Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Inglot #397

Inglot Pearl Eyeshadows in #397, 407, 393, 395 (Oranges)

These are some of the more orange/peach shades from Inglot’s Pearl Eyeshadow ($4.50 to $7.00 each for 0.09 oz.) range. I wish Inglot would add color descriptions for their eyeshadows online, because I think it would enhance the buying experience and–at the very least–give us some indication of what to expect!

Inglot’s Pearl Eyeshadows have a very fine shimmer with a brighter, pearly sheen. The pearl finish is probably my favorite of Inglot’s finishes, because it has the right mix of color payoff and texture. It’s soft, smooth, and very blendable. These four shades are true-to-formula, though I did find that #393 and 395 were much lighter swatched than they appeared in the pan.

  • 397 is a warm, peachy beige with a pearl finish.
  • 407 is a orange-coral with peachy gold sheen with a pearl finish. It’s like a much more orange version of NARS Orgasm or MAC Melon pigment. This shade has more dimension than the majority of Inglot’s line, just because it’s more of a mix of two colors. It is one of my favorite shades I’ve swatched thus far!
  • 393 is a pale yellowed peach with a pearl finish. It looks more orange in the pan, but when swatched, it’s much yellower. It has a very noticeable white sheen, which is what seems to give it that lighter, more yellowed look.
  • 395 is the palest of orange, because it has a high white shimmer/sheen so it looks really, really light. It’s more like white with a hint of peach-orange. Like #393, it looks more orange in the pan.

For more information about pricing, please check out this post.

The Glossover


Inglot Pearl Eyeshadows in #397, 407, 393, 395 (Oranges/Peaches)

A couple of these shades really emphasize the importance of swatching before buying (or looking for swatches online), because pan color might not be exactly the swatch color (which may be good or bad, depending on what you wanted!). Shades like #407 will work really well on warmer skin tones, while the other three are more universally flattering.











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Inglot #397


Inglot #397 Eyeshadow

Inglot #407


Inglot #407 Eyeshadow

Inglot #393


Inglot #393 Eyeshadow

Inglot #395


Inglot #395 Eyeshadow

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36 thoughts on “Inglot Pearl Eyeshadows in #397, 407, 393, 395 (Oranges/Peaches)

  1. Gina

    There we go! #407 is gorgeous. I haven’t had much interest in Inglot just because the colors don’t seem very unique to me. I know they quality is amazing, but that’s not enough to make me wanna buy it. But #407 is sooo pretty! I’m finally interested!

    • I think if you’re a long-time makeup collector/buyer, some shades will feel redundant, and I definitely would love to see them do more combinations (this is the same issue I have with MUFE) – you know, green eyeshadow with TEAL shimmer, not just green eyeshadow with white or green shimmer.

    • Ani_BEE

      Just a note to not buy #15 if your getting #407. The shades are very close as well as the finish.

  2. vice

    is #397 similar to Jest? I’m looking at a swatch of Jest next to your swatch and they seem really similar. Thanks for doing Inglot swatches! I’m getting really tempted to buy some haha.

  3. Thank you so so much for swatching these. I’ve been wanting to place an order for so long but have put it off because I was overwhelmed by the color choices. Now i just have to wait until you’re done swatching, haha!

  4. killerteeth

    Thanks for reviewing these! I’ve been looking at Inglot for a long time now, but since there aren’t descriptions of the colors or swatches on the site, and the reviews of the store here in nyc have been awful, I’ve been hesitant to buy anything. Looking forward to the matte swatches!

  5. Nat

    Wow, loving #407. Is there a reason why your palette is missing a pan?

    • I’m missing #449, which looks like it should be a burgundy-ish color, so rather than re-arranging all of the shades, I left the first one blank.

  6. Lil

    How much was it altogether for this? I’m debating whether it’s cheaper to get the 10 or 20 palette? Or if it’s priced the same either way.

    • It’d be 10 eyeshadows at $4.50, plus the palette, and I’m not sure whether they discount the palette on a percentage basis or just bring it down to $5 (because for the 20- and 40-pan palettes, when you fill them, the palette costs you $5). I know it’s $95 for 20-pan palette (filled) and $185 for 40-pan palette (filled). It should be around $50 for the 10-pan palette (filled) based on that.

  7. Janie

    397 is one of my all time favourite eyeshadows. I use it everyday on the inner corner of my eye or as a base. I haven’t been a huge fan of their other eyeshadows but 397 is AMAZING. I find it’s a lot less peach on me though than it is in those pictures. Maybe because of my skin tone? It also lasts forever, I’ve used mine everyday for six months and I’m not even close to hitting the bottom of the pan.

  8. GOD, I’m soo pissed (can i say pissed? oh well) that there’s no Inglot here!!! Hope they’ll ship world wide soon, cause I can’t take no more wonderful swatches knowing I can’t get the shadows… 407 is gorgeous!

  9. trayceeee

    You’re killing me! We had an Inglot store near me (in Canada) but it closed down… this was years before my makeup addiction. I am dying for a 10 pan palette !! Can’t wait to visit a store as I’d want to swatch all colours instead of ordering online. I’m NC45 so although your swatches are great I would want to fit the pan to my skintone perfectly. I was going to fill a Mac-15 palette over time but I think I will be happy with an Inglot-10 until I’m rich (lol)

  10. AshleyB

    #397 is super pretty. I might get it, but it looks super close to Stila’s Kitten. But #407 needs to be mine!!! Thank you for sharing ^_^

  11. Sarah

    I know nothing TRULY compares to MAC Peacocky’s Dalliance e/s, but I’ve been trying to find a permanent dupe/closest dupe. Is it safe to conclude that Inglot #395 is lighter, more pearl, and casts more white than white-gold? I should have bought a backup or 3 of Dalliance. :(

  12. Devi


    I need to stop browsing this site, Christine is going to make me go broke. Whenever I see a good review and some nicely pigmented swatches, I always end up browsing the brand’s website and seeing what other good products they have. My poor wallet. 😀 #407 is such a gorgeous orange color!

  13. NessaMBaby

    Shade #407 reminds me of Mac’s My Paradise Blush. Xoxo

  14. Nella

    OMG 407 & tan skin!!!! Is there anything sexier? (can I say that??)
    Btw have not bought any Inglot make up so far but after you are done with swatching I am ordering for sure!

  15. LU

    I really like Inglot eyeshadow, but its always been hit and miss for me on the colors and finishes. My favorite finish is the double sparkle, its a matte with very fine and sparkles, what UD glitter particles should have been/BE. The pigmentation has always been nice as well but I find it comparable to MAC rather then better.

  16. monique

    hey christine! do you think you will ever be reviewing inglot’s other products besides their eyeshadows?

  17. marcy

    i wish i had discovered INGLOT before i spent a fortune on my MAC collection….

  18. Totally loving #407 ♥

  19. Edelmc

    I am so happy you are doing Inglot swatches. I like the look of the shadows but at the moment I have lots of mac shadows and don’t see anything unique from Inglot shadows to justify getting. I would love to see you do purple swatchs tho… Do you plan on doing some Inglot purple shadows? I love ingots pigments and hope to get some of them. Have you tried any of the pigments?

  20. Pearl finish is my favourite of Inglot’s finishes too. I have 393 and 395 and absolutely love them. It’s funny though that they look so organge and bright in the pan but when swatched they turn out to be quite neutral and wearable.

  21. baby in a corner

    I have some inglot eyeshadows and while I love them I find some of them crumbly when i put them on with a brush but with the warmth of my fingers which i don’t generally use, they work lovely! They have some lovely greens!

  22. Agnes

    Is 397 a dupe for Sellout/Sin from UD?

  23. Francine

    How similar is Inglot’s #397 to MAC’s All That Glitters eyeshadow?

  24. Katie

    Do you think 393 or 395 are similar to MAC’s Solar White – I hit pan on mine and am desperate to find a dupe – Inglot would be perfect!