Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Lancome Chris & Tell Lipstick

Lancome Chris & Tell Lipstick

Have you managed to get your hands on this year’s coveted Lancome designer lipstick? First it was Proenza Pink, and this year, it’s Chris & Tell. Chris & Tell was designed by Chris Benz and comes on the luxuriating L’Absolu Rouge formula. It’s sold out on Lancome’s website, so those hoping to snag one should call their nearest Saks store to see if they can track one down!

Chris & Tell is an ultra creamy, brightened coral-pink. It’s bright and richly pigmented. The color is so vibrantly coral, it instantly reminded me of summer (not so much spring). The color grabs onto lips and wears well for a solid four hours. The creaminess of the lipstick is just enough to give lips a glossy sheen and comfortable feeling without being too creamy and causing slippage.

Did you snag a Chris & Tell Lipstick?

See swatches and photos!

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79 thoughts on “Lancome Chris & Tell Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. lkvy

    I don’t know… I love Lancome but this looks pretty gross.

    • LOL! I have to agree with you on that. This product has been extremely hyped-up online and in fashion magazines like InStyle, and I feel like it’s a very “Emperor’s New Clothes” situation- a gross color everyone agrees is the “IT thing” but there are so many other prettier colors.

      • Julie

        lol! I couldn’t have said it better myself!
        I was trying to locate this until I saw the photo. Seriously? I think I’ll find another shade for spring!

  2. Jenn

    omg, I was just trying to hunt this down last night!

  3. Nathania

    I’ve been calling everywhere for this!!!!! Lancome boutiques are supposedly getting another batch, but the one by my house is completely sold out. I called a few Saks, but those women were sorta snooty. I really want it. I wanted it a little too late :(

  4. KaylaK

    I managed to talk to Saks and snag 2 of them, should be here early next week! :)

    • Minaxi

      OMG! which Saks did you call? i’m looking for this lipstick and LOVE coral/peachy shades and so badly want this!!

    • KaylaK

      Well to update everyone apparently when I ordered through the live chat they didn’t complete my order and when they tried to it was all sold out by that point. Needless to say I’m alittle angry because when I went to order the first time they sent me 2 of the wrong shades but oh well I’ll live without it.

  5. Heather

    pass. Not my favorite. Definitely not of good quality.

  6. Jenny

    I don’t know, I expected this lipstick to look much better :/ It probably wouldn’t work well with my cool skin tone anyway.

  7. I love this! It’s such a pretty coral. I think people might think it looks worse than expected maybe because you applied it quickly?

  8. Jenn

    Christine, would you say this is more or less comparable to YSL’s Rouge Volupte Lipstick in Peach Passion?

    • I haven’t seen Peach Passion, sorry!

      • Samantha

        Didn’t you own Peach Passion at one point in time? It’s in your post about Rouge Voluptes from back in 2008.

        I think I missed out on this color, sadly. It’s very interestingly pretty.

        • Peach Passion isn’t the new one? LOL, if it’s from forever ago, then I should still have it. I don’t remember it being half as bright as this, though – much more like a creamier, lighter color. I went back and looked at the post, and it’s similar, but it’s not as bright or as orange-y coral. Similar, though!

  9. Diane

    Sorry, but I really don’t like the color!

  10. Shannon

    I really like this colour!!!!! :)

  11. Gina

    Hey Christine! Would MAC Razzledazzler (Raquel Welch) lipstick be a good dupe, if you have it? Any dupes if not? Thanks!

  12. Mascha

    Does MAC have anything, that would come close to this colour?

  13. Casey

    OMG! I want this color! It looks so much like the color Victoria Beckham is wearing on the March Cover of Glamour. Does anyone know of a good dupe for Chris & Tell or Victoria’s Lip Color?? Must Find Out!! lol

  14. The problem with this is the formula – Lancome lipsticks have that nasty, fake rose scent that I can’t stand.

  15. Miss QQ

    The colour and formula is amazing! Thanks for the swatch. Christine, does this shade have a number to it or only the name?

  16. Anitacska

    I don’t understand what the big hype about this lipstick is for, to me it’s not a pretty shade at all.

  17. Rachel

    I managed to snag one when it was available on the saks site. It is a gorgeous color, but if you are not able to get this shade a very, very similar shade is actually Bobbi Brown Calypso Coral Pot, part of the new Coral collection. For anyone who has been able to buy one recently(within last 3 days), can you tell us which Saks store you called????

  18. Don’t like this color at all, to be honest. Reminds me of MAC’s Virgin Isle cream base and after I tried using it once, I never touched it again.

    • To Brian Kelly, do you still have Virgin Isle? I would LOVE to get my hands on it!! Care to swap or something? Christine thank you so much for all the wonderful posts over the years…you rock!

  19. jenn

    I managed to get one from, but was so disappointed when it arrived in a regular lancome box & not the cute special one I have seen online :(

  20. Another beautiful color for spring :)

  21. nyc_doll

    Christine – this shade is absolutely stunning on you! So perfect for the upcoming warm weather. But since most of us won’t be able to get our hands on this (both Saks stores I’ve been to are completely sold out), can you PLEASE suggest a dupe? I’m really hoping there’s another lipstick that can come close to capturing the brightness, tone, and creaminess of this one!

  22. Espe

    I finally got my hands on 1 last night at Saks and I love love love it. The trick is in the application. You have to apply it with a lip brush and go light with it. There is a tutorial in the Lancome blog I think. The case is also gorgeous. This is a must have for spring and summer.

  23. Lindsay

    I pre-ordered mine in January and I love it! Just for the record, Proenza Pink was from 2007. Since then they have also collaborated with Thakoon making Pixel Pink.

  24. Holly

    Do you apply lipstick straight from the tube, or do you use a brush? And do you use any lip prep beforehand? I ask because you always seem to get such INCREDIBLE coverage, and some lipsticks that you use I also have and it never comes out half as neat as yours =[

    I love your site, it’s my #1 makeup resource <3

    • I apply it from the tube – I only use lip brushes when I do an actual look and it’s a pretty bold color. At the end of the day, I think most of us are too lazy or pressed for time to get a lip brush out every single time we apply lipstick, so I prefer showing the “reality”, LOL. One way to make it neat is to take a q-tip with makeup remover and remove anything on the edges of your lips. You could also do the same with a concealer brush and concealer :)

  25. amy

    That is a very pretty colour, when I saw it in pictures of fashion week, I knew I wanted to get this if it is available in Canada though. I completely forgot about this because I have been joining in in the Olympic festivities instead of shopping. LOL!

  26. margot

    Got my mum to buy it for me back at home :) So when I go back home for spring break, it’ll be waiting for me, yay !!! It’s such a lovely color, and the finish .. superb ! I’ve been waiting SO LONG for the perfect creamy coral, this one is it !

  27. Desiree

    ughh, I want this lipstick SO bad >_<
    But I just called SF Saks and they didn't have it and won't be getting any more of them. Oh well, I was a little too late. l:

  28. Do you think you could do like a look with it! I’d love to see how you’d pair it. Or just some ideas as a reply?

  29. T

    Pretty! Is this a dupe or even close to last year´s Mac Trend Red full stop?

  30. mkdallas

    I’m not really feelin’ the love for this one. It doesn’t seem like the most wearable color for alot of women…maybe because it’s so bright?

  31. I preordered mine way back in the beginning of Jan. and now, having it in my hands, it is totally worth it. I feel like the photos don’t really do the shade justice? Nothing to do with your photography of course :) , I just feel like there’s something that didn’t show it. It’s beautiful. I love mine. (Hate the scent, however…)

  32. Sunshine

    Such a pretty vibrant coral! It very much reminds me of Revlon Moon Drops l/s in Crystalcut Coral 57 (700). It says Frost and comes in a green tube, not sure if it’s still available in stores. Love it but don’t wear it often enough anymore, it’s a bit too loud and extremely bright. I’ve never seen Lancome’s one in real to compare though. MAC’s Victorian l/s swatched very close to this brightness but was much cooler pink and less coral.

  33. Jenn

    Actually, I think MAC’s Red Full Stop would be a close one. Maybe less coral and more red, though.

  34. muffingrl

    this looks very difficult to wear, its definitely not flattering on every skin tone. sort of like a coral-ized pepto bismol =P

  35. I think it looks very nice on you but then again, all lipstick do so it’s not saying much.

    I do agree it’s a much hyped product though, as I was one of the people who go “OMG I need it!” a few months ago by now I (or my wallet) just got suckered into other spring collection and didn’t really try very hard for it because its limited availability.

  36. Alexis

    This is all just hype to me – I know this color would not work at all for my NC42 complexion so it’s a pass.

  37. Jess

    This is such a pretty aunt works at Saks so i will ask her to get me one if its! i loove this :p

  38. Hilana

    Not a pretty colour at all. To me it just looks tacky and ‘fake’. This colour does not flatter a lot of skintones. I think somebody with a darker complection like Christine might get away with it.
    I am sorry that you only showed the lips, Christine. It might have been interesting to see what you did with it with the whole face included.

    • I am on the other hand glad that you show us all these colours at all, lol! I’m amazed at your dedication – and very glad, too! (My wallet says hi and begs to differ, though.) I think it’s a beautiful shade, so summery! But I’m sticking to my Costa chic, I can’t invest in any more lipsticks right now!

  39. Veronica

    I have to disagree with the majority and say this is a beautiful color and one of those that yo must try on. I tried it with the impression that it was not going to be flattering and I could move on but it was gorgeous! I have a dark olive complexion and it looks nice. It provides good coverage too which i love.

  40. Nathalie

    I’m not loving this.

  41. Gina

    Does anyone know if this is similar to MAC’s razzledazzler? I love that color and am always looking for a dupe, although this one is hard to find as well.

  42. Natalia

    I am rather heart-broke ’cause I never got my hands on this lippie…

  43. Only heard the hype, but never saw the colour before and to me the hype is way overrated about this colour.

  44. Minaxi

    I’m not 100% but if you call the Saks in NYC on 5th Avenue, they’re taking orders b/c they’re suppose to get the collection back in. I called Monday morning and gave my shipping/credit card info, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  45. Carrie

    How does this color compare to MAC’s Ever Hip (From the new Liberty of London Collection)?

  46. cheska

    Hi christine! how do you compare this to nars niagara?

  47. Rachel

    Excellent dupe is bobbi brown pot rouge in cabana coral….