it’s gonna feather like crazy too. Also, if dropper bottles are going to be the final packaging the whole thing will suck even more. Not very impressed so far. Especially not with the whole mumbo jumbo. I’m beige with boredom already.

  11. Theresa T

    The lip products do look gorgeous. I’m looking forward to trying these in store, but not to the SAs giving me their cheery sales pitch!

  12. Nicola

    Interesting. I’m more interested in trying this out because of curiosity rather than excitement, but still interesting nonetheless!

  13. queen_frostine

    This has to be one of the most bizarre makeup releases I’ve ever seen.  I read the press release twice and I’m still not sure that I get their odd, gimmicky pitch.  Of course, that won’t matter if the products end up being awesome, but still.

  14. cloudburst

    If their cosmetics have any of the same essential oils or fragrances their other products have, I won’t go near them. Though I like some of their products I can’t go into a Lush store without having an allergy attack, runny nose, sneezing & then stuffiness. The packaging is cute for these products but looks really impractical.

    • Hannah

      Agreed! The eyeliner with “eyebright infusion, an herb with an ancient tradition of use for eye area,” whatever that means, sounds like an allergic reation waiting to happen! No way would I put anything with essential oils right on the lashline!!

      • MaggieGrove

        Plant infusions and essential oils are *very* different.  Infusions are made by steeping the plant in a base such as water or oil.  Essential oils are distilled or pressed out of the plant.  Infusions are much, much, much less concentrated and gentler than essential oils.

      • Vi

        Eyebright infusion is often used as an ingredient in mascara, I’ve had a Boots Natural Collection one with eyebright for ages.

      • Sandra TK

        @Hannah Eyebright is an extremely mild herb with absolutely no fragrance. It’s so mild that it can be used as an eyewash for irritated eyes. The name of the herb very much refers specifically to that. It definitely isn’t an issue at all in terms of irritation or allergies.

      • Sandra TK

        @Hannah Forgot to mention, it’s also not an essential oil. Any fragrance this product might have, which it shouldn’t as it’s for use around the eyes, would in no way be from Eyebright. It would come from any fragrances Lush might decide to add. Which wouldn’t be very smart on their part. The sole reason I avoid all their products is because they’re so nastily perfumed with synthetic fragrances. Their products aren’t as natural as they make them out to be.

  15. crystallinity

    oh no. i’m going to BUY ALL THE THINGS!   the last thing I needed was more fuel for my lush addiction.

  16. Christine-Temptalia

    Are these droppers? I’m confused as to how this would work… hmm

  17. melissavanost

    I don’t get it – if you don’t have the color wheel at home then how do you get to change your color each day – maybe each day you need a different color based on your strength/weakness and needs – sounds like a gimmick for you to come in and spin the wheel at Lush each week. I’d rather just wear what I’m feeling that day – just like the co-founder talks about.

    • xamyx

      @melissavanost I agree 100%. Besides, don’t most of us use the color cosmetics and/or clothing we’re “feeling” every day, anyway?

  18. The packaging is a bit confusing as well, you you really need and eye dropper for cream eyeshadows?

  19. I love this, the packaging is to die for. I hope they work as well as expected, can’t wait to see swatches!

  20. artemis

    interesting,….i guess the lipsticks are up top? which is what? lol

  21. MartaArroyoFdez

    @Blankota :OOOOOO chulísimos…pero qué cosa más cara, tía :S dudo que me compre algo

  22. These are soooo expensive! They better be perfect…. but as usual with Lush products I expect them to be uneasy to use. 
    Natural vegetal oils are great for the environment but they also cause a lot more allergies than bad, polluting mineral oils, unfortunately. I can foresee some pretty awful allergic reactions on eyelids…

  23. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who’s confused! Are they pigments that  you’re supposed to mix together in clear bases? I really want to like Lush, but nothing I’ve tried has impressed me.  While I won’t run to the store upon its release, I am curious enough to check it out.  The foundation they already have seems pretty pigmented, so maybe these will be awesome!

  24. I’m so confused. It all seems so gimmicky and…not really true to LUSH, in some strange way. Seems like too much of a stretch for them, to be honest. I’m not interested until I can at least see some swatches, and check it out in-store (though I’m kind of dreading the sales people).

    • L

       I used to work for LUSH and they MAKE you smother people. I didn’t do it enough so I got canned LOL

      • Alison Cole

         @annedreshfield That’s awful! 
        I recently started getting smothered EVERY SINGLE TIME I entered my local LUSH shop – it got so bad that I actually reported it. When I did, a lot of other women piped up, asking “do they TRAIN them to be like this?” Apparently so. Its a shame, because years ago what got me interested in the brand was the fact that I could enter their store and not feel pressured to buy anything. Ironically this is one of the top complaints among consumers about SAs. Rudeness, not being available, and smothering. 

      • I’d feel so uncomfortable if I was asked to do THAT much pushing with a customer! lol. Doesn’t really surprise me, though. I get trying to create an ambiance and a certain kind of mindset for customers when they walk through the doors, but sometimes too much is just…TOO much! 

  25. MaggieGrove

    The packaging isn’t actually dropper bottles, even though they do look like them from the outside.  Each one has an applicator wand attached to the lid – the cream eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks have doe-foot applicators, the eyeliners have liner brushes.

  26. Emme

    Can’t wait to see swatches! These look really interesting, though the packaging may be a bit finnicky.

  27. jktoml

    A cream eyeshadow with Ultrabalm as a base?  It’s going to be a creasy mess.  And the whole wheel thing is such a ridiculous concept– why not just advertise and sell the products?  I used to be a huge LUSH fan (and an SA), and when I heard they were making makeup again, I was hoping for B Never to come back; something we could count on being good.

  28. Jen

    I was excited until I saw the price. I love Lush but it’s out of my budget

  29. MsChatfield

    Spinning a wheel… wouldn’t that be like… chance, rather than what you’re personally feeling? :s

    • Nehru

       @MsChatfield i think you spin the wheel to look at colors, then choose one. but it’s just a game, i doubt employees would not let you buy something if you hadn’t have the luck to get it with the spinning game thing. would be crazy ahah

  30. Kristyn Lee

    Will you be reviewing the new MAC heavenly creatures collection considering that it launched online today?

  31. Alex Mechanic

    Wow, looks pretty, but I find it intimidating.

  32. Danielle Madden

    I am so confused by those applicators/packaging. 😐

  33. Taylar Ray

    She said on Twitter that she will be reviewing Heavenly Creatures as soon as possible. Be patient people 😉

  34. Jillian Hatton

    I love LUSH, but this is plain weird.

  35. Nehru

    Lush brand is not one of those that sticks to conventional big sellers, it would have surely been easier for them to create a couple of new butters and soaps to give something new to customers to trow their money at. Mark and all the Lush family are known for taking risks sometimes and i’m actually impatient to try these in stores as soon as they will be out. I don’t buy tested makeup so i avoid 99% of brands and after MAC and Urban Decay decided to join the murderers ranks i really need something to cheer up my makeup addiction. Nicely done LUSH, this really is a terrific time to launch makeup!

    • jktoml

       @Nehru This isn’t much of a risk for LUSH… after all, Mark first started developing makeup in the 90s.  Honestly, these products will sell no matter what (Mark and Co.’s innovations never get passed the drawing board if the financial advisors don’t expect a big profit).  Whether or not they’ll wear well is another matter… swatches of the lip products aren’t promising.

      • Nehru

         @jktoml I’ve read the lipglosses will be made using the same Ultrabalm base, which is terrific. I LOVE ultrabalm and often use it to gloss up some of my lipsticks, point is: too much of that is a gooey mess. still Ultrabalm is a 100% vegan 100% natural wonder, i should have thought about mixing it with pigments myself!

      • Nehru

         @jktoml well i have to reply after i tried them.. they wear incredibly nicely! long lasting, soft, hydrating for the lips! the lip colors are very intense, i finally found a cruelty free Violetta [by mac] dupe and i couldn’t be happier! the applicator is “meh” but who cares, i can always stick a brush in and use that one instead.

  36. breyerchic04

    I don’t like thin cream shadows with doe foot applicators, I like ones in pots, they’re thicker and stay on better.  So I’ll probably skip the shadows, and I’ve never been good with liquid liner.  So this would be only about the liquid lipstick.

    • Jenny86

       @breyerchic04 I thought the cream shadows were the ones in the pots (in the pics at least I think the liquid lipsticks and the liquid liners are the ones in those little bottles) Where did it say the cream shadows are going to have a doe foot applicator? Because if that is correct, I will skip the shadows too because I have the same problem with that kind of applicators

      • Fadburger

         @Jenny86 There aren’t any pictures of pots so I dunno…it’d be nice but I don’t have my hopes up.

        • Jenny86

           @Fadburger I thought the things around the bottles in the pictures that look like pots (the ones where there is a black color, blue, green, etc.) where the cream shadows in pots like MAC paint pots

        • Fadburger

           @Jenny86 No the round things in the pictures are the spinning wheel “game”.

        • Jenny86

           @Fadburger Thank you for the info! I saw today a video from Lush UK where they show the spinning wheel game and I felt so dumb thinking the round things were products lol

  37. xamyx

    Unless I’m just going for a quick, neutral wash of color, I always choose shades based on what I’m “feeling”, and I don’t think spinning a wheel will make me more confident that I’m choosing the “right” colors. I also find it interesting that Rowena Bird says herself that we find ourselves drawn to different shades on a daily basis, even changing midday, so why would this be necessary? It sounds like a nonsensical gimmick to me. Are we supposed to buy all these products, carry them with us, and spin the wheel every time we need to touch up, or we feel a mood change? This concept is no different than opening my makeup cabinet, looking at everything (which I keep “color coded”, and gravitating to the shade that draws me.

  38. My Newest Addiction Beauty Blog

    I actually enjoyed their attempt at foundation/concealer.

  39. The logic behind this line is questionable at best to anyone with even the tiniest inclination to think about the marketing lingo they’ve been fed.  Still, I guess the colors are ok?  Nothing special though.

  40. Seriously??  I died laughing when I read the promo

  41. im so excited for the lush makeup collection but the price is so high! i mean i can justify the price after i try it. im hoping the result is highly pigmented on your skin as it looks in the bottle. i cant wait for the liquid lips and eyeliner >.<

  42. Jenny86

    The prize seems a little high for me, but if the cream shadows are really moisturizing but stay in place and don´t have doe foot applicator, I will maybe buy them because I have dry skin and I have to work a little my Benefit cream shadows because they tend to leave me with some dry patches on my lids. Any tips for this btw? :)

  43. Angel

    When I can spend just about 7bucks more to get a Dior gloss I’m not run to lush to get this……the whole idea of picking what color stand out to me is a bit ridiculous of course im going to gravitate towards yellow and hot pink and bright blues that doesn’t mean I wanna wear those on my face on a regular basis and some of the ingredients in the cream shadow like glycerin seem just sound like they’re gonna be creasy messes

    • Fadburger

      I agree, the prices are a bit nutso! As for picking out the colors that stand out, I personally gravitate towards neutrals anyway…but I also ALWAYS do, it’s not like I only buy the “in season” colors…I wear what I want when I want…so they aren’t roping me in that way lol.  

  44. S

    These colors look beautiful! The idea is something new indeed, which is nice. I used to work at Lush – luckily don’t have to do the analyses for customers haha. But definitely going to check this out.

  45. Cinque Pace

    Are these powders or liquids that you blend in an eye or lip base?

  46. Happyjay

    As someone who has tried these products they are AMAZING! At first I thought it would be scary and a gimmick and plain silly but after using them and seeing how nice they look, I have completely changed my mind! I picked the bright yellow eyeshadow and thought “no way will this look good” but I put it on, blended it and it will be the first one I buy when it’s released! Seriously guys, give it a go! The game is fun and you are not forced to buy anything. Emotional brilliance is an experience, not just a product!

    • Jenny86

       @Happyjay Hi Happyjay! Are the eyeshadows moisturising but stay in place? Have you tried the lip products and are they like lip stains or just liquid lipsticks? You´re lucky!!!

  47. Kels

    The eyeliner seems like a good deal…they look like they hold quite a bit of product.  As for the liquid lips….I’m not sure… maybe it’s like a stain, maybe it isn’t. but either way, the price is a little steep.

  48. FaerieEvenstar

    Hmm. Interesting. Why didn’t they release this liquid lips idea with B Never before that went under?? I’m intrigued. I’ll have to see them in person I think!

  49. This does seem gimmicky.  Overpriced is nothing new for Lush, so I’m not even going to touch on that note.

  50. sydneyreadseverything

    Does anyone else feel that this concept insults their intelligence?

  51. Nehru

    I finally had many opportunities to play with them, and i absolutely need them in my life! the feeling younger skin tint is just wow, i don’t dig charisma for the color but still is a dream to apply and blend.I tried many liquid lipsticks and i found them to be long lasting and very pigmented, they have a really rich texture and feel very hydrating on the lips. as for the eyeliner, i’m wearing fantasy right now and i got so many compliments on it paired with sugarpill goldilux, is incredibly precious! even without an eyeshadow on top the colors are very nice [focus is a bit problematic to work with tho] and they don’t crease which sounds impossible, i know!Right now my faves are: fantasy [eyeliner/eyeshadow], motivation [eyeshadow/mascara], confident [lip stain], bubbly [lipstick/blusher]Plus i love the fact they’re all lipsafe/eyesafe, i will surely try them in every possible way i can!Also drive is a fantastic violetta dupe, i tried it on quickly today but since it was madly clashing with my goldilux i had to take it down immediately.. still it was looking really ace!