Thursday, December 29th, 2011

The Hit List

What’s the Best Lip Balm…?

What brand/products win this category? What makes it so great?

Thanks to Meme for today’s topic!

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91 thoughts on “Hit List: Best Lip Balm

  1. My favorite is Kiehls lip balm #1. Makes the lips super soft and supple almost instantly!

  2. Jack Black lip balm! I can’t say which scent though. I haven’t tried them all. I got it because of you! Very little products moisturize my really dry lips but this stuff does!

  3. Katie

    Like chapstick? Definitely Burts Bees!

  4. Irenka

    Eos Lip Balm.
    Love love love, just ordered 4 more <3

  5. Jack Black Lip Balm in Blackberry during the day;

    MAC Lip Conditioner (in a Tube) or
    Estee Lauder Nutritious Lip Treatment at nighttime.

  6. Fresh Lip Treatment and Korres Lip butter are the only things that have ever worked for me… I have always had dry lips and I have tried basically everything I can

  7. Naz

    I’ve always been partial to Kiehls …the original lip balm. It’s not heavy, it’s not greasy, -it does the job. But then, Carmex does the same thing. I was shocked -and not in a good way, with L’Occitane Shea Butter lip balm — it just did not work -at all.

  8. emily

    Jack Black! I tried it because you always rave about it, Christine, and I absolutely love it. Nothing else compares!

  9. K

    I REALLY love EOS lip balm, great flavors, natural, and the round shape is nice cause it makes it easy to find in your purse. ‘v’

  10. Ivy

    For me it’s a toss-up between Jack Black balm (which I discovered reading Temptalia!) and Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm. Jack Black I use when I need hardcore hydration, and the Burt’s Bees when I want a bit of a nude tint. Both of them feel really nice and soothing on my lips. They’re also very similarly priced so it’s hard to pick between one or the other.

  11. Eileen

    Jack Black–no contest! And, because it is a men’s product, it isn’t excessively glossy or sticky like so many women’s products. Once it sinks in, it leaves a satin finish that plays nice with lipstick and gloss. It’s also great at reviving the look of lipstick when a reapplication isn’t convenient. Jack Black is simply the best.

  12. Maddie

    Well, at first I should tell you that I’m from Hungary, so I’m sure that there are two different ranges of lip balms here and there. :) I would say that Carmex is definitely the best I’ve ever tried (however, we only have the ‘classic flavours’ here), but I would really like to try Burt’s Bees lip balms and Smith’s Rosebud Salve, which are unfortunately not sold in Hungary. :(

  13. Monika

    Rosebud strawberry lip balm! The minted rose and rosebud salve are great, too. They’re the only lip balms that actually moisturize my lips and keep them hydrated. Every other lip balm (Jack Black, Burt’s Bees, Body Shop lip butters, etc.) has left my lips feeling extremely dry. I assume the petroleum base is what’s doing all the work. I’m looking for a non-petroleum based alternative, but I haven’t found anything that suits my needs yet.

    • With It

      I’m pretty sure Burt’s Bees is free of petroleum. I use their “beeswax lip balm” daily. Nothing else has ever soothed my lips as well.

      At night, I slather on alba un-petruleum multi-purpose jelly. I wake up with smooth lips every morning. I love it! :)

  14. Steffi

    Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy. Gives a tiny bit of color and it really helps keep the lips moisturized. I bought this on a trip to London. My lips looked horrible after two days there with my Body Shop Lip Balm which did not help me at all. I saw various women there use the Vaseline one so I bought it in a drugstore and it is so cheap and there is plenty in the little jar and it really helps. I hope I can find it online once I empty my jar. :) And my friend bought the green version two days later. It is that good.

  15. It is difficult to choose, because I use different ones for different time/needs (day, night, tinted, and so on). The only one that has a special place in my heart though, is Caudalie lip conditioner. I have repurchased many times now, and even though I experiment with different lip balms, I always come back to this. The scent is pleasant and not overpowering. It is one of the rare lip balms that actually sink into my lips and DO something to protect/repair them instead of just sitting there doing nothing!

  16. K

    Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25!

    My personal favourite is the original flavour (Natural Mint & Shea Butter.)

    It’s emollient with natural ingredients that give that lovely tingling feeling to lips BUT keeps them hydrated, reasonably priced, easily found at any Sephora, and the brand is meant for men so that just makes it an even better find. :)


  17. Rianne

    Greenland lipbalms & Burts Bees

  18. K.B.

    Smith’s Rosebud Salve is my all time favorite. I recently discovered Maybelline’s Baby Lips, and it’s my current obsession. I swore by vanilla SoftLips in high school and college.

  19. Christy

    Rosebud lip salve. It is perfection.

  20. Kathryn

    I love the Nivea Essential lip balm right before bed, I wake up with very hydrated and soft lips every time.

  21. The first one I’ve used and loved is Jack Black in its original mint flavor!

  22. Amanda

    Smith’s Rosebud Salve in Brambleberry Rose or Minted Rose! Like tasty vaseline for your lips :)

  23. Mimi

    Naruko Lip Balm. Hands down the most moisturizing LipBalm I have ever used! <3

  24. Nora

    Badger Cocoa Butter, Lipsyl and Carmex are my top three.

  25. Flavia

    Any Jack Black, Lush tinted lip balm’s and Maybelline baby lips!! Theres always one of each in my handbag! :)

  26. Kylee

    C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Balm with Spf 15. That stuff is like my holy grail product. I swear by it. It is the best lip balm in the whole world. And it smells and tastes like mint.

  27. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers. Hydrating, all natural ingredients, and lots of pretty colors to choose from.

  28. della

    I adore alba’s pineapple quench (omg YUM smell-wise and great formula wise for me), and while I’ve had the Jack Black shea butter and mint for ages, the one I am LOVING is the grapefruit and ginger. The vanilla and lavender is nice for right before bed ( so relaxing). No matter the scent tho, the Jack Black formula is always great.

  29. Courtney

    I would say it’s a tie between Korres lip butters (in the pots) and EOS lip balm.

  30. heidi

    Nivea. I don’t know if there’s more thean one but the blue tube. I used to swear by burts bees but I put it to the ultimate test. Childbirth. I had a fever of 102 and my lips were sooo chapped! The burts bees was crap but nivea, magical!

  31. Quinctia

    Jack Black (I prefer the lemon flavor, it smells like pez) or Pop’s Petal Jam. The latter seems to have been D/Ced, which is bad because there’s no more, but good, because the original price was a bit high and it keeps coming up on sale now. It’s also in a jar, so I keep it on my nightstand, and the Jack Black gets to travel with me in its convenient tube.

  32. Shilpa

    clarins hydraquench

  33. Cat

    For a known brand, I would say the Vaseline Lip Therapy ones, they make my lips so soft and they keep them moisturized without being sticky or drying them out later. The best lip balm of all time would be by this company called Clear Hills Honey, seriously keeps my lips soft and, moisturized and kissable for hours and hours!

  34. Kathy S.

    Cococare’s Cocoa Butter lip balm or Eos. I use the Cococare on myself and my kit.

  35. S

    Jack Black lemon, hands down!! I also love Fresh Sugar in Rosy :)

  36. Bertha

    My favorite is just plain ol’ Aquaphor. It’s the only thing that works on my ultra-dry, cracked lips in the winter.

  37. Heather

    I have been a lip balm junkie since I got my first Lip Smackers when I was about 10. Every time I see a new one I have to try it out. The only lip balm I have purchased over and over again is Jack Black. I love all the flavours but the lavender. And for at night I use Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight, it works so well I find I use lip balm a lot less during the day since I started using it. If you like a thicker lip balm that isn’t sticky and sinks into your lips instead of just sitting on top, these two are awesome!

    • leslie

      Yaay! Another lip balm junkie! I don’t feel so bad now. I have over 16 different lip balms! My favorite is LaMer.I also like the Philosophy Kiss me Tonight! I just discovered this one from CO Bigelow called Lemon&Blackberry tinted lip balm. It has a purple/plum color and it tastes like grape jolly ranchers.Its basically a knock off of Fresh Sugar lip balm in Plum.

  38. Tabitha

    I just started using the Lush Sweet Lips lip scrub before applying my Jack Black lip balm, and it works soooo well. omg. It literally leaves my lips feelings softer than they’ve ever felt before, the lip scrub removes all the dead skin and gunk off my lips and then the Jack Black is so moisturizing, love love love.

  39. romaseba

    Carmex FTW!

  40. jody

    Blistex at night and the pink vaseline during the day :)

  41. Nadia

    Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner. It doesn’t irritate my lips? Which a lot of products do.

  42. Ana G.

    I’ve been using rosebud’s for about 2 years but, only this week, I tried Jack Black and now I understand your love for’s really really good!!!

  43. M.

    Bonne Bell Vanilla Lip Smacker.

  44. K

    For me, Dr Lipp Original Nipple Cream – it is fantastic, it’s just 100% medical grade lanolin but fantastic for very dry lips. I’m a lip balm junkie & I always come back to this, because it works. The Lanolips tinted tube balms are great too.

    • Julia

      I use lanolin too sometimes – it’s very effective.

      Other favorites are Lypsyl and Egyptian Magic when I want something a bit thinner.

  45. alexandria vavrousek

    nivea lip balm ( stick ) goes on really smooth and make chapped lips unchapped in almost a day

  46. Taylor

    eos lip balm. non greasy,and smells wonderful!

  47. Safyre

    Out of the ones I’ve tried – I love the Korres lip butters, I find them to be lightweight and non-sticky and they keep my lips moisturized longer than any of the other balms I own. That said, I really want to try the Jack Black – though I hope the other flavors are available individually b/c I’m kinda allergic to peppermint; Vintage Sister, and the Rosebud salve balms as well.

  48. Leah

    Aveda’s lip saver is my go-to. Moisturizing, non-sticky and does everything you want a lip balm to do!

  49. alison

    Different categories… different winners:

    Treatment balm: Qtica intense lip repair balm. It smells a little medicinal (think Vicks!), but it is AMAZING at repairing. I’m loving it during harsh Chicago wintertime.

    Overnight balm: Philosophy’s kiss me tonight. The scent/taste is wonderful (vanilla mint) and it’s non-sticky. It stays on my lips and not my hair/face/pillow! And the results are wonderful.

    Daily balm: either C.O. Bigelow lemon, the kind in a chapstick-y tube (smells amazing, works wonderfully, gives just a little bit of shine) or good ol’ Burt’s Bees.

    Balm with some tint – fresh sugar rose (it’s a staple for me) or C.O. Bigelow mint shine, tinted. So many colors in this one, and I love the mint!

  50. EOS or Nivea lip balms! ♥ them!

  51. liz

    I try to stay away from petroleum in lip products so i really like Jack Black also a lovely one to try is NUXE reve de miel lip balm its a little pricier but has a wonderful luxurious feel.

  52. VJNS

    Not sure how to spell it but I love Kiels lip balm. It’s like putting on butter

  53. Antonia

    I’m a lip balm junkie I’ve tried SO many lip balms but my favorite by far is definitely Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm in Natural Mint & She’s Butter..Not a huge fan of the $7. 50 price tag but I think it’s so worth every penny I love it and can’t live without it lol

  54. Chris Styles

    EOS lip balm in Sweet Mint. Because it’s all natural and keeps my lip soft and moisturized without making them look greasy. Its the only lip balm that can keep my lips moisturized when wearing super matte lipsticks like ruby woo, and still keep the look matte. Plus it gives my lips just the right amount of tingle. I luv it!

  55. Cathee T.

    I’ve tried Softlips, Blistex, Bonne Bell, Jack Black, Nivea, Burt’s Bees, Yves Rocher, Body Shop, Vaseline, and Maybelline Baby Lips.. but for me, good ol’ Carmex and Chapstick stay on my lips the longest! I think I’ll try EOS and Smith’s Rosebud Salve next.

  56. My favorite is Fresh Lip Treatment, but as I can’t justify the expense, the runner up is Nivea Kiss of Milk and Honey, which is amazingly affordable for such a nice-feeling balm. It’s thick but not sticky, and truly moisturizing. Things like EOS go on too thin to really moisturize much for me, and I find Burt’s Bees original lip balm to be a bit on the waxy side. I’m so particular about lip balms; I don’t like anything too glossy, or with too much “slip”, either. The tinted Nivea lip balm is really nice, too, it’s a similar texture, although the SPF one is not as moisturizing and hard to layer to get a nice cushy coat.

  57. Nicole R.

    Jack Black!!! Especially the Black Tea & Blackberry flavor!!!

  58. TrippyPixie

    Medicated Chapstick, for when my lips are chapped to heck and back. (Basically, during the winter time.)

    When my lips are normal? I kind of have a thing for EOS lip balms. I’ve used up two, almost done with a third, and just bought a fourth.

  59. MOR Cosmetics lip balm in Marshmallow (tho it tastes like strawberries lol) BEST stuff ever!

    I also just (!!!) discovered how awesome Philosophy lip balms are–nom!

  60. Nadia

    I have really dry lips and I was hoping Jack Black lip balm would be the answer but unfortunately, it still doesn’t give my lips what they need. I’ll be looking at the replies here to get some more ideas!

  61. It’s got to be Burts’ Bee’s pomengranate lip balm! I’ve tried so many, and was at first adverse to Burts’ Bee’s because it is costly in my country. But I keep reaching for this among many other opened sticks of balms.

  62. Eva

    I tried different. La Mer – my lip saver. it’s pricely but the best. less expensive solution – Weleda.. good quality, good price.

  63. Amber

    Despite all the lip balms I have, I live by Chanel’s Hydramax + Active Lip Care. I apply it at night before bed and in the morning I have fluffy lips. It is a little pricey, but for the results I’d gladly pay more.

  64. Veronica

    Jack Black has definitely done wonders for my lips this winter. It’s definitely my go-to for day time wear when I’m out and about in the cold.

    For work (hospital air tends to be really dry due to all the filtering), I actually find regular brand Chapstick works surprisingly well on me. Additionally, I just started Eos on recommendation and am quite pleased with how nicely it wears.

  65. meidylla

    definitely, eos and sebamed. it’s perfect to my chapped lips

  66. Venice

    Dior’s Lip Glow! Brings out your natural lip color and stays on for 4 hours and keeps your lips moisturized for the whole day! addictive!

  67. I have to say the BEST Lip Balm’s are the EOS Lip Balms. I have 1 that I’m using now and 9 more standing by. I suffer with extremely dry lips that if I smile they will crack and bleed, but since trying these EOS Lip Balms I haven’t been suffering with dry cracked lips. I use it before bed and a couple of times during the day.

  68. Puffnstuff

    Im a total lipbalm junkie too. I think ive been using balm since 4th or 5th grade and ive been obsessed since. i think the one that has worked the best is one i found at sprouts called eco lips hemp. Others that ive found that have really worked for me are Bellavado avocado oil and dr bronners lip balms at whole foods. If i dont have those around i use my jack black and the merry hempster lip balms, but the scents in those give me a headache sometimes for some reason.

  69. For me it’s Korres lip butter and Carmex sticks :)

  70. Audrey

    The Body Shop’s cocoa butter lip balm! Amazing stuff, seriously. It smells like chocolate and makes my lips crazy soft. I keep trying other ones, but that’s the only one I consistently repurchase.

  71. Kat

    Paula’s Choice lip and body treatment balm is the best for me. Nothing comes close.

  72. Adrienne

    I’ve had horrible dry lips since 2nd grade ( teacher told me to wipe off my lipstick, they were so chapped they were bright red) boyfriend and I are hooked on jack black. I literally have one everywhere. Still doesn’t completely help my lips. I’m going to bite the bullet and go La Mer. Ive tried everything! ( chapstick, Burt’s bees, lush, Mac lip conditioner, bath and body works, Bobbie brown lip treatment, Josie maran lip treatment, coconut oil at night). Something needs to work, I want to wear lipstick!!!!!

  73. Philana Chiu

    Carmex! Especially the Moisture Plus one.

  74. malia

    EOS hands down. Makes my lips super soft and love the flavours and egg shape.

  75. Lark

    Completely intrigued by Jack Black after looking at the comments, but my favorite is- Dazzleglass! Oh yeah, I sleep in it. I wear it barefaced. It’s hefty stuff and it does the job.
    Used to use Carmex and Burts Bees in a berry tint, but the smell drove me up the wall; neither has the plain old staying power overnight. At 50 that’s a big deal. I have some drugstore glosses I like for daytime and at least they’re cheap, but I guess Dazzleglass girls are just junkies for it. Over priced, underfilled, smaller tubes now, but in the winter it works! And I wake up with perfect sparkly lips.

  76. Amy

    ~Jack Black–Blackberry Tea & Lemon Chamomile b/c they moisturize throughout the night. Lips are still supple in the morning.

    ~Maybeline Baby Lips–Peach Fizz (shimmery golden peach nude) & Grape Vine (natural rose) b/c the colors are nice & subtle, high SPF, long moisturizing time and easy to apply. Peach Fizz is a great nude when wearing a strong eye.

    ~Nivea–A Kiss of Moisture (very silky…feels so nice) & A Kiss of Berry Swirl (not very moisturizing but gives lips a subtle rosy pink glow…my family & friends LOVE them and hunt high & low for them.)

  77. hannah

    i like softlips and chapstick spearmint. Softlips is really moisturisilng and so is chapstick. I really like mint flavoring!!!!

  78. diamond_8806

    Carmex! It’s extremely moisturizing, long lasting, and affordable! It’s all I’ll use!