Monday, September 24th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

Have you done theme makeup? Examples: makeup based off of your favorite sport’s team, holidays, etc.

Temptalia's AnswerYes! I love holiday-themed makeup :)

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17 thoughts on “Have you done theme makeup?

  1. Miss J

    Yup, all the freaking time! :)

  2. Yes, mostly for holidays, and the nails get the worst of it, lol. Although, there have been some non-holidays. I did shades of purple for my aunt’s funeral (her favorite color), and I’ve done blue/white sports themes a few times. If it’s appropriate for the occasion, I love it!

  3. Never. Although I just caught a glimpse of the China Glaze holiday polishes and Pure Joy looks so holiday tacky, I may just have to succumb.. but just my nails.

  4. Lizzi

    Oh yea! I’ve lived in Dallas for six years, and I go to 10+ Stars games every season. I’ve become a huge Stars fan, but I’m still most loyal to my Boston Bruins. There’s been many times when I’m going to games that I’ll do a gold and green look or a green smoky eye to show my love for Dallas and wear my Stars jersey as well. The best gold to use IMO is the MUFE Aqua Creme in #11. I’ll use whatever dark green my hands can get on first.

    I was back home in Boston awhile ago and got to go to Fenway, which sadly is a dump compared to the Rangers stadium here in Dallas :-( , but it’s still where the Boston heart belongs. I tried doing a navy and red eye… EWW! Not a look I remember proudly.

  5. CatherineM

    I love themed makeup. I have special products (eyeliners, lipsticks, nailpolishes and falsies) that I only take out for Christmas or Halloween. And I have done themed makeup for the Olympics and the soccer championships (that’s easy for me since Germany’s colors are black, red and gold/yellow.

  6. Jade

    I don’t know that I have! The only thing I can think of is when I did Lady Gaga style makeup for her concert.

  7. I did a pumpkin eye look for Halloween last year, and also a devil look!

  8. YES! Its the most fun. =)

  9. Nope.
    And that’s it, lol, nothing else to add :-)

  10. Sasha

    I’ve done makeup for my school colors before, our colors are green and gold. Though I think my makeup was mostly just gold (I don’t have a lot of greens). But now that I think about it, loreal infallible golden emerald would be good for that…

  11. Joan

    I’m wearing ‘PINK’ colored products (eyeshadow, lippies, nail polish, blush, etc) for the entire month of October, commemorating Breast Cancer Awareness month. This is for me and others who survived, those who loss the war and those who are currently fighting the battle.

  12. Eileen

    Yes! I love to create looks that are in keeping with the holidays.

  13. Avril

    Christmas, Pride, Easter… yep!

  14. Jessica

    I have done a few for contests or on other people but never on myself.

  15. Danielle

    My nail polish is ALWAYS coordinated for a given holiday. I also always do a good makeup for Christmas. Otherwise, I don’t draw pumpkins on my face or anything like that, but I try to stick with the colors for that holiday/season.

  16. Heather

    I did my eye make up like Amy Winehouse and it was SO much fun, kept the rest of my face really natural looking.. tried to make my skin look healthy, up against that drama.. was fab!

  17. Andrea

    I love themed makeup.. I think I was a drag queen in a past life. Anyhow, since I started working after school in high school I’ve worn nothing but uniforms. Once I was in a real career field, I was relegated to navy blue scrubs, now every day it’s black. Literally ANY time I have an excuse to wear a colored undershirt I go hog-wild! If a holiday calls for a colored shirt, you better believe I’m also doing coordinated socks, sometimes shoes also, hair accessories, jewelry, and makeup. It’s so fun to just go a little crazy every once in a while! :)