Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Lancome Always Fuchsia Infinite Luminous Eyeshadow
Lancome Always Fuchsia Infinite Luminous Eyeshadow

It’s Not Always Love With This Fuchsia

Lancome Always Fuchsia Infinite Luminous Eyeshadow ($24.50 for 0.14 oz.) is described as a “metallic pink plum.” It’s a pinky purple with a metallic finish. The amount of pink in this shade is what makes it less dupeable. MAC Butterfly Party is darker, more purple. NYX Violetta is darker. Shades like Urban Decay Fishnet is cooler-toned and more fuchsia.

The Infinite Luminous Eyeshadow is supposed to “stray true for 24 hours without creasing” with a “powder-to-cream texture.” If they sound familiar, they should. Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadows and L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows are both iterations of this type of formula, and it’s not surprising that the three have more in common than not when they’re all owned by L’Oreal (parent).

Always Fuchsia is more one-note in color, which makes it more like the Infallible range. I expected the formula to be nearly flawless, but the color payoff when used dry is incredibly sheer. It really needs to be used damp or wet to achieve even, full color coverage (which is how I applied it to the lid, no base used).  When used dry, even when pressed, it doesn’t seem to bind together well, so it ends up sheer and harder to apply.  There was some fall out during application either way.  It wears well, though–I tested Always Fuchsia for twelve hours, and I didn’t experience any creasing or fading (both over and without a primer).   The texture wasn’t quite as finely-milled as some of the best shades from the Eyes to Kill Intense and Infallible ranges; it was a little chunky to me.

I was personally more than a little disappointed, and I’m wondering if I happened to receive samples of two of the poorer performing shades (because I also tried Enduring Vert, which I’ll review next, and my experience was similar there).  I’m definitely going to see if I can try some of the other shades to see; I hope this one is just one of the misses and the rest are hits (like what Perpetual Purple was for Infallibles).

The Glossover


Always Fuchsia

There are really two points really driven home about this formula: intense pigmentation, incredible long-wear. It wears long and well overall, but the color payoff when dry is sheer.











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Lancome Always Fuchsia Infinite Luminous Eyeshadow
Lancome Always Fuchsia Infinite Luminous Eyeshadow

Lancome Always Fuchsia Infinite Luminous Eyeshadow
Lancome Always Fuchsia Infinite Luminous Eyeshadow

Lancome Always Fuchsia Infinite Luminous Eyeshadow
Lancome Always Fuchsia Infinite Luminous Eyeshadow

Lancome Always Fuchsia Infinite Luminous Eyeshadow
Lancome Always Fuchsia Infinite Luminous Eyeshadow

Lancome Always Fuchsia Infinite Luminous Eyeshadow
Lancome Always Fuchsia/Enduring Vert Infinite Luminous Eyeshadows

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Lancome, Nordstrom, $24.50.

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Any dupes?

MAC Butterfly Party is darker, more purple. NYX Violetta is darker. Shades like Urban Decay Fishnet is cooler-toned and more fuchsia.

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30 thoughts on “Lancome Always Fuchsia Infinite Luminous Eyeshadow Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Kathy

    Thanks for swatching Christine!

    I have these in Continuously Creme and Everlasting Rose. I think the Creme shade is similar to your review – not much color there, although I was not expecting much color from that particular shade.

    The Everlasting Rose performs much better for me in terms of color payoff. It does require a little building to get intense color, but the sales associate told me that was the goal – to be able to get either sheer or intense color.

    Both stay on my extremely oily lids without creasing all day (with a base), so I’m pretty forgiving about having to build the color intensity!

    I’ll look forward to more swatches!

    • I’m happy to hear Everlasting Rose performs better!

    • xamyx

      As I stated previously, I do believe that is the intention of not only this product, but of *all* Lancome shadows. After several years of not buying Lancome shadows, I did again, about 5 years ago, and I noticed they all go on fairly sheer, although they are “buildable”.

      I think we’ve just become accustomed to brands like UD, MUFE, MAC, NARS, etc, that have such intense color. I personally don’t think the sheerness of this product is a design/formula flaw. That said, I still have no desire to pick any of these up, as I prefer the intensity of the aforementioned brands. Lancome used to be comparable to MAC & NARS, several years back, but I think they figured they’d offer something different.

      • Here are all call-outs from Lancome’s description (from their website) — “vibrant color,” “purity of color,” “infinite intensity, “instant eye color,” “highest level of pearl and pigment.”

        • Nadine

          Lol nice try Lancôme … I bought the vibrant purple one with high hopes (I have about 24 GA ETK and 2 infallible a and love the formula so I figured the purple would be just as stunning, but no, it’s dy looks chalky on lids as Christine said, and is overall not a good product with the variety out there. Thank you for all your hard work, I read your blog every day :)

  2. xamyx

    I find Lancome shadows have a tendency to be on the sheer side, in general. I have alot of older shadows that are quite opaque & pigmented, and I hadn’t bought any until about 5 years ago. When I compare the 2 “generations” (for lack of a better term), I find quite a difference. Lancome, in my opinion, was more comparable to MAC, but now I find the shadows to be no better than alot of DS shadows. Lancome went to being my favorite brand to something I don’t really bother with. I don’t feel it’s a quality issue, though, but just a matter of design.

  3. Yellowlantern

    Oh, I’m glad you’ll be reviewing some of this line.

    I was looking at them on the nordstroms website and was really intrigued by some of the colors (and I wondered if they were like GA ETK). I hope some of the others perform better. Thanks for the review!

  4. Looks like the L’Oreal formula is much cheaper with far better payoff, but I can’t think of a L’Oreal dupe for this one.

  5. I like the color and especially like the way you’ve combined it with the blue! Too bad it ends up looking sheer.

  6. LauraR.

    I had high hopes for these, but was waiting for a review. I have a few of the L’Oreal Infallible and I like them, but I’ve gotten some that weren’t as good. Companies seem to do better with golds and metallics and fall short on purples. Perhaps it’s just the nature of the pigment. I expected more from a higher end brand with a pricetag like that, though. As a note, I don’t like having to apply products wet to get good color payoff as a general rule.

  7. Rachael

    I’m loving that it has the option of going on sheer, and the color is really nice. Price point is the issue for me, when the infallible line works so well for half the price.

  8. I love your makeup!
    it’s too bad the quality is not as good as expected

  9. Amy

    I haven’t gotten the Infallible or the Eyes to Kill version, and was excited to try Lancome’s one since they have a color that I actually liked, which was Enduring Vert, I was disappointed when I swatched it since I was expecting something creamier like reviews of Infallible and Eyes to Kill have stated.

  10. Such a shame cos the color is so pretty!

  11. Hannah

    Do these come with a little stopper to press down the product like the Armani and L’Oreal versions do?

  12. Leticia

    Thanks for this review, Christine! I have a soft spot for Lancome, but it seems the overall quality of their eyeshadows is not quite there for the price tag. Your objective reviews are so great to help us save money :)!

  13. Too bad about the poor pigmentation. The way I see it, Giorgio Armani’s and L’Oréal’s are so popular and have such good formulas that if you really are going to release yet ANOTHER variation of the shadow, better make sure to do it right and make it stand out! This one doesn’t seem to do either, so I will pass


    I have this in 2 different colors and wish I had never bought them. They have almost no color payoff like mentioned and are hard to work with. I’d rather use pigments.

  15. VickyM

    I´m impressed with this kind of quality coming from a high end brand like Lancome, I haven´t bought from them in years, but did when I was younger…like 17 or something and I had a good impression about them, it´s sad to hear that the quality of the brand has dropped :( I guess I just have to continue with Chanel, Guerlain and Dior then.

  16. Jade

    I was confused to begin with, as I misread (skimmed haha) the title and thought it was a Loreal product! Did you experience any fallout during wear, Christine?

  17. aurora

    It looks good on you, but I don’t understand why they put the green shade with this gorgeous Fuchsia or did you put it together?

  18. I think I will stick to Loreal for the foreseeable future because I can’t justify the difference in price.

  19. sara

    I bought this color despite your review, and while this color is a bit sheer at first swatch, it applies quite pigmented with a sticky base. This color is amazing on my green eyes! I also bought the taupe and its also beautiful:)