Monday, February 9th, 2009

MAC Cosmetics Hello Kitty is now available online at!!

Get free shipping with code HELLOKITTY! Happy shopping all!

CAN’T GET TO MAC? I just checked Nordstrom, and a ton of things are back in stock: Nordstrom has MAC Hello Kitty Onlineicon.

FYI — some stores may actually have it available in-store already. Sounds like some stores have moved up their release dates, so you should definitely give yours a call when they open if you’re jonesin’ for HK.

Need help deciding?

Lipsticks Swatched on Lips
Lipglasses Swatched on Lips
Lavender Whip vs. Fun Fun vs. Fashion Mews
Packaging Product Photos
Eyeshadow Palettes, Glitter Liners, Pigments Product Photos
Lipsticks & Lipglasses Product Photos
Face/Nail Product Photos

MAC’s Hello Kitty Collection launches officially in-stores on February 12th, 2009. It will be available online on February 10th, 2009 at

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94 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Now Available!

  1. jessica

    good luck everyone hope you get everything you want!

    the website wont even load on my computer anymore the server is too busy lol

  2. Tekoa

    BAM! Ordered. I got the stuff I was sure I wanted like Strayn’ lipstick and On the Prowl nailpolish. It’ll be a late schoolnight for me on launch day and I didn’t want those to sell out on me. Things I’m not sure of such as the eyeshadow pallets and Milk pigment I’ll test in person. I’m such an eyeshadow gal, its strange not to find a pallet immediatly appealing.

  3. Ooooo, the site won’t load! *weeps*

  4. vicki

    I’m doing the Tootsie Roll because I ordered last week from Nordstrom and I just tried to go on the website. No go!

  5. Lina

    hey…does anyone know about the quality of these brushes in the set? Are they really crappy or at least semi-comparable to the full size ones? There’s no store near me (only a counter) so I’d have to order online…I really wanted the 239 and the 187 and they are both in this set…if anyone has seen them please let me know! Thanks :)
    And happy shopping everyone!

    • Daniele

      I purchased the brush set at a launch party on the 3rd. The plastic cup that they came in had an awful plasticky smell and the brushes themselves were very cheap. The bristles on the 187 felt like plastic, so i returned the set and picked up the full size 187, it really just doesnt even compare!

      Personally i recommend saving your $50.

  6. jessica

    do you think the pre-orders from Nordstrom will actually ship tomorrow?

  7. Dee

    AHH!! My items are in the cart but I can’t checkout because the website isn’t loading =[

  8. Christy

    Ordered! Heheh, I just hope they put through both of my orders. 😉 There’s a $500 limit and I met it for both.

  9. Danielle

    I’m so glad i ordered like half an hour ago I went back to check out more stuff and it won’t load lol.

  10. ivone

    oopsss.. i cant even load the site… lol…. i think i shall wait till tomorrow to order online if theres anymore or just try my luck in store on thrusday…. GOOD Luck ladies!!!

  11. DevilishDoll

    I keep trying the site and can’t get it to load. But I’m going to the store on Thursday to buy everything I want.

  12. Lina

    Nevermind about the brushes – I realized Christine already wrote her opinion on them! And other people wrote that the brushes weren’t nearly as nice either.

    I’m from Canada so the server is the same as normal…the only time that being from canada is a benefit lol

  13. kat

    can’t get it to load! But I will probably just hit up the store later…. :)

  14. Bona

    canada is working but its damn slow!

  15. My-Linh

    Does anyone know if the makeup bags and tote bag will be carried in stores? I know online it says that they are an online exclusive but maybe they are just joking?? *wishful thinking*

    • I’m not positive — I think they will be in freestanding stores.

      • My-Linh

        I picked up Most Popular, Popster, Something About Pink, and Sweet Strawberry at the mall today. Wasn’t planning on picking up the last one because the swatches were so sheer, but it actually showed up on my lips! I was excited because this was the only sure thing I was planning on getting before seeing the swatches. :)

        I really tried to like the beauty powders (I wanted it for the case) but I couldn’t find a use for them, they really just didn’t show up on my skin! Debated on Tippy (couldn’t even see Fun and Games on my finger when I swatched!) since but in the end it was just too bright/bold for me, oh well.

  16. Crystal

    i was wondering the same thing about the brushes…are they worth getting or is it better to just get the fullsized?

    • jessica

      i decided to buy the brushes because i am new to using them and am not sure if i will like them thats why paying $50 for 3 is better than paying $50 for 1

      also since i dont have any full sized i wont know the difference ; )

      • Shanel

        full’size are all hand made.
        small SE brushes are factory made.
        that might be the difference, but to me
        it gives the same finish.

        • Kat

          It seems to me that if you’re just starting with MAC brushes, the brush sets are a great place to start. If there are designs you love, you might want to buy the full size later…but at least this way you can try things out without breaking the bank. Plus the brush holder is beyond adorable.

    • Full sized is definitely better!

  17. Mandy

    I had items in my cart, I went to checkout, put in my credit card info, then realized my shipping address was my old address, so I went to change that and that’s when the site stopped working :-( SOOOO CLOSE! At least I live in Hawaii and I can stay up for a few hours retrying!!

  18. I need to go into the store and see what’s going on. I was on the site for a while but then I had to do my homework when it went down :( But oh well.

  19. Mandy

    I think I might just order off the Nordstrom site, shipping is only $8 and if you spend over $200, shipping is free

    • You might want to. Nordstrom has awesome CS, and if you’re spending $200+ there’s no reason not to. If you want ASAP, I’d upgrade shipping, but I normally do that no matter what (whether I do Nordies or MAC) ’cause I’m in California, so everything takes 10 years to get here!

  20. Lisa

    I am sooooo happy I woke my bf up and sked him for his CC! I was going to wait till the morning, but boy am I sure glad I didn’t!

    lisaespa on Twitter

  21. DevilishDoll

    BTW, what is wrong with the Macy’s website? It says Hello Kitty is available, but when I click to add the items to my bag, it refuses to actually put them in the bag. But it works for other collections.

    • I think via Macy’s might be trying to grab info from EL/MAC’s servers vs. just on Macy’s. Nordstrom’s shop by MAC will do the same, but Nordstrom has the products also linked in their own site.

      I went to Macy’s, but it just loads and loads for me.

  22. Mandy

    Nordstrom site doesn’t have the glitter liner! :-( so sad

  23. Briseida

    $46 (Canadian)DOLLARS for Too Dolly!!!!! ugggg Im going to be soooo broke :(

  24. Shanel

    man, the mac site won’t load! must be frigg’n busy :(

  25. Mandy

    Finally put in my order from Nordstrom, I only ended up spending $150 because I took off the brush set. I might stop by MAC later this week and check it out to see if there’s anything else I have to have before it’s all gone!

  26. Do you really think this is going to sell out? I have an appointment at my MAC counter Friday morning (they said they’ll have HK stuff going on), but I would hate for the few things I want to sell out before the appointment!

  27. Lesley

    What is up with the new MAC website not confirming your order breakdown (*with any shipping fees) before you place your order? The new “system” is confusing and misleading. It’s awful. I ended up paying $7 for shipping by accident because it is so different from the old system. I send an email to about it. Then again, maybe I’m just an idiot! On a happier note, I ended up able to order everything that I wanted this morning :)

  28. Zandra

    I am so glad I got to order everything I wanted…I origionally had 400 bucks worth of stuff in my cart but decided that although very LE some things just were not practical and that I honestly would never wear them so I reaaaaaallly had to pick my brain and finally got my order down to 300 lol… but my order still reads as pending….and I have yet to receive a confirmation email..that has me worried…=(

  29. cloudburst

    I ordered last night at 11:45 …I got everything I though would be a sure thing & will leave the rest for personal inspection.

  30. A. Rose

    My local Macy’s is selling it now, too! I got stuff last night and this morning!

  31. Elle

    I think it’s kinda lame that they keep changing the release dates…it’s a pain to call around everywhere to see if they’re selling things. Yeesh.

    • GretaluvsMAC

      I know what you mean…it makes me paranoid that somethiong I really want may sell out because I didn’t know they released it early. The MU at my MAC store know me now because I am ALWAYS calling to make sure nothing came out early!!

    • I agree, I’m annoyed that they just randomly started letting stores release it… seriously? how can people know!

  32. GretaluvsMAC

    I orderd my stuff last night/morning at 2:00 MST and the site was fine… must have went haywire when everyone woke up and started placing their orders! Good luck everyone!

  33. Deidre

    I just called two of my local Macy’s/Burdines stores and yes, it’s true they are selling the HK items today/right now…..OMG can’t wait to get off of work….

  34. Margaret

    I just got some HK items from my local Macy’s!!! So ITS TRUE! I picked up the Lucky Tom eye palatte and the lipstick in Cute-Ster (luster). YAY!

  35. Deidre

    Mac stores in my area are letting you purchase items today….

  36. Lix

    I’m totally BURNING inside to buy some of the collection now but the Swarovski Kouture collection is what I’m saving for. I’d much rather have a compact that looks as awesome as that and just be able to change the pans.


  37. My-Linh

    I called 2 MAC stores near(ish) me this morning and one of them started selling Hello Kitty YESTERDAY! The other is only selling the accessories at the moment because they haven’t gotten their make-up shipment yet.

  38. I’d be more excited if MAC hadn’t already swept away all my money so I could just buy one thing from this collection. It’s sad that I’ve been looking so forward to this collection for months but I wind up blowing all my cash on other things at MAC. XD

  39. Niki

    I just ordered my Vanity Tote cant wait to get it! It looks like a nice size makeup and its super cute!

  40. Kharina

    OK so it looks like there is going to be enough products for everyone (well, most everyone)…I just saw that Hello Kitty products did not actually RUN OUT on the MAC website (whew). It is now Tuesday 2:30pm and after last night’s website chaos which I didn’t want to put up with… I am finally putting my order in. Wooopee!!!

  41. Mandy

    I’m a little concerned with my Nordstrom order, cuz they only took out like $35 from my bank, and I spent $150, and the order status just says that it’s processing. I might have to order from MAC too just as backup haha

  42. Janine

    Henri Bendel in NYC had HK out already. Needless to say I did some damage!!!

  43. Liz

    How would you say this MAC glitter eyeliner compares to Urban Decay glitter eyeliner?