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Inglot Pearl Eyeshadows in #423, 452, 450, 399, 431 (Reds/Pinks)

Inglot Pearl Eyeshadows in #423, 452, 450, 399, 431

Today, I wanted to take a look at a few of Inglot’s Pearl Eyeshadows ($4.50 to $7.00 each for 0.09 oz.). The Pearl Eyeshadows have a very fine shimmer with a brighter, pearly sheen. The pearl finish is probably my favorite of Inglot’s finishes, because it has the right mix of color payoff and texture. It’s soft, smooth, and very blendable. All of the shades featured in this post applied beautifully; really intense color delivered in a silky smooth formula. For the most part, the shimmer was incredibly fine and the sheen pearled.

  • 423 is a smoldering burgundy-tinged brown with a pearl finish.
  • 452 is a medium-dark burgundy-red with a pearl finish. It reminded me of MAC Cranberry.
  • 450 is a medium-dark raspberry pink with a pearl finish.
  • 399 is a muted, played down pink with a little mauve and in a pearl finish.
  • 431 is a light, pastel pink with a bright, frosted white sheen. It is a pearl finish, but I found the sheen more metallic than pearly with this shade.

When I decided that I would work through Inglot’s eyeshadow line and swatch through it, 20-pan palettes were the largest available, so that is what I went with. I like symmetry, so I’ll be sticking with those sizes. The 20-pan palette is a little larger than my hand–the palette measures 6 3/4″ x 6″. The palette is sturdy and hefty with strong magnets to keep the eyeshadows locked in place along with the frosted lid, which is also held on by magnets. My biggest issue with the strength of the magnets is that it’s difficult to move the pans around once you’ve placed them in there. I have to use tweezers and be very, very careful around the edge (there is just not much room to work). You can use the magnetic part of the lid to remove, but for me, my hands are too shaky to do that.

Pricing might seem confusing at first — if you intend to purchase a palette, then the pans are $7.00 each for 1-2, $5.00 each for 3-9, and $4.50 each if you purchase 10 or more. Online, you’re able to purchase as much or as little as you want, while in-store you have to fill whatever palette you purchase (which can be frustrating if you want to keep your finishes separate!). I did notice, though, if you intend to purchase more than one palette, you’ll end up paying the full price of the second palette and get no discount for filling it when you buy online. If you did this in-store, you would still get the discounted price of the palette ($5.00).

Shipping is free both online and in-store for purchases over $150. You can also purchase the eyeshadows individually in round pots for $12.00 each. Both the pans and the pots contain 0.09 oz. of product. The palettes range from 2-pan to 20-pan online, but 40-pan palettes are available in-store. I expect the online store to eventually carry the 40-pan palettes in the next month or so. If you purchase in-store, be prepared to lay out $185 for a filled 40-pan palette.

Inglot Pearl Eyeshadows in #423, 452, 450, 399, 431 (Reds/Pinks)


Inglot #423


Inglot #423 Eyeshadow

Inglot #452


Inglot #452 Eyeshadow

Inglot #450


Inglot #450 Eyeshadow

Inglot #399


Inglot #399 Eyeshadow

Inglot #431


Inglot #431 Eyeshadow


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Faerie Avatar

I love Inglot’s pearl and matte eyeshadows the most. I can remove the pans with the corner magnet on the lid. You can run the round magnet by the side of the pan and it will stick to the magnet. Even easier if you can use 2 magnets/lids for each side of the pan.

Stephanie Avatar

If your tweezers are like mine, they’re way too think to do a good job at that. I’ve never messed up an eyeshadow since I started using the screwdriver from an eyeglass kit. Idk if you have one of those handy, though.

Jen Avatar

Thanks for the great swatches. I’ve been dying to put one of these palettes together… I even went to the site and picked colors, I just don’t really have the cash right now. And I want a BIG palette of colors!

Mel Avatar

Here’s a tip I saw on a YouTube video on how to easily remove the pans from the palette . . . use the magnet on the lid to lift out the pan. Just hover one of the magnets on the corner of th lid over the metal edge of the pan you want to remove. Lightly touch the magnet down on the edge of the metal eyeshadow pan, it should lift right out. I hope this may help.

AS Avatar

You could make a tool to do this if the tweezers were still difficult or risky. These palettes almost certainly use rare earth magnets, like neodymium. You can buy these magnets in various sizes in disc form and glue them with epoxy to whatever handle you like. Get one larger than the size of the ones on the palette to be sure the pans pull out easily. If you get a large enough magnet, they should just pop out instantly.

Kathy Avatar

Do you mean something like gluing the magnet to a drawer pull from Home Depot or Lowes? Do you think that it would be easier to use a larger magnet on the back, turned such that it repels the magnet in the pan, to disrupt the field? Then the tweezer method would be easier. I don’t want to get this until I know that I can rearrange the pans easily.

AS Avatar

You can get 1-inch diameter round disc magnets on amazon for something like 11 bucks for four and use them alone or will some sort of wooden knob or dowel. Those might be big enough to just pull the pan out without risking a nick to the shadow. Someone else just suggested drilling holes in the palettes to pop them out, too.

mindlyly Avatar

Not sure if drilling a hole is a good idea – you’d have to drill through the palette and straight through the magnet – and that could get tricky…

Mercedez Avatar

I can see that..because the magnets are powerful..You can barely handle them up close..and they look rather heavy…So its nothing to drop them onto the eyeshadow..

Hopefully my suggestion works for u..or of course if what you’re doing does..Then that’s all u need..:D:D

Rae Avatar

Ooh, my wallet is *not* looking forward to seeing these swatches! 😛 I’ve been putting off hauling Inglot for months, with the one reason of “if and only if Christine swatches them all, then you can put an order through.” (Swatches on the Inglot site = infinitely less helpful than yours!)

Translation: you are clearly an enabler & you’re up to your dastardly deeds again. I can’t wait to see the rest of your swatches, over the next little while! 😉

mommyof6tx Avatar

it doesnt matter what shade or color you pick,if you see the color on the site and buy it,trust,you will never be dissappointed! you will fall completely in love,i now own 5 palettes,and it still isn’t enough! LOL!

Phyrra Avatar

I love Inglot shadows but I hate their palettes, so what I’ve done is use Z-palettes to store the shadows I’ve purchased. I was extremely upset when I gouged a shadow I was trying to remove from one of their palettes.

Chantal Avatar

Hi Christine! Do you know how much product there is per eyeshadow? I never used to pay attention to this until I started reading your blog; your price vs. quantity (grams, ounces, etc.) breakdowns are always interesting and have affected many of my purchasing decisions!

Jazz Avatar

Ugh I need a job asap. I so want some inglot in my life- but I am not really a fan of ordering products where I cant play w/ them in store first

Jennifer Avatar

I slip a ribbon or some other thin piece of something underneath to lift the pans out when I want. Unfortunately, that means lots of ribbon ends sticking out, but so far it’s the best solution I’ve found.

leslie Avatar

i ordered a freedom system palette for prom and i absolutely love the pigmentation <3 however the DS shadows and the AMC's gave me a lot of fallout :/ i think im going to try purchasing more pearl colors next time..

AS Avatar

I hope will swatch the ones you end up acquiring! I think I can speak for a lot of your readers in saying that we would be INCREDIBLY grateful and would find it TREMENDOUSLY useful! 🙂 I realize this is a huge time commitment. I also realize you are having to invest a chunk of change in these since they weren’t sent for review. Thanks for being our guinea pig! A lot of us were probably eyeing these things, but couldn’t bring ourselves to pull the trigger without more info.

Christina Avatar

Geez, I was in Las Vegas last month, and walked right by their store, on my way to find the MAC store, thinking, “Eh, what kind of make up is that? Never heard of em’!”

…kicking myself! Oh well, I will be back there in November. Gives me some time to save my $$$!

Hannah Avatar

I saw in a video (enkoremakeup) a way to remove the pans.
He bought a strong magnet and used that to remove the pans, but he kept the magnet in the plastic packaging and there were no harsh corners to gash the eyeshadows 🙂

Michelle Avatar

Perhaps I am just misunderstanding; do you perchance know if these shadows can be purchased online individually? (i.e. just buy 5 shadows in the pan but no palette and without the round pot, like for use in a Z palette)

They are beautiful and I am especially intrigued by #450!

Christine Avatar

Online you can definitely buy just the eyeshadows! 🙂 I know, for whatever reason, stores require you to buy the palette and fill it right then and there (which sucks). I wish they’d at least give customers the opportunity to pay for the palette at full price if they don’t want to fill it. I’m sure plenty of people would eventually love to fill a 20 or 40-pan palette but perhaps not all at once!

Lilastar Avatar

That’s strange, I went to the one in las vegas and she gave me my palette and my individually packed eyeshadows. I had to put my palette together which took a lot of time! I wanted to make sure they were placed in the right spot because I knew how hard it would be to get them out.
She said it wouldn’t be hygienic to do it herself… (or maybe she was just being lazy?) I still prefer to put it together myself, I liked having the option to design the layout of my palette 🙂

trayceeee Avatar

Hey girls, I was just reading the Inglot Canada facebook page and just wanna say be careful because the prices are WAY higher up here. Specifically.. $59 for a 5-pan palette (OMG! it’s $59 after shipping on for a TEN-pan!!) $175 for 20-pan (and they say that is a “promo price”) and finally $89 for the 10-pan. RIDICULOUS! Especially because US prices are so good =(

Anyways search inglot canada on facebook or use this link

snm Avatar

same here.inglot is popular in my country so I guess they don’t feel the need to have the “high end quality for low end price”.it is a little cheaper than mac but still after seeing the US prices I can’t get myself into paying that money although I spotted many colors that I would really love to have.I guess i will have to wait until I catch one of their sales,which happens several times a year.

Mercedez Avatar

I know! Canadian prices are insane. Outrageous.
I inquired about it a while ago..and it was-like u said…$60 for a 5’panner..gahh..
So not worth it to me..
Considering if i know which mac e/s to look for …ect..I would pay for them instead..or another brand for that matter..
It’s like as soon as they took off…on youtube..blogs..ect..They went crazy with not right..

Amanda Dubs Avatar

I got a 10 palette from Inglot when I was in NY for spring break and I LOVE it. I would love some more but I cant justify the shipping cost.

Kristen Avatar

Christine your swatches are so gorgeous. You need to definitely do more Inglot reviews.

I’ve wanted a 10 pan but god it’s hard to put together a pan – so many choices and I am kind of confused on the finishes. So overwhelming!

Diana Avatar

Christine, hypothetically, if you had a budget and wished to buy some shadows, knowing the finishes, payoff, prices, etc. of both Inglot and MAC Mineralize shadows, which would you prefer to buy if you could only purchase a limited amount of product?

Christine Avatar

In general, I don’t like MAC’s Mineralize Eyeshadows very much. I don’t think I’d pick those over much – sometimes there are a few shades that are nice, but usually they’re just okay. I say this because since I’m not a fan, it’d be rare for me to choose MAC’s Mineralize Eyeshadows over other pressed powder eyeshadows that are in the A range. It would just come down to color – I might be willing to sacrifice quantity/quality if it’s a particularly unique color.

Steph Avatar

Ooh, this is awesome! I love Inglot but their website is sorely lacking in shade information, swatches, anything! Hopefully this will give people a much better idea of what the shadows are like if they can’t get to a store themselves. Are you going to be trying out any of their products other than the eyeshadows?

Emma Avatar

Hey Christine! I’m still confused on inglot pricing because I bought a 10pan palette at fashion island inglot in california, and I want more, but I don’t live in california. In the inglot store I payed $50+ tax, online it would be $4.50each for 10 eyeshadows so $45 PLUS I would have to buy the empty palette for $20? Or do they just send you the palette for buying 10 shadows? $15 Plus shipping is quite a difference! /:

Christine Avatar

I haven’t tried putting a 10-pan palette into my cart online (just the 20), and the 20-pan discounts down to $5 when I have 4+ eyeshadows in the cart.

It should be $45 + $5 or so for the palette. If it’s not, you can order from any Inglot store – they don’t just ship to CA 🙂 I ordered from Fashion Island recently, and they said they charge shipping based on what UPS charges (so it might be less than online, not sure though!).

Myles Avatar brain (because of ALL THE CHOICES) is starting to swirl and tilt..pass the Xanax please, I’ve always used MAC in the pro palettes, and yeah..the LAST wish list..which I have NOT purchased…yet..ran oh…235.00. My head is SO FULL OF COLORS Christine..sorry…NOT THAT I GET THE “DISCOUNT” FOR BUYING TWO IN THE STORE VS ONE 20 SHADOW PALETTE ONLINE….BOTTOM LINE, HOW MUCH IS A 20 PEARL (as always, I’ll take your advice) shadow pallette cost me? 90.00? 4.50 a shadow for that amount right? Thanks why I love reading your blog..and I adjust your colors (the MAC ones…however I just heard from my special Nordies rep…LOVE her! That Armani shadows are available online at 32.00 for 1 shadow…wow..but give it an A…I’ll buy it…I’m SO EASY! But NOT cheap! ;)) but I adjust your colors when you use MAC (still waiting for yours to come out!) to do your looks (as I am Chinese/Japanese/Hawaiian) so..need to make SOME ADJUSTMENTS..While I know its a longshot to ask..maybe you could maybe give MAC equivalents? Like in a DUPE list? Just in the PEARL shades?..;)

Marie Papachatzis Avatar

I am waiting for a 20 pan I just purchased. I had purchased a pearl shadow to try and loved it. The quality cannot be beat. Beautiful texture and payoff. My daughter said the aqua color I bought maid me look like a mermaid! I love this line a lot.

Jackie Avatar

Do you know if they give discounts to makeup artists? I’ve emailed them twice and haven’t heard back yet…it’s been about a month!

Rosemary Avatar

How would you compare these to Le Métier de Beauté?
Unfortunately, I bought Le Cirque Kaleidoscope, and am now waiting for Penelope. I do say “unfortunately” because they are the most stunning shadows I have ever used, but they are expensive.
I now find that I feel that I have to buy every product that you rate as a 10/10 because Le Métier de Beauté turned out to be so far beyond good.
Thanks for hooking a make-up junkie up.

Christine Avatar

Le Metier de Beaute is more finely milled, and the shade range tends to have more depth than the majority of Inglot’s shades. They’re comparable in texture, but Le Metier de Beaute will give you more complex colors overall. You could save money on simpler shades by going Inglot, then buying higher end like Le Metier de Beaute for more unique or complex shades 🙂

Myles Avatar

Well..I’ve decided on 9 so far..just 11 more to go..WAITING FOR YOU CHRISTINE! Thank you for taking the time! 90.00? Not even flinching…YET

Mercedez Avatar

Thx for the review Christine!~

Christine…I wonder if a smaller magnet would work?
Something you might put on the fridge
[ I hate fridge]..

But I do have one that is a small rectangle..It’s a hard one..not a soft magnet..It is about 3″ x 2″ in size..

Might be better to handle u know..Fits better in hand..
As opposed to the actual palette magnets..They’re big..and u take the chance of dropping it..I know i wouldn’t like that idea either..

Even a soft magnet..[business card one..ect]..You think that might work..I wonder..Probably not eh..

olivia trelles Avatar

so the magnets on the lid don’t work well but i went to home depot and bought a two pack of very strong magnets and they work like a charm. i left them in their cardboard packaging and all you have to do is hover them over the shadow you want to remove and voila, out it comes….no dinged shadows.

Naheeda Avatar

Love palette with all many various colours in one palette! – I’m huge fan of this kind of all in one palette.
Easy for me to carry everywhere either travel or at home.

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