Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

LORAC Multiplex Lipgloss
LORAC Multiplex Lipgloss: Intermix, Cliche

Move Over Dazzleglass!

LORAC Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss ($22.00 for 0.17 oz.) is an ultra shimmering, light-reflecting non-sticky lipgloss that gives MAC’s Dazzleglass a run for its money. Giving you nearly three times as much product for $4 more, Multiplex just might dazzle your socks off.

It has a lightweight feel with just the right level of thickness–it’s not so thin that you need to keep going back for more, but it’s not so thick that it feels gooey. There’s no tackiness either, but despite the non-sticky feel, it still lasts a good two to three hours on me–which is average to a little above average for me. A lot of the non-sticky glosses I try tend to disappear in an hour’s time, which I definitely find frustrating.

These glosses are also moisturizing–they don’t dry out lips, even when worn alone, and in fact, my lips feel pretty good after wearing one for several hours. There is a very faint sweetly citrus scent, but I had a tough time detecting it enough to settle on a descriptor for it. Packaging is so-so — it looks cute, but it feels a little cheap in my hand. Not super cheap, but it doesn’t feel as nice as Dazzleglass.

  • Cliche is a semi-sheer fuchsia pink. It has a very sheer, pale pink base, but it’s full of fuchsia and iridescent shimmer that it gives it a much fuller coverage look.
  • Intermix is a browned nude base with peach-copper shimmer and sheen. I think this would be a really flattering everyday shade for those with warmer skin tones.

According to LORAC, the glosses contain holographic pigments, which is where the dazzling, shimmering, and glistening comes in. They have this rich, glossy sheen mixed with flashes of iridescence and lots of microshimmer. It doesn’t feel like shimmer or glitter, so even when it fades, it’s not gritty. The way the shimmer works is that it almost delivers the color of the lipgloss, rather than the gloss itself. Very cool!

I really loved this gloss–great texture, look, and feel–and I hope LORAC will release many more shades in the future.

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  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: If you love the way MAC Dazzleglass shimmers and shines but find yourself running through a tube too quickly, Multiplex offers the fun, shimmering, dazzling look with a non-sticky, lightweight texture with more pigmentation to boot!


See more photos & swatches!

LORAC Multiplex Lipgloss
LORAC Multiplex Lipgloss: Intermix, Cliche

LORAC Multiplex Lipgloss
LORAC Multiplex Lipgloss: Intermix, Cliche

LORAC Multiplex Lipgloss
LORAC Multiplex Lipgloss: Cliche

LORAC Multiplex Lipgloss
LORAC Cliche Multiplex Lipgloss

LORAC Multiplex Lipgloss
LORAC Multiplex Lipgloss: Cliche

LORAC Multiplex Lipgloss
LORAC Multiplex Lipgloss: Intermix

LORAC Multiplex Lipgloss
LORAC Intermix Multiplex Lipgloss

LORAC Multiplex Lipgloss
LORAC Multiplex Lipgloss: Intermix

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34 thoughts on “LORAC Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss Review, Photos, Swatches (Cliche, Intermix)

  1. omg cliche is gorgeous!

  2. Maki

    Wow! The pink one is really gorgeous and is so shinny!
    But I don’t think I will pick it up! Haha!

  3. I love the texture! I don’t care for either of the colors, but I’ll keep an eye on these for if they produce more shades!

  4. daphne

    These are gorgeous and I love the shimmer and sheen! However I don’t find them quite as glittery as Dazzleglass. That’s a good thing in my book, though! They are super pretty and I love the reflective quality.

  5. I love them both, but the name, Multiplex???? Isn’t that a name for a movie theater??? :)

  6. DYING over Cliche, must get it!

  7. Katie

    Those colors are gorgeous and great for summertime! I reeaally want to pick those up.

  8. you should try intermiz on top of beachbound or thrills from mac’s to the beach collection
    i bet that would be super cute

  9. Dana

    I love these, I have four of them — including Cliche. I think they’re perfect for summer!

  10. Those are gorgeous! Good to hear you get more for your money.

  11. Dominique

    I love intermix. It looks really pigmented and I just love orangy,coral colors!!!

  12. don’t you LOVE these! the best one is always sold out at Sephora! ERGH! :/

  13. Miss J

    They are the best. I have so many lipglosses but these ones are amazing. Best color is 3D. Hopefully you will review that one too!

  14. Wowza! Intense sparkle, I want, shame we don’t have Lorac in the UK.

  15. Jazz

    the pink one kinda looks like macs electric fuchsia

  16. Rosie

    I love these glosses. I have Vivid and Untamed and love them both. Vivid has a green sparkle to it which is awesome!

  17. LNU

    Hmmm, I may just pick these up if I see them on sale!

  18. brandy

    love love love these…i have cliche and 3d…i am a lipstick/lipgloss girl and cliche is my favorite lipgloss EVER! i have 2 backups..the blue iridescense is soooo pretty…

  19. Samantha

    I adore these glosses! I have all the shades and back-ups of my favs (Vivid and Untamed). If you love Lollipop Loving, you should check out Vivid, it’s like a gloss version of it!

  20. Yvonne

    HMMM. think its too glittery for me. but they look awesome on you Christine!

    Does anyone think the fuschia one looks like a more jacked up version of Extra Amps (Dazzleglass)?

    • brandy

      they are nothing alike…loracs gloss isnt glittery as much as iridescent of blue….i love them both but i love cliche more!

  21. Jennifer

    I LOVE LORAC’s Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss :) I have Vivid and it’s so good! Now I need Cliche (maybe Intermix too)

  22. Leenie

    I can see me wearing both of those colors, I was looking at the little black palette since it’s came out I was planning to pick it up over the weekend, while I’m there I’ll check out the lip gloss while I’m there thanks Christine

  23. Rachel

    These are GORGEOUS! I wish you had all of them so I could see the rest as neither of those shades are quite right for me.

  24. Sarah

    If you like these, you should check out the Ulta exclusive one, it’s gorgeous! From the regular line, 3D and Untamed are my faves :)

  25. Hilana

    Cliche is just stunning!!! I have a gloss very similar to that from a local South African brand and I love it because its light weight, non-sticky and you get such good wear from it. Awesome. Love it. Not loving the price though…. :)

    • Gabrielle

      Do you mind sharing the name of the SA brand? I’m pretty sure finding Lorac here will be impossible, and shipping is so expensive :(

  26. Rachael


  27. Gia

    THis lipgloss is one of the most amazing lip products I have ever used. I can’t wait to buy this next year when my budget is doing better .

  28. strmysony

    I got a sample of this gloss and I love it. Very pretty, shimmery, long-lasting.

  29. Jill

    I have Cliche and on me, the color seemed to brighten over the course of an hour or so. It may have been the difference between my bathroom lighting and the fact that I sit near a window at work, but when I left my house with it on I thought it was a lovely pink, a noticeable pink. I had been searching for a really nice pink that has a good color payoff (I’m so tired of buying what looks like a gorgeous gloss and then just looks clear–by the way this is why I love your blog now–no more expensive mistakes)…anyway, when I got to work and looked in the mirror I keep in my desk I though HOLY $%#!!! I look CRAZY!!! The color seemed to have morphed into a neon shade. I know this kind of thing is different on everyone–but I recommend testing it in the store, walking around for a bit, and then seeing if you want to buy it.