SEPHORA’S COLORVISION is about transforming a face, a mood, or even an attitude. They had a vision: “Color sets the tone, ignites the moment, defines a mood as quickly as it transforms a look. Open your eyes to our bold new way to see, feel, learn, wear and love color.” Sephora has taken inspiration from this season’s color stories to create and explore a deeper connection to color. It’s less about a single trend, but rather a state of being. Sephora wants YOU opening your eyes to color, YOU connecting with color, and YOU feeling total color confidence. With their vast expertise, Sephora has created three distinct color visions inspired by the hues and shades of fall. Today’s vision is all about CRIMSON VELVETS.

Don’t be afraid to embrace a crimson lip–you can wear it as sheer or as opaque as you’d like!

Diffused Lip
If you’re not sure about how intense you want to go, Pro artist, Sara Biria, suggests going for a diffused lip. You can achieve this look by first prepping lips with a good lip balm, which will help with the sheer effect. Next, apply a touch of red lipstick to the center of the lip and blend with the balm. You can keep adding color to build up intensity and blending toward the edges of the lip to create an even color. As a final step to really make your pout standout, dab an illuminating concealer along the edges of your cupid’s bow with your fingertip.

Painted Lip
For a more modern, stained effect, look for red that will give an intense, matte finish. Start by prepping lips with a good lip balm, massaging until absorbed, and ensuring to blot away any excess moisture (which can take away from the finish and wear). With a lip liner just slightly darker than your lipstick color, line top and bottom lips. This helps to add dimension and enhance the red. Apply your lower lip with liquid lipstick and then press lips together to transfer color to the upper lip; then shape the cupid’s bow. To make sure the shape is perfect, tilt your head back and keep lips together to check for symmetry. Now, all you need to do is let lips dry for about thirty seconds or so and then pat with translucent powder to prolong wear (and make sure to dust off any excess powder with a brush).

Lacquered Lip
For dramatic, highly pigmented red lips, opt for a lacquer finish. Start with clean, bare lips and then apply the liquid lipstick by gliding the flat edge of the wand from the center to the outer corners. Press lips together to transfer the color to the upper lip and using enough pressure to ensure the color transfers within lip lines. Next, shape the cupid’s bow by tracing the rounded side of the wand over the curves for an even shape. Once again, tilt your head back and keep lips together to check for evenness in shape. Set your high-impact lip with clear gloss and you’re ready to rock!

You can check out full how-tos and breakdowns of the looks from Crimson Velvet here.