What products do you consider worth splurging on?

What products do you consider worth splurging on? Share!

Perfume (lasts me forever and ever), foundation, any color you’d wear over and over and over again, and really unique colors.

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Definitely foundation- cheap ones tend to look greasy and break me out. Same with concealers, I’ve found that high-end ones tend to last longer and look more natural. Eyeshadow is sometimes worth it (not super expensive high-end, but brands like MAC and Urban Decay) because it’s generally more pigmented and blends better. And brushes for sure!Not worth it: Mascara, powder, lip gloss, eyeliner. I use drugstore always for those.

for me it’s perfume (last longer and the scents are more complex), foundation (for complexion perfection), eye makeup brushes (they just make the job easier) & skincare  (you have to mind what you put on your face!)

Perfumes and make-up, both are very addictive ! Skincare and body lotions too but definitely I can’t feel well without perfumes or makeup.

Anything I’d wear often really! I firmly believe that putting on makeup should be a pleasant experience, so I’d invest in pieces that are a pleasure to use. I think the only thing I prefer NOT to splurge on is mascara, though by now I have had the opportunity to try some that are really good and I might repurchase when I’m done with the 3065 tubes I still have.

My answer would have to be “the perfect red lipstick”. However, finding that perfect foundation might be well worth it as well.This is off topic, Christine, and I apologize if this isn’t the place for this, but are you planning on reviewing the new Armani Eyes to Kill shades from the Acqua collection? I believe Saks already has them in stock. I know I’d love some of them but as always, your reviews would be the deciding factor! 🙂

For me, it would be foundation.  Just about anything else, I can dupe cheaply or do without (bronzer, highlighter, for example) but I haven’t been able to find lower priced foundations that work well for me (even some of the pricey ones aren’t  great on me either). I’m an eye-shadow sucker, too, so while those can often be duped, I still end up caving and buying the higher priced ones!

Anything that’ll be used as a daily staple. Not even unique shades are worth it to me. I don’t see the point of buying a expensive, unique color that I know I’ll only wear occasionally. 

 @yellowlantern I’m the same – I prefer splurging on high quality “everyday” colors because I’ll actually be using them.

To me, if something has really rave reviews from many people, and it’s an item I need to buy anyway (say, foundation or primer) I might be tempted to splurge (or wait until there’s some sort of sale or discount on it if it’s REAL pricey). Other than that, I’ll consider splurging on something that can multitask because I feel like I’m getting more bang for my buck. 🙂

Skin care and hair care because that lays the foundation! Any base products (foundation, concealer). Any shade that is super flattering that I’ll wear all the time. 

perfume and palettes! you can get so many looks out of a palette so it’s worth the splurge. I also splurge on lipsticks because I only wear a few shades and I have super dry lips so I tend to buy higher end.

Foundation because it does last me so long that I can justify the price. I’m with Christine in that unique colors of anything I am willing to splurge on. I do collect (and use) palette’s as well.

Foundation & concealer. If I’m trying to hide a blemish/redness, I NEED my concealer to stay where I put it! I find cheaper concealers usually lack in the longevity department. 

I am considering right now buying a system to do at home gel nails. I would not hesitate if it was the same price as in the US (about 50$) but as it is 94,99$ here in Canada, I am reconsidering my purchase. I think I would have a lot of use from it as I do my nails about 1-2 times a week.

I’m the same. Perfume and foundation I don’t really mind spending a lot of money on, as long as the quality is there. There’s nothing worse than spending a large sum of money on something (the Cle de Peau concealer stick for me) that just doesn’t work for you. Everything you see it in your make-up bag or collection it just annoys you.

I’d have to agree with what you and others are saying, Christine. Perfumes are definitely worth splurging on if the scent is beautiful and they really last forever. I also really like to splurge on palettes rather than buying a lot of single eyeshadows as these are most of the time better value and last me forever. I’ll also splurge on a good foundation as I have had a disastrous time trying to deal with drugstore brands.

When I define “splurge” I always think in terms of price/oz. Therefore, the only things that apply for me are face powders, liquid foundations, concealers, and colognes. Somethings like brow pencils are actually cheaper from the department store, than the drugstore. It’s not always the case, but for example, the MAC Brow Pencils are 0.003 oz for $15, while the Maybelline Define-A-Brow Pencil is 0.001 oz for around $5. While a sale like “buy 1 get 1 50% off” may lower the overall price, MAC’s color selection, and excellent back-to-Mac program compell me to just buy from the higher-end brand. 🙂 As for eyeshadow palettes, things like the UD Naked Palette ($50 for 12 0.05 oz eyeshadows) is actually just as inexpensive as buying single drugstore eyeshadows. Of course there are even cheaper options like the Wet N’ Wild 8-color palettes, but still, I don’t consider the Naked Palette and similarly priced items as a “splurge.” It’s all a matter of perspective!

While I don’t wear foudation….if I found one that was PERFECT for me I would splurge, but probably now more than $40.
Maybe perfume as well. I paid $42 for VS Sexy Little Things Noir and I love.

Perfume and foundation, for me…and I’m starting to spend more and more on skincare, too. If there’s an incredible eyeshadow that can’t be duped, then I would definitely consider it. If I’ll use 95% of the colors in a palette, then that’s worth it. Like @John 3D said, it’s all a matter of perspective. 

Skincare! My skin has really improved since I started using good specialized brands, which are of course pretty expensive. I think it’s worth it, because with beautiful, healthy skin, you really don’t need much makeup to look pretty.

Makeup makes me happy, plain and simple, so I’ll spend the money on what makes me happy. My makeup collection is small (but growing) but mostly mid-end and high-end products because I’d rather spend $30 on one lipstick I absolutely LOVE than $5 on 6 lipsticks that don’t feel right on my lips and which I won’t wear very often. If the quality’s there, I’ll spend the money on it. 

@blueraccoon Totally agree, I never even wore lipstick frequently until I splashed out on some Tom Ford lippies, which got me interested in them more again because the quality is there. Without bothering to wear lip color I would have been completely missing out on a whole sect of makeup (and Revlons lip butters!). Plus, as you said, good makeup makes me happy so I have no issue treating myself from time to time.

Perfume (I’m addicted to Guerlain and Acqua di Parma right now!) and face “basics” like a good primer, foundation, concealer, powder… Expensive perfumes just smell so much better and more complex to me, I don’t like smelling like the girls’ locker room did in high school! And as for nice makeup products, if your base doesn’t look good, the rest of your makeup won’t look nice either, no matter how expensive those pieces are. I’d rather buy less expensive eyeshadows, blushes, and lipsticks, but have them look flawless because they’re layered over nice foundation and concealers that stay put and don’t look “makeup-y”. 

I really have a budget, so I don’t reall splurge on anything… but one thing I pay more for is a really good under-eye concealer… my under-eye circles are really dark, and I have to pay more to cover them up 🙂

Foundation and skin care if I have an item that really works for me. I will throw out a ton of cheap skin care to the point the expensive one I like is really where I should put my $ I have learned. I wear a reasonable price foundation right now (Tarte) or I use only IT Foundation (some days just a tinted moisturizer) – so right now I am not spending high $ on foundation.

Perfume and foundation, I’m with you on. I’m also more willing to splurge on blush and highlighter. For lips and bronzer and eyeshadow, I go either way on–I won’t splurge unless I really, really want the color or like the concept or whatever. Mascara, body and hair care, and polish are what I don’t splurge on.

what I spent the most at the moment is a serum for eyebrow.
I am still dreaming one day I will have very thick and rich brows. 😛

Perfume and as of late certain nail polishes. If it is a color I love sometimes I just have to get it. Whether that mean HTF polishes by known brands or pricey brands. I normally won’t go over $25 tho. Perfume, if it smells good and isn’t ridiculously expensive I’ll buy it since it lasts a long time.

Skincare!! Bought my clarisonic and after seeing what spending a little bit more on taking care of your skin can do, I’ve never looked back!

Any eye product that is a unique, highly pigmented color. I actually paid over $75 USD for MAC Delineate Fluidline a few years back, but I still have it, and I’ve never found anything comparable, so it was worth it (and I’m not even a big fan of MAC). When it comes time to replace my Max Factor Pan Stik, I’ll probably end up ordering from Europe, and pay the high shipping fees.

Yup, perfumes & any complexion-related products (foundation, primer, concealer, corrector, powder, etc). But…, I want to add beauty tools (brushes, air brush tool, clarisonic, eyelash curler, sponges, etc) to the list!

I’m willing to pay more for almost anything if I’ve read reviews and ingredients and feel it would be worth the money. I mostly splurge on perfume, foundaton, eye makeup products, tools (curler, hair tools) and brushes. Everything else is an item-to-item thing.

Anything with unique or staple colors — or, ideally, colors that are both unique and will be used often! I can also see why people spend a lot on foundation and haircare, although I’m personally cheap and trying to find good products in the drugstore range.

As a girl of African heritage, I have always spent money on foundation, concealer, face powder, eyeshadows, blushers and nude lipsticks/gloss. It is important that eyeshadows and blushers have good strong pigmentation, foundations/concealers/ face powders must have the right undertones. Drugstore products are not good enough, so I have bought high-end products since I was 17. T  I also spend money on skincare, body cremes/body scrubs, hair treatments and perfume.

Honestly everything, except lip liner and extremely expensive face creams because I am young. I love unique colors, excellent pigmentation, long wear time, sturdy packaging and smooth product application (who doesn’t) so this usually means I need to splash out more for a better product (unfortunately). I also don’t buy high, high end brushes because I feel that MAC, BB, Sephora Pro, etc brushes cover my daily needs well. A one hundred dollar plus brush better last me until I die or it better make me look discernibly gorgeous.
I am however totally down for cheaper dupes as long as they work as well as their higher priced twin.

My biggest splurge is foundation and the runner up is lipglosses/lipsticks.  A good foundation is a must because it evens my skin and gives me a clean and fresh palette to layer my other makeup onto.  I need my foundation to last all day and keep my other makeup in place.  Next, I love lip products because they instantly brighten my face with quick color and moisture.  Therefore, I’m willing to spend a little more to keep my lips moist.   

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