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Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick
Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick

Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick ($19.00 for 0.18 fl. oz.) is described as a “bright crimson.” It’s a neutral-to-cool-toned, medium red with a matte finish. NARS Mysterious Red (LE, $25.00) is similar. MAC RiRi Woo (LE, $16.00) is cooler-toned. NARS Cruella (P, $25.00) is warmer, lighter. MAC Russian Red (P, $16.00) is less matte, slightly cooler-toned. Make Up For Ever #43 (P, $19.00) is less matte. See comparison swatches.

It’s new for spring, and the formula is described as a “long-wear, full-coverage liquid lipstick with a smooth matte finish.” It is also supposed to have “added hydration.” It is intensely pigmented–there is no doubt about that!–and the finish is an ultra matte, so very flat, no shine at all. Because it’s a liquid formula, it initially appears glossy as you apply it, but it quickly dries down to a fully matte finish within thirty seconds or so. You’ll want to avoid pressing your lips together as it fully dries, because it can “stick” if you have your lips closed, which will result in color lifting in any areas that weren’t completely dry. The color applied evenly and smoothly. This shade wears and wears, and as long as you’re not eating anything really oily, it lasts and lasts; on me, it wore a full eight hours and still looked nearly perfect on. I wouldn’t say it’s hydrating, and if you tend to wear glossier, more emollient lipsticks, you may fuss with your lips when you first wear this, as it clings to the lips in the way that liquid, matte finishes do. It seemed a little drying to almost not drying (but not moisturizing).

The Glossover


Underage Red












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Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick
Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick

Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick
Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick

Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick
Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick

Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick
Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick

Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick
Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick

Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick
Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick

Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick
Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick

Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick
Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick

The Makeup Look

On eyes: Marc Jacobs Intro(vert) Eyeliner. On face: Guerlain Parure de Lumiere Foundation, Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Liquid Highlighter (mixed with foundation), Guerlain Les Voilettes Pressed Powder, Tom Ford Lovelust Blush.

The Dupe List: Underage Red

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121 thoughts on “Kat Von D Underage Red Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. C

    Ahhh it’s gorgeous. Nice dupe for LC’s Red Velvet, too.

  2. Why would you call a product “Underage-something”…?

    • There are definitely better names to be used.

    • Kat Von D names have been pretty… offensive. She also used Celebutard for a lipstick and after that one got popular when Sephora was promoting it as a free gift with purchase, it had to be pulled off the shelves.
      Rikki Recently Posted: (Anti-) Valentine’s Day Urban Decay NAKED3 Makeup Tutorial | closed captioned

      • EarlyGirly

        Right, and MAC has an ‘Underage’ and ‘Young Thing’ lip products too. There have been some really awful product names across the board, imho.

    • Veronica

      Oh man, I didn’t even notice the name until you saw that. D: I thought it was “Everlasting Love.” I’m kind of skeeved out now. I’ll take names like Deep Throat and 69 over this any day. o_O

    • Cara

      I agree! I saw the name and wrote about it in righteous indignation on my FB page. It is si gross. I almost commented here, but wussed out because this site focuses on performance and not so much marketing. But what the hell. The name is wrong and there is no way to sugarcoat it.

      • I think we should be able to talk about things like this everywhere – if we can’t, then the brands won’t ever change their offensive marketing. And I’ve found Temptalia a very safe place to give my opinion honestly. :)

        And I agree with all of you. I’m not interested in this brand because of their repeatedly offensive behaviour.
        Plurabelle Recently Posted: Update + MAC lipstick dupes

    • Jules

      It’s not necessarily sexual. I remember not being able to get into concerts when I was a teenager because the venues were 18+ or 21+ and I was said to be underage. Same with “underage drinking,” which isn’t a great thing, but it’s not sexual.

      • xamyx

        I agree with Jules. I remember wearing red lipstick and other things in a feeble attempt to look older to get into certain venues. Even if you look at the “fetish-type” photos/magazines of girls in schoolgirl outfits, they’re wearing bright pink lipstick most of the time, so I doubt the name was imspired by that…

      • Gina

        That’s actually exactly what she was referring to! Kat explained that the name referred to her going out to concerts when she was younger.

      • Veronica

        I’m glad that’s the true intention of the name, but still. I’m surprised nobody in marketing considered how some people would interpret it. :/

        • I bet they know exactly what they were doing. I mean, how could they not pick up the connotations of the word? I find it a bit too convienient for them to have that story so they can pretend they had no misguided intentions and reject the accusations while still maintaining the name and enjoying the buzz it creates. I cannot but think this is a classic PR move.

          • Veronica

            I’m willing to give Kat a pass on this one, though I agree that it probably doesn’t hurt their advertising to get people talking about it. The fact that the line contains a color called Lolita, though? Gross. Very gross.

            • Alla

              I’m not willing to give her a pass precisely because the line contains a lipstick called Lolita. They were released at the same time and stand close together on the display! I’m not going to avoid the line completely because of this, but I won’t be picking up those lipsticks. It just seems like a blatant and cynical attempt to call attention to the brand, since it hasn’t made all that much of a splash. The world would be a way more interesting place if they grasped at publicity by coming up with innovative products…

      • Dominique

        I didn’t saw any problem with this name, I thought it meant it was a red lipstick for girls aged under 18 or 21 😛 But english is not my first language, so it’s interesting to see how people are reacting to it.

    • Kristi

      MAC and NARS have been doing this for years, so I guess it’s nothing new. Even Tom Ford has a product named ‘Lost Cherry’.

  3. WOW! I need this red, it looks gorgeous.I love the über-matte finish, do you know if there will be more colors available with the same finish?

  4. Lucilene

    Just like Outlaw.

  5. Saadia

    The shade is superb. I love these types of reds. It looks so beautiful on u. And ur earrings are super duper cute

  6. I need this product!!

  7. Woah, now this is a very sexy lipstick! The finish reminds me a bit of the Hourglass ones, it’s the perfect matte to me ^^.

  8. Too many beautiful red lipsticks of my dreams. The staying power on this one sounds fabulous! I’ll have to check out this line.

  9. Oooh, love the matte finish and the fact that it has quite a bit of orange in it.

  10. LMM

    What a HORRIBLE name for a product. It actually would prevent me from purchasing.

  11. Ivana

    Christine, I don´t know how to say it, but your lips look almost too perfect with that lipstick on. Really pretty :)

  12. Alix

    Any scent or taste?

  13. I have this color in the lipsticks (it was in a mini set for holiday 2012 I think). Love the color. And I have this formula in a different red. Love that too. These do wear so well! I can’t figure out this brand…are they scaling back or just retiring old products and bringing in new ones? Glad to see you reviewing them!

  14. WOW this is stunning, I really like it! I just can’t go past a matte lip, even when they kill me lol. I tend to pat MAC Lip Conditioner over my mattes, but it doesn’t always work with non-MAC shades. Still… if I ever come across Kat von D, I’ll look this up :)

  15. zainab

    I love how this looks, wish this brand was sold here…

    I imagine many will not like the name however…

  16. keG

    WOW-that is so pretty and dramatic-I love it

  17. Sara

    WOW! This formula looks fantastic! I just checked and they’re sold out of a majority of colors at the moment, I can see why! I’d be curious how some of the other shades perform.

  18. Oooh I’ll definitely have to consider getting a color from this line (when Sephora restocks it, it’s selling out fast!). I love how it looks and I’m a sucker for bright mattes.

  19. April

    Wow, I didn’t expect such a dramatic finish from a liquid lipstick, and I love the color!
    Did you notice an scent to it, Christine?

  20. Oh wow, I love the finish. Looks great on you!

  21. Ammara

    Is it just me or does this have a gold shine to it? Right there in the middle of your bottom lip.

  22. Ammara

    I like this style of taking pictures, by the way. The updo along with minimal makeup really puts more focus on the lip products.

  23. omg, I’m loving it!!! I’m not sure how my big lips would look with such a red lipstick o,o I’m usually afraid of looking strange with a bright color on my lips as they are so plump ._.
    Daniel Recently Posted: sailor-scribbles:

    An Ohara and Rhett Butler.  Animated and…

    • My lips felt/ooked huge to me, haha! Sometimes I think with the super matte finish + crispness of liquid lipstick (around the edge), it happens. I’m sure it’s just us, though, and everyone else thinks it looks great ;P

    • beka

      i have plump lips as well. i used to stay away from vibrant colors, but now i’ve just decided to embrace it. i think it looks good and i get compliments with most bright/dark/bold colors i wear. with large lips, you do kind of have to work on balance though. wearing a color like this and just mascara doesn’t really work for me. i have to do a little more on my eyes.

    • Veronica

      My roommate has very full lips, and she wears shades like this all the time when we got out! She’s balances it with some black eyeliner and little else – lets the lips do the talking! 😉

  24. Jie

    Is this similar to the lime crime velvetines?

  25. Wow..I’m loving this!

  26. Wow, this is really pretty! Now, did you add a shimmer to the center of your lips, or is that just a combination of the color and/or lighting?

  27. How does this compare to the Sephora Cream Lip Stain formula? It seems really similar.

  28. Lauren Schroer

    Looks like a higher end version of the Soft Matte Lip Creams from NYX! I’d really be interested in seeing some more shades of this product, it sounds amazing!

  29. Looks nice on ya, I think it’s too warm for me but I do like the formula!

  30. This is unbelievably gorgeous on u dear :)
    so flawless n perfect

  31. Emi

    Oh wow – that looks fantastic. I have been wanting Stila’s Stay All Day lipstick in Beso which looks verrrry similar. I will probably end up buying whichever is cheaper :)
    Emi Recently Posted: Sally Girl Mini Nail Polish New Shades Swatches & Review

  32. It’s a really pretty shade. It could use a different name though.
    Rikki Recently Posted: (Anti-) Valentine’s Day Urban Decay NAKED3 Makeup Tutorial | closed captioned

  33. Wow – I am very impressed with this! Looks gorgeous!

  34. Quinctia

    The finish looks interesting, almost a leather sort of sheen. Not quite matte, but not too shiny.

  35. OMG! I´ve been obsessed with Kat Von D makeup!
    They´re insanely pigmented!

    About these liquid lipsticks, I´ve heard it´s a new formula. The most beautiful matte lips you could have in your life. ~ drama pause. hahaha

  36. Amy

    So pretty! Love it! Can you tell me what you use to apply liquid lipstick?

    • I would apply it straight from the tube, but if you’re looking for a more hygienic way, I would take the applicator and wipe some on a metal palette, then use a lip brush to apply!

  37. I love how smooth and pigmented this looks! I don’t think my lips will ever be fully in agreement with liquid lipsticks, though – they’re just too drying. Having said that, I can’t say I’ve tried all the ones in existence!

    That name… :-( There are so many awesome, ‘edgy’ names you can give things without straying into Nabokov territory. Urban Decay seems to manage alright, usually.
    Sylirael Recently Posted: Get Your Mage On – A Magical Makeup Collaboration

  38. Veronica

    I love the look and finish of the product. You can never go wrong with a good matte in my opinion. However, I agree with some of the other comments that the name is more than a little off-putting. o_0 I’ll have to give it some thought before consider buying it.

  39. Meg

    The KVD liquid lipsticks are my favorite hands-down. They’re the only ones I can get to last all day long on me (Hourglass and Lime Crime come close, but not quite as long as these, for me anyway!) I just ordered Armageddon. I love the new packaging!!
    Meg Recently Posted: MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Perfect Topping – Fantasy of Flowers Collection

  40. Ade

    I understand some brands just want to use kinky/explicit words for their products, sex do sells, but UNDERAGE just seems soooo wrong in so many level…. (there’s also a shade called Lolita)

    I like the color, not sure about buying it though…. Luckily, I do prefer the one in Outlaw compared to this shade. Oohh, also the one in Jefrree, that’s a one hot—capital H.O.T.— pink.

    BTW, have you tried Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream? They’re not super matte, but it is the most hydrating matte lip lacquer I’ve ever tried.

    • MAC has a lipgloss called Underage as well (it’s been part of the permanent line for as long as I can remember). I do think some of these names should be rethought.

      I don’t think I have tried Bite Beauty’s!

  41. Oh nice! Long lasting formulas and my dry lips arent exactly made for each other though :-(
    Vineetha Recently Posted: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Radiant Magenta Review, Swatches

  42. I need to try one of these very soon! The formula sounds fantastic!
    fancie Recently Posted: MAC Fantasy of Flowers Haul & Swatches

  43. Thalia

    I HATE that name. Sexy or cheeky is fine, but statutory rape jokes are just beyond the pale.

  44. I LOVE that color! Not sure how I’ll like the formula but I’m definitely tempted to try it.

  45. I have Outlaw, Lolita, Backstage Bambi and Jeffree in this formula and love it. It wears really well! I saw the new shades pop up on Sephora the other day and ordered a few. Great swatches :)

  46. Sami

    I have a couple of these colors, and I love the payoff/wear time. BUT, I will say over time, that the formula tends to separate (not a problem after a little shake), and the tube/packaging kind of falls apart. For instance, on both of mine the suction thing (the technical term, right? :D) comes off with the lid, so there’s a ton of product on the wand when you remove it. Turns into a mess when you screw the lid back on, there’s a bunch of excess that gets “squeezed” out, which can leave a big red mess in your bag if you’re not careful!

  47. Elizabeth K.

    This looks like it has an orange undertone on my computer. Is that just how it photographed, Christine?

  48. Irene

    Looove that super matte finish! To my wishlist it goes 😀

  49. now THIS shade is right up my alley! MUST TRY!!!

  50. elena

    this looks like a beautiful color i dont feel like i need another red in my life but its so pretty and the application looks to be easy (the lipgloss form makes it unsanitary i guess but there are ways around it) also maybe its because im not bothered by products that use names like these that could imply sex but i find so many people blowing the name of the product out of proportion you don’t like the name fine call it by its color RED i would find it more offensive if they used words that would offend someones culture or race but a name that literally just says underage and could mean so many different things and at my lovely age of 20 when i saw the name of the product my thought went to everything but something dirty.

  51. Heather

    While I agree that the name chosen for this lipstick is a bit disturbing to think about, I will probably end up buying it eventually just because of how nice it seems to brighten up your skin and make it glow. [: It looks really pretty, and it’s not really like any other reds I’ve seen. That said though I agree with everyone on it’s name having bad implications, however I don’t tend to worry too much about names of products when I buy them. I’m personally more interested in the overall quality of the product.

  52. Lilia

    Hi what is the difference between this one and Stila Beso? Is one warmer or cooler than the other? Which one is brighter or darker? Thanks!