Thursday, June 13th, 2013

P&G is celebrating their 175th Anniversary!  To commemorate this momentous occasion, P&G Beauty brands are creating a time capsule filled with your favorite P&G beauty products that have helped you create the iconic beauty looks over the past years.  Brands like COVERGIRL, Olay, and Pantene have rich beauty histories and decades’ worth of products that have been incorporated into many of our lives, and this is a moment to think about how beauty trends have changed and how beauty products have innovated over the years.  P&G wants YOU! to vote for your favorite products to be included in the beauty time capsule.

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To mark the year, P&G is also going to include iconic products that you can’t live without in 2013, and they’re looking for your suggestions!  Is it an iPad? This year’s best-selling book?  A peplum top? Can you imagine how much more will change and happen in the next 25 years?  The beauty time capsule might provide some comic relief when it is reopened in 2038!

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Check out vintage looks at P&G Beauty through the years!

1951 50th Anniversary Ad for Gillette

As a young teen, my first shaving experience involved the Gillette Venus razor in pink. Even in the past decade, since first using one, there have been improvements and changes to the product. I had no idea how long Gillette has been a brand and how far they’ve come. Isn’t it crazy that they’ve been improving razors since 1901?

1973 Head & Shoulders with Scratch & Sniff

The boys in my life all seem to have had long-time relationships with Head & Shoulders. I remember my dad using it for ages, and my husband, Shaun, uses it religiously. He even tried to stray from it one time, and it was such an awful experience that he’s fully committed to Head & Shoulders for the long-haul! (You can read his “review” here, one of my favorite lines: “I imagine the people at Head and Shoulders are Witches and Warlocks who sit over a boiling brew stirring their magical elixir and having forest animals bottle it. It’s magic!”)

1974 Herbal Essence Ad

When I was old enough to pick out my own shampoo, I immediately went for Herbal Essences. I remember my sister and I would both use the giant bottles you bought at Costco.  There is something about the scent of Herbal Essences that takes me back, instantly, and is comforting as a result.

Here are some more vintage looks at P&G Beauty brands through the years…

1986 Olay – Dawning of a Beautiful Ritual

1989 Aussie Product Line-up

1935 Clairol Print Ad

Debut of CoverGirl CG Smoothers Hydrating Lipcolor

Pantene Department Store Display

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100 thoughts on “Happy 175th Anniversary, P&G!

  1. Mari

    Definitively Smart phones and Tablets have become a must have… everything is faster and easier!

  2. An iPhone, for sure, and a bold lipstick to really define someone :)

  3. melanie

    nars and god created the woman!

  4. Grace

    Bright lipstick!

  5. Melissa

    Hard decision, so many things!

  6. Renee

    Totally a tablet computer and/or the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPHONE 5!

  7. Tzivia

    Smart phones.

  8. emiholtz

    Mascara! I don’t leave the house without it!

  9. Smart phones and beauty products that (actually) last all day – who would have though we could have eyeshadows last 16+ hours and still look perfect?!

  10. Nidz

    I love Head and Shoulders shampoo, Covergirl lash blas, Olay day and night creams just to name a few!!!

  11. I’m a P&G girl! My grandmother, mom and I use their products. Smart phones have definitely changed everyone’s life. I think the VINE app, will be widely used in the future. It’s going to change things as well.

  12. Jennifer G

    definitely smartphones and tablets.

  13. Nicole Zavala

    neon accessories, bright vivid lipsticks and nails!

  14. xamyx

    UDPP, or any eyeshadow primer. I think it has really changed the way a lot of us wear eyeshadow. I wonder why CoverGirl hasn’t come up with one, though…?

  15. Jen D.

    A smart phone and anything Apple!

  16. Kira

    Definitely technology, such as iPhones, iPads, etc.

  17. Christine

    An iPhone (+ charger) definitely needs to be included!

  18. Jennifer K.


  19. erin

    BB cream or CC cream is what most embodies the year 2013.

  20. Michelle

    Ipad or tablet!

  21. I think the smartphone, for sure.

  22. In Makeup it’s statement lips. Technology it has been the Android operating system taking over the market, making much more universal to connect with people.

  23. Cass

    Nail art has been huge this year along with bold lip colors. And high waisted denim has become even more popular. Not to mention those “easy” messy up dos that take forever. I suppose nothing’s really newww in 2013, but the smaller trends from 2011-2012 have really blown up!

  24. Jeggings, lol. BB Cream. Instagram. (Does that count? It’s not a physical item . . . )

  25. Bernice

    Smartphones and tablets

  26. Probably my notebook computer.

  27. Alexis H.

    Leather was definitely in this year, and fit and flare dresses!

  28. Ashlee

    A statement necklace…they’re everywhere!

  29. Meg

    I have to agree about the smart-phone idea that a lot of folks have suggested, and think of what a dinosaur an iphone5 will seem like in 25 years! Technology ages so quickly, I’m sure the fact that we were all obsessed with our super fancy smartphones will seem quite crazy.
    Side note- these vintage ads are so much fun to look at! I totally forgot that Aussie’s 3-minute-miracle used to have that beige and red packaging that you had to store upside-down and bang on the end with great force in order to get some of the product out. It looked like that back in the early 90s when I started using it. Kind of makes me want to give it a try again!

  30. It’s the age of the Smart Phone for sure!

  31. Samantha V

    tablet for sure.

  32. Liz

    I think an Ipad. My favorite product is Olay. I’ve been using it since I was a teen and I still use it today. Also, in high school and college, I was in love with Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner.

  33. Cream eyeshadows have become really big this year. I think those would definitely be a big beauty product that represents 2013.

  34. Tablets! They can do pretty much anything a desktop can do, but are much more portable.

  35. Deep/bold lip colors!

  36. DJ

    BB Cream, the Instagram app & monthly subscription boxes!

  37. Kate & Zena

    Nail polish! I can’t live without my Big 3-Free bold colored nail polish!

  38. Holly

    BB Cream and Instagram.

  39. Tia

    I might be a little late to the party but I finally got a clipless curling wand this year and it has changed how I do my hair. For me, it is the must have product for 2013.

  40. Jac

    Processors, duh.

  41. I would say that smartphones definitely define our whole era, because they assist us with our social lives, we conduct business on them, we record our lives on them via photos and videos, and they even entertain us with games and music. With so many amazing models on the market including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, etc, there’s a smartphone for almost everyone.

  42. It’s not really a product, but I would say that brows-strong ones in particular-have become a bit of a hot look this year. I’ve definitely noticed that fuller looking brows have become more popular.

  43. Jordan

    I would say the whole concept of Redboxes/Netflix. I feel like a few generations from now going to the movie theater won’t even be a thing. People are getting so used to anything that gives them the luxury of doing something in their own home for a reasonable price.

  44. sue

    Definitively Smart phones and Tablets have become a must have

  45. KT

    I think besides smartphones and technology, some makeup things that really represent the year are BB creams and eyeshadow primer. Both have really started showing up more commonly and are becoming staples in everyone’s makeup collections!

  46. Janet T

    iPhones (for better or for worse!)

  47. jazzpoprocks

    I’d say the faux back to basics/natural trend is popular whether in makeup or in food.

  48. Annamaria

    Vinylux nail polish – it’s going to be a new era in nail polish, methinks!

  49. Jackie

    The iPhone!

  50. Alicia Maireles

    iPhone and iPad !

  51. Yellowlantern

    Orange lipstick is still popular and I think a color that the early 10’s will be remembered for in the same way that frosty pinks remind me of the 80’s.

  52. Smart phones, tablets, notebooks etc – anything that keeps you connected to the internet while looking chic and hip doing it.

  53. Natalia Cunha

    Smartphones and tablets!

  54. Jessica

    This was awesome, thank you! Love the ad!

  55. Definitely the iPad

  56. Kristina


    Pantene was sold in department stores?!

  57. Claudia

    It would have to be smart phones and tablets. Also, the “viral video” phenomenon, thanks to YouTube.

  58. Kristina

    I think tablets.

  59. Devi


  60. Jessica

    Bright Lipsticks and Fun Prints!

  61. Rosa

    My loved iphone, for sure!

  62. Anka Trinka

    hm i would say smartphones and for beauty matt glitter nailpolishes like the illamasqaue freckle polish or the lóreal confetti

  63. Annie

    I would say my favorite P&G products are Dove body washes for my body and are they know for there lipsticks to lip stains I love the all!! I love covergirl’s clump crusher mascara a must in my makeup bag!!

  64. Annie

    I use a lot of P&G products I love their Dove body washes , to all the lipsticks and lip stains they have come out with within the past two years! I love covergirl’s clump crusher mascara a must in my beauty bag!!

  65. Silvia

    Smart phones! I feel naked without mine

  66. Liz

    Smartphones and ear buds.

  67. Alce

    the hipster look is sooo something we’re going to look back on and cringe about. in terms of products, i’d say those oversized headphones :)

  68. I think the 2013 must have item is hands down a tablet. It seems like everyone has one. My two oldest step kids received on for their birthdays and I think the two youngest will as well, they’ll only be 7 and 8!

  69. Christine C.

    iPhones, high-low skirts, and neon accents, like nails, bags, or jewelry.

  70. Tinted moisturizer

  71. Hanna

    Definitely bright lips and nails!

  72. Cindy

    BB cream, CC cream, and the rest of the alphabet creams that will come out! 😉

  73. JJ

    Definitely smart phones or tablets!

  74. Probably the tablet/laptop hybrid computers that came out recently.

  75. Jennifer

    I would say smartphones and tablets! On the beauty side, I think bright bold lipstick is pretty representative; i.e. MAC’s RiRi Woo.

  76. alyssa

    2013 is all about Neon accessories and Smart Phones!

  77. nancy y.


  78. patricia souza

    Smartphones for sure!

  79. Indie Nail Polishes and anything camouflage like military jackets but studded, etc.

  80. Emilia

    Rather smartphones/tablets or skinny jeans

  81. Suren

    A bold lip and BB cream!

  82. gala

    all about social media

  83. Your smartphone is like your lifeline! Red lips too!

  84. Mandy C

    Monthly subscription boxes have become huge in 2013. You can get everything from gourmet snacks to makeup to styled outfits to cocktails delivered right to your house.

  85. Cathy Narayan

    Smart phones!

  86. I would say Smart Phones. Everyone seems to have one besides me lol

  87. mitch

    Definitely smartphones!! I carry it with me every single day

  88. chibicheeks

    smart phones not made by Apple! I’m happy to see people are moving away from them 😀

  89. Kati

    Definitely the iPad!

  90. Tablets for sure!

  91. Christina

    There are so many bright and vivid neon-colored makeup products out right now! They’re really trending this year

  92. Definitely something neon.

  93. neon colors such as coral and hot pink definitely define 2013

  94. BB

    Those wedge sneakers (though it’s faded fast)