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Disney Cinderella Collection by Sephora

Disney Cinderella Collection by Sephora

Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set ($25.00)

Find your Prince Charming and seal the love with a perfectly pretty pout. This set of lavish lip formulas feature shades that mirror the dresses Cinderella wore in the film, adorning your lovely lips with hues of berry, peach, warm rose, and champagne. This set contains: Lady Tremaine (berry), Pumpkin (light pastel peach), Who Is She? (warm rosy mauve), and My Moment (pink champagne glitter).

Storylook Eyeshadow Palette ($55.00)

Begin a journey with this dazzling collection of fairy tale-inspired shadows. Original artwork created by Disney portrays Cinderella’s magical moment with elaborate silver and gold detailing. Inside, a luxurious velveteen tray holds a variety of shimmering shades, each customized to match the original pantones from the movie. The silky smooth formulas glide on effortlessly, providing a rich coat of color that blends and layers to create a stunning eye.

This set contains: Maiden (glittery magenta), All Aglow (shimmering tan), Destined (light blue pearl), Cinderelly (sea foam green matte), Pumpkin Coach (cream gold), Ball Gown (pearl white pearl), Kill Joy (shimmering taupe), Fairy Godmother (periwinkle). Glass Slipper (light blue shimmer), Royal (matte bright blue), Gus Gus (gold shimmer), Charming (nude pearl), Chateau (brown shimmer), Palace (rose gold shimmer), Drizella (medium brown golden shimmer), Cinders (black with gold glitter), Jaq (mauve matte gold shimmer), Midnight (midnight blue with light blue glitter), A Wish (cream pearl), Rococo (plum w/multi glitter).

Midnight Hour Eyeshadow Palette ($30.00)

Reenact the drama and flash these whimsical shadows as the clock strikes twelve. Original artwork created by Disney brings the magic to life with an elegant screen print of the legendary countdown. Once opened, you’ll be swept away by the palette’s enchanting, smoky shades. The silky smooth formulas glide on effortlessly, providing a rich coat of color that blends and layers to create a stunning eye that lasts beyond the midnight hour.

Compact Mirror ($20.00)

A purse-friendly mirror designed after the iconic clock that signals the end to Cinderella’s enchanting spell. Touch-up your look with style and grace with this mirror designed after the iconic clock from the film. This elegant compact, adorned with a gold overlay, is the perfect addition to any princess’ collection.

So This Is Love Perfume

Become spellbound by the mesmerizing scent of So This is Love and leave a lasting impression. At first breath, fresh aldehydes shine like glass as they dance with warm plumeria and dewy hyacinth to create a top that is delicate and youthful, yet vibrantly dazzling. A magical bouquet of elegant tuberose, sheer jasmine, and exotic tiare flower crafts a royal, shimmering heart—the the perfect fit for the belle of the ball. A background of soft, supple musk accord wraps you in the arms of Prince Charming. Sensual peach skin and velvety woods shimmer with luscious texture for a sensation that lasts long after the stroke of midnight. Available in a Swarvoski-edition bottle ($175.00/1.7 oz.), regular spray bottle ($58.00/1.7 oz.), and roller ball ($19.00/0.2 oz.).

A Brush With Fait Nail Polish Set ($24.50)

Walk into a fantasy with this set of polishes that promise to enchant your tips with sparkles, shimmers, and whimsical hues. Mix and match shades to create the spell of your choice and turn any situation into an occasion.

Availability: Sephora (Now available to Beauty Insiders!)

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Kafka Avatar

Re one eyeshadow: “Jaq (mauve matte gold shimmer)” — Forgive me if I’m being stupid but if it has “shimmer,” then surely it can’t be “matte”?? Isn’t shimmery matte a contradiction in terms?

As for the rest, it’s a pass from me. The compact is pretty but I don’t use pure mirror compacts. If I need a mirror, the pressed powder I carry always has one. The most beautiful thing is that Swarvoski bottle. Exquisite and truly, very princess like. But, if I’m going to spend $175 on perfume (which is generally far more than I’d ever spend on one single perfume), then it won’t be for a 1.7 oz Sephora one. Or for any brand, really; there are so many perfumes I want, there is no way I’d spend so much on just one.

Lizzi Avatar

I went to the Sephora at the Dallas NorthPark today to pick up the Storylook palette, it’s so cute. I’m looking forward to playing with the Gus Gus and Fairy Godmother colors. Great balance of neutrals and colors! I was worried that this might be inferior quality, might be too kiddish, but it’s beautiful and the the quality is lovely. I have a feeling this may be like the UD Alice in Wonderland palette with crazy scalping prices on eBay once the word really gets out. The NorthPark Sephora said they’ve been talking it up and releasing little flyers with the information about the collection. They haven’t put it on the floor but if you ask, they’ll let you buy it.

Anyways, while I was at Sephora I asked them if they knew which of the other princesses will get a collection. The two employees I asked said Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine (imagine the colors they’d create for an Aladdin themed palette!!) for sure, but disagreed on whether the fourth one would be Belle or Snow White. They had heard different things. This isn’t official though, but they were very confident on Jasmine and Sleeping Beauty. Cinderella is the first being released though because is happens to be the 60th anniversary from the Disney release.

I’m really excited about the idea of a Jasmine palette! She’s my favorite, I had to buy her Designer Princess doll last year. I see beautiful Agrabah inspired jewel shades!

Por Avatar

I’ve seen the compact in person and it’s gorgeous! I wish I could get a pocket watch that looked like that. It’s got a bit of weight to it so it feels sturdy. One side is a regular mirror while the other is more magnified.

Dusty Avatar

I got that Carried Away set. I usually like Tarte’s shadows (that’s the thing I’m most interested in) and some of the colors in that one looked kind of cool – worth checking out for the price anyway 🙂

BTW I got an email like an hour ago that the order already shipped out so… looks like things are in stock and arriving on-time! Woohoo!

MonicaP Avatar

So I get the RSS feed in my email, “Disney Cinderella Collection by Sephora” and I’m thinking .. meh .. eyeshadow .. not interested I’m too old for “Cinderella”, but then I scroll down and OOH, how nice .. the lovely compact, the beautiful perfume bottle, the nail polish .. now I’m thinking ~ must have .. m u s t h a v e 🙂

Elana Avatar

That mirror is so beautiful that I am filled with fear… if they come out with anything Sleeping Beauty or Little Mermaid I’m basically going to become their mindless slave

Beckie Avatar

I just ordered the compact mirror and the four pan eyeshadow palette… I can’t believe the swarvoski perfume sold out so soon! Wasn’t going to get it but it’s pretty expensive to be the only thing sold out lol.

Cassy Avatar

I like the packaging and theme of these items a lot. I think I’ll probably only end up with a rollerball of the perfume if anything, but they are lovely to look at. I especially love the design on the compact.

Wwendalynne Avatar

The mirror and flacons …what the hell?? Spell check doesn’t like my word ‘flacon’. Hey dictionary dudes. It’s legit..sheesh! So spell check likes the word ‘legit’ though and that annoys me!

Anyhooo.. they look very pretty in the pictures, but I worry they could potentially look like bubble gum prizes too.

The Sephora/Opi nail enamels could be interesting. The eyeshadows, on the other hand, do nothing for me. Far too many pale shadows which end up washing me out and looking identical on my neutral skin.

I think this would make a pretty girly gift for younger girls.

xamyx Avatar

While I like Sephora brand shadows, and even their Blockbuster sets have improved *alot*, I think they’re expecting people to buy these as Collector’s items, which I suspect was the same with the Hello Kitty items a while back (which were just awful).

Wwendalynne Avatar

When you commented on how you liked the bottom row of the big palette, it freaked me out a bit as I scrolled down the post, I thought precisely the same thing. That last row kinda reminds me of the UD Smoked palette which I’m dancing back and forth on with the Vice palette. I have some Sephora shadows that are perfectly good. They are wise to improve their quality..because they can make a killing doing so!
As far as Hello Kitty . If I’m going for silly girl packaging, then I’m skip over to Tarina Tarantino and at least get quality with my schmaltz

pussycat Avatar

I’m way to excited for this it’s embarrassing haha, I’m planning on getting the regular spray perfume (If I like it) the lipsticks (a pretty good price) and I will for sure be picking up the compact mirror, My birthday is in the beginning of October so this will be a perfect gift to myself! Can’t wait for (and if) the other princess collections. Bravo on the packaging as well.

Alexandra Avatar



The packaging is GORGEOUS and I’m a sucker for Disney. I told myself no more beauty hauls, at least until Christmas. But this is too gorgeous to pass up.

Steph Avatar

Christine, will you be getting/doing reviews on any of these? More specifically, the larger palette and the nail polish set? 🙂 I only trust your reviews, you have never steered me wrong before!

Jill Avatar

The finger polishes seem interesting. I may buy, for my 13 yr old. The rest is irritatingly immature. Kinda reminds me of their “Hello Kitty” collection. Was it created with contestants from the show “Toddlers in Tiaras”???? I mean, its hideous!!!

nacacijin Avatar

I love the two palettes! Especially the larger one, it looks like a good combination shimmer & matte. I just hope the quality is good because it looks really nice.

18thCenturyFox Avatar

I thought the ad was ridiculous but I love this collection! Granted Belle *is* my favorite princess but this is soooo purdy.. Hope the quality is up to snuff.

Cait Avatar

It’s makeup, it’s nearing both Halloween and Christmas. This launch appeals to both the dress-up-fun-times of Halloween and the enchantment of Christmas.

Cait Avatar

I know, I like the quad better but the price is horrible. Like, because I know that I get more for cheaper in the palette I can’t justify the price of the quad. But I don’t want the palette so I wont by buying either.

I hope the lipstick is promising. I am sooo bad for lipsticks.

Gaiya Avatar

If you click on “animation artistry” from the collection main page, you can see what colors from the collection are inspired from what elements in the animated movie. I thought that was pretty cool.

As for splurging… the only item that catches my eyes are indeed the compact mirror. I will have to wait until I actually see it though.

Ani_BEE Avatar

Thanks for mentioning that as it gives a closer look at the shades. (Not matte highlight again lol) I’m just crossing my finger the palettes shades are good quality like their recent Primal Instincts Eyeshadow Palette otherwise I’ll have to spend my $66CAN on something else.

Nina Avatar

OMG…that compact mirror T___T..gimmeeeee..

I’ve never tried sephora’s products as they are not sold in my country (YET)..but I heard that the qualiti is meh…

BUT THAT MIRRORRRR!! *scratching the ground*

Yellowlantern Avatar

That little movie they made for the collection is perfection. I <3 Cinderella and while the products leave me cold (other than that steampunk looking mirror compact), the movie is making me swoon.

Tatiana Avatar

Sephora is ROCKING IT THIS YEAR. MAC STEP YOUR GAME UP!!! Anyway I Love this collection. I want the big palette and the compact and….. oh who am i kidding? lol I want EVERYTHING!!! Can’t wait to see swatches.

Ester Avatar

I really like the IDEA of this collection, but the make up products themselves are things I’d never glance twice at without the packaging/idea, so I’ll be skipping these. If they do all Disney Princesses, which I hope they do, I’ll probably check out items from Belle and Aurora.

Beckie Avatar

my order came and mirror is really nice… the quad eyeshadows are really nice quality but the silver eyeshadow was just laying in the middle of the palette a little glob of dried glue that held it in I pushed it back in but when I put a brush in it it would move around so I just ordered another one hopefully this one will be in better condition since I had to pay for shipping on this repurchase

The Lacquered Lady Avatar

I did some scouting at Sephora today when I picked up a Tarte palette. I have some info on the large Cinderella palette. First, it is a bit awkward to get out of the case (just pulls out to the right) – not a deal breaker though. Overall, the shadows are highly pigmented and not chalky at all. They aren’t super velvety, but they are a good quality. There is a nice smattering of a few mattes with mainly satin or shimmer finishes. Several colors are down right glittery – such as the magenta, and most of the colors on the bottom row. I heard from the make-up lady when talking to her about the palette that it is very susceptible to breakage. The palette was dropped by a customer by accident and one color shattered everywhere. Any one else give this a try?

L Avatar

Hi Christine!
I was wondering if you might know if Sephora is coming out with any of the other disney princesses?

(I hope they do Beauty & the Beast.. <3)

Luv-Old-RescueDogs Avatar

I just got the Compact and it’s gorgeous! It’s definitely worth the price, IMHO, as it’s quite substantial, well finished, heavy, has a faceted glass top, plus the hinge and closing assembly seem to be very sturdy.
Now, since colors on computers all vary, just an FYI that the actual background color on the dial part on my compact is actually AQUA color. It’s shows up as powder blue on the web ad- at least that’s how it looks on my laptop.
Off to sew a little minky-plush pouch for my new treasure, so that it doesn’t meet a scratched up end in The Purse Of DOOM!

Dayna Shulack Avatar

I am absolutely in love with the Cinderella eye palette!! As a professional portrait pin-up/boudoir photographer (and obsessed makeup lover) I am always looking for new and exciting, high quality products for my clients and myself. This collection not only met my expectations, but exceeded them by MILES. The pigments are rich with just the right amount of shimmer and without being too strong. The staying power is incredible. I even love the perfume and I am terribly picky about fragrances. I’m sad for those who didn’t get the chance to purchase this palette before it was discontinued to bring in the Jasmine Collection (which is already available and full of rich, sultry and exciting colors) but if you can find one online, grab it while you can!!! These collections are limited and beautifully classic at a price that is beyond modest. I cannot believe the quality, the craftsmanship and creativity that went into these collections for the small cost of $55. Even the packaging the eye palette comes in is absolutely stunning. Take care of the boxes even if you’ve used most of the makeup as it truly is a collectors item and a gorgeous set for anyone that truly appreciates the beauty of of great makeup. 10 stars from this girl!!! Great job Sephora and Disney!! You nailed this one 🙂

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