Monday, August 27th, 2012

Illamasqua Boost Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua Boost Intense Lipgloss

Get a Boost of Rich Color for Fall

Illamasqua Boost Intense Lipgloss ($20.00 for 0.20 fl. oz.) is described as a “blueberry violet.” It’s a cool-toned, blue-based magenta pink with violet-fuchsia iridescent shimmer. I couldn’t think of a great dupe for this; lipsticks that may have been somewhat similar in color lacked the shimmer/sheen, which is such a noticeable characteristic of this gloss that they didn’t look alike at all. MAC Style Packed is pinker with no iridescence. LORAC Cliche has some iridescence, but it’s pinker and so much sheerer. Benefit Wild Child also had an iridescent shimmer, but it was sheerer and lighter.

Illamasqua’s Intense Lipgloss formula is supposed to deliver high-shine, rich color, and be non-sticky. Boost is mostly opaque, though there’s a little translucence that lets my natural lip color peek through. It’s very pigmented for a gloss overall, but it’s not as opaque as other shades in the range are. It does have an extremely glossy sheen, though, and the sheen lasts quite awhile. I wore this, and it lasted for five hours with the glossiness being pretty high-shine for three and a half of those hours. The color didn’t apply quite as evenly as it should have, though it’s one of those colors (because there doesn’t seem to be a lot on the market that is similar to it) that may make it worth the extra energy to apply. It’s not too heavy, feels comfortable on lips, and has a non-sticky texture–it feels very slick on lips.

With Generation Q, I noticed that Illamasqua has changed the packaging on their lipglosses. They used to be slanted, squeeze-tubes, but now they’re clear plastic with a black screw-top that twists and reveals a brush-type applicator. Both of the glosses I receive with this type of applicator had several splayed bristles, which made application more difficult. The bristles could be a little softer, as they seemed to be a touch scratchy against the lips as well as created some brush strokes. I’m not sure if I just happened to get two exceptionally messed-up brushes or if a lot of them are going to be that way. For now, we’ll assume that because these were samples, they were an early run, and perhaps not pristine, but I don’t think the applicator is ideal for this gloss formula–a regular doe-foot would be easier to maneuver around the lips and be less likely to cause visible brush strokes. I also detected a fruity scent.

The Glossover



It could be a little more pigmented (to be true-to-description and in line with the rest of the range), but otherwise the formula is good. The new applicator/packaging could use some improvement, and I'm not certain how wide-spread the splayed bristles will be.











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Illamasqua Boost Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua Boost Intense Lipgloss

Illamasqua Boost Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua Boost Intense Lipgloss

Illamasqua Boost Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua Boost Intense Lipgloss

Illamasqua Boost Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua Boost Intense Lipgloss

Illamasqua Boost Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua Boost Intense Lipgloss

Illamasqua Boost Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua Boost Intense Lipgloss

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

Sephora, $20.00 (September 6th).

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

I couldn't think of a great dupe for this; lipsticks that may have been somewhat similar in color lacked the shimmer/sheen, which is such a noticeable characteristic of this gloss that they didn't look alike at all. MAC Style Packed is pinker with no iridescence. LORAC Cliche has some iridescence, but it's pinker and so much sheerer. Benefit Wild Child also had an iridescent shimmer, but it was sheerer and lighter.

What makeup are you wearing?

On eyes: Illamasqua Complement Palette, Burberry Trench Eyeshadow, Illamasqua Wisdom Precision Ink Eyeliner, and Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Waterproof Mascara. On face: Illamasqua Allure Blush, Illamasqua Aurora Gleam, Make Up For Ever HD Foundation (125), Guerlain Les Voilettes Mineral Powder (003).

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69 thoughts on “Illamasqua Boost Intense Lipgloss Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Gina

    What an interesting color! I’m totally loving Illamasqua, and all of their recent releases right now. They’re putting every other brand’s Fall releases to shame!

  2. Elle Martini

    that’s a really cool color

  3. Oh horror! That’s one of the ugliest colors I’ve ever seen!

  4. mari

    great dupes for this would be from medusa’s makeup lipglosses. they look super identical to me xD

  5. that looks almost exactly like an old lancome juicy tube in Plum Freeze, although probably a bit more opaque.

  6. Lirael

    I love the eyeshadow you’re wearing!

    Would you mind doing a break down of which colours from the illamasqua palate you used on the lid/crease?

  7. Kimberly

    Pretty color! I have the fabulous red color from the line that you reviewed a while ago. Mine came a little messed up too

    • Kimberly

      Also I think they changed the packaging a few months ago. Whenever I checked out the line on sephora’s site it wasn’t the squeezy tube

  8. The color is interesting but I’m all about the doe-foot applicators! I think the scratchy bristles is enough to turn me off of it. Bummer!

  9. Kafka

    God, I love that colour and wish so much it were a lipstick. I have an old Sephora lipstick that is similar in iridescence and sheen (but more fuschia and slightly more opaque) and I hoard it carefully. I would line up to buy this one if it were a lipstick!

    • Veronica

      I second your sentiment. My job requires wearing face masks in sterile areas, so gloss is pretty much out of the question on the job. It always kills me to see all these gorgeous colors I can’t wear (not to mention my poor gloss collection never gets the use it deserves).

  10. I don’t like it. It’s just too, errr, everything, lol. And it looks like it would light up under a blacklight.

  11. CatherineM

    I can’t decide if I love it or hate it. On the one hand the color is so strikingly magnificent that I feel I have to buy it, on the other hand I’m pretty sure I’d almost never wear it, because it’s just … too much.

  12. KK

    I actually like this a lot! It reminds me of a Dior Addict lip gloss I used to have a few years ago that’s been discontinued. It was one of the Dior glosses with a navy and gold top. It was purple and iridescent. Maybe Sugar Plum something?

  13. I kind of love it, but now I have to decide if I love it as a lipgloss. The color is so awesome and shiny and amazing. I’ll probably pass in the end, though, gloss just isn’t my thing (well my hair getting all stuck in it isn’t my thing anyway)

  14. Lydia

    I feel like this is really similar to MAC’s Funtabulous Dazzleglass? (which I love) would you say it was?

  15. Laura

    I love it! I wonder if you could get something similar by mixing MAC pigments (maybe Pink Pearl?) with clear gloss… I’m a little worried by how many things I want from the new Illamasqua collection.

  16. Nicola

    Ahh, this looks a lot to me like UD’s old Lip Gunk in Asphyxia. I loved it so much I kept it until it smelled iffy. Hoping this will be a good replacement!

    • Mimi Maldonado

      OMG I was going to same the same thing!! I like that someone remembers the lip gunks. I still have this around just because I liked the color and I’ve been hoping to find a product with a similar color to replace my lip gunk (which I haven’t used in years).

      It was actually one of my first UD products ever. :)

      • Nicola

        I was so gutted when they got rid of the gunks and replaced them with much safer coloured glosses. And when they got rid of their permanent nail polishes. And probably other things that I’ve forgotten!

  17. MonicaP

    If it doesn’t have a doe foot applicator – I leave it 😛

  18. I love how this looks! It reminds me a bit of a Nyx gloss, though the name escapes me at the moment. I love how your lips just light up with it on.

  19. Megan

    I pretty much stick to natural tones for my make-up, but I really want this! so conflicting…I’ll put this on my wishlist for now.

  20. Wow, I’m drooling! I’m a sucker for blue/violet shimmer…

  21. Wow, amazing colour, really something Illamasqua would do.

  22. Pamela

    I wish I could wear these colors. I can see it on a really pale girl with either platinum or jet black hair.

  23. Amanda Finlaw

    This is gorgeous! I rarely buy high end lipglosses, but I might have to get this one.

  24. Shani D

    Gorgeous!!! I love my purple lippies! I’m gonna have to get this!

  25. PoetrysTruth

    I like the color but not sure how it would look on my NW45 skin…will check it out at Sephora.

  26. Terri

    I’m probably too old for this now but I ROCKED colors like this when I was younger. Well, I thought I did anyway! Beautiful color and beautiful on you Christine.

  27. Whitney

    That looks great on you! I actually think maybe the sheer-ness of the gloss is a good thing, it creates a nice sheen. :)

  28. Mumtaza

    Hi Christine, how does this compare to athena’s kiss?

  29. Oh, I love it!! You look beautiful!!

  30. Oh wow – I love it when they come out with something that’s really funky up close, but totally wearable for many skin tones from a normal distance. It’s like a subtle but powerful statement. This is gorgeous! Shame about the applicator – I stopped getting Smashbox until they switched to a doe foot – but I may check this out anyway.

  31. Melanie

    in terms of dupes, I feel like i just saw a l’oreal gloss that looked like this.

  32. I have been waiting so long for a lip gloss like Urban Decay’s old Lip Gunk in Asphyxia… This might be it!

  33. Veronica

    Hnn, that wasn’t quite what I expected, but it is very pretty. I really love how it plays with the light. It reminds me a bit of L’Oreal’s Infallible Lip Gloss in Posy, though this has a lot more purple and a more obvious duochrome to it.

  34. artemis

    cool and pretty tho it looks kinda 90’s. 😀

  35. Wooha…love the color!!!

  36. Traci

    It is like Stars and Rockets in lipgloss form. Super pretty!

  37. theamberexperience

    This color reminds me of Sephora’s lipgloss violet sparkle in the tube. The latter is however very sheer and doesn’t show up unless if you layer it over something.

  38. Nicoco Chanel

    Oh, man, I so loathe the Intense Glosses brush! I literally just wipe it on my hand and use a lip brush to apply instead.

    But that said, the colourrrrr. I want to apply it over all my bright lipsticks. *A*

  39. Adrianna

    I think this would be an amazing layering gloss to put with a lipstick to give it more depth! LOVE!

  40. Aysh

    Christine, I think Boost is the Lipgloss equivalent of their lipstick Underworld. Do you have that colour to compare?

    • Kathleen

      I was just looking at this review because I’d like to go put my illamasqua boost on, but I’m too tired so this sufficed for my color fix.

      I’m not sure if you will ever see this, but I own both Underworld and Boost, and this is much more purple than Underworld. Underworld is a sheer pink-purple with a blue sheen, and this is a buildable neon violet with a strong blue sheen.

      As a reviewer said below, this is like MAC’s Stars N Rockets in a gloss!

  41. blueraccoon

    I think I’d be happier if it were a little more opaque. For some reason the finish as is just isn’t appealing to me – I can see the potential, but it’s not sheer enough to work as a sheer gloss and it’s not opaque enough to be a truly outstanding color, IMO. That plus the applicator = pass for me. I’m saying that a lot about this collection, apparently.

  42. saaraa

    i neeeeed this in my life (:

  43. Cat G

    This… is cool!

  44. Natalie

    This would look amazing over MAC’s Violetta!

  45. Pelin

    Hi Chiristine, I keep calling Sephora they seem to not know of and when they will be getting boost . Is there any other place I can buy this lipgloss? Thank you

  46. kathi

    This is soooo pretty!

  47. I finally bought this today!!!!

  48. Lilinah

    Boost is the perfect partner for Illamasqua Lipstick in Underworld, if you find it too dry, if you want a glossy rather than matte finish, or you want to amp up the color and iridescence.

    I bought them together after seeing them IRL (but not testing them) at Sephora Union Square on Powell St. I was afraid that Underworld was going to be too bright for me. But when i actually wore it i found it slightly muted because it is rather matte, so it was not a screamingly hot pink or purple. At the same time, with its blue and lavender iridescence, it is not a tame color.

    On another outing i decided to add some moisture, so i put Boost on over Underworld, and it both moisturized and increased the brightness and iridescence. They are a great pair, and each is great on its own.