Friday, March 7th, 2008

Lancôme introduces the must-have lipstick shade of the season! Color Fever Shine in Pixel Pink is the fourth installation of the Pout-à-Porter series of limited-edition lipsticks created exclusively for the runway by renowned makeup artist Gucci Westman. Westman collaborated with Fashion Designer Thakoon to create a beautiful sheer raspberry shade, which was worn by all the models during Thakoon’s Fashion Week Spring 2008 fashion show.

Pixel Pink is a gorgeous shade of pink with just a touch of mauve/plum in it that keeps it a toned down, subtle shade of wearable pink for just about anyone. It applies sheerly, but it can be built up for more color pigmentation (which is what you see on my lips). It has a nice glossy sheen, and it wears well throughout the day. I like the Color Fever Shine range, because they feel really moisturizing and smooth on the lips, like you aren’t even wearing lipstick. The only downside is the price ($25.00), which is steeper than my usual go-to lipsticks are. Nonetheless, I still think this is a more universal pink, which makes it worth taking a peek at if you can.

Available at, as well as Lancôme Boutiques, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman.

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40 thoughts on “Lancome – Pixel Pink Color Fever Shine Lipstick by Thakoon Review

  1. I love it! I think the color looks great on you. I am definitely going to be ordering one this weekend, I hope it looks as good on me as it does on you!

  2. Hey Christine,

    Great review! I have almost ordered this a few times, but I keep balking at the price, especially when you add shipping to Canada. Is there a good MAC dupe?


    • Hey Critty!

      Boo shipping! I lucked out, because I didn’t want to pay shipping either (even in the US), so I went to the Lancome boutique here.

      I can’t think of one off hand. A reader mentioned that Plink! looked the same on them, though.

    • evo

      where have you tried ordering the lipstick? i’ve tried ordering on the US site and they only accept US addresses

  3. I just ordered this last night! Great minds think alike :) I’m looking forward to it….

  4. evo

    it’s not available in canada!

    will lancome ship them?

    • Hey Evo!

      One reader mentioned that shipping to Canada was expensive–so maybe they do ship to Canada? I looked on the Canada site and didn’t see it, but maybe the US site will ship it.

  5. Tekoa

    No Canadian love? How sad! I think its a very pretty pink, but a little too expensive. Plink! does the same thing for me.

    • natasha

      is plink really the MAC equivalent to this colour? i need to get me a tube then.

    • I sent Lancome a question asking about it. One reader commented that shipping was expensive to Canada, but I couldn’t find it on the Canadian site.

  6. lisa

    When i first saw the lipstick i thought it was too bright but after i saw it on your lips i have to say that i love the color and would buy it for sure.

  7. I have been debating whether to get this lipstick or not. I love pinks, but most are quite similar. Thanks for the review. I might have to buy it now.

  8. Hm… I bought this same lipstick, but mine is a darker pink, more raspberry, shown here:
    How come ours differ so much in color? I don’t get it…

  9. Carrie

    I’m in love with this lipstick. I ordered it a few weeks ago, but Lancome messed up my address, and so the package was delivered to my local post office, lingered there for a day without me knowing about it, and then was returned to the Lancome warehouse. :(

    Now I’m waiting to see if they can get it back out to me, correctly…oh, Pixel Pink! Please come home!

    • Ohhh, I hope you get it soon Carrie. Let me know how you like when you get it in person!

      • Carrie

        OK, so it’s weeks later at this point and noone will read this, but whatever, I FINALLY got it in the mail, and it’s GREAT. Totally worth it. I know it was designed with tan skins in mind, or so the designer says, but on my paleness it still looks really great, much more flattering than any raspberry or true pink I’ve tried.

        • lol, Carrie! Nah, people DO come back occasionally, especially when they’re looking for something specific :)

          I’m so glad it worked for you AND it was worth the wait!

  10. Mary

    I’d check it out. $25 is steep but that color really photographs well. Yummy!

  11. What a pretty colour! The packaging looks pretty too. I’ve never bought a Lancome lipstick but I might give this one a try. I wanted to buy MACs Pink Nouveau which seems to be a similar shade but I think Nouveau seems to be a little brighter. Does anyone own Nouveau?

    • I agree – I love the fancy packaging :) I also think it’s GENIUS that Lancome changes the color portion of the lipstick tube to correspond to the color family.

      Oh god, Pink Nouveau was WAY too bright for me and it made me look really bad!

  12. May

    It looks gorgeous on your lips! Can you post a pic of your lips au naturale or with clear gloss for reference? Thanks!

  13. jennica

    pixel pink looks great on you! i bought this when you posted the video from youtube on your blog. you’re right when you say the only downside is the price but it’s well worth the 25 bucks!! plus, the packaging is sweet! (there’s even a mirror on it!) i usually wear it alone but when i go out i put fuchsia pigment from MAC over it. i’m not too sure if i can put pigment on my lips but the color turns out very very cool. thank you for posting this up on your site!

    • Thanks! How great – I’m so glad you bought and love it!! I love the packaging of Lancome lipsticks, because you can easily identify color families by the colored container

  14. kontaisa

    It looks gorgeous on your lips
    i want that one sooooooo bad

  15. Carolina

    I am seriously in love with that colour!

  16. lala

    oh my!! I ran out to get the 3N because of you!! lol even thought it was cool on my warm skin I applied a tiny dot of “dewy jube” l/g on my lips and it was perfecto!!

    so def. getting this next trip.

    one question I mention the BPB powders I was getting which are alot!!!!!! lol…

    1. are you depotting your beauty powder blushe???

    2. I was thinking not to get the 2 that states they have sliver in it because I was thinking that would leave me ashy looking since I have a permanet “dancing with the stars” tan lol. am I right?? thanks.


  17. Amy

    I visited Chicago yesterday and picked this up at Nieman Marcus. I love the color but mine looks a lot brighter and plummier on me. It reminds me a bit of the new Blue Raspberry lipstick (the creamy, long last version) from Bobbi Brown. Both are pretty, everyday pinks.

  18. very nice color looks nice on you.

  19. Nes

    I have been looking for this color for a month and everyone tells me it is discontinued….booo! Where can I cop this in Los Angeles???

    • Oh, no, Nes… It is limited edition. You may want to check the site to see if they have additional stock, or call up one of the Lancome boutiques in the US to see if they can ship you one if they still have them left!