Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

Is there a certain color or product that you’re always buying? Like maybe you own 15 taupe eyeshadows? What are your weaknesses?

Temptalia's AnswerCoral and red lipsticks, green and gold eyeshadows.

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155 thoughts on “Is there a certain color or product that you’re always buying?

  1. marley

    im always buying pink lipglasses , and brown eyeshadows

  2. Katie

    It changes after a while, but overall I’d say that my weaknesses are neutral eyeshadows and foundations.

  3. pink and lime green pigments and eyeshadows! and any lip products with glitter or anything w some sort of holographic effect

  4. Matte pink lipsticks! haha

  5. Mayra

    YES!!! Purple eyeshadows and eyeliners…i love them! I just cant get enough of them! And neutral lip products….but for fall I am venturing out to the wild side *wink wink* hehehe and I will be purchasing my first bold lipstick =)

  6. neutrals.. golds/browns/champagnes.

    baby pink gloss/lip sticks.

  7. Kk

    coral blushes!
    coral lippies!

    really…i go crazy when i see another one, it’s like i have a weird desire to own all the coral blushes in the world! or anything coral at all!

  8. Melanie

    My weakness are pink blushes and taupe eyeshadows…..:)

  9. Nicole

    palettes and lipglosses :( mostly lipglosses.

  10. Sarah

    purple, blue and black eyeshadow
    pink and black lipgloss
    nude lipstick

  11. I’m always buying black eyeshadows and nude lipsticks!!! Those are my fave<33333

  12. Brenda

    Violet eyeshadows and pink lipsticks and lipglosses.

  13. muffingrl

    – “bruise/dirty” colored eyeshadows
    – purple nail polishes, i think 50% of my nail polish collection is purple
    – midtone pink/tan lipsticks (don’t really think nudes or bolds look good on me)

  14. Purple eyeshadows!!! I cant resist.

  15. I can’t stop buying MAC eyeshadows, as I’ve gone a little palette obsessed. And Dermalogica skincare.

  16. Lusious

    I’m alaways buying nude lippies and pink…that’s way too much.

  17. pink lipsticks…i think i own every pink lipstick mac has,lol

  18. Lisa

    any time i lay eyes on taupe eyeshadows. IT IS MINE!

  19. Samantha

    I used to buy every shade of blue & teal eye shadow I could find. But unfortunately they’re really unflattering on me lol so once I learned that I stopped.

    Now I buy lipsticks like it’s nobody’s business. Mostly pinks and nude’s.

  20. AmyVA

    anything duochrome (as long as the colors are pretty!) or holographic

  21. Miko

    pink and purple eyeshadows and pink lipglosses

  22. Jessica V

    Coral lip products for sure! I just think they look good on me…also green eyeshadows as I have not found my HG. So basically the same as you : )

  23. Amelia

    Blue eyeshadow, deep blue especially!! black eyeliner and lipgloss usually light pink!

  24. Rosa

    I’m always buying red lipstick, black, teal, and red eyeshadow and pigments and purple and red lipstains.

  25. courtneyseaa

    For me it would have to be lots of neuteral eyeshadows and hot pink lipsticks :)

  26. sara

    i am ALWAYS buying different shades of pink and purple nail polishes. i cant get enough

  27. Salina

    Purple EVERYTHING! lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipgloss, blush (if they made it)

  28. K

    Coral lip colour!

  29. Meheen

    Brown and pink, for sure. I also manage to get a lot of lippies that are identical to my natural lip color! lol. You’d think I’d have learned by now!

  30. Christine

    Brown shadows and coral lip products.

  31. karen

    pigmented nude lipsticks! i love mac peachstock atm
    chapsticks :) right now im loving Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment

  32. nmnikki

    aaaahhhhh!!! no more orangy peaches i keep telling myself…

  33. SiaM

    I have to say that taupes, greys, and nudes are my weaknesses. I have a lot of taupe,gold, mint, grey and nude polishes, and if I see a new polish(in that range of colors) that I have not tried, I will be inclined to get it, even if the difference is not that much. With lipsticks I usually go with colors in the nude family, but your lip posts for the seasons definitely help me break that habit.

  34. Maya

    Oh Yeah!
    I Can’t resist a new taupe eyeshadow…
    And I Check any kind of purple and green :)

  35. Nude Lipsticks and Nail Polishes. Champagne Eyeshadows and Lipsticks. For non-makeup related items I collect Leopard print handbags and shoes.

  36. Carrie Ann

    Peach and coral lip glosses, lipsticks & blushes, and brown, teal, gold & champagne eye shadows. I also have a lot of different black, brown, purple & olive green eyeliners.

  37. Deep Truth kind of shades, Freshwater dupes, shimmermoss dupes and bronze dupes… I have so many.. and for lip products it’s always milky pink glosses with silver sparkle… :(

  38. Mariana

    browns (paintpots, shadesticks, eyeshadows, etc.) and pewter/taupe colors as well. I just love natural smokey eyes!

  39. I don’t buy as much as I just seem to keep seeking these colours out – and then I remind myself I don’t need that many of them (colour products).

    I’m always looking at foundations, blue eyeshadows, red lipsticks and bright pink blushes…

  40. I think I can see patterns in my buying of:
    – blue based fushia and red lipsticks
    – taupe, pewter and bronze eyeshadows
    – peach blushes

  41. Maria

    I am fun with mascaras and eyebrow pencils!

  42. Ilaria

    mauve lipsticks and taupe eyeshadows!

  43. Diana

    Red lipsticks. Teal/sea green eyeshadow.

  44. Purple eye shadows! I love purple, I’m an artist, and a makeup fanatic, which means I can *totally* tell that there are differences between each and every purple shadow!! …even if other people can’t! LOL! *cringe*

  45. Eta

    Chanel. Sorry. Can’t skip the counter. Disregard colour or product. I HAVE TO CHECK EVERY TIME.

  46. Anna

    anything duo-chrome, coral, bright, or with unusual packaging.

  47. blue-green eyeshadows….I can’t resist 😉

  48. purple and green eye shadow
    black eyeliner, liquid and in pencil
    dark nail polish, black, wine red, dark green, dark gray … really anything that looks black or almost black from afar

  49. Blue eyeshadows, liners and cream eyeshadows & for the lips I’m addicted to vibrant ‘blue’ reds ! 😀

  50. Marina

    Taupe and purple eye shadows, pink lip glosses, blackened nail polishes.

  51. kasiaj85

    purple eyeshadows and red lippies and lip glosses

  52. the_izzle

    Purple everything! I have however made an effort to stop purchasing purple products in the hopes of finding new colours that work well with my skin tone.

  53. Christina

    Red nailpolishes!!!
    And coral lipsticks:-)

  54. Chelsea

    Red lipsticks, coral lipsticks and glosses, and taupe eye shadows are my weaknesses. Of those three, I’m better able to control myself when it comes to corals and taupes. As for red lipstick, there’s no stopping me!

  55. Margot

    coral lipglosses and lipsticks ! I can’t get enough coral lip stuff. Plus I’m still looking for THE perfect coral.

  56. Evelyn

    I’m always buying some sort of darker pink lipsticks and glosses. Can’t control myself! lol Purple nail polishes too.

  57. Kitty Kris

    I can’t walk away from purple eye items and pink lip products. I’m sooo weaaak…

  58. Marinella

    Peach and coral lipsticks
    Neutral and light blue eyeshadows

  59. I can never get enough of pink and coral lipsticks!

  60. Petra

    Purplish-mauve-taupe eyeshadows. That has to be my weakness. :)

  61. Chicca

    Purple eyeshadows and pencil eyeliners!

  62. Hend

    -Bronzers that are too orange for me 😀 lol I end up using them like a “dark peach” blush mixed with other colours !
    -Pink nude lipsticks
    -Pink lip glosses

  63. Charlene

    Purples, blacks, whites, silvers, greys, are my weakness.

    Purple or red, lipsticks. too

  64. Keren

    For me it’s purple eyeshadows… although I probably have (almost) every possible shade of this colour, it’s always the first colour my eyes are drawn to when I enter a cosmetics store!

  65. Etaoin

    yeah taupe eyeshadows, they are great for cool toned skintones. also nail polish in all colours!

  66. Lipglosses…. And then I hardly ever use them because I don’t like the feel of it on my lips!!
    And every kind of new mascara that gets advertized. And more often than not I am totally disappointed with them and they just sit there in my make-up boxes. :)

  67. Corals! I love coral shades! 😀

  68. Mar

    I have this thing for red lipstick…
    I’m always on a quest to find the Perfect Red :-)

  69. Amal

    pink lipsticks!

  70. Marie

    I am always buying purple eyeshadow.

  71. livnzoe

    i love baby pink lipsticks, black/grey/gold eyeshadows, rosy blushes!!!

  72. lazeny

    I always gravitate towards nude beige, peach and coral shades when it comes to lipstick and peach and coral shades on blushes, while I like blue-ish, teal and green when it comes to eyeshadows.

  73. ledonatela

    Every variation of pink or nauve for lips and taupe or grey for eyes.

  74. Zenaida

    Coral blush, Coral lipstick. Those two are so bad that I’m prohibiting myself from buying any from Fabulous Felines (Need the liners more).

    As for eyeshadow I looooooooove bright turquoise and lime green colors!!!

  75. Rita

    Coral and purple (+ lavender) lippies and green eyeshadows, although not clean, pure greens.

  76. Pam

    i’m into corals… never interested me at first but now i’m in love….

    so some of the corals that i now love are MAC Crosswires, fold and tuck, jazzed…..

  77. Dianna

    Shades of pink – mauve- red lipstick.

  78. amelia

    mac LE blushes and bronzers (hello to the beach, lilyland and spring color forecast) and any skin hilighter (high beam, the new bobbi brown one, and im lemming the new benefit one meant to come out)

  79. Corals and pink lipsticks; coral, pink and peach blushes; neutral eyeshadows.

  80. Brown toned eyeshadows, and pink & nude lipsticks

  81. pale nude-pink lipsticks
    dark brown matte/nearly-matte eyeshadows
    dark brown eyeliners

    My excuse is that I’m trying to “perfect” the brown eye/pale lip look I wear almost every day.

  82. Azaza

    Peachy/orange/corals for lipstick/gloss. Peachy/orange colors for blushes. For eyeshadows, its greens and most recently bronze/golds

  83. Marjolein

    I’m always drawn to cool pink lipsticks and lipglosses. They don’t look so great on me, but somehow I keep buying them… :O

  84. Sara

    Bright pink lipsticks! My weakness :)

  85. Reese

    Purple eyeshadows! I’m afraid to count how many I have, lol.

  86. Mayra

    coral lipsticks and bold blushes like bright pink, red or orange, even tho i hardly wear blush, lol

  87. nunuiviet

    bright pink lips and blushes

  88. I buy lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm etc. like crazy. It’s always usually either some variation of pink or rose/mauve. =_= I need help.

  89. Leea

    neutral and purple eyeshadows are an addiction.

  90. Emily

    Anything coral! It’s kinda funny…I never really understood what a coral specifically was until I started reading this blog, and now I have coral overload. =)

  91. Chau

    grey family eyeshadows, pink tone lipstick and peachy blush

  92. Dani

    I’ve recently stopped doing this but I use to be obsessed with buying turquoise or teal eye shadows.

  93. Fuchsia, hot pink, pinky-coral, neon eyecolors. I am an absolute SUCKER for bold lip colors, worn on the eyes.

  94. Casey

    L/S: Nudes, Baby Pinks and Bold Reds
    E/S: Aqua! I’m obsessed with any shade of minty blue shadow!

  95. Karen

    OMG Nude pink lippies. And Corals too.. I can’t help it

  96. Regina

    Green eyeshadows and eyeliners – I have green eyes and like to use green products to compliment them.

  97. Linnea

    coral lipglosses & gold-red eyeshadows. Cannot resist.

  98. Elsa

    champagne-y eyeshadows…

  99. Pamela

    Pretty much the same as you, Christine: coral lipsticks (for summer), green and gold eye colors. I also collect shadows in: browns, oranges, corals, yellow, copper and bronze. I guess coral is my “thing” because I always get lipsticks, nail colors, blush and shadow in that family. Orange and brown lipsticks, too.