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I haven’t yet but I plan too. From the swatches on here I want almost everything! But I don’t think my bank account wants what I want 🙁 I definitely plan on getting the glitter liners and nail polishes and beauty powders. I just have to wait for it to get to Australia. I’m hoping that once I see and test the products for my self that it will cut my list down.

I ordered 3 of the lipglosses, a lipstick, and the lucky tom pallette from nordstrom I can’t wait to receive my order….. Your swatches helped so much!!!! Thanks!!!

Nope, I don’t plan on purchasing any. MAC in general is way too expensive for me right now. Though, I plan to get a job within the next month, hopefully. Then I can splurge. 😀
HK didn’t impress me, even I had the money, I don’t think I’d purchase any of the products from the HK collection.

Haha, I was up at midnight clicking refresh, refresh, refresh so I could order my last few items I couldn’t pre-order at Nordstrom (Soft Vanity Kit and Fashion Mews lipstick). I’ve loved Hello Kitty since I was a little girl and I LOVE the design they came up with for the packaging/accessories for this collection. My final damage is: two l/s (most popular and fashion mews), one l/g (she loves candy), one beauty powder (pretty baby), both eye quads, the medium makeup bag, the soft vanity kit, the brush set and the doll.

So yeah….I caved big time…

just placed my (first) order — might go back and get some more when my tax refund comes in! I got:

Cute-ster lipstick
Big Bow lipstick
Popster TLC
purse mirror

and if i make another order (depending on what’s available) i want:

the traincase
the tote bag
the doll
a few of the lipglasses (maybe sweet strawberry, fast friends and mimmy)
and maaaaaaaaaaybe the brush set 😀

thanks to you Christine I only ordered 250.00 worth. All of your swatches helped me to not go overboard like I always do with new collections!!I got all 3 polishes, both blushes, Tahiti BB, 2 lipglasses, 3 lipsticks and lucky tom e/s palette. I may go to my mac store on friday and take a look at the glitter e/l and the make up bags but I am pretty happy with my haul. BTW I ordered at 1:00 mst on maccosmetics.com. I was terrified thst everything would sell out so I stayed up and ordered early.

Totally! This was my first big MAC haul ever, and I’ve been saving a whole lot of gift cards from Christmas for it, lol! I honestly got nearly everything, minus some of the accessories, beauty powders, reflect glitters, and liners. Your swatches really helped me narrow down the list, though – thanks! 🙂

I’m a HK addict, and I have been for a long time, so this collection was so worth it! I can’t wait to see the cute accessories like the doll and vanity case. 😀

I sure did! This was the only way I could get anything since I am pregnant and on bedrest. I have been hawking the site to make sure I got what I wanted! I know it is crazy, but I have passed on other collections to get this one!

I’m kind of on the fence about Too Dolly e/s palette but I know that I really don’t need a bright pink/teal eyeshadow so if I try hard enough I might fight the temptation to get something from Hello Kitty altogether (as nothing else from that collection appeals)

Nope..i’m gonna wait til it comes out in stores to give myself a reason to lurk around my MAC store and buy a bunch of other stuff…lol.

but i actually only want the brush set, nothing else really appeals to me in this collection. and i have been craving a 187 & 109 (i already have a 239, i’ll prolly give that to my friend), so along with the cute brush holder, this would be perfect for me.

yeah i’m a big ‘ol loser and didn’t realize that…the MAC stores in nyc actually came out with it the same day as the unveiling.

already called mine (MAC flatiron) and will be making a trip there tonight after work =D.

I was waiting for HK to come out so I could get what I wanted from BBR along with it and save on shipping :). All that I really really wanted was the Popster TLC, so I was relieved that it survived the night. I got Popster, Fun & Games blush, and Henna and Femme-Fi e/s from BBR. My Femme-Fi that I got during Sci-Fi is already almost gone! It’s a great color.

It’s not available over here for a good few weeks yet, but once it is, I’ll probably get around 8 items, but I’ll have to see them in person first.

I’m waiting until it comes to the counter, I want to see the colors in person. Hopefully they get it in on time, my counter still hasnt got in Creme Team!

Nope, not a thing. I wear classic neutral shadows and red lippie only, for that 40’s vibe, so nothing in the HK collection caught my eye.

I got Tippy beauty powder blush, Big Bow lipstick, On the Prowl nail polish, and Her Glitz eyeliner. Plus Fresco Rose paint pot, since I was placing an order 🙂

Fun order! All the HK madness from yesterday and today is making me want to bust into my own HK goodies. (Life has been so busy, I haven’t had any time!)

Yes! After I saw your swatches, I went to preorder at my local MAC store. This was last Thursday. Turns out, they were already selling the collection (hooray NYC!). I tried to restrict myself. I did a pretty good job of it.

I caved – I got the noticifation email at 11:45 last night & decided I better order since I’ll be out of town when it hits the counters:

Too Dolly e/s palette
Most Popular l/s
She Loves Candy & Sweet Strawberry l/g
Tippy & Fun & Games BPB
On the Prowl nailpolish

I want to see the other e/s palette & lip products in person before I buy anymore!

I had a longer list of stuff to buy, but I decided just to pick up what I thought would be the “sure things” – your swatches & reviews helped me decide, so thanks!

I saw everything in person last night & I did pick up a few more things – Cutester l/s, Milk & Deep Blue Green pigments, and today I’m going back again for Her Glitz & Girl Groove glitterliners. Phew!

BTW all the items I bought online in part due to your swatches & reviews did not dissapoint in person! All I have to do now is wait for my shipment to come in :(. So thanks for the great info!

I went to return some things at MAC last night and surprise–hello kitty was out! score! I restrained myself and only bought Pretty Baby beauty powder and Nice kitty lipglass. I think I’m gonna go back and get the Lucky tom palette and Fashion mews lipstick.

I did cave a bit, although the collection did not impress me. But I am a sucker for pink lippies so I got the So Popular, Big Bow,and Stray . Also the Tahitian sand powder. Already have the Nice Kitty gloss. Right now, I am more into mattes again so I totally passed on the ES. Oh, and another #217 brush (the Brush collection was crappy imo).

I ordered the Definatly Want things like Strayin’. The things in the maybe pile will be evaluated in person. Still don’t know if I want an eyeshadow pallet. Which did you like most?

What’s in the maybe pile for now?

I didn’t like either, to be honest. I wouldn’t recommend one over the other at all. If anything, it’s probably just a matter of what you might use more!

I bought Cute-ster lipstick and Nice Kitty lipgloss. I wanted to get the Too Dolly palette but after your review, I thought better of it. Now I’m just waiting for the Kitty Kouture mystery powder and I’m all set…

Your swatches helped me out soooooooooooooo much when I was trying to decide what to get. The swatches on the site and your swatches looked nothing alike – the lipgloss swatches seemed sooo much more pigmented on the site, so I decided to use yours as reference since they are on the actual lips. I’m so excited though, I’ve been a Hello Kitty fan since forever…

Thanks so much!

Ouch, that Kitty Kouture powder is gonna set you back quite a bit! Worth not going too crazy over the regular stuff 🙂

Ah, yes, MAC swatches are notoriously inaccurate, unfortunately 🙁

Yeah I know! But I’m getting the stuff just to collect, probably won’t be using it too much because I am a HUGE makeup junkie even though I don’t wear it on a regular basis, so its weird how much I have but don’t use. The mystery powder case is so gorgeous, I can’t not have it, I’m hoping its refillable though, so I can buy other MAC powders but keep reusing the case, do you know if its refillable?

At my local counter: 4 lippies, 3 glosses, 1 beauty powder blush, the purse mirror (online)…and a partridge in a pear tree.

I have a second haul planned this weekend…2 more glosses, a possible lippie, the pink nail polish (the grey wasn’t right for me darn it!), and the larger of the two make up bags.

Happy Birthday to me!

I put a bunch of stuff in my bag, and the site must have been screwy because it came up and said thanks for your order. Problem is, I didn’t have enough on my credit card to cover the order or else I woulda kept it. So I had to call and cancel. But now I think I might buy Tippy blush and Fashion Mews lipstick, then get some other stuff on Thursday when I go to the store.

Right now I’m going to get Fashion Mews, Strayin, Big Bow, Sweet Strawberry, She Loves Candy, Kitty Power, Milk and Too Dolly. Later, I’m going to get Most Popular, Cutester, Nice Kitty, Fast Friends, Mimmy, Nice To Be Nice, Popster, Pink Fish, Girl Groove, Glitterpuss, and maybe Lucky Tom. Gahhh, I want most of the collection. Did you see the looks they posted on the MAC site? Some of them are really cute, so I wrote them all down to try later. I especially love the Too Dolly, Stately Black and Paradisco looks.

Ooh and I forgot, I’m getting Tippy now too. I’m gonna have fun getting the money to pay for it all, but I’m determined. I don’t care if I’m still hunting the items down on EBay 6 months from now. =P

I’m waiting to pick some stuff up on Friday on my through Toronto (going home for reading week), that way if I can’t get something there, I will hopefully be able to get it when I get home to Ottawa. So far I’m thinking Too Dolly e/s palette, Tippy bpb, Milk p/m, and probably 2 of each of the lipglosses. Possibly Pretty Baby beauty powder, but I want to compare it to Alpha Girl first (heard they were very similar)

the brush holder kinda looks good….but i want a full size 187 badly…i may pass this…wish i were a little more rich…just a litle…to buy products for fancy n not for using…:)
this will never hit CCO too…i knw that…:(

I bought one little lipstick- Big Bow. I recently had to buy quite a bit of paint/ art supplies for a class, so I don’t have as much free income as I’d like. 😛
I’m glad everything isn’t sold out on the site- maybe they’re actually stocking enough so that there will be more left for me to order on my next payday! I hate it when a collection sells out in one day and I miss out.

I was wondering too.. I preordered on the 6th..and I’m getting pretty antsy hahaha my order status says estimated ship date as today but nothing past that yet!

omgosh! i totally did NOT plan on buying anything b/c the black plastic hello kitty didnt’ really appeal to me..
but the more i looked…ARGH!!! i totally caved and bought stuff online last night lol

i got 2 lipsticks – strayin’ & cutester
the keychain and the mirror 🙂
i’m still debating about some other items like the eyeshadow..but there’s kitty kouture too…ahh!!!

Christine, your reviews/swatched helped immensely…I like HK but wasn’t totally floored by everything, and walked away with just a lipstick and a gloss (Sweet Strawberry and Most Popular–I loved the Strawberry Blonde lipglass and am glad to hear Most Popular is similar to it!). If I love those I’ll get backups but for now, I’m happy with what I got. I was lemming the brush set, but that container is just too small. Thanks!!!

I got lots of it!!! 🙂 MAC just broke me..once again!!!!
Here’s what I got….

“Too Dolly” eyeshadow palette

4 Lipsticks (Cute-Ster, Big Bow, Strayin’, Most Popular)

5 Lipglosses (Mimmy, Sweet Strawberry, Nice Kitty, She Loves Candy, Fast Friends)

Both of the beauty powder blushes (Fun & Games, Tippy)

I’m going back for “Popster” lip conditioner and maybe “Luckey Tom” eyeshadow palette…may even get the “vanity case and tote”

Lucky me my birthday is March 1st….maybe mom will shop early..hint hint 😀

I pre-ordered two things from Nordstrom; the Strayin’ lipstick and Something about pink polish. The boyfriend said he’d buy me some more stuff but now he’s being a jerkface.

Does anyone know if the Purse Mirror’s chains are detachable? Like, are the rings welded closed or are they open? I hope someone knows what I’m trying to say!

Unfortuneatly I HAVE to wait until Thursday, I have no money! At first I didn’t like anything from this collection, but your swatches change my mind! I plan on getting She Loves Candy & Nice To Be Nice l/g, Tahitian Sand b/p & the Brush set. Not too sure if I still want to get Cute Ster or Fresh Brew, they might look funny on me. Also I want to see the Vanity Case in person, might be a little too big and I will go with the medium makeup bag.

I was planning on the Deep Blue Green pigment, but its just a Pro color.

I got way more than anticipated;
My original order:
Gray & Pink polishes
Purse Mirror

Plush Doll
TLC popster
Lipglass in She Loves Candy
Blush: Tippy and Fun&Games

this is my first haul with combined bank accounts with hubby – I said I was spending $100 but ended up spending $170 LOL

At first I wasn’t going to get anything as I was more into Creme Team and Well Defined (I’m going to get Partial to Pink, the concealer and the foundation), but Cute-ster is a very pretty colour so I’ll get that – in spite of the Hello Kitty packaging (lol) Once again, your swatches were a huge help (I always buy off ebay) and I don’t know what I would do without you 🙂

Nah…I’m just kind of “meh” on everything from this collection, and I’m a HK fan 🙂 I don’t hate the packaging (like some have said) but I’m not excited or impressed with it.

I think some more wearable and unique shadows, and some more unique blushes. The lippies were the only things that even slightly tempted me, and even these were pretty dupable/not unique.

I ordered cute-ster and popster TLC, along with the strawberry blonde lipglass finally. I’m thinking about exchanging cute-ster for most popular now though, considering I have more pigmented lips than I think are suitable for cute-ster. 🙁 Is it possible to return items ordered online to a MAC store?

Dang, what a pain. haha After paying s&h to send it back, it’s hardly worth it. Hopefully it’ll turn out prettier than I’m thinking it will now!

from my local mac store unveiling (feb.3)…
– both eyeshadow palettes (too dolly & lucky tom)
– both beauty powders (prettybaby & tahitian pearl)
– both beauty blushes (tippy & fun n’ games)
– two glosses (mimmy & sweet strawberry)
– two lip bullets (cute’ster & most popular)
– hello kitty eyelashes
– hello kitty brush set
– hello kitty plush doll (only b/c im such a HK fanatic!)
all total’d up to about $300-330.

Stuff I pre’order for pick up on thursday (much thnks to christine & her lovely helpful swatches!)
– strayin’ lip bullet
– pop’ster tint’d lip moistureizer.

I got:
Strayin L/S
Big Bow L/S
Nice Kitty L/G
Pink Nailpolish
Grey Nailpolish
Brush holder w/ brushes
and I wanted the traincase but my wallet is holding me hostage!!! LOL

YES! i ordered exactly what i planned on after careful research and swatch-analyzing. fashion mews, strayin, and she loves candy. i am very excited and can’t thank you enough christine for helping us girls with no mac near us

I wasn’t too wowed by the products. Didn’t like most of the lipsticks- they either just didn’t look right on me or they were dupeable (seriously, ANOTHER cool fuschia-like pink?). I did buy a BPB, a blush, and a TLC, but that’s about it. I was more drawn to the Cremesheens.

Thanks to your swatches i plan on getting Tippy and Fun & Games BPB, Most Popular l/s, She Loves Candy l/g, and Popster TLC. I have to wait until Thursday but Im SOOOOOOO excited:P

I bought tippy blush this morning, and I’m trying to decide if I need some of the glitter lines/tinted lip conditioners

I ordered the key chain and smallest makeup bag online this morning, as soon as the website came back up. I’m wanting both TLC’s when Macy’s launches the collection and I can use my gift card. 🙂

I got the Milk pigment(the last one left at my local MAC)
She Loves Candy lipglass
and the pretty baby beauty powder

Also from online got the kitty keychain and the purse mirror 🙂

i dont care too much about the eyeshadow palettes.. they all seem dupe-able. i do love the lippies though.. i ordered popster tlc, big bow & most popular lipsticks, nice kitty & she loves candy glosses, and tippy & fun&games blush.

the brush set is cute but i have those brushes already & it’ll be just like paying $50 for a cup? the accesories like the bags, keychains & mirror are cute as well BUT the sanrio store has cuter ones for much cheaper. i’d only buy them if i was planning to ebay them later.

My biggest haul ever…
l/s in most popular
l/g in she loves candy
fun & games blush
Tahitian Sand beauty powder
Lucky Tom pallette
Med. Size Cosmetic Bag
I got what I knew I would use- a big THANKS for all your help. Looking foward to the “honey collection”. Smile.

I ended up ordering:
Nice Kitty l/g
Fashion Mews l/s
Fun & Games BPB
Pink Fish TLC
& Milk Pigment.

I might go check out Big Bow & Tippy at the counter sometime too!

Okay here’s what I got from the unveiling:

Lucky Tom e/s palette
Too Dolly e/s palette
Mimmy l/g
Sweet Strawberry l/g
Fast Friends l/g
Fashion Mews l/s
Pink Fish tlc
Purse mirror
Brush set

I want to get:
Fresh Brew l/s (I have this already and its my favorite nude so I think I want it in HK packaging…lol! Not a must though)
Fast Friends l/g (backup)

I’m going to the MAC/Nordstroms store on Friday..hopefully nothing will be sold out! I want to try the blushes-planning on getting one of em, and get the brush set. Is the brush set worth it? I was so excited about it at first, but now i’m unsure about it. I also wanna try the studio sculpt foundation.

Is the sky not blue? Is the grass not green? Is the ocean not full of Pepperidge Farm goldfish? Well, maybe not the last one but YES! You betcha I ordered…at midnight:01 am.

After waffling and hemming and hawing I ordered:
Strayin’ l/s
Most Popular l/s
Sweet Strawberry l/g
Medium Makeup Bag (that petite one won’t hold much more than a lipstick and some dust bunnies)
Purse Mirror

And a bunch of non-feline related items. My Visa won’t even speak to me today.

At first i was gonna wait till i see them in person, but i work on the day of the release and i was scared that they would sell out of the stuff i want. And so i went to mac to preorder and they actually took me in the back where they had the collection all set up. omg it was amazing. i took my time swatching everything without 10 other girls shoving me on the side. I got PRETTY BABY powder, TIPPY blush, LUCKY TOM palette, SHELOVESCANDY l/g FASHION MEWS & STRAYIN l/s. all thanks to my boyfriend i told him to get me HK stuff for v-day instead of flowers, candy etc. i can’t wait to pick it up 🙂

I want to purchase mine in the MAC store so I can swatch before I buy. I def want to swatch the beauty powders and see how they look on my skin. I mainly want it for the compact! Haha =]. But I also want the Lucky Tom Palette and the She Loves Candy lipglass.

I planned on picking stuff up at the store in minneapolis. but we went through hard times so I can only spend a gift card I got for 25$. so I’m sad. but I’m a hello kitty dork and have her tattooed on me, so I’m a hardcore fan.

since i live in hawaii; and the MAC headquarters is located in New York, New York lol, i have a program that can tell me what time it is over there. haha so i didn’t have to actually wait till the 10th to order things :]
i wend online straight after work and ordered the Hello Kitty purse mirror from Maccosmetics.com :]

and thanks for the tip about Nordstroms pre-ordering.
i also ordered two lipglosses and the other eyeshadow pallet that i didn’t get at the unveiling party :]
i couldn’t chance the wait!!!

<3 Krissy

I just ordered the Popster lip conditioner and Tippy blush. I don’t know, these products aren’t getting me that excited that I feel the need to buy more. =)

i preorder last week and today i went to pick up my stuffs at my bloomindale store and here what i got:
-fashion mews l/s
-fun & games
-she loves candy l/g

and then i also picked up
pretty please b/p

i wanted cute-ster l/s but then i tried it on, it was invisible… it just added a tiny sheen on my lip

Well, since I was up at 4am for work, I figured I would place my order before anything had a chance to sell out! 🙂 I got: Strayin’ l/s, Cute Ster l/s, Most Popular l/s, Sweet Strawberry l/g, Mimmy l/g, Popster TLC, both bpb’s and Her Glitz g/l. I didn’t think I’d want anything from this collection (I’ve never really been into Hello Kitty), but since I’m into MAC, I was bound to get sucked in 😉 Thanks for the awesome swatches as always!

Ofcourse I caved!
I got Big Bow, Cute-ster, the TLC in Popster (x2 1 for my sister), On The Prowl nail polish and Tippy blush….the bag they were giving the stuff away were amazinnng…my MAC MA was sooo sweet she knows me by name already and she gave me an extra bag…I was going to get Fun & games but it looked a lil too orange to me in real life…

I caved in… I was waiting online last night for the email, so I think I placed my order by like 12:45 last night. lol.

Too Dolly e/s pallet
Milk pigment
2 glitter liners Glitterpuss and the pink one ? kittypower?
She loves Candy l/g
Fashion Mews L/s
Pink fish TLC

Thank you very much for all the info and swatches Christine, they were super helpful!

Went to the pro store in vancouver today and got the following =)
Tippy BPB
CuteSter lipstick
Nice kitty lipglass
She loves candy lipglass
Pink Fish TLC
On the Prowl nail lacquer
and also Creme Cup from cremeteam
They added a free hello kitty tote bag too, super cute!

I’m waiting till my tax refund comes in and what the weather looks like to buy anything lol its my valentine’s day gift from hubby to splurge on some new stuff because he told me to throw my old MAC away hehehe $_$ so I’m getting the Too Dolly palette, fashion mews,strayin, and most popular lipsticks, nice kitty , fast friends, and she loves candy lipglasses, the lip conditioners,the nail polishes, and the tippy powder blush. heehee im sooo excited i havent bought MAC since the first time in Oct 2007

i pre-ordered.. both beauty powders, brush set, too dolly e/s palette, fun &games blush, most popular lipstick, she loves candy &fast friends lipglass, and popster tinted lip conditioner ^^* excited!! i love hello kitty<3

I was building up my brush collection for a while so I wasnt allowing myself any makeup purchases in the meantime. I ended that though with HK. I picked up both BPBs, Tippy and Fun & Games. I dont have Fashion Frenzy or Spaced blushes by MAC. I heard those are good dupes for the HK BPBs. I picked up Too Dolly palette. Im so eager to play with this! Romping looks so amazing. I got 2 l/s Strayin, and Fashion Mews. Again I dont have anything close to these colors. I also bought 2 l/g in Nice Kitty and Fast Friends. Christine thanks for all of your swatches. I felt confident I was making well informed choices.

Since my nearest MAC counter is always late when it comes to collection, I was happily surprised when they released the HK collection early. Unfortunately, I left my bank card that day and had to settle with using credit card. I got:

1. Tahitian Sand Beauty Powder
2. She Loves Candy Lipglass
3. Mimmy Lipglass (My nephew calls me Mimi, so I had to get this, good thing I loved the color)
4. On the Prowl lacquer
5. Fun and games blush

If I stick to my workout schedule, I will reward myself and go back on payday to get:

1. Lucky Tom
2. Tippy
3. Most Popular / Big Bow (still undecided)
4. Popster (maybe)
5. Milk Pigment (my first pigment)

I got what I originally wanted which was the brush set and all the glitter eyeliners. Then I went back….LOL….and got tippy blush & Milk pigment!

I went to my local MAC store where they had lauched the line yesterday.

I tried Strayin lipstick, but just couldn’t get myself to buy it, since it’s pretty bright. I might go back and get it. The lipglass were “meh” for me, I didn’t see the appeal. The TLC’s are ok, but they tend to show the cracks in my lips, so I passed. I might go back and get 1 or 2 glitter liners!

I haven’t gotten anything yet. I was wondering if you knew if the Valley Fair store is selling it yet? I actually got invited, but received the invitation after the part … so sad.
but I do have a wishlist to spend my birthday money on!
-Too Dolly e/s palette, big bow l/s, most popular l/s, sweet strawberry and nice kitty l/g.
I’m still undecided about the pigments. I’m probably going to get Milk, but maybe not. I need to see it in person

ON THE PROWL nail lacquer
STRAYIN lipstick
TOO DOLLY eyeshadow set
TIPPY powder blush
KITTY POWER glitter eyeliner
PINK FISH lip conditioner

I didn’t get the cute makeup bags though, I have PLENTY of those already haha
I’m waiting for my shipments! I am going to the store tomorrow and seeing if there’s anything else that grabs my eye that I want to get too.
I’m a HUGE Hello Kitty fan(I even have a HK tattoo on my arm)
as well as a MAC adict so this is like Heaven for me!

i didnt really like the design too much. it was cute n’ all but i preferred the all over hello kitty – mac pattern on the packaging better! i got 2 lipsticks — cutester & most popular and 2 lipglasses — mimmy & sweet strawberry. i lavvvvv them!!! =]

im debating whether or not to buy she loves candy lipglass and another lipgloss (either big bow or strayin) or wait until the kitty kouture dazzleglasses come out! and i really want the tahitian sand BP and the vanity case!!

I bought more than I thought I would. I haven’t really hauled on makeup since Cult of Cherry. I was building up my brush collection and in the meantime I wasn’t buying makeup. I ordered both BPBs though and Im really looking forward to them! I missed out on Fashion Frenzy and Spaced Out, which I heard are good dupes for these HK BPBs. I ordered the Too Dolly palette because I dont have a ton of shadows. Im especially excited about Romping. I dont have a magenta color like this at all. Yogurt, and Stately look nice too. I picked up Fashion Mews l/s, and Strayin l/s. Along with Fast Friends l/g, and Nice Kitty. I still want a glitter liner Girl Groove, and Lucky Tom palette. Thanks for all your swatching Christine!

I like Tippy way more than Fashion Frenzy, ’cause I found that one to be a little chalky, so this is better 😛

Glad you got a good amount of things! Enjoy!

I checked it out yesterday at my local MAC store. They had launched on Monday. I think the glitter liners are great, I’m thinking of getting Kitty Power, GlitterPuss and Her Glitz. I also tried on Big Bow and Strayin. I almost got Strayin but I just wasn’t sure about how bright it was. The MA said it looked great, but I had doubts. So, I was reasonable, and left without anything. I’ll think about it and maybe go back. I might also get PlushLash since it’s your staple, Christine!

well I made a haul online & today at Macy’s
Online I ordered: Fashion Mews, Fun & Games, Pink Fish, Nice Kitty & Milk. & then from Macy’s today, I got: Fashion Mews (love it!), Tippy, Girl Groove, Big Bow & the gray nail polish. This has been my biggest haul from MAC so far! 🙂

I got the Milk pigment, the smaller make up bag, the brush set, and… there was more. I know there was. I’m glad I nabbed the brush set asap as now I see it is sold out. I would have cried

Hey Christine!
I’m considering getting two of the lipglasses, Sweet Strawberry for sure and debating over which other. Do you think I should get any lipsticks? One if any?

I want an eyeshadow palette but am wondering which is the better option
any suggestions or should I skip it?

I just got from shopping. I got the brush set and pretty baby beauty powder.. love em both ! pretty baby is soo nice, it gives the perfect amount of pink. +non hk creme colour base in pearl..as a face highlighter? and a pigment sample in naked. i love pigment samples ! (: im thinking about even getting another pretty baby beauty powder. do they come out with beauty powders a lot?

I wish Pretty Baby gave me more color! You’re definitely lucky. Pretty Baby hasn’t come out for about 2 years I’d say, so you should definitely get a back up if you like it.

Well, after much debate I got myself 2 lipsticks (Strayin’ and Most Popular), both lip conditioners, and both blushes. I was in a rush though since I went to my local MAC freestanding store between classes lol.. and there was a HUGE freakin’ line up sooo I’m gonna go back some time this weekend to get some lipglosses to go over my lipsticks 🙂
Thanks so much for the swatches! They helped A LOT 😀

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