What nail treatments do you use?

What nail treatments do you use? Which are your favorites?

The only thing I do is ensure I only use Zoya’s Remove+ as my nail polish remover of choice. I don’t use any cuticle oils, creams, etc. or treatments for the actual nails. ย When I was much younger, I remember using Sally Hansen’s Nail Strengthener, but I don’t find I need anything for my nails really.

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I alternate between Seche Rebuild (my favorite), Nailtiques Formula 2, and Seche Plus depending on what’s going on with my nails. I use one of them every time I do my nails (which is about every other day… I am hell on my polish). I use OPI Expert Touch remover always because it’s easier on my cuticles than other aceton polishes and it works really well. I use several cuticle oils/creams but my favorite is Qtica Intense Cuticle Repair Balm. It’s AMAZING. I sometimes use the Burt’s Bee’s stuff and CND Solar Oil, too. Basically I’ve acquired a lot of different products and alternate using each of them depending on the needs of my nails and cuticles, haha. I wish I didn’t need treatments but I do my nails so often that I can’t get away with skipping them.

I will always sing the praises of Barielle’s Nail Strengthening Cream. My mom had weak, brittle nails that would never grow. A couple months after using it nightly they are like iron, I swear. They never break or peel and are SO strong. It’s amazing. I use it, too, but interchange it with Healthy Hoof and LUSH’s Lemony Flutter. They’re my favorites. Every now and then when I do my nails I use Sephora by OPI’s Nail Hydrator. That’s my little routine.

You can find many on eBay – but also you can buy direct on line from them. Get on their email list as they have 20% offers – free ship and what not that make it a good deal to buy from them direct.

Every treatment product I used made my nails and/or cuticles worse, so.. nothing. I use a nail brush and buffer when I can remember to to keep the nails clean (usually in the shower now) and to keep them smooth and without any jagged edges after trimming them. One polish made to hydrate them dried them out, one made to strengthen them made them thinner and more prone to breakage, a few others had no real effects that I can remember. The last cuticle oil I tried dried my skin out a lot.

Remover: Zoya Remove+, Prep: Nail Tek Step One, Base Coat: Nail Tek Foundation II basecoat, Ridge Filler (only when needed): Essie Fill The Gap, Top Coat: Seche Vite. I also Use Deborah Lippmann’s Rich Girl hand cream, Lush Lemony Flutter cuticle butter and Lush Handy Guru, any are used at various times of the day, LF before I got to bed. All in all, my nails are in tip-top shape.

that’s really lucky, christine!

i use sally hansen nailgrowth miracle as a base coat, cuticle oil (rarely), then burt’s bees lemon cuticle cream. it smells so good i just want to eat it up ๐Ÿ˜›

I use cuticle removing cream from OPI and then the cuticle oil every morning. But that’s about it. I never use anything else and constantly forget to use hand cream, silly me!

I also use Zoya Remove+, but I am thinking of trying Lush’s Lemon Fluttery. I don’t have weak or brittle nails so using nail treatments isn’t necessary for me. I just take a break from wearing polish every now and then.

I’ve been using products from ProStrong for a few years now and really like them; Fluoride Nail Strengthener, Calcium Nail Supplement and Nail & Cuticle Moisturizer. My nails are firmer, grow longer and my cuticles always look nice.

I’ve been using Nailtiques #2 for a few years now and it makes my nails very strong and healthy and prevents them from peeling, breaking, and prevents hangnails. I’ve also stopped biting them since I started using this product (but that is a psychological effect.) I also use Orly Cuticle oil about once a week, but I think most cuticle oils are the same so I don’t think the brand matters that much.

I use Essie’s Rock Solid strengthening treatment, since i stopped using acrylics and not only have my nails gotten stronger but they are longer than i ever remember =]

I use Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat from Sephora. I rarely wear nail polish and when I do, it’s usually something really pale or translucent. So this nail polish really gives a nice pink color to the nail (although in natural light it can look a bit neon?). I tend to leave polish on my nails all the time because I feel like without polish, my nails are hard, but are really brittle. I’m convinced nail polish gives my nails a bit of flexibility so that they’re more likely to bend than break.
I don’t use anything for my cuticles, but in looking at them now, maybe I should!

My jaw is on the floor right now. You lucked out in the nail department, girl! Unfortunately I have to take multi-vitamins and use various Sally Hansen nail strengtheners in order to not have my nails be peeling, soft, and constantly breaking. Somehow, I feel like Remove+ is contributing to my nails peeling around the cuticles…

nailtiques formula 2, every two to three days when i redo my mani. besides that, i keep a pot of coconut oil next to the sink at home, and use a couple drops after washing my hands, every time.

Lots of great responses! I have a question that hopefully one of you gals in the know can help me with. It seems that whenever I just want to wear a clear nail polish, say Seche Vite over CND Sticky, it only lasts for about a day and a half and then if starts to peel off? Why is this? Whenever I use the same two products with Nail Color, my nails look great for days!! It’s really frustrating to me, as there are times when I just don’t feel like wearing color on my tips, but then I know I’m going to be stuck with peeling nails relatively soon.
Any helpful suggestions for products would be VERY WELCOME! Thanks!

Michelle – I’m not particularly an expert, but I would recommend using a clear polish between your base coat and top coat; it may be that your BC and TC just aren’t meant to work together – they are never supposed to “meet,” so to speak. I would look for a clear polish from whatever manufacturer makes the formula you like best.

I started using Trind Nail Repair and Trind Nail Balsam a couple months ago and I swear by it! It made my nails healthy and strong but still flexible (I just hate it when treatments make my nails brittle). Now my nails look amazing. I also started using Nfu-Oh Cuticle Remover once a week and that keeps my cuticles looking perfect. I top that off with Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter cuticle applied 2-3 times a day. It sounds like a lot of work but I do get a lot of compliments on my nails.

I also use the Trind Nail Repair, for over a year now, and I never could do without it! Makes my nails really strong and I can grow them really long (they look exactly like Scrangie’s nails, haha..) I also use the Burts Bees cuticlebalm, or LF from Lush for more intense moisture ๐Ÿ™‚ I love my nails and get a lot of compliments, so try Trind if you wish your nails would look and feel better!

I always ruin my nails.. I’ve been trying to get them perfect, but when they’re almost there – I just completely ruin them and they go back to being little stubs. I hate it! ahh :'(

I’ve been DESPERATELY trying to get my hands on some Herome Nail Hardener….heard it was a miracle product. But, its proving to be almost impossible to find it in the States…bummer! ๐Ÿ™

I use gel polish that is set with UV light. I get all of the benefits of acrylic nails, but none of the damage. It’s easy to change, cute colors and stays looking flawless for 2 weeks.

Be careful. There is a lot of new research coming out now that the UV nail lights are giving rise to skin cancers. Makes sense as they are the harmful rays….same ones the tanning beds have and we know those are not safe. Also UV light is drying to your cuticles, hair. Love the gel UV set polishes because of the long wear time and none of the horrible damage acrylics did to me when I went with them for a # of years in the late 80’s.

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