My First Waxing Experience -- AMAZING!


Going Brazilian @ Stript

Last week, I had my first-ever waxing experience (of any body part), and I just took the bull by its horns and had a Brazilian done. I went to Stript Wax Bar. Stript is owned by the lovely, puts-you-right-at-comfort Katherine Goldman, a local Bay Area esthetician. Stript is all about waxing, whether it’s brows, legs, or down under for ladies AND gents. They have three locations: San Francisco, Oakland, and Palo Alto. I visited their Palo Alto location near Stanford University for an appointment with Katherine, and I was so impressed by the service, I immediately booked my maintenance appointment for four weeks out!

First up, a quick Q&A session with Katherine on some of those first-time waxer questions I had to get answers on before I went under the… wax.  Then, a more detailed rundown of the experience itself–but let me just say getting my upper lip threaded was 10x more painful than getting a Brazilian.

Temptalia: What are the basics that a first-time Brazilian/bikini waxer know?
Katherine: The basics that a first time waxer should know is that first and foremost make sure the hair is long enough. If you are a shaver, wait two weeks to allow enough growth for the waxing. Secondly, know that there is going to be some discomfort but with continued waxing it does get much better and you can take either a pain reliever or apply a topical numbing cream half an hour before your appointment.

T: Are there certain times that are better to have one done than others?
K: Yes, there are certain times when waxing is better. I would avoid right before or during your cycle because this can make you more sensitive.

T: How long will it last?
K: Waxing typically lasts 2-4 weeks. It really depends on the hair growth cycle of the individual. The more you wax, the better the results so most people come every month. This diminishes the amount of hair so it grows in thinner, sparser and finer.

T: How can women feel less embarrassed about their visit?
K: Women can feel more at ease during their appointment just knowing that we are all beauty professionals that undergo extensive training and are licensed through the state we practice in. We understand that this can be uncomfortable but we do our best to distract you and put you at ease. We also offer disposable panties or a towel for you to cover.

T: Are there are pre- or post-rituals that should be done?
K: Before the wax, again make sure hair is long enough and take a pain reliever before the appointment. Afterwards make sure to exfoliate to prevent ingrown hairs. We have a few product such as a scrub (manual exfoliant) or a medicated product such as PFB which is targeted at treating and preventing ingrowns.

Note: I’m not going to be overly graphic, and there are certainly no before-and-afters to be found here, but if you’re squeamish about the human body and hair removal, you may want to skip this post!

I’ve been a habitual shaver for about two years now, and I have always been curious about trying waxing, but all of those horror stories really made me wary.  Prior to my appointment, I did take two Advil, just in case.  I also made sure not to shave the area for about two and a half weeks (it is recommended that you wait at least one to two weeks and/or at least 1/4″ of growth before waxing).   It totally felt like a jungle and was driving me batty.  I could not wait to hear the schwizppppp! of the waxing strip for it to be all gone.

Surprisingly, I was not actually nervous.  I think I was just finally ready to experience waxing for all its glory, for the good or the bad, and in the name of reporting back to you on a first-timer’s experience with it.  I’m so happy to report I don’t have a horror story to add the campfire tales.  In fact, I have the complete opposite.

First, Katherine and I chatted about waxing, the store, and the like.  She told me how it was important that clients feel comfortable, and this is why Stript is clean, well-decorated, and focused on hair removal.  It’s not a secondary procedure here; it is the star of the show.  Stript’s service list is extensive and includes depilar, as well as such things as The Vajacial (which I always giggle at, sorry! I swear I’m not 12!).   In my area, Stript’s prices are above services done by nail salons but lower than services provided by full-service spas (facials, saunas, wraps, etc.).

Next, Katherine showed me to my room and had me use an antiseptic wipe to prep the area, and then a numbing spray/mist.  Though I didn’t feel numb from it, I imagine it did help ease the pain (yes, there is pain; it is not painless!), even by a smidgen.  I laid down and used the towel Katherine gave me to cover up my girly bits while I waited for Katherine to return.

Once she returned, she immediately put me at ease.  She talked to me about what to expect, the process, what makes Stript different from other salons, and really just kept the conversation moving the whole time that I didn’t even have time to think about being embarrassed.  She explained how they are concerned with making their clients comfortable and safe and having a good experience.  They never double-dip and use higher quality products so that the wax sticks to the hair and not the skin (which means less pulling on the skin and therefore less pain).

Just to add my two cents and based on my experience at Stript:  DON’T BE EMBARRASSED! Don’t let embarrassment stop you from trying it at least once.  I’m so thankful that my esthetician kept me talking and made me feel like she was just a professional doing what she did best and never to worry, she had everything handled perfectly.

The wax felt warm without being hot or uncomfortable.  Katherine waited several seconds, and then she would ask me to take a deep breath, and then exhale–when I exhaled, she would remove the strip.  It really is no worse (probably even less) than a band aid coming off after a few hours.  I’ve waxed my upper lip at home, as well as had it threaded, and both of those hurt quite a bit more than the entire Brazilian.

It was a remarkably quick process, too!  I thought it would take awhile, but I was in and out in twenty minutes flat!  There was no bruising, redness, or tenderness.  It was just soft, smooth, and awesomely hair-free.  I also liked that nobody pushed products on me, but I did end up buying PFB Vanish, which is a roller ball product that is designed to minimize ingrown hairs (which I, personally, am more prone to in that area).

I’m happy to report that a week later, and I’m still hair-free and ingrown-free!  According to Katherine, the wax should last between two and four weeks, with most clients re-booking every three to four weeks, but some going as long as six or seven weeks.  She said it really depends on your personal level of comfort–how much regrowth are you willing to tolerate–as much as it does on how quickly your hair grows back.

I was so pleased with the results and completely blown away by how little pain there was involved, I booked my another appointment for four weeks out with Katherine.  That’s how awesome it was.  I also wanted to tell everyone around me that waxing isn’t scary! It isn’t the worst pain ever! It’s not torture!   Not having to shave every few days and then deal with itchiness and/or ingrown hairs?  It’s so worth it.  So worth it!

If you’re in the Bay Area, I fully recommend Katherine @ Stript.  She travels between all three locations, but she works four out of her six days at the San Francisco location.  Brazilians are $55, maintenance Brazilians are $50.  Check the website for the service list and prices for other waxes!

Have you had a great waxing experience?  I’d love to hear yours!



Katherine Goldman, Owner of Stript Wax Bar



* Service was complimentary. Purchased PFB. Will be a normal, paying client going forward! 🙂

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i thought it was the opposite, that the 90s were less brazilian-leaning. most of my friends do brazilians, i am pretty sure it is quite “in,” if there is such a thing!

I agree… It wasn’t until the VERY end of the 90’s that I remember even hearing a thing about brazilians, and it didn’t reach any sort of real popularity until a few years later…

How cool! If I lived in California, I would totally go get this done. In the mean time, I might consider getting a Brazilian from actual Brazilians. Apropos, right? 🙂

I have been going to Katherine even before she opened Stript. She is kind, sweet, VERY thouough and best of all, apreciates getting it done quickly and as painlessly as possible. I cannot say enough good things about her and her business. Her work is quality, affordable and she is a awesomely nice person!

Ohh I’m from Sacramento but the BF lives in the bay soooo I may have to try it but I must admit I’m scared! Shaving sucks though for Brazilians 🙁 it’s such a pain in the butt! Thanks Christine!

Aww!! Don’t be scared! I always told myself to go to a high-end place, somewhere with good reviews (check Yelp!), and all that to do everything to make the first time not a scary time, lol!

Susy if you live in Sac come to Taglio Salon and Spa in Elk Grove. I am an esthetician and the other esthi I work with is BOMB for Brazilians. She does a ton of them (including mine) and she is quick and good.

I’m brazilian, and can tell you that once you do your first time, you won’t stop anymore. It’s amazing don’t have hair growing like before, nd the pain is so fast, less then 05 seconds!

Hey Jessica!

What is it called in Brazil? Do they still call it “The Brazilian”? LOL!

Not having to shave every 2-3 days = AMAZING.

No, we call “depilação” which is a close to “waxing”. As a brazilian I tried several times. But for my type of skin (I´m very VERY white and I have sensitive skin) is not the best option. With brazilian wax my hair grows under the skin, which gives me a lot of problems. Also, on the crotch (i dunno if this is the right word)the skin gets darker with time. Don´t ask me why, but this DO happen with a LOT of women.
On the eyebrows is not a good option either. The skin is too thin and there are theories that skin may be more flacid.

I prefer Veet (that cream) for me and my type of skin is the best option ever!

Ahhh! That’s what I was thinking – definitely not “Brazilian” in Brazil, seems redundant!

It’s great that Veet works for you 🙂 I’ve always had trouble with cream hair removers on my face, so I’ve been hesitant to use them elsewhere!

I am brazilian too and I have to say that the “brazilian” should be called “american”. It is not that common in Brazil! Really! The most common there is what we call “Hitler’s mustache”, pretty awful name, I know! Basically is just a small and short line of hair. I had the habit of wax every 4 weeks, legs and girly parts, I did it for about 12 years, and I can say that the more you do, the better! The hair gets thinner and thinner, takes long to grow and it is not so painful after a while. And it is more painful when your skin is dry!

I have that same problem. My skin is very sensitive and afterwards, I get foliculite (for a while, at least). I don’t know the correspondent word in english.

Veet for me doen’t work at all. For my eyebrows, I use the seam lines technique. It’s VERY good.

Anyway, I like waxing, so I really don’t care.

Christine, we call it “depilação”
here we have other “methods” too. This hot you’ve tried it’s called “cera quente” or “hot wax” (which looks like honey right? but there is other colors too, depending on skin types) We got a cold one, it cames in strips and for me, it hurts more. And there is a “roll on” too, you turn on, the wax get hot, you roll it on the leg, and put a paper on, wait a seconds and take the paper out. This one is easier to make alone, in home, that’s why I just use it for the legs. (you can check how is a roll on kit here: ( ) and understand how it works here ( )
try the bikini one, you will ask yourself how could you live until today without it!!!

And Christine, we also paid like $10 for a total bikini, in our currency converting is around R$20,00 but it’s kind of $10. And the total bikini is one of the most expensives!
When i saw it was $60 i coudn’t believe! So cheaper here!

It’s around that price here (~10$)in Hungary as well, at least the place wheer I go to. Although it’s not a salon dedicated to only hair removal, it’s not a very fancy place, rather a small, but clean and friendly salon-hairdresser-esthetician in one. 🙂
But I still think it’s a lot cheaper procedure here – and I get the disposable panties too, etc, seems like tehy do everything very similar. It never occured to me to take a painkiller before. Duh. 🙂
HAppy that You had a good experience – I think it’s all about the person, how trained and professional-nice she is.

Its a bit more expensive, in my area. The nice place I occasionally got my brows done at(and other areas, though not a full brazilian) ran their Brazilians around 65-75$. I’d TOTALLY do it, if it was that cheap!

I’ve shaved or NAIRed all my life, but both gave me horrific ingrowns, the NAIR less so, if I didn’t do it as frequently. But despite that, I’d never actually SEEN my natural pubic hair(literally. by the time i got noticeable pubes, I had my cycle, adn the combination resulted in such painful infections, that I started doing my best to remove it BEFORE it got yanked around, and became a breeding ground for fermented cooties. TMI, i know), until I stopped doing that shortly after my boyfriend and I started spending more time together. He noticed how many severe skin infections I kept getting from it, and how infrequently I could do it, and just got tired of the roller coaster, and we agreed to let it grow, so it would be less uncomfy. I don’t really care for it aesthetically, and don’t really like it, but it IS much nicer not having continued infections. I always responded well to wax, so a brazilian would be perfect! Just too expensive to go to a reputable place, in my area. Sigh. Ah well, some day.

I’m glad it wasn’t too awkward or painful for you! Hope the great results continue!

Aww, I am so sad to hear about it 🙁 I get some pretty painful ingrowns from shaving (never tried NAIR there!), and shaving is great… for a day, then it’s downhill from there!

I hope that you’re either a) later able to afford going back to waxing b) a reputable place with a more affordable price range opens up shop near you! It’s great that even though natural isn’t your fave, thank goodness you don’t have to deal with all of those problems, though! At least it’s free and works!

Thanks, I hope one of those happens too!
*warning-TMI ahead*

Although the lack of infections au naturale can be tacked onto other changes too. I have a AWFUL cycle. Absolutely irregular. Sometimes I don’t get it for a few months, sometimes I get it and it lasts three weeks, Sometimes I get it, it stops a day, i get it again, it stops two weeks, I get it again. Its REALLY horrible since I NEVER know when its coming, and(as I have been reminded many times) I’m going through PMS cramping, and mood swings about 2-3 weeks of the month, sometimes more, in some form or another. Just ridiculous.

But the infections I had through most of my teens were because it was OMG HEMORRHAGE I”M GOING TO DIE flow, complete with REALLY nasty tissue clumps and such. So it got infected REALLY easily. I couldn’t pull off the natural now, if I didn’t have an IUD that has lightened the flow of my cycle, if not affecting the regularity.

But yeah- the last time I shaved it, after which the man and I agreed “screw that”, I ended up with a subcutaneous skin infection that swelled to about the size of a small marble. Freaked me RIGHT out! It went away naturally, but hurt like heck until it did, and it LOOKED really bad! So yeah, that, compounded with the continual new-growing sapling jungle 75% of the time after shaving/nairing, just kind of made us lose our tempers with it. I was uncomfortable, and sandpaper crotch is NEVER really comfy for a partner. But yeah, my body can’t do anything right, it seems. I got the short end of the stick on ALL manner of minor-but-annoying health issues.

🙁 The things we women have to go through!

I used to have really, really terrible lower back aches from my periods. Like crippling pain where I would just lay in bed, because it hurt to get up and sit. As soon as I started taking birth control, they went away and I couldn’t BELIEVE THE RELIEF. It’s great that the IUD has helped to lighten the flow, too.

OUCH! That sounds ridiculously painful and scary!! Thank goodness it went away eventually. Ugh, yes, doesn’t it get SO itchy on the growing back stage? Growing it out for the 2 weeks before waxing was grueling.

I have always had that, lesser when i was on the pill(though that made me throw up so much, that it wasn’t effective-I never stopped spotting through it, and throwing up. Did help with the PMS though).

But yeah, there’s days when the man has to help me down the bedroom stairs to get dressed for work, I walk my rounds at work crying, adn throwing up in the parking lot(Thank god no ones there to see that, lol!) And then the entire time I’m home, I can’t move, just lay there, cry, and spasm. The dog jumps on my belly? It hurts so much my vision goes white and I nearly pass out.

I keep telling the man he better wake up every morning with the mantra “I’m lucky I don’t have a uteris” on his lips. I can’t believe its NOT already, after a year of living with me. Poor guy.

Ouch, that is painful. I’m so sorry you have to deal with that! I will cross my fingers that there is something developed/discovered that will help ease some of that discomfort and pain for you soon.

Eh, I grit my teeth and glare whenever people say “But you’re ALWAYS PMSing!” as if that makes it any better, but I’ve honestly dealt with far worse health issues before, so I just kind of apathetic about the whole thing. Really, after giving up 2/3 of your hobbies and lifelong loves because of wrist tendinitis, it doesn’t feel like that big of a deal to just pull the big girl panties up and work through piles of other pain. I’m appreciative of the fact that i CAN just push through it. I think I’d get laughed out of the SS office if I tried to get myself on disability because of killer PMS. Although it WOULD be funny. I think I’m going to go meditate on that visual for a while. I probably shouldn’t be giggling about it.

Your period pains sound very serious. Have you have a proper gynae check you? Please do not bother about going to a GP anymore if you are seeing one, my experience with them is that they will brush off such complaints and give pain relief pills. You need to get an ultrasound scan at the very least. Sounds like you *may* have cysts or fibroids.

Eh, in the course of ten years complaining about it during every routine checkup, yearly gyno visit, etc. I have yet to have ANY dr i’ve visited take it seriously. When i FIRST complained, my GP said “Oh, you’re still really young, your cycle won’t be regular yet anyways. WE’ll put you on BC and that should lesson the symptoms”. The BC did, but it made me progressively MORE ill over the course of the next five years, to the point where I was throwing up so much after taking it I was spotting clean through. At that point, we tried other Pills, the Patch, and eventually moved up to the IUD. The IUD does NOTHING for the regularity of the cycle, but for a while it DID lesson the uncontrollable bleeds that left me dizzy for days at the time. I get the really bad pain still, and never know when its coming, or how long it’ll last. It would be nice to have less stress with it, but I’m currently uninsured(And likely will be, since every time I’ve applied in the past five years, there’s been some preexisting condition that they’ve used to deny me coverage). So, if dr’s who knew someone was PAYING for extra tests, wouldn’t recommend them, it seems REALLY backwards to get my hopes up that now, when I CAN”T pay for the treatment, someone WOULD decide to take it seriously and do something.

I hope its nothing serious though, if it IS that. My boyfriends mom had some similar symptoms to me, and many years and two kids later, she said “screw this”, called her dr, and flat out BEGGED him to just remove the damn things and have done with it!!!(Her words. Shes an amazing lady) He said “Ummm, can we TALK about this?” and eventually gave in and OKd the procedure. She considers it a happy ending. I’d love to do that, since I’m medically
guaranteed to have VERY high risk pregnancies, with absurdly low chances of survival for me, OR the baby. I don’t want kids anyways, I can’t really assume i COULD have them. So it seems pointless to just sit here spending minimum 2 weeks of the month telling my boyfriend that it would be FAR less painful for him to just remove my reproductive organs with a butter knife.(Hope that doesn’t offend. I have an odd sense of humor, that borders on the macabre and inappropriate) From my understanding though, its nearly impossible to get a dr to do any more permanent sterilizations unless you HAVE already had kids. Either way, I don’t have money to go through trying to get something DONE with things right now. I’m already kind of dreading when we’ll need to replace the IUD. I should probably already start saving, even though its a few years off.

My period was JUST like yours. It really is awful, so I went to the doctor a week ago and he started me on the pill. Birth control is kinda hard to remember, but just set an alarm on your cell phone and always have it with you. I’m so happy to be on the pill! I can’t wait to have regulated periods without worrying when it’ll show up next! Or wondering where it is at all… But yeah. I definitely recommend the pill, just to get our lady bits controlled.

Yep. its pretty much an acid that just burns the hair out, from teh follicle. Apply, let it sit and work, wipe it off, and the hair comes too! Except, if you don’t leave it on long enough, the hair doesn’t come out. If you leave it on TOO long, it “burns” your skin. If you use it too frequently, it burns your skin(you don’t have time to rebuild the protective coating that it eats through in the course of a “normal” application). You can randomly develop allergic reactions to it that result in painful ingrowns, sometimes you get ingrowns after using it ANYWAYS…. Its not necessarily the optimal product for this stuff, IMO. In my case, it was the lesser of the evils since the effects were STILL milder than shaving. But I definitely don’t know very many people who would recommend it, when there are other options available.

Oh, thanks girs! I believe Veet has a product like that… Tried it once and never again! Sorry to hear about your troubles Dolce Aria 🙁 My periods used to be horrendous!! All I could do was just lie down on the couch and moan. It hurt so, so much!! And then there was birth control… It has helped me incredibly! I 1) not only know when I’m going to have my periods 2) I can also postpone them and 3) they only last for 3-4 days with minor discomfort.

Pretty sure most men wouldn’t be able to handle periods.

Your talk of allergic reactions is SO true. I used Nair a couple of times before a long time ago and never had a problem…..but after I used it a few years ago, my legs swelled up like balloons, even though I hadn’t had it on long.

It really sucks, too….because I have psoriasis and my legs are the one place that it breaks out at…so if I shave, my legs bleed, if I Nair, my legs swell up… I end up forgetting it all and look like Chewbacca :*(

i’ve been getting brazilians since feb and i’m in love, it really isn’t as bad as you think and it isn’t as painful as i thought either. i actually just went yesterday so i’m ready for the 4th of july 🙂 i’m converted

Woo woo!! Yes, Katherine was saying how once you do it… you love it and keep coming back! I think it’s true 😀

I’m so paranoid about waxing as I have always gotten *severe* burns when waxing brows so now I just get my brows hand plucked! Are there different wax types that are better for sensitive skin? I def cant hand pluck down there!

Oh no 🙁

I would probably try to find out what kind of wax was used on you brows, so you know what to stay away from specifically. I’ve heard that hard wax can sometimes work better for those with sensitivities to waxing (at least on brows). I would look up reviews on Yelp! or ask for personal recs from friends for a spa/salon that does it, and then I would talk to them. You could also do a test patch (like around the bikini line) as well, just in case!

Well, since we’re talking about it… Do you mind elaborating what a Brazilian is exactly? Is it “more” than a bikini wax? Feel free not to answer if you don’t want to. I’d Google it but yeah.
I had my first wax (legs) at Yves Rocher actually. It was terrible. It was very uncomfortable (no talking except: “turn over, please”) and my legs weren’t smooth at all. Most of the hairs was gone, but not everything (which I *hate*). They were red and I felt a burning sensation for two days 🙁 I had it done at YR twice but it was sooo awkard I quit going. Service really does matter!
Now I use an epilator (is that English?) from Braun. I’ve been using it for years (well, the old one, got a new *pink* one for my birthday) and it has never let me down. The hairs have become so thin I often don’t even notice they’re there anymore. I just sweep my legs every day for 10 mins (you don’t have to, you can just go along for a week if you don’t mind), it’s almost relaxing, I swear! I use it for legs, arm pits and errr… girly bits. I sure remember my first time with that machine… It hurt like hell (not to mention “sounds like a grass mower”), I’m not gonna lie. But the incredible smoothness and stubbleness was and still is so, SO worth it. I hardly feel it anymore (seriously… it barely tickles me)! Shaving has become an extra. (I had to do it quite a lot before because my hairs are naturally thick and dark… yuk.)

So ladies, if you’re still in doubt, try it! It might hurt the first time (not necessarily but possible) but trust me: it will hurt less the second time. And even less the third time. By the fourth time, you’ve gotten used to it. No pain, no gain, right?!

Hey Roxanne,

It’s the removal of EVERYTHING. They even get between the buttocks and everything. I figure this whole post is kind of the TMI side, and let’s be adults and talk about it!

I tried an epilator once (I think it was by Bliss), OMG, pain pain pain! Maybe I will try using it on my legs, though. I think my legs can withstand more pain, haha.

But I am glad you found something that works for you! Unwanted hair can be so frustrating!

Okay, thanks! I’m glad you did a post like this. I mean, we all have hair in places we don’t want it, right? So why not talk about it?

Braun is the best for epilators. They’ve really improved their systems over the past years. It’s really easy and you can just use it in your own home, which is also why I have never gone out for waxing again! It does really hurt the first time… It took me 3 (yes, THREE) days to do my armpits because it hurt so much. But after that, it was a breeze. (Sounds convincing, right? LOL)

LOL! I think the Bliss one is made by Bliss and Phillips. I will have to check into the Braun ones! Any model you like or what I should look for? I’m sure there are some differences between countries of course! I’d like to try it on my legs, just because shaving those regularly is annoying, but I’m not ready to shell out for the price of waxing yet!

I use the Braun Silk épil Xelle 5270. It has a little light (handy!) and two speeds. It also comes with a shaver head and some extra stuff, like a cooling glove. My “old one” was a Silk épil too and it has always worked fine (and still does really). The new one feels a lot less painful though (but I mean, the other one was REALLY old! Imagine Windows 95 vs. Windows 7!). TBH, the main reason I wanted it is because it’s *pink*. There’s a cheaper model (green) that focuses on legs, and a more expensive one that focuses on legs, body and face (I can’t imagine how you could put that thing near your FACE, come on now!). Mine focuses on legs and body. They’re pretty much the same, except the one for face has precision heads, etc. (it’s more marketing than anything else).
You can look at the differences between the various models here: (I chose US for country)
I’ve only ever used Braun so I can’t say anything about other brands, but so far, I’ve heard from other people that Braun *is* a good brand for epilators (I just got lucky, I guess!).

Of course I have to add I’ve been using an epilator for years! You can bend or twist it, it’s gonna hurt if you’ve never done it before. The best advice I could give you is to wax first and then maintain using an epilator (your hair grows in phases so it should be less painful since you’re only jacking out a few of them at a time). It will hurt more if you shave beforehand (the hairs are thicker and deeper). Take pills or use a cream or cooling glove if it still hurts. If you can, do try someone else’s first (sanitize, of course!!). That way you won’t be buying something you’re not gonna use anyway. Oh, and don’t be scared of the sound! It’s really aggressive and noisy at first, but after a while it sounds like a kitten purring on your lap. And I know I keep saying this but the pain WILL lessen. Really. After a few times it’s just so easy and effortless! Eyes on the prize, Christine, eyes… on… the prize. LOL.

Eh, pink packaging always gets me, too. Like I want a pink Clarisonic. I don’t need it, but I still kind of want it!

I don’t know if I could get down with using the same one on my face, arms, legs, … That’s TOO multi-tasking for me. Thank you! I am going to go check out the link now!

I totally understand. Waxing isn’t painless, but if you get it done right and by someone who knows what they’re doing, it gets to be as pain-free as it’s going to be. And I thought my waxing experience was pretty good — no screaming, no tears. Not even watery eyes. I had my upper lid threaded and I had tears streaming down my face. I was almost going to stop her, “PLEASE, NO MORE! HAIR LIPS AREN’T SO BAD AFTER ALL!”

OMG, my Bliss one sounds like a motor. It was so jarring – I have to put that WHERE?!

If it’s pink, then you *need* it! Pretty sure that’s in the constitution somewhere.

I use mine mainly for legs + armpits and bikini line. Since those areas are pretty small, I don’t really mind it (I do clean every time). I don’t do my arms or face: too much hassle to maintain + that thing is not going near my face. EVER.

Yeah, I know! They sound really horrible. Sometimes my mom will come up to my room and be like: “Are you chopping someone up with a chainsaw or something?!” (Mostly I’m not, that’s more of a Sunday type thing, don’t you think? LOL)

I’m really glad your first time turned out to be so great! It’s such a relief to be hair-free. It’s so… breezy, wouldn’t you agree?

Yeah, I don’t think I could do my arms, just ’cause that is some upkeep. Legs I can hide if I am lazy! I’m really lucky that I can shave my underarms everyday without irritation/bumps/redness/ingrowns. It’s like the area is immune.

Haha, easy and breezy! I couldn’t (and still can’t get over!) how smooooth it is.

Hey, sorry to butt in … but I thought I’d add my 2 cents, since I’ve also been a Braun Epilator user. I also used the Silk épil ones, I first had an old model, then I had the first model that has a light. I unfortunately don’t have one now because when I moved to the UK no matter what converter/transformer/adapter combo I used, it sounded like it was going into overdrive, so I didn’t want to get it anywhere near my skin. I need to buy a new one over here, but I’m broke so that won’t be happening soon. (Though as a one-time investment, it’s not bad – $60 to $80 last time I checked.)

Epilators are GREAT for legs, IMO.
I tried mine for bikini area, but that didn’t work for me because even high quality epilators can ‘bite’ very very delicate skin. So especially if you’re a little overweight and your skin isn’t completely tight and smooth, the bikini area isn’t the best plan for an epilator. Legs, however, are great, and you can go high enough up that whatever you use for the bikini zone will get the rest. It worked well for under-arms as well, but that was literally the most painful hair-removal I’ve ever gone through, including doing my own Brazilian waxing, AND the upper lip of pain. I did underarms for a couple months hoping that it would get less painful, and it did a bit, but not enough to make it worth it, so I just went back to shaving, since it’s not like shaving your underarms in the shower takes that much time anyhow.

I loved my epilator for legs. The first time you do it, when there is hair all over your legs, it a.) takes forever – book yourself at least an hour, and b.) hurts, but not horribly. However, since hair grows in cycles, as long as you stay on top of it, that’s the last time it’s ever really going to hurt or take very long. After that first time, you just get a few hairs here and there, and it’s painless. It feels like a light buzzing against your leg, that’s all. Unless you fall behind, and then it will take a bit longer and hurt a little again, but seriously, nothing bad at all. If you can handle the waxing, it’d be nothing to you. It’s much less pain, spread over a longer time. The other thing I love about it is that unlike waxing you don’t have to wait until the hair is grown out to do it. You can take off quite short stubble with an epilator, which is fantastic! The results don’t last quite as long as waxing, because with an epilator you will get more hairs that aren’t completely pulled out but rather have just been broken off, but the results last a lot longer than shaving.

Both epilators I’ve had have also come with shaving and trimming attachments. I don’t really use the shaving one, but I’ve used the trimming one for the bikini area and that worked just fine.

I would definitely encourage you to give this a try. It’s so much better than shaving. You’re not wasting all this time in the shower every day or every other day or whatever. You’re saving water (sure, you use some electricity, but not a lot). And in the long-run it’s a good investment. It’s like the price of one session of pro-waxing, and I think a good epilator will last about 3 years, maybe more. In terms of time, it can be something like 1 hour initially and then 20 minutes a week, or 5 minutes every couple days. Plus, when you’re doing your hair removal, you can be comfortably seated with good lighting, etc. instead of crouching in the shower.
So many of my friends have switched to the epilator and none of them have gone back … it’s like a lifestyle change, and a good one!

I wish I could go back to it. I hate shaving my legs so much now that I’ve seen the light. This thread has re-awoken my need for a UK epilator!

I love the clean and soft feeling after brazilian waxing… but I hate the pain!! I am planning to start with laser removal this fall. It is also painful, but it lasts much longer!

Lasar is amazing and absolutly worth it. I got it for my underarms because I have extremly sensitive skin there, shaving, waxing- even deoderant irritates it! So I did a $50 session during spa week, and it was safe for darker skins, and I was amazed. It was less painful than waxing actually, it’s uncomfortable and you feel “pinching” but not unbearable. And afterwards, I didn’t have to shave for 3-4 weeks! I immediatly bought the package (the lowest $ I found, plus I was one session in), and just finished a few weeks ago. I am hair free 🙂

About 6. They say it depends on your skin color and the contrast with your hair pigmentation. I’ve got a free touch up too just in case. It’s a hefty price, and now I’m thinking about saving (literally….) for my legs.

By laser, do you mean IPL? If not, have you considered IPL instead? I think it hurts a lot less than laser does. I’ve done IPL to my underarms and even though there’s still some hair growth, it’s so fine that I don’t even bother with it anymore. I’ve had IPL done “down under” before too and I really liked the effect. It lightens the skin’s pigmentation as well as zaps hair follicles.

This was really neat to read, I’ve never waxed before (besides my brows, which I can’t live without) and am honestly scared to do it, but your experience sounds great! Shaving is so annoying, and usually painful, I tend to start with a depilatory like Veet beforehand.

I’d love to find a place like Stript in my area. Thanks for the review, Christine! It’s always interesting to read your take on things.

I’ve never waxed my brows, can you believe it? I’ve had them threaded a few times, but I usually just tweeze!

For shaving, one of the biggest things that has helped is making sure to use a clean, fresh razor – the fresh blade is sharper and really helps make the whole process easier. That’s the one tip I read a few years ago that really helped me!

Ask friends/family or else consult Yelp. I was looking into places a few weeks ago, and at the same time, I got an email about Katherine being available as an expert for summer waxing stories – so I reached out and Stript it was! It totally worked out, because I’m so happy with the results and service overall, it’s going to be my go-to!

Oh Christine! I read about Stript Wax on last month’s Allure magazine and was immediately intrigued. I’ll probably try either the Union St location or Palo Alto. What I’m really curious about is the Vajacial (cracks me up everytime)! LOL I’ll probably book my appointment some time next week!

Nice! That’s great that Stript got a mention in Allure!

I want to go around the house saying Vajacial, because I giggle like I’m a 5 year old!

I hope you have a fab time – let me know how it goes, Lynn 😀

Thank you for this report Christine! I do have a question about the brazilian. You’re saying you used a towel to cover up certain parts, but near there’s also pubic hair near your anus and perineum? Do they also remove that hair?

Yes – with a Brazilian they remove everything! Surprisingly? NO pain at all the further back they went, LOL.

I just had the towel laying over my lap initially, but Katherine folded it up above so she could access the area, so it’s really more for the before/after.

I used to get brazilians all the time…but money is tight and now its not a priority. I liked them though casue it was less maintience. Glad u had a good experience!

Totally understand!

I think after all the ingrowns I’ve suffered, it’s worth it for me to do the Brazilians with the results I’ve gotten thus far. But it’s definitely something one could cut back on.

Yay! I was a little nervous writing this post – I’m like, “WOW, this is totally going to be TMI!” but we shouldn’t be embarrassed!

Hello Cristine!

Since I’m a brazilian and get that kind of job done since I was 15, it’s a little funny to hear you saying it was your first time. But I understand completely, because I lived in the States for a semester as an exchange student, and it was a very rare thing to see. My hostmom had never done it, and she was 55! Well, I’m glad you liked it, I used to get the traditional brazilian waxing, but now I just get the whole pubis waxed. It’s a hit here in Brazil, and it feels so clean. We also wax around the anus here, and it’s part of the package here, but I’m curious to know if that’s done in the US too.

Take care and I love your blog!


Hey Helo!

LOL, yep! I suppose maybe around 18 would have been the earliest I could do it — no way I had the money to pay for one, plus I don’t know if my Mom would be keen on it — but SO glad I finally got it done.

Everything from bikini area to the anus was done – Katherine asked if I wanted the full Brazilian, and I said let’s go for it.

But yes, I LOVE the clean feeling of it!

Ok…Christine…I feel so awkward asking but I really want to know…do they just do the outer lips/the part of the lips that faces outwards? Do they spread you open and do the inner parts too?

I love getting Brazilian waxes! I’ve been getting them every month for about 2-3 years now, and there is significanly less hair growth. Some months I can even do it myself at home using Surgi-wax. I love it! I can never NOT wax anymore haha 🙂


I definitely think it’s worth going to a professional at least a few times before attempting to do it yourself. Though I think I will leave it up to the professionals myself, LOL.

Surgi-wax is what I used when I waxed myself as well. I think it’s a good option for the at-home Brazilian, if anyone’s wondering 🙂
More info for the curious:
They include (or at least they used to) an oil that stops the wax from sticking to your skin, and which also conditions the skin. The wax is a harder wax, which I think ends up meaning less pain because it holds onto the hairs and takes them right out instead of just pulling at them. It’s not one that you have to use with strips, you just pull on the wax itself once it has cooled and hardened a bit.

Hey Jessie,

I’m overweight, too (weight has always been a struggle all my life!) — just remember and remind yourself that they are the utmost professionals. They consider you a client and want to make sure they’re giving you the service you’ve come for and nothing less. I think of it like my doctor!

Thank you, Christine :]

That’s what I was thinking. They’re professionals and I can’t be the only overweight (I’m roughly an 18-20 in jeans) person coming in. It’s just scary lol

I’m going to be living in the Bay Area soon, so I’ll have to keep this in mind when I get a job and regular income!

I totally understand! I tell myself they’ve seen it all… I am nothing new… they are there to get the job done right & well!

Katherine was really SO sweet and kept me talking that I really wasn’t paying that much attention – I was kind of trying to internalize the whole process, what it entailed, but I didn’t have time to worry about “OMG, does she think I’m gross?”

That and the whole waxing the bits wigs me out lol I just now got into doing my brows. But it has to be better than shaving. Nothing hurts more than knicking your lady bits with a razor. I hate that!

The place is so pretty. I’ll have to add it to my list, and I love that you live in the bay area btw, Christine lol Because I know I’ll be able to find some of the places you talk about (like the container store!) I tried telling my bf about that last night and he was clueless.

I’m glad there are some locals here, too! I find it very cool 🙂

Right now, I’m just SO happy to not have any razor bumps or ingrown hairs. And not be itchy after two days.

Any fave places in the Bay Area? (Shopping, restaurants… whatever!)

Not yet! I’m in WA still, I’m just waiting on my bf to give me the word to move (men are slow sometimes), but I can’t wait. I fly down to see him this weekend for an early birthday (surprise) present. I’ve been scouting places out though. I was there twelve days not even a month ago. I don’t know names of anywhere yet haha, but I suppose it’s a learning experience.

I do know that El Torito is the best mexican restaurant ever! lol My bf took me there, and I don’t know where it is (on some marina) I think its San Leandro or something.

Hopefully he’ll give ya the word soon enough and you can come down to the Bay Area 😉

What a great present to give him, too! Props to you both for doing a long-distance relationship. My boyfriend & I did one for the first two years, and it was sooo hard!

We’re going on two years this August, and it’s getting harder and harder, I tell ya lol Patience is really hard and I know it’s going to happen, I just want it to happen NOW.

Even his mom wants me to move haha

Please don’t let being overweight put you off. They will definitely see lots of ladies your side and much larger! Your size doesn’t need to change anything about you like your femininity, sexyness, beauty, attractiveness etc.
I think so much we let our perceptions of our bodies change who we think we can be as people. We think that because we’re a bit overweight we can’t be these things … especially not something like ‘sexy’ or ‘beautiful’. But that’s just not true. It’s such a limiting way to think, and if you let it take over, it will keep you from lots of the things that you want to enjoy in your life, because somewhere you will be thinking that those enjoyments and pleasures are reserved only for thin women. It’s just not true. I have been caught in this sort of thinking, – it just shrinks your life so that shame and self-hate become more important than love and having fun.

Jessie – please don’t be embarassed about it. To put it bluntly – these people have to look at vaginas all day. The last thing they’re going to notice is a few pounds extra. (I’m sure you’re beautiful anyway!)
By the way, if you do try it… you will feel so sexy! It’s like red lipstick… just less visible, LOL.

No way! That is the EXACT right attitude. I think I will wear MAC Cockney tomorrow as a tribute to both this blog and women feeling sexy, no matter what size!!!! (And smiling inwardly all the time about your tagline :-))

Wow for your first waxing doing the Brazilian is pretty damn bold. I’ve done it twice – I am not huge fan of the way it looks. But props to you for going all out hahahaha

I’ve been shaving it myself for a couple of years now, sooo it was kind of my most desired type of waxing to get, too. I love the way it feels – so soft and clean – but could totally get why others do variations of it!

Totally laughing as I’m reading this! I’m thinking of doing it myself, but I’ve always been a little shy at the SGD60 price tag that comes with it. I’ve had a friend who waxed a butterfly shape in though. Lol!

Great post. I’d be curious to hear a follow-up once you get regrowth. I personally do not wax because I could not tolerate 2 weeks smooth then 2 weeks hairy. My hair grows fast so I’d spend half my life in jungle mode, lol.

LOL! Jungle mode!!

At $50 a pop, I can definitely see it adding up if you have to go in more often than once a month.

What do you do now?

Gotcha 😉 Definitely give a bikini wax a try. Personally, I get the most ingrowns right around the bikini line, and ow ow ow!

Thank you for writing this post! I’ve always wondered how it feels like to go for a Brazilian wax. I’ve wax/threaded my eyebrows and an epilator for underarms and legs. I think I can handle the pain and was more worried about being embarrassed (and I know you said don’t be embarrassed in your post in bold and caps!).

But now that I’ve read your post, I would definitely want to try it when winter is over (not that it makes it any warmer there hahah!) Thanks so much!

I hope you try it! I think if you can handle the epilator, I don’t think the pain should be overwhelming, though of course we are all different. But based on my experience, the face hurt way worse getting threaded/at-home wax strips, lol. Plus redness afterward – not so cute. (I was floored that there was NO redness or burning or tenderness after the wax at Stript!)

I was actually asking Katherine during the whole sha-bang how often most people came in, and she said she did have some clients that go without in the winter. Reminds me of bears and hibernation for some reason 😉

Hee hee! That’s totally my legs all winter…furry 😛 My boyfriend doesn’t care, but if he didn’t, I’d just roll my eyes and tell him I don’t complain about his, erm, much more abudannt fuzz.

If I did a Brazilian though, I can’t imagine not keeping up maintenance. My skin is hypersensitive so I don’t bother with that kind of thing but just skipping my weekly trim is awful for me…I can’t imagine going bare and not doing the upkeep!


Stript does a Boyzilian, too, which I found cutely named. I keep telling the boy to try a Boyzilian, and he looks at me like I’ve grown about ten heads.

Luckily, my boy doesn’t mind furry legs either. I’m sure he prefers them soft and smooth, but he’s never complained. (Gotta love our boys!) But if he did, I’d just complain about the his beard, LOL.

Hahaha…yeah my guy is self-conscious about hair stuff but never THAT much to want to have it ripped out by hot wax. Go figure! 😛 John also has been growing his beard out…and I just have to resist the urge to say anything because he’s such a saint who seems to think I look perfect no matter how sloppy or hairy I can be 😛 (But men, when in doubt, seriously just keep the beard neatly trimmed, mkay?)

I prefer the clean shaven look myself, if more for the feel than anything else. Otherwise, a little sandpaper-y until it’s fully grown out.

My Dad had a beard for 7 years, and my Mom refers to that period of time “as the worst 7 years of my life!” My Dad’s response? “She said she wanted to see me with a beard!”)

Haha! Yeah, I tend to prefer clean-shaven guys myself. My boyfriend has had a beard since I’ve known him, though, so the few months where he tried out not having one I couldn’t deal…it was too foreign! (Also, he was getting carded. He looks really youthful w/o it.) And he didn’t seem to get that when you’re clean shaven you have to shave every single day or it will be painful to kiss him by dinnertime 😛 So the beard works for him and me even though it’s not usually my thing.

Your parents sound so cute! My dad had a mustache in the 70s (along with his fro that his curly Jewish hair could achieve!) and a few years ago he grew it back, and my mom flipped. His near-baldness and salt-and-pepper hair just did NOT work for that look.

Isn’t it funny how that works out? We’re like “well, I’m attracted to x, y, z” but even though something else comes up, the amazingness of the guy comes through 😉

But yes, you gotta shave everyday to keep that up (which, thinking about my girly bits, sounds frustrating!).

Ahaha! Love that he grew it back, though. Hope you all had a good laugh over it!

Christine, thank you for being SO honest! Not many people have the guts to blog about their girly bits with such honestly and candor. I’ve been wanting to get a wax for ages (I’m a shaver too) and haven’t been able to muster the courage! I just want to go past the Brazilian and get it all gone. 2 weeks is going to be torture for me to deal with, but hopefully it will be worth it! Now, I just have to find a place by me with a comfortable price range (it’s either $20 [yipes] or $80 [too expensive]) of $40-60! Thanks again for your honesty and giving me the courage to at least try!

I know – waiting for the jungle to grow out pre-wax is brutal. I was so itchy! Everyday, I’d look at my razor and long to shave, but patience! it’s a virtue!

Good luck finding a place nearby! $20 makes me nervous, but $80 is painful, too!

I’ve been going Brazilian for a year now – I have a small salon in a small town that I go to, and have a young waxer (she’s younger than I am at least) who has added me to her Facebook. ^_^ It’s not something I enjoy like a pedicure, but I love the end results. I am lucky enough to wait about 6 weeks between visits, which helps on the wallet. They are slightly more expensive here but I’d like to try this place next time I’m in Palo Alto (which is where the company I work for, is located. I live and work from home in Texas)

It’s so great once you find a good place, isn’t it? And lucky you with 6 weeks!! I booked mine for four, but we shall see how jungle-esque things get by that point, lol.

What a small world, too!

This article is so awesome, thank you for sharing an experience that most gals are on the fence on.

I’m a habitual shaver myself, what type of razor did you normally use, if you don’t mind me asking!

Hahaha, I was wondering about the before and after shots! 😀

Still not convinced about the whole waxing your lady bits thing, I wax my upper lip and sometimes my legs, but that’s as far as I’m prepared to go.

You learn something new every day, I always thought a brazilian was just in the areas a bikini might show hair… I guess that’s a bikini wax. LOL
I would love to stop shaving but I don’t trust any local salons 🙁 Maybe I’ll try it before my honeymoon!

LOL! Yeah, I didn’t quite realize just how up (or down… I suppose) they go at first either!

Aww, I hope you’re able to find a salon you like in the future. Where are you going for your honeymoon?

Not sure yet! He’s living in England atm waiting on his marriage visa, so we can’t make any plans. Wherever it is, there will be a beach and I’m kinda liking the idea of at least 2 weeks hair free! We’re hoping he’ll be here by August if the Embassy likes us and hurries up 🙂
I think I’ll give it a go — I was hesitant also because I know how to do mine and like it a particular way, but I guess if I go in with 2 weeks of regrowth, they can still tell how I maintain it and copy it? lol it’s funny, that’s the same reason I do my own eyebrows!

I’ll cross my fingers for you two so you two can hurry up and have your beachy honeymoon 😉

You can always tell them, too. I am sure they would be happy to have more guidance than none at all!

Wow, thanks for the review! Brazilian waxing is something that I’ve been pondering for many years. I live in Palo Alto, so I could even go to the exact same place. =D

Now I’m so tempted to ask you for reviews of other sorts of salons in the area, like places for pedicures (I’m so self-serving). *grin*

Ooh, yay! I definitely recommend Stript. I’ve been telling EVERYONE I know (locally) about it.

Is it terrible that I’m so infrequent about manis/pedis? I think I get one or two a year :O

Do you have any recs for fun places, salons, restaurants in Palo Alto? Always looking for new places!

Sorry for replying so late! I’m a bit of a homebody, but there are a few places i love going out to:
Book Buyers, because they always have something cheap to pick up for reading.
Fuki Sushi is my favorite “fancy” Japanese restaurant.
Right by it is Sushi Tomo, which is my favorite casual Japanese restaurant. (It’s also really close to where I live.)
Also right by there is Tofu House, which has huge quantities of delicious food.
Cafe Borrone is a nice dessert place, which I go to a lot because it’s right next to Kepler’s books.
I do lots of crafty stuff, so I have my favorite yarn, paper, bead, etc. stores, but those aren’t too interesting if you don’t do that sort of thing. (I love colors; playing with all the colors/textures in spinning, knittting, weaving, crochet, and origami is great fun; makeup is another fun color toy!)

I bought my own home waxing kit a few months ago because I’m fanatic about hair removal EVERYWHERE on my body. I wax my arms too. It took a few practice sessions where my skin got damaged from the wax overlap, but I gotta admit, I think I’m doing pretty dang good now. I’m still shaving my female area though– I’m just scared silly about doing it myself. My man has tried to convince me to just go get that area done professionally, but I’m trying to get past the “I spent this money on a home waxing kit just to STILL go pay someone else for it” mindset!

I tried an at-home wax kit on my girly bits, and I pretty much wanted to die. I was on the floor, crumpled up, crying because all I wanted was the product to be off.

I would TOTALLY recommend getting it done professionally at least one – if only so you can see how it’s done, lol!

Just think, you’re putting the wax kit to good use everywhere else 😛

Great post, Christine! I’ve always been curious about Brazilian waxes ever since I was 13 (I read an article about them in my mom’s Cosmopolitan magazine…LOL. I’m 20 now, btw). I only wish there was a Stript location in Georgia 🙁

For a lot of salon/spa stuff, I use Yelp! a lot, and I’ve had pretty good luck overall. I always look for places with more reviews and check the dates of the reviews, too. If you have a trusted hairstylist or friend, you could also ask them for any recommendations, too 🙂

If you like waxing, you should try Sugaring/Sugar Waxing! It’s an amazing alternative to waxing, but is made of natural ingredients (2 cups sugar, 1/4 cup lemon juice, 1/4 cup water) that you can make at home. You don’t even need cotton strips, you can wax the hair off with the paste itself! Plus, it has no resins or unnatural ingredients in it like wax does, so it only adheres to the hairs on your body and pulls it off rather than to the skin! I also feel it’s mush less painful than waxing and it is safe for anywhere on the body! (yes, you can go Brazilian too!) I made my first batch yesterday and was amazed by the results! No more waxing or shaving ever for me!

Here is the video tutorial I followed: (Part 1) (Part 2)

Thanks, Diamond! I will look into it!

I know Katherine was telling me about the wax that she uses at Stript and how it doesn’t stick to the skin, but the hair itself.

I’m a bit concerned that sugaring would be a bad idea for doing a Brazilian because sugar + ‘lady bits’ do not mix. They are the first half of an equation that ends in yeast infections for many women.

Actually that’s not true. For most part of the year, I live in Paris and when I’m here, I go to a Turkish beauty institute and have my Brazilian done. Instead of using soft wax and hard wax, they do sugaring. Before the actual epilation is done, they give you a “wipe down”. Then they remove the hair and after that is done, they give you a baby wipe to remove excess traces of the caramel (which is actually edible). This is then followed by a sort of fleur d’orange-based oil that soothes the skin. This place is genuinely Turkish and even though I’m not Turkish nor Middle Eastern nor North African, it seems that this is how thousands of women get it done there. I think if done hygienically, infections are unlikely. To be honest, I’m more concerned about going to a European salon and getting waxed because I don’t know if they double-dip. I know that when I do sugaring, they use only one lump of caramel and that lasts through the whole procedure. There’s no double-dipping whatsoever. When I’m not here, I do Brazilian waxing in other countries, and so I’m familiar with both waxing and sugaring. In my opinion, sugaring is more gentle on the skin than wax.

I guess it must be removing the sugar really thoroughly that helps prevent getting a yeast infection.I would still say that if you’re prone to yeast infections, you should avoid anything containing sugar (or anything that’s essentially sugar such as glucose, or honey) in the vaginal area. This includes some lotions as well as many lubes unfortunately!

woww finally someone opened up and talked about one of the most important issues of being a girl 😉 hehe…i just wanted to to ask what a PFB is? also what do u do about ingrowns on the bikini line as im soo sick of them!!! love ur posts..u rock!

It’s a product! It’s called PFB Vanish, and Stript had it as one of the products (which they don’t push at all!) to help with ingrowns, and I bought it (I believe it was $20 for 4 oz.). So far, so good! I’m REALLY prone to ingrowns, but I haven’t had any yet.

Funny, I find shaving my underarms or shaving down there far more painful than waxing. Geez, waxing my legs hurts more than a Brazilian! lol Yep, once you start doing it, it becomes a habit because it feels nice and neat, not that there’s anything wrong with natural, I just prefer it this way. I find that doing breathing exercises helps with the pain during waxing because focusing on your breath distracts you from the pain and keeps you relaxed (tense = more pain).

I haven’t waxed my legs, but I’m not surprised! Seriously, getting my upper lip threaded was the most painful hair removal experience on my life. STREAMING TEARS.

I love that you posted this! I imagine it’s great information – You’re like the queen of bad-ass reviews. But I admit I skimmed this one a little. First I started to blush, then felt like I just accidently walked into the ladies room – Skipped down to read the first 10 or so comments, and then decided I should leave you girls be. LOL!

When is Shaun coming back again? Haha! I’m going to go… Change the oil in my car or something. LOL!


I was wondering if you were going to a) read this at all b) pop by anyway. Unless you want to try a Boyzilian and come back to tell us how it was, of course 😉

I KEEP ON HIM! I’m going to prod and poke (literally) him about it today. Change the oil, grill some steaks…

My best friend has been getting brazillians for years, and I was always just too afraid to get it done. Last month, I caved in and went with her, OMG! amazing experience. It wasn’t painful at all, in fact, I think waxing your eyebrows hurts worse! I’m actually going again on friday, just in time for 4th of july! 🙂

Congratulations on finding your method of hair removal! If Brazilian is so 90’s, then I guess shaving is so 1950’s! I’m blonde and lucky that all I need is MOOM from drugstore for my legs and a razor with Noxema for the facial areas. The epilator for the face was absoloute torture!! Again, good for you for finding what is good for you!

This was a very useful & informative post, as was the Q & A following it; thank you, Christine, for addressing the subject so thoroughly. I actually had questions answered that I wouldn’t really feel comfortable asking a girlfriend. Now, here’s a couple of potentially TMI question for you and/or your readers. I do get nasty semi-ingrowns when I shave the bikini line, which look yucky in a bathing suit. I’m not the hairiest person and I am also 52 years old; how weird looking is that…ahem…area without its usual foliage (i.e. do you look like a 10-year-old or is it just sort of natural-looking) and does anyone know if it itches (like shaving regrowth does) as the hair is growing back in, prior to the followup waxing?

Hey! 🙂

I would probably look into some treatment products to prevent or help treat ingrown hairs. Right now, I’m liking the PFB Vanish I picked up, but prior, I’ve used ShaveWork’s Cool Works or something like that with some success but not 100%. Regular exfoliation is also key in preventing ingrown hairs – I use a very fine scrub (like Kiehl’s) or a wash cloth every other day.

You know, I don’t find it pre-pubescent at all. I still have big hips, boobs, and my no-longer-12-year-old-skin, so it really doesn’t look bizarre to me. I think I really appreciate and enjoy the way it feels – soft and clean. At least it always looks neat… LOL.

It’s been only a week for me, so I can’t chime in yet for fuller growth, but so far, not a single itch, a couple of hairs coming through (which likely has more to do with all the shaving I’ve done – which makes it difficult to pull *all* the hair out by the root, since some of it is in another cycle – there are three growth cycles, apparently!). And I do mean a couple. Like two poking through.

PFB Vanish is good stuff. I’ve been getting brazilians for 3 years, year round. It doesn’t faze me at all in terms of pain. It’s mildly uncomfortable for a brief moment, and then it’s gone. Having said that, I apparently have a very high tolerance for pain, so that should be considered. Yay for you, Christine!!!

I’m happy with it so far! *crosses fingers*

Yes, it’s very quick and fast, and really, it’s not nearly as terrifying as it seems! I have higher pain tolerances in certain areas (like my mouth, from having braces for 10 years and multiple extractions growing up), not sure if my girly bits are included in that. My upper lip is apparently totally sensitive, though, lol.

I’m Brazilian and I always laugh with this “Brazilian Wax” 🙂 Is that we use smaller bikinis, so we have to wax more parts (some people wax “other” parts also, but I don’t like it)

I used to wax some parts (like legs) and shave others, but since I discovered laser hair removal with Soprano XL my life changed! It doesn’t hurt at all and the best: is permanent! I’m on my third session and it’s really working. You could take a look on it.

I’m Brazilian, and I also live in California, but it’s soooo hard to find a good place they do Brazilian wax, most of them charge $65 dollars and they are not even that good. Too bad all the three locations that you mention are far for me, but anyways, Brazilian wax is totally the way to go. They also have the one called “nude” where they remove everything, even the hairs from your anus( I hope I’m not being weird in saying this here) Loved your post Christine.=-)

This post is an embarrassment-free zone, so we can use the names of body parts without worry! LOL!

What do you look for in a good Brazilian wax, Marcela? Kind of like… what’s your checklist to determine if they were good/bad/okay?

I really don’t like the name “brazilian bikini wax”.
In Brazil we call “virilha cavada” that is something like “bottom crotch”. The name is a lot more graphic than “brazilian wax”.

I usually one month do a brazilian wax and the next month just a normal bikini wax because the bottom part grows more slowly… and you can save a few dollars.

I was thinking what we would look for in a good waxing… I like when there’s no talk, disposable panties… There’s a place here in Rio de Janeiro, Pelo Menos (Less Hair), that it’s really good and what I really like is that they put the wax fom top to bottom of your crotch at once and pull it out at once. It’s more fast and I really think it’s less painful that way, then they do a more delicate part and the deep bottom… Other places put the wax at small areas…

My english is not very good and i don’t know if i made myself clear…

Honestly Christine, one big turn off for me it’s when they live hair behind…that is the worst. Once I went to this place next to my house and it was $65 dollars, and the girl left a lot of hairs, I only realized that when I got home, so I had to pluck them. So make sure you check before you live(some places give you a mirror) so you can see if all the hairs are removed. Also I think its important for you to know what kind of wax they are using and the most important if they are using the same stick to dip in the wax, they should always use a different stick, I always check that, and fortunately never had a problem. And also checking their reviews online are always helpful and if the place is clean, and I also like when they have disposable panties, some people think those are useless, but I like it…LOL

You should get your underarms done, I do it, because unfortunately I can’t shave, I get an awful allergic reaction to it, so waxing is the way to go…LOL Your underarms last around 1-2 weeks, and when the hair grows back it’s much thinner, also I hate when they use the honey wax, I like the hard pink one, I think that one works much better.

Sorry for the long text…LOL =-)

Hey Marcela!

Katherine actually went in and used tweezers to pluck some of the baby hairs that weren’t long enough to get waxed (since I shave, the growth cycle is all over the place) – it felt so meticulous! She also made sure to show me all the sticks she had and explain how they never double-dip and that is a huge no-no to look out for.

You totally know your waxing stuff 😉 I will have to think about getting underarms done! I shave everyday, but I don’t have any reaction (no bumps, ingrowns, etc.), luckily!

You don’t have to… I took it, personally, as a precaution, and I doubt I’ll take it next time (as my experience showed me I should be fine without).

This post helped me out a lot hahaha, I’ve always been curious. I usually shave but the thought of brazilian is somewhat in the back of my head a lot, & my university is in the carribean. My house is right on the beach, so I’m always out on it. & this means… frequent shaving, which is a complete HASSLE for me. So I feel like when I go back, I’ll be able to withstand those local salons if I just start out now! I got laser hair removal on my underarms and upper lip, which were actually “college acceptance” gifts from my mother… but the upper lip alone costed $1400! I don’t even want to know the total, all I know is that I’m SO thankful to my mommaaa. 🙂 [I actually immediately asked for it after waxing my underarms for the first time… my arms i can take, but my underarms?! OMG.] & I think that’s why I’m sooo scared of trying this out, because they’re both sensitive areas with the “REALLY unwanted hair” you know? Ah, maybe some day I’ll suck it up. Hahaha, for now, I’ll just go on shaving until I get the gutssss.

Ooh, I’m so glad it helped you out, Niki!

Yes, shaving regularly is a hassle, and for a lot of us, painful!

Your mother is a star. What a sweet treat to give you 🙂

Thanks for your candor and willingness to discuss this… I’ve always been curious about this, but never brave enough to do it. Now if I can just find a professional place like Stript in my area, I may just go for it 🙂

thank you for this post Christine. I’ve always been too intimidated and self-conscious to even consider a brazilian wax. This sounds silly, but if I am honest, I think I always thought of it as something younger, thinner woman do. I have a very very hard time shaving, (I have tried new razors, hydrocortizone, etc. but ouch.. )

Also, the unknown factor came into play. Knowing more details of the process, I think might let me get the guts to try this. I sure as heck would feel more confident if I had this done, I believe.

I love that there are women here honest and mature enough to talk about it without getting all wiggy about it.

Thank you again Christine!

Oh, Jody! I hope that you’ll try it or consider trying it now 🙂 If shaving is difficult, waxing may be a good alternative for you.

I agree, though — not knowing all the details made me a little antsy! And I think some of the horror stories and the jokes about the pain always make you leery, too.

Ok you have quite possibly convinced me to check out the Oakland or SF shop…I have never had anything other than my brows waxed so I am a little nervous, but you made it sound not too bad!

I’ve also only shaved there and ingrowns are a nightmare, I didn’t think there were so many girls out there with the itchyness of the day after. Isn’t that horrible? You go through all that trouble and it stays cutsey for a day then the wrath of the vagina begins! Itches for a week straight.

I have extremely sensitive skin so do you think going in for a normal bikini wax to try it out first is good? Just to see how the skin around that area reacts to hot wax.

I wish I was still friends with a college chick who made me go in with her to her gyno visit -_- (this girl was terrified I mean she had taken a few valium beforehand and was still fainting/sweating – and it wasn’t her first time either. I’d ask her for payback time!

If I swing by CA I’ll ask you to meet me before hand and give me a pep talk (and maybe some valium) yes? =P no need to hold my clammy hand in the room though! I’m a grown up now LOL!!!

I can get a little itchy by the next day when I shave – usually I get about 1 day of smooth, niceness, then 1 day it’s like 5 o’ clock shadow and minor itch, and by day 4, it’s an itch-fest.

I would definitely recommend doing a test patch and of course, talking with your esthetician about how you’re sensitive and all that. I think by discussing it with them, it will put you more at ease, and it will also allow them to do their job even better.

LOL! I can certainly dod a pep talk!! 🙂

Oh my goodness! This is perfect timing for me…I’m getting my first ever full leg and Brazilian done tomorrow morning! Thankyou so much for this…I’ve been freaking out about it. I’ve actually arranged for my best friend to bey designated driver because I’ll be doing a couple shots before I go lol 🙂 this definitely put my mind more at ease though!

Kudos to you Christine for talking about this in detail, i’m sure it helps a lot of people wanting to try waxing. I would just like to say to those who remove body hair for someone else’s sake; don’t. Do it only if you want to. Noone has ever noticed or disliked any type of hair on my body, I even dare say most seem to prefer hair to bald to be honest.

I agree – do it for yourself. I definitely do it because that’s the way I like to be and wouldn’t shell out the $ if it was purely for someone else!

I’m 22 now and I’ve been doing this periodically since I was 17. Whoever said that you’re hooked after your first time is right. I feel uncomfortable if I go too long without a Brazilian and I actually look forward to going!

Haha! It’s so quick, too – I told the boyfriend we’ll make a lunch date out of it next time, since he can wander around for 15-20 minutes while I’m getting spruced up, LOL!


I’m not nearly brave enough to do anything wax related down there, but have gotten my eyebrows done for years.

Did they use hard wax? I think that kind of wax is much less painful than awful strip wax that makes you all read and in pain.

I can’t remember – but I know Katherine explained to me that they use a high quality wax that’s designed to stick to the hair and not the skin, so it’s less painful than other waxes!

I think hard wax is used on the butt crack and elsewhere it’s soft wax. But I may be wrong. I know both kinds of waxes are used… at least where I go to get my Brazilian done.

i live less than a mile from here, but i don’t think i would get a brazilian. It costs too much money to maintain and im pretty modest (not the same thing as embarrassed).

I go about every 4 to 5 weeks for brows/underarms. I get them done at the same time. Doing it has made my underarm hair finer/thinner in texture, and seems like less is growing.

It’s actually not too bad. Though when it gets to the point that I’m like EEK I gotta go, I’ll go in early or whenever it’s bugging me, rather than waiting.

I have sensitive skin, and I no longer have the part of my arm that rests against the armpit red or irritated anymore, since the hair that grows back is all soft and not sharp/stubbly.

Thank you so much for being mature, professional and brave enough to do this post. I have learned a TON from both your post and all the questions/comments from all over the globe. Very helpful info and I really really appreciate it!! Kudos girl!! THANK YOU!! 🙂

OMG I can’t believe those high prices. Here is a lot more cheaper. With 15$ you can have a complete wax, legs, arms, intimate areas…but if you wanna go to the best salon it will cost about $30. I’ve been waxing since I was 17 and I never shaved or apply creams. Waxing is the best solution….with time you can see the effects…hair will be very rare.:) Anyway here we have very high prices for the makeup products but at least waxing is cheap. 🙂

Hey, waxing can add up! I’m only willing to pay for Brazilians, since I don’t think I’d ever feel comfortable doing them myself!

I really want to try this, but I feel like I’m too young and that it would be weird because of that (I’m 19). I see some women on here started when they were young, so it’s giving me some courage!

Waxing is nice and did do it for quite a while but for me it was unbelievably painfull and i kept getting ingrown hair, especially at the bikini…Then i decided to take the big step and have laser hair removal on legs and full bikini.I can say with confidence that it is the best desicion i’ve ever made-after one year of treatments (once every 10weeks) i am almost entirely hair free! It is pricy and not entirely painfree (although i use a local anesthetic)but totally worth it:)

I have always heard positive responses from going for laser hair removal — so it’s great to know that the money paid off!

Just a quick question while in this topic. Do you know of anything that can be applied to like under arms in the case they have darkened because of shaving? Is there anything at all?

I love it by the way very informative! 🙂

I replied to someone else about IPL (intense pulse light) which is a kind of permanent hair removal method. I actually starting doing this when I was 16 because the shaving was making my underarms dark. In fact it was my parents who sent me to get IPL done on my underarms, and as I’ve mentioned, IPL zaps the hair follicle and also lightens skin pigmentation at the same time. I think that’s really the only way to lighten the dark areas and it’s really noticeable after the first time. Before you do your IPL, they’ll shave the area of the hair, then they do the zapping, and a few days later, you’ll see new hair growth and these will fall out on their own (if you pull them gently, they fall out! It’s kinda fun and entertaining when you’re bored on the can. TMI =P). After this, you’ll see that the area is a lot lighter. And the new hair that comes out maybe 2 months later is a lot finer than what it used to be. It takes at least 6 cycles for people to get to minimal hair growth but I recommend going to a doctor instead of beauty salons that offer IPL. I suspect that beauty salons that offer IPL actually have weaker systems and it takes A LOT more times to get to 0 growth than at a doctor’s. I started out with a place that specializes in hair removal (a lot like Stript actually) but it was getting way too expensive and it simply wasn’t as efficient as it should be. I ended up going to a doctor’s instead, which was cheaper (no packages to sign) and he confirmed that aestheticians have less intense systems for safety reasons (to avoid burns, though I guess that depends on the country you’re from. I don’t live in the US).

I personally wax my upper lip, but I have always gotten my eyebrows threaded! And to be honest, for me waxing hurts more because its been 4 years that I’ve been threading my eyebrows, I guess I’m use to it. But I also hate the ingrown hairs I get from shaving. I would love to get a brazilian done, its just so dang expensive!

Do you have your upper lip done or do it yourself? I just shave my upper lip now – mostly because waxing and creams were irritating the area so much that I couldn’t do lip swatches for days on end, lol!

Yes, it can be a very pricey habit!

“and there are certainly no before-and-afters to be found here” *LMAO* You crack me up, girl. Thanks for this post. It was very informative and helpful, especially considering I want to get one as well. But once a month (or more, yikes)… not sure the embarrassment and price tag are worth it. You put my mind at ease when it comes to the pain though. I find it hard to believe, but I have heard it really does not hurt several times from several different ladies. So I believe you! 😛 I was debating an at-home kit first, just to see if it had decent results. Guess you can’t do an at-home waxing kit review now! 😉

Get it done first, I swear! OK, if you are just doing bikini (the sides), fine! But if you’re going for the gold… get it done professionally. I attempted once with an at-home wax kit 3 years ago, and I was on the floor, crying, in the fetal position. From both pain and frustration.

Thanks for sharing!!! I shave/use depliatory (sp?) pretty regularly. Have thought about waxing but the embarassment factor (and to some degree the pain!!!) the has prevented me.

i go to stanford and haven’t really looked at salons and waxing options around here… maybe i’ll try them. i’m just afraid of the pain 🙁

Aww! It is pretty quick, and the pain didn’t linger. I really found the pain very, very tolerable – I’ve brushed my hair and had more pain, LOL!

Thanks Christine!

I’ve been thinking about trying this, but have always been a little hesitant. Well, and lazy. Got no one to show my girly bits to! I’m sure once I try it, I’d like the results, but it’s also a bit expensive.

Ahaha! I understand laziness. I always have to book appointments in advance and as soon as I leave, or else I will forget to make one.

As a Brazilian, I found hilarious the adjective became famous for crotch waxing! Anyway, I did it once and found very painful (oddly enough, I have tattoos and they didn’t hurt at all, I main it was very tolerable) so I guess it’s very subjective. Also, it has a lot to do on how ease do you feel, I was totally embarrassed and ashamed and naturally it makes the experience more unpleasant. Thanks for your account Christine 🙂
But thanks