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Seventeen magazine and Allure magazine inspire me all the time, foolproof. As for people, Kim Kardashian is it for me, even though she is inspiration for a LOT of people ~

Mainly pictures of celebrities I like. Because I surf so many blogs I always see pictures of celebs looks I want to imitate. Mainly the Olsens, their skin is always so bright and clear yet they tend to really make it grungy with their eye make-up which I love. I love classic clean looks as well like red lips against pale skin and dark eyes. I love really bold contrasts like pale against dark and things that are striking but I prefer to wear them in the day – not just nightime.

My Music!!! I love metal and 60’s hippie rock. If I’m in a metal mood I go for smokey eyes, tons of eyeliner. If I’m in a hippie mood I go for bronzey colors and glossy lips! I love makeup and music!!!

My ‘outfit of the day’ definitely follows my mood, so my makeup reflects that as well. As for overall seasonal makeup trends, I depend on the various fashion magazines I subscribe to to expose me to the newest trends. From there, I go ahead and pick and choose the trends I like best or that I feel work best for me.

Beauty blogs and celeb looks give me new ideas. I also like having a HUGE variety of colors to work with so I can really come up with anything.

I love color and I always try to match my makeup with my clothes. Green and turqouise are always a staple, but lately I’ve been gravitating towards bright pink, red, orange, and gold.

I’ve never really noticed things that are reflect my makeup style, but now that I think about it, I can think of a few. Firstly, there’s music and what I’ve been listening to lately. Next, the weather and where I am going that day. And as for people, all of the amazing beauty bloggers and Youtube gurus really inspire my makeup.

Korean, Japanese and Chinese actresses/artists. Have you seen their skin? Beautiful! And they never use crazy eyeshadow colors or lots of blush. Very natural and clean. Love the flawless look!

Anything, really. SOmetimes I go up to my collection with my music on, adn a song pops up, that makes me thing of something. TWo days ago, I heard Tom Waits singing Somewhere over the rainbow, and thought immediately of the poppy field Dorothy falls asleep in. Voila. Makeup idea. Other times, its just a color I fall in love with and want to see what I can play with that works with it.

Well your site inspires me also allure,elle and seventeen magazine..taylor swift is another one of my inspirations lol.

Youtube tutorials inspire me! I watch a lot of makeup vids and one of my favorite girls to watch is “Makeupbymel”. I love her style & makeup!

My biggest inspiration is definetly lady gaga. I dont really copy her, I just take her advice. I do whatever I feel like that day. Like yesterday I felt sexy… but in a dirty/slutty kind of way. So I did this messy look that was sexy at the same time. My biggest thing I do is DONT follow the crowd or do somthing just because thats what other people do, do what YOU want to do and what inspires you. (dont listen to me im crazy)

I’d say the weather/time of year (Ontario so we have 4 seasons to inspire different moods/colours)…and style wise, pretty much hippie, laid back beachy looks.

I get inspiration from lots of different things. My UD Book of Shadows II inspires me to add a little more colour to my everyday looks. For instance, I’m wearing a green shirt today, so used Homegrown to line my eyes. I get inspiration from you, Christine, from celebrities, from youtube girls, anything!

opening my makeup bag and looking at my makeup, decide what colors I’ll use… some other times all the flowers in my moms garden

Music, movies and fashion that’s at least 20 years old 🙂

My instant “Oh I LOVE that” feelings come from the Mod look in the 60’s (Twiggy, Edie Sedgwick, etc.). Glam Rock from the 70’s (Lou Reed, T. Rex, David Bowie). 70’s and 80’s fashion and makeup (think Kelly LeBrock and Gia Carangi, etc.), and porn films (I can say that right?!) LOL! I love porn star make-up! It’s more than just long nasty fingernails and Pam Anderson lips… Pick up a mag or look at a box cover sometime and you’ll find some well-executed, dramatic, glamorous makeup that would turn any queen’s head 😉

Most people find inspiration in iconic figures and I’m definitely one of those as well, be it Grace Jones or Rachel Welch (I’ll always gravitate to a Grace Jones type first though 🙂 LOL!

Products inspire me and also color combinations in pre-made palettes/duos. And Makeup your Mind by Francois Nars. I love this book!

Raquel Reed, model and singer, is a HUGE inspiration to me makeup wise. She always has some amazing things she creates with makeup, I hope to be as good as her one day. But for myself I love products, they inspire me to get creative and use this $20-50 thing I just bought and have fun with it. Nature is another thing thats just like wow…I’ll never be as good as it but Im going to try. =) Great question

Can you tell me if the pigmentation in the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks is good enough to be used on the eyes? Will it show at all? Is it ok to use it on the eyes…also with no glitter falling all over? THANK YOU!

Hi Miriam,

The Shimmerbricks are designed to be used on the eyes and cheeks, so I think you’re OK there. I found them pigmented enough, but I would use them over a base to help with both making the colors pop and minimizing fall out.

I’m quite often inspired by celebs like Mariah Carey, who tends to keep her make up natural with neutral colours which is what I love. I would love to see a mariah tut 🙂

Dita Von Teese and Gwen Stefani are my fashion icons and I take make-up cues from them as well. I don’t do the heavy black eyeliner but I do like a bold lip for a retro feel.

I always look at magazines for pictures of celebs for inspiration. I love Taylor Swift, because of her awesome cat eyes. I also get alot of smokey eye ispiration from Kim Kardashian!! Love her!

Okay so ill be more specific lol! Magazines? US weekly, People Style, Italian Vogue and InStyle. Celebrities: Scarlett Johansson.

My main inspiration will be the outfit that I am wearing, as far as colors I will use goes. Next, would be celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Dita Von Tesse, Bettie Page, I love retro glamour!

My makeup is based off of pinup girls but less intense. Also my eyeshadow always matches the unhuman color in my hair.

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